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The Sword and Lovers Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

What do you get when you combine breathtaking art, stunning graphics, and epic battles? The answer is The Sword and Lovers. 9Splay Entertainment’s new game is set in a picturesque ancient eastern fantasy world. This mobile MMORPG features in-depth character customization that allows you to create an avatar that is truly your own. Use your flying ability to explore the expansive map in search of loot. There are tons of epic gear to find, including mounts, wings, artifacts, and even more avatar customizations. Experience intense battles with the game’s unique non-targeting skills that gives you combat freedom. When you are ready to take a break from the adventure, wind down and socialize. You might even find someone special through the relationship system! Don’t forget to read our The Sword and Lovers strategy guide to help you get started on the right track!

1. Focus On The Main Quests

Quests are the lifeblood of any MMORPG. This is especially true in this game. Find your main quests on the left side of the screen. Just tap on the quest you want to work on and your hero will auto-navigate towards the objective. If there is a need to kill certain monsters, don’t worry because the auto-navigate system will also fight for you. It is all just a matter of guiding your characters through the quests by tapping for the next objective. Working on the quests is also essential for unlocking the rest of the content of the game.

2. Hold On To Your Bronze Ingots

The premium currency in this game is called bronze ingots. You can get some of it for free through story missions. These can be spent on various things, including upgrade pills for your aide and relic. Of course, just because you can buy something with your premium currency does not mean you should. You don’t get a lot of bronze ingots, so make sure you only spend them when you really need to. Most of the things you can buy using premium currency can be found somewhere in the world. You just need a little patience in grinding, and you will rarely need to spend bronze ingots!

3. Farm The Solo Dungeons

The game has several solo dungeons where you can farm for various rewards. These are unlocked once you reach a certain level, and you should regularly clear them as soon as you gain access. These dungeons are limited, so you need to take advantage of it whenever they are open. One of the most important solo dungeons you have to focus on is the Upgrade Dungeon. As the name suggests, you will be able to get upgrade pills from this dungeon for your aide, relics, wings, and so on. If you don’t have time to play, make sure you at least make time for the Upgrade Dungeon!

4. Prioritize Upgrading Your Sword Array

Your character has several types of gear equipped, but you should always prioritize upgrading your Sword Array. The Sword Array is your character’s weapon, and it has the biggest impact on your combat ability. It is also upgraded a little differently as it needs to gather experience before it can be powered up. You can earn experience for your Sword Array by adventuring in certain places. You will see what these places are by checking the list at the right side of the Sword Array window. It doesn’t matter where you get the experience from but doing different things can help with the grind. Make sure you manually upgrade your Sword Array once it has the experience it needs.

Explore a vast fantasy world and become the strongest warrior in The Sword and Lovers! Stick to our strategy guide above and you will get stronger in no time!