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Figure Fantasy Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Solving Your Little Plastic Friend’s Problems, One Beatdown at a Time

Figure Fantasy is a gacha positioning-based strategy game by KomoeGame and Reflex Fox. Akin to other character-based gacha games like Cookie Run: Kingdom and Mythic Heroes, your goal is to build a team that works well with each other and beats the tar out of the bad guys. Figure Fantasy is themed after the world of plastic anime figurines, whereupon you play as a human taking care of their little plastic waifus.

On top of this, you’re the only human in the world who knows they’re alive. Think Toy Story if Andy lived in Japan and the first and second movies were already set with him in college, rather than just the third movie, and the toys didn’t have to hide from him. And with much more anime violence, conspiratorial shenanigans, and scalper scams trying to rip a hole through Andy’s wallet.

figure fantasy ume mizuno

Life as a living plastic figurine is tough. You have to deal with cats, dogs and birds trying to eat you, rain washing your paint off, getting melted by staying too long in the sun, and pretending to be an unliving decoration when humans look in your general direction.

Moreover, there are also emotional and existential crises like being replaced after you break, having to deal with unscrupulous figurine resellers, or generally just being stuck in a dark, lonely cardboard box all your life, waiting for someone with deep enough pockets to buy you, and enough love to keep you.

Then there are those with a bad case of Buzz Lightyear Syndrome, who have a hard time readjusting to the knowledge that they’re made of plastic. Like a certain assassin whose first encounter with a housecat gave him a bad case of ailurophobia and shattered pride. At this rate, having a human skilled enough to properly take care of you and your paintjob is a bonus!

figure fantasy battle

As the only human who knows of these various headaches your adorable PVC friends have to deal with, it’s up to you to help them with these issues. Especially since an edgy figurine guy with chicken wings just press-ganged you into the Bureau, a normally figurine-only housing registration service!

With that said, we present you our comprehensive Figure Fantasy beginner’s guide, that comes with a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to level up your figurines and dominate battles!


figure fantasy fight

In Figure Fantasy your characters are figurines, and as such, they fight like figurines often do in real life, on a hex-grid like a tabletop war game. Positioning your team well is just as important as building said team to work well with each other, since the first barrage of ultimates and the first set of aggro priorities often determines how the fight will go.

Then there’s scouting what the enemy can do so you can redirect their aggro to your Vanguards and Defense units, and prevent the enemy from blowing your support or ranged figurines to smithereens with AOEs and linear attacks.

Positioning: Where Your Figurines Go

figure fantasy linear attack

That hex grid isn’t just for show. It determines how AOE attacks work, who shoots who, and who takes the hits. Positioning your heroes around properly is just as important as picking the right team for the job. You should also keep in mind where attacks WILL hit, as the AOE display is not entirely accurate for the first turn: It simply assumes the character will do their AOE attack immediately, on the spot they’re sitting on.

This is fine for backliners with ranged attacks or units with board-range linear attacks, but typically, melee units will walk toward the enemy first THEN do their AOE skills, so adjust your positioning to take advantage of this instead of just using the AOE display as-is. And remember: The game may show a horizontal linear attack, but the figurines can sometimes aim their skills diagonally too, mid-battle!

figure fantasy support aura

This becomes even more important if you have upgraded Helper (Their name for Support, marked by a green heart icon) units in the field: Helper characters get an aura if they’ve been given their first Design Letter upgrade, which you should take advantage of when positioning your units.

Lining Up For A Beatdown: A Waste of Time!

figure fantasy melee queue

One last thing to keep in mind, specifically with melee (Typically Vanguard and Defense Figurines, marked by red crossed swords and a shield respectively) figurines: They cannot walk past other figurines. Never put your face punchers, sword swingers, and that one girl with the baguette in a position where they have to wait in line to clobber something.

They’re too polite to cut in line. That means don’t put Militarists (rangers with high DPS), Specialists (multipurpose ranged units, often with AOE attacks) and Helpers in front of them, because they stand still and the only way your melee figurine is walking past them is over their dead plastic.

Branding Rock Paper Scissors

figure fantasy brand loyalty

Just below getting a team that synergizes well with each other in terms of importance is Figure Fantasy’s rock paper scissors mechanic. There are five manufacturer brands in the game: Tenma, Let’s Red and Galatea make most of Figure Fantasy’s Figurines, and Night-9 and Snow-A make a few Figurines that don’t play with the game’s typical rock paper scissors. Tenma figurines counter Galatea figurines, Galatea counters Let’s Red figurines, and Let’s Red counters Tenma figurines. Night-9 and Snow-A figurines counter each other.

Having many figurines from the same brand on your team gives the team a stat boost, and any Night-9 or Snow-A figurine also gives boosts to the rest of the team. Most of the time, just levelling up your figurines properly and positioning them well will do more for you than worrying about the game’s rock paper scissors, since it isn’t particularly harsh. That being said, this little thing may get you that final edge needed to get past a particularly hard fight.

Friendly Scouting

figure fantasy recorded match

Later on, you get the option to watch how other players beat difficult levels, shown with a little camera icon on most pre-battle screens. If you’re having trouble, you’ve got two options: Watch how other players beat that fight, or grind some more and try to force your way through it.

Naturally, the first one is the smarter option later on, once you’ve got the Otaku Committee up and running so you have more combat options. You can also use this to study how well certain teams and figurines work when put together, giving you a better idea on what kinds of teams to go for.

Not-So-Friendly Scouting

figure fantasy useless gatling

In the positioning screen, when you’re setting up your team, you can tap on enemy units to know what kinds of skills they have, the area their skills can hit, their first target for the battle, among other things. You can use this info to reposition your units to draw aggro more effectively, and to prevent enemies from hitting with their initial AOE attacks at maximum effectiveness.

You should also use this to check on unfamiliar foes: Sometimes, it isn’t just lemon boxes with guns trying to kill you, sometimes you’ve got muscular robot cats with stun attacks, a gaggle of tiny tanks (As in the turret and tracks one, not the hard-to-kill RPG archetype), walking frag grenades, or a giant gatling gun that locks down an entire lane with its insane DPS, but can’t aim anywhere else. Not to mention other anime figurines. This lets you know who to best prioritize as a target, at least if it’s possible to do so.


taking a break in figure fantasy

There are a few things to keep in mind outside of combat, usually when it comes to spending your hard-earned resources. Here are some tips concerning them.

Do Your 10 Rolls, and Gun For The Beginner’s Choice Pack

figure fantasy 10 roll discount

As is usual in most gacha games that have even an inkling of mercy, the 10-rolls come at a discounted price compared to single rolls, encouraging you to draw in bulk rather than one at a time. Of particular note is your one Beginner’s Choice roll: the Beginner’s Choice lets you pick one set out of 20 10-rolls for the price of less than even a normal 10-roll, but you’ve only got one of these per account. Make sure you choose which set you pick wisely.

After that, you just stick to normal 2700 gem 10-rolls and you’re good to go. You’ll need to do these rolls regularly so you can Promote (Upgrade the tier color of) your figurines, whether they be purples or golds.

Out Shopping

figure fantasy fuli store

That tiny little Store button on the top right corner of the screen is where you’ll spend most of what you earn. If you’re going completely free-to-play, then the 4th floor of the store is what you’ll keep an eye on.

The FULI Store is what would be called a Daily Shop in most other mobile games, where you are offered deals for Coins, the most basic currency, and gems, with a single gem deal that’s actually worth it. Later on, once you have a good income of coins, you’ll want to snap everything up in that store, and buy the Super Blind Box Pieces with gems.

It’s a guaranteed purple tier figurine for 180 gems, less than the 300 gems for a single gacha roll and the 270 gems of 1/10 of a 10-roll. You’ll want to take this so you can Promote your figurines easily.

The other 4th floor stores have currencies tied to other game modes, which we will explain in their pertinent sections across the article.

For Obsessive Collectors And The Careful Alike: Lock Your Figurines!

figure fantasy lock

One of the worst feelings in Figure Fantasy is accidentally using someone from your main team as Promotion material. To prevent this, you can lock your figurines so they can’t be used for anything other than combat. There is also a more sentimental, less practical use for this: For truly obsessive collectors, one can lock the weak green and blue tier toy figurines too!

Normally, these figurines are only good for throwing away via the Fbay Gift Figurine section marked by the recycling icon. But if you want to use them as Otaku Zone decorations or simply think they’re adorable (Like the writer does), you can lock them so you get to keep at least one copy of them that you never throw away.

Just remember, using up an Otaku Zone space on them means there’s a combat-worthy figurine not getting that instant level boost. But you know the old saying, permutated across many different MMOs: Housing and fashion is endgame! In the end, having fun with your Otaku Zone is what matters the most.

figure fantasy otaku store

Speaking of low tier figurines, the Otaku Store sells combat-worthy figurines for Otaku Hearts, which you get from having a long friend list or for sending low-tier figurines to Fbay for resale.

They sell either specific purple tier figurines for 400 Hearts, random purples for 200 hearts a piece, or random gold-tier figurines for 1500 a piece. What you spend on depends on whether you want Promotions for your current team, or new figurines on your roster.

No Event Ready Team? No Problem!

figure fantasy event puzzle

Events in Figure Fantasy typically don’t require you to have an overleveled team to make the most of them. Instead, you’re likely to end up playing a separate story with pre-made figurine selections, with missions either set up to be easily won to get the story across, or played almost like puzzles where you use your limited figurine selection and your knowledge of their skills to beat the enemy.

The rewards for Events (such as the Ihrendt’s Work event happening as of this writing) can be rather hefty, such as figurines related to the event story. You don’t have an excuse to avoid these, no matter how weak your main team is, so you might as well give them a shot!

Made It To Story 6-6? Join A Club!

figure fantasy club store

Clubs are the equivalent of Guilds in Figure Fantasy, basically a place where many players go to unlock content and help each other out. This gives you access to two things: Azazel’s mook spam fight in Final Battle, which rewards you with badges and badge pieces, and the Club Store, which lets you buy purple tier badges.

Badges are very powerful kinds of equipment, often with special effects, so you’ll need them later on. The reason why we suggested a specific story campaign level to join is because that’s another requirement for unlocking the Azazel fight, but ideally you should sign up for a Club as soon as possible so you can start collecting Friendship Coins for the Club Store early.


figure fantasy walking

One thing that any figurine collector in real life would get a heart attack over is the prospect of walking their figurines outside in the paint-wrecking wind, dust and sun, but in Figure Fantasy you’ll be doing exactly that.

There are lots of places for your figurines to go, adventures to be had, and lemon tea boxes to beat up. You’ll likely be doing a lot of these missions at least once a day if you want to progress in such a way as to make the story campaign easy.

Sacred Tour

figure fantasy puzzle fight

Sacred Tour is the closest thing to event training in Figure Fantasy, as you are given missions with a limited figurine selection. This means trying to three-star them is more akin to  playing a puzzle game than anything, as perfect positioning is what you’ll need to get that elusive 1-second victory, that no damage objective, or to get your figurine to do the perfect AOE strike.

Clear this out when you can, as the rewards for these missions are important for powering up your tiny plastic waifus: Materials for the Design Letter upgrades, which unlock and improve a figurine’s Skills. Beating these missions don’t give you the reward, but allow you to buy said rewards (called Sweeping by the game) by paying with Fishbones.

As a side note, never spend on Sweeps in the Sacred Tour screen. Instead, you should spend them directly on the Figurine Care screen’s Design Letters tab right as you’re about to upgrade a figurine, to make sure you don’t spend your Fishbones on materials you don’t need just yet. You don’t want to sweep Colored Resin too early when you’re at a level where you need Epoxy Glue instead.

Nightmare Road

fighting in the rain in figure fantasy

Another place you’ll play often for the sake of your little figurines is the Nightmare Road, so called because it’s raining, and rain is terrible for a figurine’s paintjob. This time you have access to your main team, and it’s simply a case of seeing how far you can push them.

The rewards are typically things like gems, Stamps for leveling your figurines, Figurine Super Blind Box shards, Toolboxes to level up your Otaku Zone, and materials for unlocking Design Letters to make your plastic friends stronger.

For a road of nightmares, you have one sizeable advantage compared to your foes: You get to pick a buff at the beginning of the match, usually ranging from things like your team’s first ultimates being all guaranteed crits, having more HP for your team, or the ever reliable 60% increase in basic attack power.

Spades Bounty

figure fantasy spades bounty

Your main place to get Stamps and purple tier random figurine shards, the Spades Bounty co-op battles allow you to request the aid of another player’s team for the second half of said bounty. There are two battles: The first fight you use your own team, and the second, you can use another player’s team.

Typically, the safe choice for the second battle is to simply request the help of whoever is the strongest player on your support list. Of course, if you’re at a level where even those high level players start having problems, it helps to check their team lineup and figure out where each of them goes best, just like you would in any other battle.

Doing the coop mode for these bounty fights instead of the solo mode is usually a good idea, as the lowest possible co-op stamp reward is still better than the guaranteed stamp reward you get from doing these missions alone. Remember to check if they’ve hit their Otaku Hearts point cap: The players that help you get Otaku Hearts, and so do you if someone asks your team for help. They’ll appreciate the extra currency heading their way.

Nobody Talks About Brawl Club

figure fantasy brawl club

Brawl Club is Figure Fantasy’s PVP mode, where you pit your team against other people’s defense teams. You can set up a defense team of your own. You have the option of either setting up a weaker team to attract lower powered enemies to your defense screen so you can shake them down for bottle caps (the PVP currency) with your strong team (Do note your rankings will suffer from this as your rank goes down faster from defeats than it goes up from victories, but you get bottle caps either way).

Or you could set up your strongest set as your defense team so your ranking stays as high as it can since people attack you less often, but most of what you’ll see on your revenge screen are strong foes you can’t exactly bully for caps.

The Honor Store sells Figurine pieces for either a sure shot at a gold-tier figurine, or for a lower price, a set of 3 random purple tier Figurines of a specific brand you want, important for figurine promotions. They also sell a rare item for breaking high tier badges through their max level, and materials to upgrade Badges. If you’re thinking in the really long term, you should save up for the Badge breakthrough item, for that moment you finally get one of those rare high tier Badges. Figurines are what the gacha’s for!

Tabletop Action: Boardgame Odyssey

figure fantasy boardgame odyssey

Boardgame Odyssey is a mode where your entire collection of figurines can participate, so it’s a good thing you’re likely to unlock this after you already have the Otaku Committee set up. Basically, you send your figurines across the board, and your team’s HP (and the enemy’s!) carry over into subsequent battles.

Eventually, you’ll either make it across the board, or get all your figurines scuffed up trying to do so. Every couple of days, the board resets, so it’s usually a question of how far can you make it in those couple of days, or how far your figurine army can go before they all get too beat up to go on.

Once you progress in the story campaign far enough, you can unlock higher level boards with better rewards and more difficult fights. It’s still worth going in the lower level boards once every few days since they reset, along with the completion rewards.

The Boardgame Store sells specific figurine pieces one by one, and you’d do well to save your  Lucky Die currency for when that one gold-tier you’ve been eyeing pops out. You get the currency by doing the Boardgame Odyssey missions.

Final Battle? Not On My Watch!

figure fantasy final battle

Final Battle is Figure Fantasy’s equivalent to raid bosses, in that they’re very hard fights used to gauge your team’s level. Each Final Battle level threshold is somewhere near what it would take to give your figurines their Design Letter upgrades, so if you just recently got your main team such upgrades, it might be a good time to go for the single-run kill. Whether or not you can kill the bosses though, you should try these missions at least once a day since you get rewards for reaching a certain amount of damage dealt.

figure fantasy tyr

The first boss, the mechanical dragon Tyr, is the most important of the three, since scratching his paintjob gives you those ever important Clover Stickers you always seem to be running out of, important for leveling up your character.

As a single target, Tyr is usually best dealt with using a team with good single target DPS, and/or a decent degree of tankiness or healing to survive his powerful AOE attacks. Bringing AOE attacks yourself won’t help much against him.

figure fantasy code v figurines

The second battle, a half-board full of Code V figurines, give out stamps and coins instead, which you usually need to get past Design Letter level thresholds. Considering you’re fighting an entire half-board of mooks, you’ll need to bring AOE and crowd control fighters in your team, especially those that can get them to shut up and stop shooting for a second.

figure fantasy azazel

The third battle, Azazel, is unlockable once you’ve joined a club and hit Story Campaign 6-6.  This cowardly jerk constantly sends mooks after your team of 9 figurines, and you have to defeat multiple waves of them to clear the level. After you send Azazel’s army to the trash bin, he pouts, waves his cape dramatically, and leaves like a sore loser, so your tiny plastic fighters can’t disassemble him personally.

The reward for beating his mooks into the ground are special: He gives out Badges, special pieces of equipment that provide additional effects, such as giving the figurine wearing it healing over time, or the ability to heal oneself with their ultimates, or even something like a plain old straight up damage boost to all attacks.


figure fantasy paint

Figurines, here as in real life, require dusting, maintenance, and general love and care. Here, they need it a lot more often since figurines in real life don’t typically go out to fight housecats, scammy resellers, and evil conspiracies. In-game, this is reflected by the levelling system, wherein the more love, care, paint and glue you put on your figurines, the better.

Leveling Up

levelling up in figure fantasy

The most direct and important way to strengthen your figurines is to level them up using Clover Stickers, which are this game’s equivalent to EXP. For such a simple requirement, these little stickers are, oddly enough, what you’ll find yourself running out of most often, since levels are what you need to raise before you can even think about powering up other aspects of your figurines.

How you prioritize which of your little friends gets first pick of levels depends on your strategy. Perhaps you want to power up your damage dealers first so the first ultimate barrage wipes the enemy team clear off the map. Maybe you want your Vanguard and Defense figurines leveled first so they can take hits and protect the rest of the team.

Maybe you want to level them all equally to make sure everyone does their jobs equally well. Heck, maybe you just dump everything on one figurine so you can unlock their Design Letter upgrades as fast as possible, so they can fulfill Photoshoot requirements in the Otaku Zone.

You can access this via the Figurine Care screen in your home’s Figurine tab, or the Upgrade button when you’re outside, after pressing the Go button. As for getting these stickers, you get them from both the Idle Rewards box, and from the Tyr Final Battle.

Design Letters

figure fantasy design letters

After you level a Figurine past a certain threshold, usually marked by the need for Stamps along with Clover Stickers for said threshold, you’ll notice the Design Letters tab of that figurine light up. Those are very important upgrades, since they allow you to unlock new skills for your figurines.

 And if all of their skills are unlocked, they power up said skills, giving them additional effects, bigger numbers, or both. You typically get the materials needed for Design Letter upgrades via the Sacred Tour missions, which allows you to unlock those materials for purchase via Fishbones once you beat them. Now why cats sell you cyanoacrylate glue for half-eaten fish is anyone’s guess.

As usual, you do this in the Figurine Care screen, through the Figurine Tab at home, or the Upgrade button outside.

Otaku Homemaking

figure fantasy otaku zone

Once your Otaku Zone (a place you decorate with your figurines along with other things like model hand grenades, evil alarm clocks and a ton of shelves) reaches a certain level (by grinding Toolboxes which allow you to level your little friend’s wall home, typically through Nightmare Runs), you unlock the Otaku Committee.

The Otaku Committee consists of your five strongest figurines, and the fifth strongest figurine’s level is used to power up other figurines placed in the Otaku Zone as decoration. If your fifth strongest figurine is level 50, any figurine you place in the Otaku Zone that is below level 50, gets bumped up to 50, even if they’re a new arrival at level 1.

Do take note that Design Letter upgrades don’t get transferred over, but the level boost DOES count towards the level requirements needed to get Design Letter upgrades. A level 1 Figurine being boosted to level 61 by the Otaku Zone can still get its 4 Design Letter upgrades provided you have the Fishbones to spend on it, or the materials lying around.

Duplicates? You Mean Promotions!

figure fantasy super baguette

So the FULI Blind Box gacha sent you several of the same Dolores figurine. Limited edition, ha! Now you’ve got a ton of painfully adorable plastic girls carrying baguettes all over your desk, what’s an otaku to do? Why, you use them to promote your team of course! Duplicate figurines can be used to upgrade an existing figurine’s tier, with each upgrade having different requirements.

Say, the first tier upgrade requires you have three of the exact same figurine, then the next upgrade requires you only have an extra two figurines of the same brand, and the next requires you have a duplicate of your figurine at gold tier. This is how the purple tier figurines can stay competitive even if gold tiers exist, since you can upgrade those purple into golds and even into pinks.

Now you turned an army of baguette-toting girls into one girl with a baguette so hard and stale, it can crack even the toughest of plastic. You do this through the Promotion Screen, located in your home’s Figurine tab.

Playing Dress Up

figure fantasy dress up

Probably the last thing on your list of worries as a new player, you can equip gear onto your figurines. Since each figurine has many equipment slots and you can only get so much gear through the main campaign (and there isn’t a single shop that sells clothing), you should simply focus on getting your main squad fully equipped in your first week.

Trying to get better gear is a goal for later, as the most important thing early on is levelling up your figurines and nabbing their Design Letter upgrades. As you progress through the chapters in the main story, you’ll be given better and better gear for your figurines, though it takes a while.

The only gear you can aim for are Badges, which tend to be more powerful than individual clothing pieces and are available for grinding after you join a club and beat stage 6-6, via the Azazel Final Battle.

As for upgrading the gear, you can upgrade all badges using Advanced Upgrade Drawings available for purchase in the Honor Store for those Bottle Caps you get from PVP. As for normal pieces of gear, you can only upgrade gear marked as enhanceable, using Advanced Care Skill manuals or lower tier gear.

And this ends our Figure Fantasy beginner’s guide. We hope this helps you take care of your digital plastic friends. If you have your own tips to add, feel free to leave a comment below!


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