matchington mansion tips

Matchington Mansion Guide, Tips & Cheats to Master the Game

Matchington Mansion is a cool new match-three puzzle game created by Firecraft Studios. The game resembles the popular Homescapes a lot, but it has a lot more than just home décor up its sleeves. The mechanics are simple. You just play through levels of match-three puzzles in order to earn enough to renovate your mansion. You have several customization options for your home, so it is usually better if you read everything before making a decision. There are several characters for you to meet. Follow their stories and help them in their own adventures. Not sure about what you want to do with a certain room? Drop by the mansion of one of your friends to get some creative ideas! There are so many things for you to do in this game, and you will need the help of our Matchington Mansion cheats, tips and hints to learn everything!

1. Create Special Tiles

matchington mansion tips

If you are a veteran match-three player, you will know that matching at least four or more tiles of the same type will create a special one. Depending on the number of tiles matched, you will be able to create some powerful pieces. For example, matching four tiles of the same kind creates a firecracker. This can be used to blow up a lot of pillows at once. The more tiles you match at once, the more powerful the special tile will be. Create special tiles in order to clear the board faster.

2. Know Your Power Ups

As we mentioned above, matching four or more tiles will result in a special tile. Since there are different types of special tiles, or power ups, it is important that you know what each one does in order to fully take advantage of its effects. We have listed the different power ups below as well as some guidance on how to utilize each of them.


Created by matching four tiles at once, it can blow up everything in one column or row. To use it, just swap it with any other pillow, or double tap it to set it off on its own. Standing firecrackers will blow up the entire column, while those that are tilted horizontally will clear a row. When using firecrackers, you should take advantage of their reach, and try to blow them up if there will be other special tiles that will be caught in the explosion. This will trigger a chain reaction, allowing you to activate multiple special tiles at once!

Square Firecracker

You can also match four tiles in a square pattern. Doing this will still create a firecracker, but it will explode differently. Square firecrackers will blow up surrounding pillows, making it useful for collecting items in a stage.

Big Firecracker

This is created by making an L- or T-shaped match. Bigger firecrackers mean more powerful explosions. Since it has a bigger blast radius, it is also useful for collecting even more items.


Matching five tiles will create the rainbow power up. You will need to swap it with a specific pillow, and it will remove all pillows of the same color on the board. Use this when the stage conditions involve getting a specific number of a certain pillow.

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The best use for these special tiles is swapping them with each other. It will create an even bigger effect that is more useful. For example, swapping a firecracker with a big one will clear three columns or rows instead of just one. Swapping a rainbow with another special tile will create multiple instances of that tile all over the board. Experiment with different combinations and watch how easy it is to clear everything!

3. Collect Stars For A Gift Box

matchington mansion decoration

At the end of each level, you will be given a star rating. The highest possible rating is three stars. Collecting a certain number of stars will unlock gift boxes for you. The more stars you accumulate, the better the prizes will be. For example, the first gift box is unlocked after you accumulate 12 stars. Opening the first gift box will reward you with 500 gold. The next one won’t be available until you get 25 stars, but the prize will also be better.

4. Spy On Other Players

Matchington Mansion has a feature that allows you to visit the mansion of other players. Just tap on the star icon on the lower left corner of the screen, then tap on the middle icon. Tap on the Visit button in order to see a random player’s mansion. This will allow you to check out how other players design their home. Use this function as a way to find inspiration for your own designs.

5. Link Your Facebook Account

matchington mansion levels

You can link your Facebook account in order to see all of your friends who are also playing the game. Just go into the settings menu through the gear icon on the main screen. Tap on Connect to Facebook to link your account. Once your account is linked, you will be able to send and receive extra lives to your friends. On top of that, you will also get bonus coins that you can use for shopping!

6. Use As Few Moves As Possible

Every stage has a limited number of moves. If you fail to meet the stage’s objectives before you run out of moves, you will lose a life. You will then have to start over in that level. If you are able to complete a stage without using up all the available moves, however, you will be able to score a lot. All leftover moves will turn into random firecrackers all over the map. Once they all explode, it will be chaotic for a few seconds while you watch your score skyrocket.

7. Spend Your Coins To Continue The Game

matchington mansion story

Coins can be spent on various things, but it is best if you hold on to them first. If you fail a level, you will still have the chance to continue if you have a lot of coins. You just need to pay 500 coins to add 5 more moves to your counter. If you were close to beating a level, do not be afraid to use that 500 coins in order to get the last push you need to succeed. However, if you are nowhere near the level’s goals, it is better if you just start over instead of spending.

That is everything you need to know in Matchington Mansion! If you want to conquer all the levels, just remember all the tips and tricks we gave you!


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