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Epic Seven Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2020 Update): Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the wonderful, broken world of Orbis where you, the Heir of the Covenant, command your squad of heroes to help save this world from the clutches of the Archdemon. Or at least, you tried to. You and your friends made a valiant last stand to try sealing its power, but you ended up blacking out after seeing each of them felled by its darkness. You now find yourself several dozen years late to the party, only having woken up at what appears to be the worst possible time, with the Archdemon on the verge of waking up once again.

This is Epic Seven, an amazing hero-collector RPG by South Korean game developer Smilegate Megaport. Employing mechanics similar to the those you can experience in Summoners War, RAID: Shadow Legends and Monster Super League, in Epic Seven your job as Ras the Heir of Light is to explore the world of Orbis, collaborating with the various characters you meet (and summon via the Infinite Library) along the way in your quest to defeat the Archdemon and unravel the mysteries of this world, with political intrigue, dimensional traveling shenanigans, and the many organizations of Orbis’ different countries on the menu for Ras and your team to solve.

Get ready to meet beastmen, demons, vampires, androids, multidimensional travelers, cute and not-so-cute pets, assassins, humans, not-so-humans, and more as they all do their best to find their place in this wild world.

And let us at Level Winner help your journey to seal the Archdemon and defeat it for good, with loads of tips, strategies and a game plan to make sure that sucker stays down, along with whatever else tries to stand in your way. With that said, let’s delve into our Epic Seven ultimate beginner’s guide!

1. How To Reroll For The Best Heroes And Artifacts

One of the first things you will deal with in your journey through Epic Seven is the 30 free rerolls you receive in the beginning of the game after the Archdemon kicks your teeth in. The game will allow you to ten-roll (roll for a mix of 10 heroes and artifacts) 30 times for free. The caveat here is you can only pick one result out of the 30. If you happen to get a ten-roll you like, you have a choice to either keep the roll or pray you get something better on the next one.

player lobby in epic seven

If you elect to keep rolling and end up with less than ideal results, you’ll have to stick with them with no means of getting your previous results back. If you felt your 30 rolls were unsatisfactory, you can always reset your account information and play the game until the summons unlock again. Doing so takes around 30 minutes real-time so the choice is yours.

Epic Seven’s premium currency system will allow you to eventually acquire a large roster of heroes, and the free heroes available for you to farm for are strong enough to carry you far enough into the game to make gathering the currency a nonissue.

That said, as of this writing, veterans of the game would recommend you prioritize rolling for a combination of Sigret and a healer. Bonus points if that healer is Angelica, and extra bonus points for getting any artifact beneficial to the Soul Weaver class, which Angelica and the other healers are a part of.

2. An Overview Of Classes And Roles

Before delving into why Sigret is so good, here’s a general list of classes your heroes can fall under. Take note a hero’s class cannot be changed.

Take note, this table is a short summary of what to expect from each class. Epic Seven’s roster of heroes is so diverse there are many of them who go above and beyond what is expected of their class roles.

classes in epic seven

Sigret’s skills are as follows:

sigret's skills in epic seven

Attacks with a scythe, with a 40% chance each of inflicting two bleeding effects for 2 turns. Batters the enemy with a scythe, with a 85% chance each to inflict bleed and make them unhealable for 2 turns. When the enemy’s Health is less than 50%, activates Sever as an extra with a 100% chance of inflicting bleed. Inflicts lethal damage to the enemy, piercing their weak point, penetrating Defense by 30%, with an additional 10% for each debuff inflicted on the enemy. Inflicts extinction when the enemy is defeated.

sigret's journal in epic seven

Sigret’s potential as a single-target damage dealer, especially with other heroes who can debuff boss monsters, is strong enough to make her relevant all the way until endgame. She is also the most used hero in the hardest current difficulty of the Wyvern Hunt Battle stage, which we’ll talk about later.

Angelica’s skills are as follows:

angelica's skills in epic seven

Attacks with a staff, with a 20% chance to stun for 1 turn. Recovers ally’s Health, as well as that of another ally with the least Health, with healing power. Amount recovered is proportional to the caster’s max Health. Recovers the Health of all allies and grants a barrier and immunity for 2 turns. Amount recovered and barrier strength are proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Long regarded as the premier healer, this hero’s utility and function as a main tank due to her ability to shrug off both damage and debilitating effects has allowed her to carry and support teams in every phase of the game.

angelica's journal in epic seven

Vets recommend this combination because Sigret is essential to beating one of the game’s hardest but most profitable stages for powering up your heroes, while Angelica’s utility is so valuable she will be able to carry your team throughout the entirety of the game without losing relevance. Other healers such as Destina are also good, though Angelica is the cream of the crop out of all of them.

One thing you’ll be glad to hear is that many of Epic Seven’s 3-star heroes can rival or possibly outmatch higher rarity heroes performance-wise. Montmorency, one of the free 3-star heroes you can acquire in the game through its “Connection” system, can be powered up to rival Angelica in terms of usefulness, though more on that later. Kiris, another 3-star hero is also a wonderful bonus if you manage to get her with your rerolls, as she can make clearing one of the game’s most useful modes, the Abyss, extremely easy.

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On the topic of heroes, you’ll want to focus on designating a “farmer” hero this early into your journey. Your farmer hero will be your main damage dealer for early in the game and a significant part of your midgame, and you’ll mainly be putting all of your resources into strengthening him or her in every aspect to make sure he can kill enemies in the shortest possible amount of time.

farmer hero sez in epic seven

Farming heroes are usually Area of Effect damage dealers, capable of hitting every enemy simultaneously with at least one skill. Two good starting farmer heroes you can obtain for free are either Free Spirit Tieria (FS Tieria, not to be confused with the regular, 3-star Tieria) or Silk. The game gives you FS Tieria for free once you’ve cleared stage 2-2 and unlocked her connection, while Silk needs a little bit more farming but is still strong enough to carry you to midgame.

More on those two later though. All you need to know for now is both of them are strong contenders to be your main farmer, and getting either of them into your team ASAP and focusing all your resources into upgrading them will significantly speed up your progression.

farmer hero vildred in epic seven

Two other heroes you can use as your farmer, if you managed to pull them from your rerolls, are Lena and Clarissa. Both of them fit the bill as AoE damage dealers and can serve as decent farmers to start you off.

The primary way heroes grow in this game aside from earning EXP from battles, as with all hero collectors, is through promotion, wherein once your hero reaches its maximum level, you sacrifice units of the same star rarity as your unit to upgrade said unit up a star, with higher rarities requiring more sacrifices. That’s a grim sentence.

Take Sigret for example assuming you followed our guide’s advice and rerolled until you got her. She is a 5-star hero, and thus will need 5 other 5-star heroes sacrificed in order to reach 6-stars. Most heroes are already very functional at 5-star rarity, and pretty much all of the heroes in this game can reach 6-star rarity, though there are a bunch of them you really shouldn’t promote to that point, though who am I to stop you if you feel like doing so for the memes.

Pretty much every stage in the game’s Adventure mode (and Side Stories, but more on that later) has the chance to drop 2-star heroes which you can safely use as fodder. It’s not recommended to use your base 3-star units as fodder in the beginning, as there are a lot of viable 3-stars you can use, plus Smilegate does buff certain heroes from time to time.

You can bring base 2-star units, or your Phantasmas, which you’ll learn about later, in your party together with your farmer hero and level them to max, allowing them to be promoted for the purpose of powering up whichever hero you choose.

On the topic of Adventure mode, as early as now, please pay attention to your Mission Objectives so you can gain all the Skystones it can give in one go. If you find yourself not being able to clear all of them due to lack of party composition or, as you’ll find out later with the game’s labyrinth type stages, inaccessible pathways, feel free to try the stage again especially once the entire region’s story is clear. You’ll find several good items and interesting stories in the side paths the game offers.

So this is your general overview on how things are going to work moving forward here in Epic Seven.

3. An Overview Of Resources

Epic Seven is a robust game even among its rivals in the hero collector genre. Gold is your main currency for upgrading heroes, equipment, Artifacts, and most of the shops and buildings in the lobby and sanctuary. You’ll always need Gold, especially late-game.

shop in epic seven

Skystones are the game’s premium currency, used for buying a variety of items from the shop and for purchasing Covenant Bookmarks, the game’s main summoning item. Covenant Bookmarks can be used for all the game’s different banners, which are promos that last for a week or more and have higher drop rates for specific heroes. Veterans recommend saving up 240 pulls worth of Skystones, which amounts to around 22,000 Skystones.

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This amount may seem daunting but a big reason why you’d want to save this much is so you have enough to “pity break” twice. Pity breaking is summoning 120 times on the same banner so you can guarantee pulling the hero the banner is focused on. Saving 240 instead of just 120 pulls guarantees that you can pull on two consecutive banners if you suddenly find a hero you like right after you’ve broken pity, ensuring you have enough emergency resources to get said hero.

stigma in the forest of souls in epic seven

Stigma is a universal resource that allows you to do specific things in the game, like speed up production in some buildings in the sanctuary, level up skills for 3-star heroes, and weaken monsters on floors in the Automaton Tower. It’s a versatile resource that is gained naturally by playing in Adventure mode, though it can also be farmed in Side Stories or elsewhere.
MolaGoras are a premium resource in that the game gives out only a certain number of them for free each week and the only way to get more of them aside from playing is to purchase them via microtransaction. But more about these odd-looking plants later.

4. About Phantasmas, Your Hero’s Best Friend For Growth

phantasmas in epic seven

Phantasmas are heroes whose main function is to be used as “fodder”, or promotion material for your other heroes. Phantasmas are absolutely not meant to be used as heroes in your main team as their combat potential is extremely low.

However, they do gain EXP significantly faster than every other hero in the game, further cementing their status as the go-to promotion material. They come in different colors and rarities, with the game handing out 2 star white Mega Phantasmas like candy, yellow 3-star Giga Phantasmas being somewhat farmable though limited in quantity, and black 4-star Tera Phantasmas having the highest EXP boost among their peers but being extremely rare to compensate for this.

mega phantasma in epic seven

Mega Phantasmas are maximized by promoting them to 4-star rarity, though you also have the option to just use them as fodder by upgrading them to 3-star, as they’re very easy to obtain. Giga Phantasmas are best used by promoting them to 5-star, since Tera Phantasmas are so rare that you’ll have no choice but to use Gigas to promote your 5-star units since the yellow doggos level the second fastest.

5. Adventure Mode: The Way Forward

ezera in epic seven

The Adventure section of Epic Seven will be your bread and butter for the entirety of the game. This mode contains Epic Seven’s main story, and not only will you be able to get decent amounts of gold and experience for your heroes from farming its stages, but you’ll also have to come back frequently to select chapters to farm for catalysts, which your heroes will need for awakening and skill enhances.

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Pushing as far into the story mode as possible is also essential for completing your Adventurer’s Path goals, which help with your progression immensely through various rewards that will streamline your path out of the earlygame phase of Epic Seven. There are many other treasures to be gained in this mode as well, such as Breaths of Orbis, buildings for your Sanctuary, new Battle modes you can farm for even more gold and resources, hidden equipment, and more. Your entire earlygame experience hinges on powering through the story mode as efficiently and as quickly as possible in order to unlock and experience everything the game has to offer.

regions of the first chapter in epic seven

Reaching Episode 1 Stage 10, Node 10, or “10-10” as the game calls it, is the only way to unlock Moonlight Summons, which contain unique Light and Dark heroes, some of them being the strongest and most interesting units the game has to offer. You also unlock AP Shops, allowing you to accumulate “Adventure Points” (hence the name AP) which you can trade for catalysts unique to each of the game’s regions. Unfortunately, Adventure Points earned in a particular region are only redeemable in the shop of that region, so AP earned in region 3 will not carry over to region 4, and so on. The shops reset weekly, so feel free to farm those points to save on the grind of praying for certain catalysts to drop.

Post Episode 1 comes Episode 1’s epilogue, the Unrecorded History chapter, though you can find that in the Side Story section below.

5.1 Adventurer’s Path: The Push You Need

adventurer's path in epic seven

The Adventurer’s Path is a set of goals you can complete to acquire many different resources that will help you progress much faster in Epic Seven. Gold, Molagoras, Stigma, Equipment sets, Phantasmas, Runes, and more are given to you as you clear each goal to help your units become strong enough to race to stage 10-10 in record time. The Phantasmas, Level 70+ Epic equipment, and massive amounts of Gold and Charms are especially helpful in immediately getting your main farming hero strong enough to solo stages on its own or carry the rest of your team through them.

5.2 Encounter With A Free Spirit

free spirit tieria in epic seven

Upon completing stage 2-2, you’re given access to the Beautiful Pursuer Adventurer’s Path, and a Connection which allows you to instantly recruit Free Spirit Tieria. FS Tieria’s Connection only has the condition for you to clear 2-2, so you don’t have to worry about fulfilling any other conditions before recruiting her. FS Tieria herself already comes with her skills fully enhanced, and her moveset is as follows:

free spirit tieria's skills in epic seven

Attacks the enemy with an axe, with a 50% chance to decrease Attack for 2 turns. A critical hit will increase damage dealt. Releases condensed energy at all enemies, recovering Health of the caster proportional to damage dealt. Cooldown of this skill decreases by 1 turn when an enemy is defeated. Dashes towards the enemy and cuts them down with a powerful strike, decreasing Defense for 2 turns. A critical hit will grant immunity to the caster for 2 turns.

She is a straightforward damage dealer with good utility in being able to inflict Decrease Defense, popularly known as Def Break. All of her skills being fully enhanced means she’ll be able to hit a great deal harder than what heroes you have now, except for maybe your Sigret or farmer of choice if you geared her up already.

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The Beautiful Pursuer Path will reward you for using her and will often cover the cost of the materials you will use to do so, even giving you equipment sets, gold, charms, and other items to make her strong enough to carry you all the way to 10-10 as a primary farmer or be a reliable secondary farmer alongside your pick of farming hero. Basically, feel free to give her good equipment and clear every goal in the Beautiful Pursuer Path as the rewards for raising her are well worth it.

As a side note, try not to promote her to 5-star rarity for her path until you finish Adventure Mode 10-10. Clearing 10-10 should give you access to the last Adventurer’s Path, which requires you to promote one hero to 5 star rarity as part of its clear conditions. If you promote her before unlocking this path, the goal may not retroactively complete itself.

5.3 Connections

On the topic of Connections, these are goals you can fulfill in order to recruit specific heroes into your fold, with each hero having unique prerequisites in order to recruit them, as well as specific stages you need to have cleared before they can become available. FS Tieria’s recruitment is the easiest in the game alongside Aither’s, who teaches you about the Connection system in the first place, and you’ll find that several of these heroes are worth fulfilling their recruitment conditions for. Of note are Silk, Lorina, Montmorency, Alexa, and Crozet, with Crozet’s conditions being the most difficult to fulfill though his ability as a tank is seen to be worth it.

connections in epic seven

If you’d like an alternative to using Free Spirit Tieria, you can use Silk instead. Her skills are as follows:

silk's skills in epic seven

Shoots arrows a the enemy, decreasing their Combat Readiness by 7%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Speed. Gains 1 Focus at the end of the turn, and consumes 1 Focus when attacked. If the caster’s stacked Focus is more than 2, Single Shot is enhanced to Automatic Fire and damage dealt is increased. Attacks all enemies with wind, with a 85% chance to decrease Speed for 2 turns, and granting increase Speed to all allies for 2 turns.

Silk’s strengths lie in her speed-oriented kit, allowing her to delay enemies and speed up allies with her Single Shot and Storm Arrow. The faster you make her, the higher her damage.

6. Everything You Need To Know About Battles

the battle section in epic seven

Epic Seven’s BATTLE section has several game modes you will slowly unlock as you finish each chapter of Adventure Mode. Each mode offers diverse challenges varying according to the Battle you picked and will also require building specific units or even teams to tackle the foes ahead. Your efforts however will be rewarded with loot which will surely help your heroes duke it out with the best of them and then some if you keep diligently beating the tar out of said foes.

6.1 Hunting: Your Main Source Of Equipment

sapphire wyvern in epic seven

The HUNT Battles are a collection of 4 bosses (with a fifth coming in very soon) with their own unique equipment drops. Each boss’s element, weaknesses, and moveset is different as well, so you’ll need a dedicated team to clear each of them if you’re aiming for their equipment. The Wyvern Hunt is the most notable of these battles, as the large flying lizard drops Speed type equipment which is highly sought after for a lot of heroes to reach their maximum combat potential.

A decently equipped FS Tieria and Angelica can steamroll all the way until Hunt Stage 6 if they’re both at level 50 with at least level 55 gear enhanced to +15, but from there on you may need to start building specialized teams to fight each Hunt boss. Wyvern is technically the easiest boss to start with, as you can build a team composed of FS Tieria, Angelica, and two 3-star heroes, Taranor Guard (not to be confused with the Taranor ROYAL Guard) and Alexa to start chipping away at the higher difficulty stages.

6.2 The Abyss

The Abyss is a 100+ floor unrepeatable challenge mode, with each floor giving a specific reward for clearing it. Unlike its opposite, the Automaton tower, the Abyss does not ever reset, only gaining new floors to conquer as the game updates. Each floor however offers very significant rewards, from very good equipment to large amounts of gold, skystones, covenant bookmarks, charms, etcetera.

the abyss in epic seven

You’re given 3 entries into the Abyss every day, though you can purchase 2 additional entries with Liefs in the Normal Shop (more on that later.). If it so happens you are unable to beat the current Abyss floor, you can instead use your entries to “purify” the Abyss, giving you gold and stigma for each entry spent.

Kiris excels all the way to the higher middle stages of this mode due to her poison skill and the above average amount of HP the enemies here possess. The Daydream Joker artifact is also valuable here for the same reason, as it deals bonus damage scaling off enemy max HP.

6.3 The Spirit Altars, Holders Of Runes

The Spirit Altars are your go-to place to farm Awakening Runes, which are used to, you guessed it, awaken your heroes. We’ll talk more about Awakening later. For now, what you need to know is there are 5 Spirit Altars, each with a corresponding element and boss with a unique skillset. Each boss drops runes that match its element, with the rarity and amount of runes dropped increasing according to the floor’s difficulty.

light spirit altar in epic seven

It’s recommended to not spend too much time on these Altars early on, since you should only focus on raising one team of four heroes first, and the game provides more than enough runes from clearing objectives to ensure you don’t need to grind this too early. You’ll definitely be visiting these stages mid to lategame when you have enough resources to raise more heroes and level them up to 60.

6.4 Side Stories

Epic Seven has one permanent side story for you to run in the form of the Unrecorded History chapter, unlocked after clearing stage 10-10 in Adventure mode. This Side Story details what happens to the main character Ras after a certain spoilerific event at the end of 10-10. It also houses higher level enemies than Episode 1’s story mode, giving you more experience per battle to level your fodders if your team can handle your foes. It also has its own unique AP shops, featuring Epic rarity catalysts and allowing a much smoother grind for you to get them since they have the very low drop rates otherwise.

side story in epic seven

There are other Side Stories which come and go, detailing the adventures of heroes outside of the main cast, with their own unique currencies you can grind to exchange for different rewards in their Event shops. These types of Side Stories also have favored characters and artifacts, who deal more damage or reward more currency respectively. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t want to punt the Wyvern a couple of times and want to run other stages, go ahead and grind these if they’re available.

6.5 The Automaton Tower, And The Climb To The Top

The Automaton Tower, unlocked after clearing Adventure stage 5-1, is a Battle mode that resets monthly and has 100 floors with enemies for you to clear, each floor giving gold and the floors in multiples of 5 giving Skystones and other items. Each Tower run requires a small out of energy, and since the Tower resets your progress every month, by the time reset comes in you can run through all the stages you previously cleared, allowing you to reap the rewards yet again.

automaton tower in epic seven

In case a stage gets too hard, you can pay Stigma to lower the strength and HP of the monsters on the floor, allowing you access to the juicy rewards without risking your team getting wiped out. It’s worth it to clear as many floors as you can to stockpile on gold and the (relatively) easy to earn Skystones, as floors 1-60 absolutely shouldn’t pose a problem if you have a well geared team of 4-5 star heroes.

6.6 The Labyrinth

The Labyrinths are a series of multi-area stages, similar to the large stages you encounter in Adventure mode. Like its Adventure mode counterpart, each Labyrinth stage has multiple branching paths and lots of loot to find, as well as enemies to fight. Unlike its counterpart however, you have the option to camp in the areas where your paths branch, allowing you to recover morale, increase the friendship levels of the heroes in your team, and actually get to know said heroes better by hearing what they have to say about their lives in the middle of camping.

camping in epic seven

You can also unlock multiple exits in the Labyrinth stages, some making it easier for you to explore the large maps, and others allowing you to unlock the next stage in the sequence. You can unlock more labyrinths by venturing off the beaten path and exploring Chapter 1’s optional stages, and each labyrinth drops equipment from a specific set so you can use these areas as intermediate farming stages for lower level equipment if your gear isn’t strong enough to tackle the various Hunt bosses. There are also unique gold chests in each Labyrinth which do not reset but house powerful gear to help with your character progression.

As a side note, when in camp please take note of the arrows next to your characters when you’re selecting dialogue options. Ideally you’d want all of the arrows to be red and facing up so all your characters gain friendship and you get the maximum amount of morale possible. Blue, downward facing arrows mean the dialogue option reduces that character’s friendship as well as some of your morale. These arrows aren’t just indicators of recovery though. They are also good hints into how your heroes think or regard their fellow teammates.

6.7 The Hall Of Trials

the hall of trials in epic seven

The Hall of Trials is unlocked upon clearing stage 6-1, and features bosses that rotate every 2 weeks. The objective of this mode is to deal as much damage to these bosses as possible, with your team receiving a grade depending on the amount of damage you dealt. The higher your grade, the better the payout.

Beating this mode gives you Wisdom’s Gazes, which you can trade for exclusive equipment, equips only accessible to specific heroes. These pieces of exclusive equipment give you a specific stat boost and one of three different power ups to the hero’s skills. Even if you don’t have any heroes with exclusive equipment, it’s still worth it to accumulate Gazes when you finally do get one.

7. How To Power Up Your Heroes

vildred and a penguin in epic seven

There is a variety of different ways you can strengthen your hero. Here is a breakdown on each way you can power your team up.

7.1 Equipment: The Most Straightforward Way To Strengthen A Hero

Slapping on some fresh, high level Epic or Heroic equipment is the fastest and most convenient way to power a hero up. Since equipments have no level requirements, even a level 30 hero can punch way above its weight class with the right weapons, armor, and accessories equipped.

Equipment in Epic Seven is handled differently than the typical hero collector. Instead of equipment also having a star rating to determine its rarity, equipment instead is divided into levels, with 1 being the lowest and 85-88 being the highest so far. They do still have main stats and substats though, with main stats leveling up every time the equipment levels up, and substats either leveling up or getting added, both at random, when the equipment reaches levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. The higher the level, the stronger the main stat the equipment provides.

how to enhance equipment in epic seven

The 3 equipments on the right side of your character equipment screen, being Rings, Boots, and Necklaces, are unique in that they have random main stats, and they can either boost main stats by a flat number or by a percentage. Though flat boosts are still functional enough to work, every player prefers having percentage stat boosts as they scale much better.

Though equips don’t have star ratings, they do still have rarities depending on the number of substats it first comes with. The rarities are as follows:

equipment rarity in epic seven

Equipment also fall under one of several sets, with the equipped hero getting a bonus to a specific stat if he or she has enough pieces of the set equipped. They are as follows:

equipment sets in epic seven

All things considered, you’d probably want to have a hero outfitted with all epic gear at the highest level. Unfortunately, finding 6 pieces of epic gear with the ideal main and substats is extremely unlikely, especially if you consider the randomness of not knowing which substat will get boosted from enhancement.

Luckily, heroic and even rare gear is practically just as good, losing out to epic gear by only single digit percentage values on substats. This is because the way Epic Seven handles substat enhancement is like so:

equipment grade in epic seven

What this graph means is that your equipment will prioritize existing substats to enhance until a certain threshold depending on its rarity. So if you roll a good Rare or Heroic equip with substats you’d like, each of the existing substats has a chance of being upgraded before you get a new substat from enhancing it to its threshold.

Most veterans prefer farming the Wyvern Hunt stage as the boss drops Speed Set equipment and materials to make them. The Speed Set is prized due to the tendency for many players to run heroes needing high speed to maximize their effectiveness or outspeed potential threats to the team. This is also why Sigret is highly lauded by the Epic Seven community, as Wyvern Hunt 13 becomes much easier to deal with if you have her fully farmed and on your team.

7.2 Awakening: Unlocking Hidden Potential

Awakening a hero involves unlocking 6 nodes using Awakening Runes and Catalysts to give said hero stat buffs and an additional effect or two to one of their skills. As mentioned previously, you can farm Awakening runes in the Spirit Altar battles, while Catalysts come from Adventure or Side Story stages.

epic seven awakening

The benefits received from the nodes depend on your hero’s starsign and are unique to them, as well as the required Catalysts. The first few nodes only require runes, where later nodes require both runes and Catalysts. It’s recommended to awaken at least 3 nodes on the heroes you’d like to use, so you can unlock the full power of their moveset.

7.3 Molagoras: That Weird Looking Plant Thing

Before you ask, yes. Even ingame, Molagoras are either found to be cute-looking or kind of gross due to their unique… shape. However, these peculiar plants are extremely sought after due to their limited availability (as you can only get a few of these per week) and the sheer amount required to fully power up heroes, especially higher rarity ones.

epic seven molagoras

Molagoras are used in conjunction with gold and catalysts to level up character skills, with the effects of each level up depending on the skill. Some skills gain increased damage, some get an increased chance to activate a secondary effect, some have their cooldowns shortened.

If you want to make the most out of specific heroes, it is a must to save up as many molagoras as possible so you can at least shorten their skill cooldowns or help maximize their effect activation chances. After all, whether or not you can land that one buff or debuff can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

8. Shops And Utilities

Epic Seven has many different shops you can browse through, each with their own niche to help make your hero collecting experience more fun and streamlined. There are also certain utilities the game has as well to make sure you can make the most of your resources. Here’s a guide to several noteworthy ones below.

8.1 Huche, Everyone’s Favorite Shopkeep

Huche is a friendly Suin merchant who really knows his way around the world of Orbis, since you can practically find him everywhere in-story, and in the unlikely location of the game’s Labyrinth stages. Huche sells a variety of wares from low level artifacts to charms to even covenant bookmarks. His stock refreshes every day so be sure to look around for him to see what he has for sale.

huche in epic seven

It’s worth it to look for him specifically in Labyrinth stage 1-4 as he sets up shop a very short distance away from one of the exit portals. After browsing his wares, you can go to the pause menu and choose to yield the Labyrinth stage to refund the spent Labyrinth compass while still keeping whatever you bought from him.

8.2 Transmit Stone Shop

Transmit stones are earned from selling high rarity heroes or from summoning mileage (20 summons for one gold transmit stone). You’ll want to buy out all the MolaGoras and Giga-Phantasmas every week with silver transmit stones, since you’ll always find a use for them.

how to earn transmit stone in epic seven

It’s better generally to use your gold transmit stones on Galaxy Bookmarks instead of the 4-5 star hero summon tickets, as the former are much harder to come by than the latter, and even 3 star Moonlight Summon heroes can be extremely useful to you.

8.3 Secret Shop

The Secret Shop unlocks as you complete Adventure mode and levels up every 5 player ranks, with it offering better equipment the higher its level goes. Like Huche, the shop also sells Covenant Bookmarks as well as Mystic Bookmarks so it’s worth it to check it whenever it refreshes.

epic seven secret shop

You can also refresh the shop with skystones, though that’s only recommended when you’ve maxed the Secret Shop out to maximize the value of the shopkeeper’s items on display.

8.4 Friendship / Normal Shop

There isn’t much to say about either of these shops since they’re pretty straightforward. It’s best to save your skystones for the 50 Covenant Bookmark package from the normal shop, as it’s 50 less skystones than buying 50 Covenant Bookmarks individually.

friendship shop in epic seven

The rest of your skystones should be saved for energy so you can continue playing at your leisure, and spending your leifs is at your discretion if you want to get more energy or get more entry tickets for the various Battle modes. As for the friendship shop, try to buy the energy and arena flags every day. They do add up and it never hurts to have either in surplus.

8.5 Pet Shop, Your Best Friends

The Pet Shop unlocks at player rank 35, and grants you the much-needed auto battle feature, allowing you to leave your phone to grab a cup of coffee while your team either punts one stage repeatedly for materials (looking at you, side stories), or bullies the Wyvern into coughing up more of his equipment. The auto-battle feature is attached the the pets you’ve unlocked, with your pet’s rarity determining the number of times you can auto battle.

baby lukus in epic seven

If you choose to bring one along, your pet will also automatically activate nearby goddess statues and open chests for you, allowing you to relax as you watch your friend’s Vildred rupture the earth with Blade Ascent for the nth time today without lifting a finger. Aside from being brought into battle, you can also leave a pet in the lobby where after 22 hours it’ll give you a random gift of gold or charms or other useful items.

That isn’t all there is to pets however. Each pet also comes with a skill, with effects ranging from increasing drop rates to upping your chances for more equipment drops to even giving you more gold when you sell equipment. Level your pet food with duplicate or unneeded pets, or pet food from the pet store (purchasable with Stigma), then merge it with a similar rarity pet to up its star rating in a process called synthesis.

Every time you increase your pet’s star rating, you can choose to let the pet inherit skills from the two material pets, as well as alter its appearance. So if you want your cute blob to turn into a cute cat, simply use a cat as a material pet for synthesis and you can let the newly synthesized pet’s appearance become that cat.

8.6 Sanctuary

epic seven sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a collection of useful buildings you unlock as you clear Adventure Mode, with each building providing various buffs or services which will help you progress through the game. You can upgrade their performance by using Breaths of Orbis, which mostly drop in specific non-story stages. You have to deliberately go out of your way, clearing optional nodes not part of the main story to get them. However, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost of unlocking them.

epic seven heart of orbis

You first start with the Heart of Orbis, a structure that stores gold and skystones over time. Once its storage is full, you need to go back to the Sanctuary and claim the resources to empty its storage and allow it to begin collecting gold and skystones again.

epic seven forest of souls

Next is the Forest of Souls. The Forest produces Mega Phantasmas, one of the main ‘fodder’ heroes of the game, Penguins, heroes made to give other heroes huge amounts of EXP, and MolaGoras, precious items which can enhance the effectiveness of a hero’s skills. This facility is top priority for earlygame upgrades, as you will definitely need the three heroes it produces.

However, you do not need to fully upgrade the forest souls, just upgrading its center node to level 3 is enough. The Heart of Orbis second priority as it passively generates gold and skystones for you, and you can increase how much it can store as well as how fast it generates its resources via the upgrades.

alchemist's steeple in epic seven

The other facilities you unlock are the High Command, where you can send heroes out on quests to earn EXP, stigma, gold, and other resources, the Alchemist’s Steeple, where you can recycle various items to make new ones, and the Steel Workshop, where you can use the materials you’ve earned from the Hunt stages to make new pieces of equipment.

Once you have Breaths of Orbis to spare, feel free to upgrade the facilities as you see fit.

8.7 Hero Journal, The Library Of Knowledge

If you find yourself wanting to learn more about the heroes you already have, or look up the heroes you don’t have, go ahead and make use of the Hero Journal. The journal will allow you to test every available hero in the game out, so you can see what their skills look like and read up on their effects.

epic seven hero journal

You can also go to a hero’s specialty tab to see a primer on their relationships and views on other heroes. If there are any tutorials you missed out on or even artifacts you want to read up on, you can also view them there.

So there you have it! This should serve as a decent primer for the aspiring Epic Seven newbie who wants to shoot for the stars, save the world of Orbis, and protect the world from the machinations of whatever the heck wants to tear your world apart. Thanks for sticking with us here at Level Winner, and please feel free to check out our additional Epic Seven guides for more tips and strategies!