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Matchington Mansion Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Master the Game

Imagine waking up one day and suddenly discovering that you’re heir to a grand mansion. It’s like a dream come true and it might as well be a dream, right? Now, if this happened in real life, you probably won’t be jumping for joy when you find out that the mansion you’ve just inherited is in need of a dire makeover—and that’s putting it mildly.

After all, who’s going to pay for all the repairs and renovations? Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the troublesome nitty-gritty of restoring dilapidated real estate when you play a match-3 mansion makeover like Matchington Mansion.

matchington mansion cover
Let’s get this party started!

Released by Magic Tavern, Inc. in October 2017, Matchington Mansion is a haven for match-3 and DIY enthusiasts alike. It’s got all the trappings of the classic match-3 mansion makeover game, where you play through match-3 puzzles so you can earn stars to repair and redecorate the broken down mansion you’ve just inherited.

At the start of the game, you can choose between 3 decor variants for furniture items that can be replaced. Once you’ve selected a specific decor variant, the other 2 options can still be accessed, but you have to pay a small amount of gold to change the decor.

matchington mansion charming lobby
matchington mansion lively welcome
matchington mansion tranquil entryway

Sometimes, furniture items can come in sets and you can actually long press on a specific furniture item to change it—for a handful of gold, of course. For instance, you’re given the choice to change a set of rugs and tables. Once you’ve selected the preset variant, you may long press on a specific item, like a rug or a vase, and individually change them for a small price.

Down the line, you can have as many as 6 furniture variants to choose from.

matchington mansion big and leafy
matchington mansion botanical bliss
matchington mansion verdant foliage
matchington mansion purifying sapling
matchington mansion baby blues
matchington mansion orange tigernsnaps

Similar to many other match-3 home design games, Matchington Mansion also has a mysterious story you’ll gradually unravel as you continue playing. This particular story starts with Jane, an elderly woman who bequeathed the mansion to you. Jane was a best-selling author and, in the opening sequence of the game, claimed that you’ve inspired her first best-selling novel and that she has always thought of you as family, which is why she’s giving you the mansion. There’s no mention of what has actually happened to Jane, though it is implied that she may have very likely passed away and her letter to you was something of a last will.

matchington mansion home of dreams
Or your nightmares, if you don’t take care of it well enough!

Enter Tiffany, your best friend, who also happens to be an interior decorator. Though you, the player, may be the supposed main character of the game, Tiffany acts as both a stand-in and a guide throughout your progression. She is the one seen often interacting with other characters such as Jack the local carpenter, Antonio the delivery man, Jia the florist, Edna your neighbor, and, of course, Rex Houston, Jane’s cousin and the “villain” of the story. Tiffany is something of a colorful character herself as she is constantly trying to get Jack’s attention, and you’ll spend quite a lot of time unraveling the story while watching her and Jack exchange puns.

matchington mansion interior decorator
Well ain’t that swell?

As you continue to repair and redecorate the mansion, you will occasionally find mysterious items and mementoes that once belonged to Jane. Some examples of these are the old coin you’ll find in a chest, or Jane’s old diary that talks about not only her secret love affair with a certain William, but also of a secret compartment in her bedroom.

matchington mansion diary

Of course, to keep following the story, you need to play the match-3 stages to earn stars. These stars can be spent on missions where you either discover story-related items or fix up the mansion bit by bit, furniture by furniture.

matchington mansion read diary new bed
Reading anyone’s diary would be considered rude, but this is necessary!

In the beginning, missions will typically cost 1 star each, but as you go up the levels, missions can cost around 2 stars or more. Successfully completing a match-3 stage will usually earn you 1 star.

As its name suggests, match-3 games like Matchington Mansion require you to make 3 matches to eliminate tiles of a certain kind from the play board.

matchington mansion pillow swap

Levels will also have objectives you can work towards, such as collecting tiles—in this case, pillows—of a specific color. The caveat is that you’re only allowed a limited number of moves to tick off all the goals in your list. Running out of moves will cause you to fail the level and lose a life. You have a maximum of 5 lives and it will take 10 minutes to refresh 1 life.

matchington mansion match pillows

Once you’ve managed to complete all the goals in your list within the allotted number of moves, the level will be cleared. The good news is that Matchington Mansion doesn’t have the usual star rating system other match-3 games have, wherein you need to finish a level with a 3-star rating by hitting a high score. In this case, all you need to worry about is finishing the level within the set number of moves.

Other than the match-3 stages, you will also encounter mini games that can help you earn stars.

matchington mansion mini game
It’s a matter of life and death… sorta!

These mini games are fairly quick and you can earn 1 star from completing them. However, the option to access these mini games pops up at random.

You’ll gradually unlock other features of the game like the Community tab as you play, but most of the additional features such as limited-time events and the Fitting Room for Tiffany will only be accessible when you pass Level 50.

If you feel like there’s a lot going on in this game, don’t worry because this is what this beginner’s guide for Matchington Mansion is all about! To help you uncover the mystery surrounding the mansion, our Matchington Mansion beginner’s guide will teach you tips and tricks to successfully clear levels, take advantage of power-ups and boosters, spend your gold wisely, and earn a ton of additional rewards!

Matchington Mansion Tiles 101

To succeed in any match-3 game, planning your moves is crucial. That said, you need to be familiar with the tiles you’re working with. This includes power-ups, boosters, and obstacles. Here’s a quick summary of what differentiates one from the other:

matchington mansion power-ups
  • Power-ups: These are special tiles you can create by making more than 3 matches in a specific pattern. These can be activated either by sliding or double-tapping a certain power-up. Power-ups are already pretty useful in themselves, but they can also be combined to make more powerful combos that have a greater area of effect.
matchington mansion boosters
  • Boosters: These are special items you can select before entering a level and while a level is ongoing. In Matchington Mansion, you have 3 pre-game boosters, which are all just bonus power-ups, and 3 in-level boosters, which are special tools you can activate while a level is ongoing. Activating in-level boosters doesn’t count as a move so consider it as a free turn of sorts.
matchington mansion obstacles
  • Obstacles: These are tiles that you can eliminate or collect as part of your level goals. They make stages more challenging by acting as blockades or tiles that limit possible matches. Often, you need to make matches next to or directly over these obstacles tiles to remove them from the board. Sometimes, it takes more than 1 set of matches to remove obstacles when they have multiple layers to be eliminated.

For the sake of convenience, we’ve prepared tables discussing power-ups and combos, boosters, and obstacles, respectively. Since this is a beginner’s guide, we will only be outlining obstacles that you’ll encounter as a beginner to give you an idea of what you’ll come across. In the section following our tables, we will discuss general tips that you may consider applying when matching once you’ve become familiar with the tiles you’ll encounter in various levels.

Light Up Your Board With Power-Ups and Combos

As mentioned, power-ups can be combined to create a bigger area of effect that can turn the arrangement of the play board around. In Matchington Mansion, you have 4 types of power-ups and 10 possible combos. Let’s talk about the 4 types of power-ups first:

matchington mansion firecracker
  • Firecracker: This can be created by matching 4 tiles in a square pattern. When a firecracker is activated, it will eliminate 1 tile each in a cross pattern.
matchington mansion rocket firecracker
  • Rocket Firecracker: This can be created by matching 4 tiles in a horizontal or vertical line. When activated, a Rocket Firecracker will eliminate either a single row or single column of tiles. The direction in which the Rocket Firecracker will take effect depends on the direction of the pattern in which it was created.

    For instance, a Rocket Firecracker created horizontally will eliminate a row of tiles when activated, while a Rocket Firecracker created vertically will eliminate a column of tiles. You can tell these two apart by looking at the icon of the Rocket Firecracker: those that are positioned upright will eliminate a column while Rocket Firecrackers positioned lying down will eliminate a row. Pictured above is a vertical Rocket Firecracker.
matchington mansion big firecracker
  • Big Firecracker: This can be created when you match 5 tiles in a T or L shape. Upon activation, a Big Firecracker will eliminate tiles in a mid-sized radius.
matchington mansion rainbow bomb
  • Rainbow Bomb: This can be created when you match 5 tiles in a horizontal or vertical line. Rainbow Bombs can be activated when you swap it with other tiles. Normal activation of this tile can happen when swapped with a regular pillow tile, wherein all pillow tiles of that color will be removed from the board.

Combining these 4 power-up tiles with each other will result in a variety of effects that can help you achieve your level goals faster. The table below shows what each combo can do:

Combosmatchington mansion firecracker

matchington mansion rocket firecracker

Rocket Firecracker
matchington mansion big firecracker

Big Firecracker
matchington mansion rainbow bomb

Rainbow Bomb
matchington mansion firecracker

Eliminates tiles in a small radiusEliminates 1 row and 1 column of tiles in a cross patternEliminates 3 rows and 3 columns of tiles in a cross patternTurns all tiles of a random color into Firecrackers
matchington mansion rocket firecracker

Rocket Firecracker
Eliminates 1 row and 1 column of tiles in a cross patternEliminates 3 rows and 3 columns of tiles in a cross patternTurns all tiles of a random color into Rocket Firecrackers
matchington mansion big firecracker

Big Firecracker
Eliminates tiles in a large radiusTurns all tiles of a random color into Big Firecrackers
matchington mansion rainbow bomb

Rainbow Bomb
Clears the entire board with a huge explosion

You may have noticed that some power-ups, when combined, have the same effect as other combinations. This seems to be deliberate so you can interchange the Firecracker with the Rocket Firecracker when combined with each other or when combined with the Big Firecracker.

Boost Through the Board

Boosters give you, well, a boost. As mentioned, you can pick among 2 types of boosters that have 3 variants each. The table below is a quick summary of the available selection and what they can do:

Booster Type AppearanceBooster Variant Effect
Pre-game boostersmatchington mansion rocket firecrackers2x Rocket FirecrackerStart the level with a bonus of 2 Rocket Firecrackers positioned in random areas of the board
matchington mansion big firecrackerBig FirecrackerStart the level with a bonus Big Firecracker positioned in a random area of the board
matchington mansion rainbow bombRainbow BombStart the level with a bonus Rainbow Bomb positioned at a random area of the board
In-level boostersmatchington mansion silver spoonSilver SpoonSmash a single tile piece of your choice on the board
matchington mansion broomBroom Choose 1 row and 1 column of the board to clear in a cross pattern
matchington mansion gloveGlove Swap the position of 2 elements of your choice

Keep in mind that, when activated, pre-game boosters will count as a move while in-level boosters will not. All boosters have a limited number unless you manage to obtain a reward that will allow you to have an infinite number of boosters for a specific duration.

Getting Past Obstacles

Now there are many obstacles you’ll encounter in the game, but since it’ll be too long to list down all of them, we’ll only tackle 7 obstacles. Some obstacles may be movable or swapped with other tiles while others will remain fixed. Many have multiple layers, meaning it will take more than 1 attempt to collect or eliminate them.

The table below outlines what these obstacles are and what you can do to eliminate or collect them:

AppearanceObstacleTypeMulti-layeredHow to Collect/Eliminate + Effect
matchington mansion booksBooksFixedYesMake matches next to Books to collect/eliminate them. Multiple matches are needed to completely remove them if they come in a multi-layered variant.
matchington mansion teddy bears and boxesTeddy Bears and BoxesFixedYesMake matches next to the Teddy Bears inside the Boxes to collect the Bears and remove the Boxes. Multiple matches are needed to open the Boxes and reveal the Teddy Bear inside if they come in a multi-layered variant. Some boxes may be empty.
matchington mansion glass and envelopesGlass and EnvelopesFixedYesMake matches above Glass tiles to reveal and collect the Envelopes hidden underneath. Multiple matches are needed for Glass tiles that have more than 1 layer. Envelopes will not be collected unless you make matches on the Glass tiles specifically hiding them.
matchington mansion teacupsTeacupsMovableNoMake matches next to Teacups to collect/eliminate them.
matchington mansion wind-up mice inside framesWind-Up Mice Inside FramesFixedYesMake matches next to the Wind-Up Mice to collect/eliminate them. Keep in mind that Wind-Up Mice are enclosed in Frames and the Mice can jump to an empty adjacent Frame. Frames may have multiple layers that require multiple matches. Wind-Up Mice can only be collected once they don't have Frames they can jump into.
matchington mansion ropesRopesFixedYesMatch pillows of the same color as those trapped by Ropes to free them. Until the Rope is removed, the pillow underneath them cannot be moved. It will take multiple matches to eliminate ropes that have multiple layers.
matchington mansion teleportersTeleportersFixedNoTeleporters cannot be collected or eliminated, but they can transport tiles that go through them to another area of the board.
matchington mansion watchesWatchesFixedNoWatches have specific numbers on their clock face, and making matches next to them will allow you to get extra moves equal to the number they display.

As you can see, obstacles can make the board more challenging since you’ll need to be creative and resourceful when collecting or eliminating them. Since they’re often part of your level goals, it’s important to deal with obstacles immediately, not just to free more space on the board, but also to accomplish your level goals without wasting any moves.

General Matching Tips

matchington mansion matching tips
Take heart!

Now that you have an idea of what kind of tiles you’ll encounter in the match-3 levels, it’s time to go over a handful of strategies that will help you deal even with the trickiest boards so you can clear stages with a match made in heaven!

  • Observe the board. Take note of its size, shape, layout, and contents. You can’t come up with the right gameplay strategies if you don’t take stock of what you’re up against. Since there’s no time limit to matching, patiently observing the board will definitely come in handy.

    Pay particular attention to the presence of obstacles, if any. Which ones are the closest to pillows that can be matched? Which obstacles are the easiest or the most difficult to eliminate, and which ones should you tackle first? Is there a separate section of the board you need to access?

    Are there any matches that can lead to the creation of power-ups? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself when trying to make sense of the board you’re currently playing with. Be observant so you can form your plan accordingly.
  • Focus on your level goals. In addition to observing the board, take note of your level goals. You can see these listed down at the left side of the board, under the part that indicates your number of available moves. It’s not at all uncommon for players to sometimes lose sight of their level goals, especially if they get too preoccupied making matches for power-ups and combos.

    Similarly, you might not notice that you’re spending too much time collecting a tile or obstacle while neglecting other level goals. Meanwhile, some obstacles are simply there to distract you and might not even be part of your objectives. That said, glance at your list of level goals from time to time. Not only will this direct your focus and put you on the right track, but it’ll also help you better plan your moves since you know what constitutes victory.
  • Burst the bottom. Between the top and bottom half of the board, it’s a good idea to start matching from the bottom to significantly affect its upper part. How does this happen?

    If you really think about it, you’ll have a lot more elbow room to change the board’s arrangement and replenish it with new tiles when you match from the bottom part since the effect is, quite literally, across the board. If you focus on making matches on the upper part of the board, you leave the tiles on the lower part untouched so they don’t get eliminated or replenished.

    However, doing the opposite will force tiles from the upper part to move down, which can lead to additional matches without you even having to spend a move. This way, you have more chances of getting power-ups, eliminating obstacles, and freeing up more board space with just a minimum number of matches.
  • Use power-ups and combos whenever you can. It goes without saying that power-ups and combos will give you an even bigger advantage since they affect more tiles than regular matches. You may choose to create several power-ups first before activating or combining them, or use them as soon as you get them.

    One important thing to remember about power-ups and combos is placement: If they’re activated too far from your target area, you lose your chance of collecting or eliminating an obstacle unless your activated power-up triggers a chain of other power-ups and combos.
  • Decide which power-ups and combos to activate first based on your level objectives. Although they’re pretty useful, not all power-ups and combos will work well when faced with certain obstacles. For instance, Rocket Firecrackers work best for Teacups and Books, but less so for Wind-Up Mice. A double Rainbow Bomb combo might make short work of Glass and Envelope tiles, but it won’t instantly collect all Teddy Bears even if its area of effect passes through all the tile spaces.

    That said, check your level goals to see which power-ups and combos you can create to tackle them best. It becomes even trickier when obstacles have more than 1 layer since they won’t disappear from the board until you’ve stripped them of all layers. In this case, you may want to swap a Rainbow Bomb with any power-up next to it so you can have a whole slew of power-ups activated simultaneously in advantageous places.
  • Make individual power-ups and combos work together. Further to the previous point, you can make power-ups and combos trigger a continuous chain, thus setting off most of these special tiles with just one or two well-planned moves.

    For instance, you can activate a Rocket Firecracker + Big Firecracker combo if the area of effect will pass through other power-ups, thus activating them as well. On the other hand, Rainbow Bombs will remain unaffected by other power-ups so you have to use them on their own. Don’t spend more than 3 to 5 moves forcing a power-up or combo chain if the board arrangement doesn’t favor it.
  • Use boosters in a pinch. You can’t solely rely on power-ups and combos to clear the level for you. Sometimes, you might just need to use a booster to fully complete the level. Boosters will come in handy as a supplement to power-ups and combos that are already available, and they can turn the tide when you find yourself lacking any power-ups and combos at all. Since you can choose the tiles you want to affect with in-level boosters, pick those that will bring you closer to ticking off all your level goals.

    Similarly, select any of the available pre-game boosters whenever you come across levels labeled Hard or Very Hard to give you an edge at the beginning of the stage. Don’t wait till the last move to activate boosters. Give yourself at least an allowance of 5 more moves to make sure you have enough room to complete all level goals.

These are just some matching strategies that you can implement while playing. Every situation is different so it’s best to adapt and be resourceful each time.

Play Mini Games

matchington mansion differences
Hopefully, you don’t have a bedroom this decrepit.

From time to time, you’ll find yourself playing mini games instead of the typical match-3 stages. You’ll know you’ll enter a mini game when the play button on the lower right hand corner of the screen displays a puzzle icon instead of a level number.

matchington mansion gameplay

The opportunity is few and far between and comes at random, but play the mini games anyway because it can earn you 1 star.

There are various mini games you’ll be able to play, each one being a simple puzzle like spotting the differences between 2 pictures under 30 seconds or turning water pipes to redirect water flow back into a burning kitchen.

The good news about mini games is that you can play a stage over and over until you solve the puzzle. Some are easy, some are a little more difficult, but these serve as quick breaks from playing the match-3 levels. Try them out because completing a mini game will earn you at least 1 star. In addition, playing mini games will not affect the number of lives you have.

Be a Good Neighbor

joining a team in matchington mansion
Howdy-doo, neighbor?

Eventually, you’ll be able to fully access the features of the Community tab. This opens up the option to either join an existing group of players or make one yourself. As a beginner, it’s recommended to join an existing team so you can take advantage of the rewards that it can bring. Upon joining a team, you’ll receive mail in your inbox along with a small gold reward.

There are quite a few perks to joining a team. For instance, you’ll be able to request for lives if you happen to lose them by failing to clear a match-3 stage. Just send a request to your fellow team members so they can give you a life until you’ve replenished all 5.

Members can only give you 1 life each so make it a point to join an active community so you don’t have to wait a long time for your request to be noticed. You can return the favor by giving other team members 1 life each whenever they request for it.

matchington mansion request

If you’re keen on joining the best groups, you can view the Recommended Teams tab or the Best Teams tab. Usually, an active team is one that has 15 members or more. The maximum number of members a team can recruit is 30. Those included in the Best Teams ranking are those that have a high standing globally and while you might want to join one, it’s often that teams in this tab already have a full set of members so check out Recommended Teams instead.

Aside from being able to ask for lives, you may also participate in Team Tasks, which are exclusive to those who are in a community. Missions can range from collecting a certain number of pillows to making a specific number of power-ups. Every time you complete these missions, you’ll be able to receive a reward. Once a mission is complete, you’ll receive another one after waiting for 10 hours.

matchington mansion gift

If you’re not too hot about the idea of joining any group, you can always create one yourself. For 300 gold, you can create your own team provided you’ve already gone past Level 30. You may also edit membership status, whether you want it to be open to anyone who wants to join or exclusive to some players.

matchington mansion team creation

Once you’ve created a team, you have the opportunity to increase your rankings by having active members and participating in community-related events and missions. This can be extremely rewarding if you have other friends playing Matchington Mansion that you can recruit.

Story-wise, you’ll also be able to encounter Edna, a lady who lives in the mansion next door. As her neighbor, you can give her a High-Five and she’ll reward you with 1 life.

matchington mansion high five

You can occasionally check up on whether you can High-Five Edna again since the option won’t be available until a certain waiting period. Making friends with other players will give you both the chance to become good neighbors and High-Five each other for extra lives. Keep in mind, though, that earning extra lives through this system will only work if you and your neighbor High-Five each other.

Save Your Gold and It Will Save You

matchington mansion gold
All that glitters? Definitely!

Aside from earning stars, another type of reward you will receive after successfully completing a match-3 stage is gold. Now, the amount of gold you’ll earn can be quite modest on average, but clear enough stages and you’ll be able to slowly build up your own gold reserves. But what exactly should you be saving it up for? Two things: extra moves and more decor.

As mentioned previously, you can still change the decor of your mansion after choosing from the available selection. Shifting to another decor choice will mean paying a small amount of gold. This also applies to when you want to specifically change an individual furniture item that came with your preset choice.

For example, you may have chosen a particular decor set inclusive of a rug, a lamp, and a lounge chair. You’re happy with how the rug and the chair look, but you want to change the lamp. You can long press on the lamp and see what other choices you have. If you select another variant of that lamp, you have to pay 30 gold to use it. The same goes for any other decor set or individual decor item.

matchington mansion decor

That said, you’re going to need a lot of gold if you want to be able to swap between all available decor options at your leisure or if you just want to fully customize your mansion’s appearance. In this case, save up on as much gold as you can and choose your decor wisely.

On the other hand, gold can also be useful when you’re out of moves and you have yet to clear a match-3 level. When you’ve failed to complete a level, you’re given 10 seconds to decide whether you want to get 5 extra moves and proceed with the stage, or replay the entire stage but lose a life. Getting those 5 extra moves means having to cough up a whopping 500 gold.

matchington mansion out of moves

Because of its exorbitant price, we don’t recommend going for the 5 extra moves route all that often. After all, having 5 extra moves doesn’t guarantee total victory. There’s still that small chance of failing if you don’t play your cards (or tiles, in this case) right or if you’re fresh out of power-ups and boosters alike to help secure your win.

You can still choose this option provided that you’re absolutely sure you can finish the stage successfully in 5 moves or less so the gold you’ve spent won’t be wasted. Additionally, paying for 5 extra moves can sometimes be a small sacrifice when you stand to win lots of other rewards from clearing a level.

matchington mansion missing out

If you feel that the rewards you can gain from that particular stage far outweigh spending 500 gold, or that you can recoup your losses by moving forward and playing other levels, then by all means save up to afford those 5 extra moves.

We want to point out that you may also replenish lost lives by paying 400 gold. You can go for this option if you don’t want to wait for your lives to refresh, if you haven’t joined a community yet, or if none of your fellow community members have attended to your request for lives. However, if you really want to save up on gold, joining a team and requesting for lives is still the most frugal route even if it can take a bit of time before you get all your lives back.

On the other hand, you can also High-Five neighbors like Edna or other players you’ve made friends with in-game to get extra lives, but this may also take some time. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to be patient if it means being a little bit of a scrooge so you can spend gold on—yes, admit it—more decor.

Play Limited-Time Events for More Stuff

matchington mansion pre-furred delivery
The game’s throwing you a bone! Look!

Matchington Mansion won’t be complete without limited-time events. As the name suggests, these events only last for a specific time period, usually a couple of hours to several days. The good thing about limited-time events is that these can get you a myriad of rewards on top of what you can already earn by clearing levels or by joining a team. Some of these rewards include:

  • Infinite lives for a specific duration from 5 minutes to 1 hour
  • Infinite boosters for a specific duration from 5 minutes to 1 hour
  • Extra gold rewards, lives, and boosters
  • Exclusive decor items or pets
  • Exclusive in-game currency or points that you can use to acquire additional exclusive decor items
  • Event-exclusive wardrobe items for Tiffany’s Fitting Room

The game will automatically let you participate in limited-time events so all you need to do is check out what’s required to earn these rewards and collect them after. With that, make an effort to regularly play the game so you don’t miss any of the limited-time events and what they can offer.

Ramp Up Rewards By Watching Ads

matchington mansion wheel
An ad for your spins?

Completion rewards, season rewards, limited-time event rewards—is there any way you can actually earn more bonuses?

The answer is definitely yes, and that’s by watching ads.

Now, not all players are keen on watching ads because too much of these can feel intrusive and break gameplay immersion. Fortunately, Matchington Mansion doesn’t really force ads, but instead gives you the option to watch these ads if you feel like it. By watching ads, you can:

  • Get free additional rewards
  • Double the rewards you’ve obtained
  • Get a random free booster at the start of a level
  • Get extra moves, the number of which will depend on a quick roulette game

These are just some examples of what you can gain from watching ads. You don’t have to do it all the time. Besides, the option to watch ads in exchange for rewards isn’t always available. However, when they are there, we suggest taking advantage of the opportunity.

With that, we conclude our beginner’s guide for Matchington Mansion! Hopefully, we’ve outlined enough tips and tricks to help you clear levels, earn as many rewards and decor as possible, spend your gold wisely, and take advantage of the perks that come with joining teams.

Do you have other tips and tricks up your sleeve? Share them with everyone in our comment section below! Keep matching and restoring the mansion so you can unravel its mystery and bring back its former glory!


Saturday 19th of August 2023

I've only been playing this game for 2 weeks, and I'm lvl 2104.I have spent toooooo much money the game, However, I really like the game. I will NOT spend any more money for extra turns. That's why I'm here. To figure out how to complete lvls without having to buy the extra moves. Right now I can't the game, because it's not working. The game will load, however it's loading the pieces right. They are mixed colors, and I can't get the pieces to move. Not with a double click, or dragging them. I deleted the game, restarted pc, then loaded it, with no change. So, I dont know when I'll be able to play it again,

Marian Andre

Tuesday 15th of August 2023

Does ANYONE know how to use the green streak saver?


Friday 4th of November 2022

I am stuck on 179.... Nowhere near enough to continue. Can't buy anything, it keeps giving me an error!! Helllpppp!!


Saturday 16th of April 2022

What does the key points do and can I access them


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

I can't get past level 1500. I do well, but then these oval things, whatever they are, keep appearing and I can't get the last 2 envelopes. How do I keep them from blocking me and keeping me from finishing?