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JYDGE Tips, Cheats & Hints to Eradicate Crime in Edenbyrg

Following the huge success of Neon Chrome, 10tons is back with a new cyberpunk top-down shooter called JYDGE. This iOS-exclusive game is the prequel to the original, and it allows you to build your own cybernetic suit. You can augment your suit in different ways, modify your Gavel rifle, and even recruit companions who can assist you on your missions. There are over a billion different configurations available, allowing you to truly customize your gaming experience. Once your suit is ready, you can head into Edenbyrg to blast away evildoers with your own brand of justice. Obliterate crime with bullets, lasers, rockets, electricity, and other deadly weapons. The job of a cybernetic law enforcer is no easy task. You will be facing off with some of the most ruthless villains the city has every known. It’s a good thing you can rely on our JYDGE tips and tricks to help you survive!

1. Follow The Collectible Hints

The game has 15 collectibles for you to hunt down. The only way to find them is by deciphering vague hints that will tell you where to look. For example, the first hint that says, “Poor little fellow in the hardcore nightclub dumpster” means you should enter the game in hardcore mode, then look for a dumpster around a nightclub. Just follow the hints and you will be able to find all the collectibles eventually.

2. Never Go In Unprepared

There is a reason why you are allowed to configure your loadout at the beginning of each mission. Don’t forget to check everything you need to bring before entering Edenbyrg. You will be able to buy new items depending on how much money you have. The game’s difficulty level increases slowly as you progress, so there shouldn’t be any problems with moving forward as long as you remember to keep your loadout updated before each mission.

3. Remember To Return To Completed Levels

Some mission conditions require specific purchases. For example, there will be missions that will require you to be in stealth mode the whole time. When you reach this point, you won’t have the invisibility upgrade just yet. You will have to return to the level later on when you have the ability to enter stealth mode. Make sure you return because you will be missing out on medals and challenges if you forget. You can still keep progressing in the game without getting all the medals, but that would be a waste. Certain medals reward you with Cyberware, Weapon Mods, and new modes, so it is always a good idea collect them all.

4. Replay Missions For Fun

As we mentioned above, there are a billion configurations available for you to play around with. That means you have a multitude of different ways to go about a mission. You can go in loud and blow everything up, or you can sneak in like an assassin. Try out different ways to accomplish missions, and see which style is most fun for you. Keep in mind, though, that the items you already picked up will not reappear when you replay a mission. There is no reward for grinding levels other than satisfaction.

5. Look for Hidden Areas

JYDGE has three secret areas that you can stumble upon if you are lucky. Unlike with the collectibles, though, you will not be given any hints as to their location. The only way for you to find them is to be extremely vigilant while going about your missions. You might need to blow up a wall or two in order to find these hidden rooms, so keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

It is time to hand down your own brand of rough justice upon the criminals of Edenbyrg! Just follow the JYDGE tips and tricks listed above in order to wipeout crime!