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Deepsea Farm Beginner’s Guide: 4 Cheats & Hints to Run Your Underwater Farm

Farming on land has gotten really old over the years. It’s time for some changes. Deepsea Farm is a unique farming game for Android and iOS devices. This time around, you will be farming in an underwater sea plateau. In this game, you are stuck under the sea because your capsule has crashed. You will need to repair it first before you can go back to your home. That will take some time, so you might as well build a farm while you are at it. Planting exotic underwater plants is not the only thing you will be doing here. You also get to tame different sea creatures, set up an underwater park, explore the new world, and even try out different professions. There is a lot that needs to be done in this game, and our Deepsea Farm strategy guide will walk you through everything!

1. Use Your Energy Wisely

One of the biggest challenges in Deepsea Farm is managing your energy. Every action you take in the game will consume your energy. That makes it difficult for you to get a lot accomplished, especially if you mismanage what you have. Energy will not be a problem when you are still starting out, since you will level up quickly. Levelling up will automatically refill your energy pool. While this can be fun at first, it tends to develop poor energy management habits for novice players.

A good strategy for saving energy in this game is to go for quests that reward you with energy. You will be able to see the potential rewards of each quest. Using your energy on ones that will replenish it is like being able to do quests for free. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your experience, though. If you are almost about to level up, try to use up as much energy as you can! It will be a waste if you leveled up while having full energy.

2. Always Have Crops Planted

Crops are planted in seed beds. As with other farming games, each crop has its own timer for growing. A lot of quests will involve giving certain crops. That means you will be able to complete quests faster if you have a lot of extra crops lying around. Make sure you always have different crops planted, so you can prepare for any quests that might come up. Some crops take several hours to grow, so you will end up getting stuck for a while if you encounter a quest that requires them.

3. Be Social

The game’s social aspect allows you to add friends and visit their farms. When you drop by at a friend’s farm, you will see some of their things are frozen. You will need to use a special item in order to melt the frozen things on your friend’s farm. Helping out will reward you with experience, so it is always a good thing. You will also sometimes see buildings that have coins on them. Tapping on those will give you a few extra coins for your trouble.

The good thing about this game is that you can connect your Facebook account. This will automatically show you any Facebook friends who are also playing the game. Add them up and visit each other. If none of your friends are playing, you can still add random people from the Community list in order to have farms to visit.

4. Look For The Giant Turtle

Somewhere on your island resides a giant turtle who can read fortunes. Visit him once a day in order to get your fortune as well as a rare item. You can get items that you need for repairing the capsule by visiting the turtle. There are also a lot of other rewards, so make sure you drop by the turtle’s place at least once on a daily basis!

Who knew that farming under the sea could be so much fun? It is even better with the help of our Deepsea Farm strategy guide!