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Slayin Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints to Become a True Hero

FDG’s Slayin boasts of being the “world’s first endless action RPG,” and given how endless games are so popular nowadays, this is a very interesting twist on the genre. The game comes with retro, ‘80s-style graphics and music, and you can choose from three different types of heroes. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll live up to the name of the game by killing as many monsters as possible, though you need not fear – you can get more powerful equipment sand spells as you go along and keep leveling up. So how do you play Slayin, and how can you last as long as possible in this endless role-playing game? We’ve compiled a list of Slayin cheats, tips and strategies that will help you avoid a quick and embarrassing death early on in the game.

1. Once You’re Dead, That’s It

This isn’t your average garden-variety RPG where you have several chances to live on and fight another day. As you’ll see in FDG’s descriptive blurb, once you die in a mission, it is effectively over, or, in the company’s words, you’re “gone for good” once your hero gets killed.

2. Prioritize Getting The Dragon Scale

The Dragon Scale costs 5,000 FP, and having said that, this will allow you to keep fighting, even if you did get killed earlier on. This will give you one extra life, and if you consider the big caveat to this game, you’ll be glad you got yourself one. You can also end up bringing more “Fame” home if you try this neat little trick.

3. Stay Alive By Buying Armor And Buying Meat

With just one life (provided you don’t have the Dragon Scale), you can extend your life substantially by upgrading armor. But aside from armor upgrades, there are other ways that are very helpful – for one, you can keep yourself alive by looking for more meat. It will be more expensive as you go from serving to serving, which makes it less worthwhile to prioritize.

4. Focus On One Side Of The Battlefield

Once your character gets ganged up on, it would become difficult to get yourself going in Slayin. But while this is a difficult task, it isn’t impossible. Once this happens, you’ll be better off picking one specific side of the screen. It may result in levels taking longer to complete, but then again, this is the safest way to go. You may also want to build up some rhythm for a circular attack, as flying is the best way to deal with airborne enemies or avoiding obstacles and challenges in the game.

5. Don’t Gather Every Piece Of Loot You Find

Those gold coins may seem mighty tempting, but you wouldn’t want to go for them if your health will be compromised. As treasure vanishes rather fast, we completely understand where you’re coming from – might as well get that booty while it’s still available! But since gold helps you stay alive in the game, it would be best to get it through treasure chests, as opposed to risking your life by going for the out-in-the-open loot.