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Gems Frontier Cheats, Tips & Hints to Assemble a Powerful Team

Cloudcade Inc.’s new mobile game Gems Frontier is an epic combination of RPG and match-three puzzles. This game will have you assemble a team of heroes, in order to battle it out in a gem-matching arena. There are dozens of heroes for you to unlock, each with his own powerful ultimate skill. Build an unbeatable squad and face off against some of the best teams created by real players. Create an alliance with fellow players and create a guild in order to get shared rewards. This game is not just about gathering a bunch of powerful heroes, though. The battle will still be decided by your ability to find and match tiles quickly and strategically.

Experience intense real-time duels where you need to keep your wits about you or suffer the misery of defeat. Make sure you prepare by reading our Gems Frontier tips and tricks for some important pointers!

1. Open All Your Chests

Gems Frontier gives you three chest slots to start with. New ones will be unlocked when you hit Arena levels 3, 4, 5, and 6. Once all your chest slots are full, you will not be able to acquire new ones. Any additional chest you get while your slots are full will be forfeited. That is why you should hold off on getting new chests until you have space for it. Some chests can take up to eight hours to open, so it will really be possible to run out of space. The only way to free up space quickly is by paying a lot of gems. This is counter productive and should not even be considered as an alternative option.

2. Test Each Hero

You will be gathering a lot of heroes over time, especially since you have the chance to unlock a new one after each win. As we mentioned above, each hero has his own unique skill. Heroes also have different stats and specializations. You will need to carefully read each hero’s description in order to find out whether or not he fits in with your current team.

There is not correct combination of heroes for you to use as it all depends on your preference and play style. You can opt to go with a high-speed team that has low skill cooldown. You can try the turtle tactic and stuff your team with tanky heroes. You can build an assassin team full of high-dps characters. There’s also the option of bringing one of each type with you, to try to balance out strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of your approach, make sure you test out each hero you get in order to find a combination that best suits you.

3. Eliminate The Minions

Enemy teams will have leader heroes, and non-leader ones. While the leader heroes are often the biggest threat, they are also the most difficult to take down. If you prioritize them during battle, you will end up allowing the non-leader heroes to freely attack you for several turns. Even if they are weaker, the attacks will accumulate, and will eventually wear you down.

To avoid this predicament, make sure you aim for the weakest links first. Try to reduce the number of opponents as much as you can. Even non-leaders can be deadly if given enough time to keep hitting. Take out the minions as soon as you can, then corner the leader once he no longer has any back up.

4. Complete The Quests

The game gives out several quests every day, and you can find these in the quest log. You only have a maximum of three quests active at a time, so you will need to complete them as soon as you can in order to gain access to more later on. Quests give out a lot of coins and experience, so they are crucial to your progress in the game.

5. Go Window Shopping

The Hero Shop sells individual hero cards. You can spend your coins here, but it takes a bit of patience and luck to get what you want. The heroes available in the shop change every day. You will need to check back often in order to see the different heroes available. Aside from being able to buy hero cards for expanding your team, you can also buy cards of the ones you already have. This will allow you to level up your existing cards.

It is time to enter the ultimate matching arena in Gems Frontier! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be climbing the leaderboards in no time!