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Farm Village: Middle Ages Cheats – 6 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Farm Village: Middle Ages is a brand new iOS game from Playday Games that offers a bit of a unique twist on the traditional farming game. Its mechanics are not that unlike Farmville’s, as you can plant crops, cook food, feed pets, mingle with neighbors, and trade with farmers from all parts of the world. As you’re doing this, you can also complete quests or missions and jazz up your farm, making it as spiffy-looking as possible through decorations. Now, the twist here, as you may have guessed, is that it’s set in the Middle Ages.

If this is your first time playing the game, we can help you get settled in with a couple of useful Farm Village: Middle Ages cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Grow Different Types Of Crops

As your request board may be populated with different kinds of orders, this would also require you not to stick with just one type of crop. Have some variety in the crops that you plant, and once you do grow multiple crops, keep your surplus in your storage just in case the orders don’t match what you’ve planted – who knows, they may come up in the request board some other time.

2. Don’t Turn Down Villager Requests

You will, once in a while, get requests from villagers who will visit your farm instead of coursing their requests through the request board. Don’t say no to these requests, as you’ll be rewarded in turn with some gold. Typically, this will be a lot of gold, so you can see where we’re coming from here. Once again, it will be best if you have a wide choice of items in your barn, so you could be ready for whatever requests the villagers come to your farm for.

3. Add More Farm Plots And Buildings

As you level up in Farm Village, you’ll unlock more and more buildings for your farm, as well as additional farm plots. Make use of the latter so you can enjoy improved crop output, and make sure you’ve seeded your plots to that end.

4. Feed Your Chickens Regularly

You can earn a decent amount of money by selling chicken eggs or using these eggs to fulfill requests. Be aware that it would take about 20 minutes for chickens to lay eggs, and also keep in mind that you have to regularly feed your chickens so the egg timer doesn’t stop. This means you need to have some feed ready – you can create chicken feed by combining two units of wheat and one unit of corn in the feed mill.

5. Plant Smartly

If you’re planning to play Farm Village for a good few hours, you may want to focus on planting crops that don’t take too long to grow. But if you’re going to bed, or won’t be playing the game for some time, then that’s when you can plant crops that take a longer period of time to grow.

6. Produce Refined Goods

Last, but not the least, you want to produce your refined goods, as these would yield you the most money once you sell them. Then again, it’s a bit of a no pain/no gain situation here – these goods take longest to make, so you’ll need to be patient if you want to earn a lot of dough from refined products.


Sunday 14th of January 2024

I have spent 57 diamonds for 20 gift cards but I haven't received any gift cards yet!! where can I found them?


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Girl has arrived for bread but I don't seem to be able to give it to her even though I have it

Diane bielecki

Sunday 4th of August 2019

Once you have opened all your land plots and fishing areas, will you need land deeds ever again for anything? Will new things be offered in higher levels, like the little boy who runs to find items, that you've bought with diamonds? Will more fishing areas open? Etc:.....?


Tuesday 12th of September 2017

what i have do with duck feathers. only collecting and selling. with that no items are produced. and no other way to use that duck feathers.


Sunday 30th of April 2017

How can I cross level 50.i got 3 stars in level 50.. but I can not play level 51 of farm village..please someone help me....