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Onmyoji Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies You Should Know

Evil spirits are threatening the peace that has been established between demons and humans. It will be up to you to protect that peace in Onmyoji! This new game from NetEase, a company that responsible for other popular mobile titles such as Rules of Survival and Survivor Royale, superbly combines action with RPG elements. Assemble your team of spirits and head out on your quest to stop the evil spirits from taking over. There are hundreds of beautifully rendered shikigami for you to recruit for your team, each with his own skills and back story. Fight against powerful bosses in order to earn epic rewards. Work with your friends and guildmates in order to take them down. Onmyoji has complex mechanics, and it will take new players some time to fully understand everything. Before you jump into the game, make sure you fully prepare by checking out our Onmyoji beginner’s guide for some important pointers!

1. Know The Different Characters

Assembling a good team is impossible if you do not understand the strengths and weaknesses of your characters. There are two kinds of characters available for you to recruits. The first type is the Onmyodo, and it serves as the leader of your team. There are only a few of these, but since you only take one with you, it doesn’t really matter how many there are.

The second type of character is the shikigami, and it is essentially the minions in your team. There are hundreds of shikigami to choose from, so you need to pay close attention in order to choose the best ones. Most missions will allow you to bring up to three shikigami, making them your main forces. Make sure you prioritize their upgrades, so you can get stronger overall.

2. Sacrifice Useless Shikigami

Even though there are hundreds of shikigami available, they are divided into different tiers. You will want rarer shikigami for your permanent team since normal ones tend to outlive their usefulness pretty quickly. When you are still starting, you won’t have a choice but to keep all your shikigami regardless of rarity. Once you are used to the mechanics of the game, however, you should start focusing on your long-term heroes. Use normal shikigami as sacrifice in order to level up your main team.

Before you go on to feed your weak shikigami, make sure you finish their quests first. That’s the least you can do if you are going to sacrifice them. Don’t forget to hit the lock icon near the name of a shikigami to make sure you don’t accidentally sacrifice them until you are ready.

3. Complete Shikigami Quests

As we mentioned above, you should hold on to each shikigami at least until you are able to complete their respective quests. Every hero has three quests that you can complete in order to earn rewards. Be warned, though. These shikigami quests are no walk in the park. It will take a bit of work and some time before you can complete all three quests for each hero. To check the shikigami quests, just go to the Bio section of each hero.

4. Equip The Right Souls

Souls are the equivalent of artifacts in Onmyoji. You can equip a number of souls for each shikigami. Souls make your shikigami stronger, but only if you utilize them properly. Equipping two or more souls will give you bonuses in attack, skills, and other aspects. If you equip souls with synergy bonuses, you will be able to boost your power even more. Try to find souls that boost the strength of your shikigami. For example, if your shikigami is an attacker, then you should use souls that improve attack power. Support shikigami, on the other hand, should use souls that boost either spell power or defense.

5. Play The Demon Paradise Mini Game

The Demon Paradise is a mini game that you can join whenever you have tickets available. This mini game gives you the chance to win a lot of hero shikigami shards that will help you unlock new heroes, so it is a good idea to play whenever you get the chance. Don’t forget to bring a friend along as it increases the chances of hitting your targets.

The mini game presents you with three shikigami at the beginning. You can choose one of the three as your favorite. Doing so will increase the chances of hitting that chosen shikigami. Keep an eye out for flying characters above and tap them as soon as you see them in order to gain various bonuses. When the game begins, you select the number of beans you want to throw at the passing shikigami. The more you use, the easier it will be for you to hit them. You can also track the time at the top of the screen. Hit the shikigami as many times as you can before time runs out!

6. Work With Others

There are two social systems available in Onmyoji. The first one is the friend system which allows you to add friends. The more friends you have, the more help you will receive. Make sure you pick active ones, or they won’t be able to help you much as you progress in the game. Add as many as you can, and regularly check if any of them have become inactive so you can replace them right away.

The second social system is the guild. Try to find an active guild as soon as you can in order to gain the benefits. Don’t be afraid to hop from one guild to another until you find one that has a lot of active members. Guildmates can donate hero shards to each other, so having a lot of active ones can help you unlock your favorites. You can also complete guild missions in order to earn shards that you can use in the Mall.

7. Realm Raids Are Useful

It will take a while, but you will eventually have access to realms. Set up a realm as soon as you can and go on raids. Raiding realms will allow you to earn a lot of valuable rewards. On top of that, you can gain experience for your shikigami while doing raids. This will allow you to level up your main shikigami as well as those that you rarely use.

8. Assemble Your Team

One of the toughest decisions you have to make in the game is choosing which shikigami to include in your team. There are a lot to choose from, and there is no best answer for this. The right shikigami will ultimately depend on your play style. It is important that you collect as many heroes as possible, so you have different options when assembling your team.

It is a good idea to pick heroes that have area of effect spells since they can help you take out multiple enemies at once. You can throw in a support shikigami that has spell that increases damage received by enemies in order to maximize the area of effect spells you will use. You should also pick heroes that have passive heals if you can. Every turn is valuable, so it is better if you did not need to use up a move just to recover health.

9. How To Unlock More Onmyodo

As we mentioned above, the onmyodo are the leaders of your team. There are a handful of options, but you will start with Abe no Seimei. You will need to progress in the story in order to unlock the others. If you look at the onmyodo selection screen, you will see which chapter you need to complete before you can unlock each onmyodo. For example, Kagura can be unlocked after chapter three. Keep progressing in the game and you will eventually be able to access them all.

Protect the realm of the living by driving off evil spirits in Onmyoji! Make sure you follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to become stronger!