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Epic Seven Farming Guide: Where to Farm for the Best Equipment and MolaGora for Skill Upgrades

With so much more to be discovered and acquired in Epic Seven months after its global launch, players who have finished the story mode and unlocked the hard version are continuously finding ways and means to further strengthen the team or teams of characters they have assembled over the weeks. The truth is, it will be very hard to nab the most wanted characters once you have worked past the reset and re-roll phase of the game. Still, though, anything is possible especially if you finish all daily activities and expend all attempts you have as you venture deeper into every available game mode.

Assuming for example that you have most or even all the characters you want in the game, that won’t be the end of it, as all other resources you need to fully upgrade each character takes a long while to be acquired relative to the total amount you will be needing to fully max out everyone in your team. One of the most difficult items to get right are your heroes equipment especially if you are not aware of where to farm the best gears for your roster and just equip whatever you grab on the way to whichever hero it fits on. In any case, before we proceed further into our guide, be sure to read our Epic Seven beginner’s guide for the fundamental basics you need to learn and understand especially if you are just starting out with the game.

Beyond that, we also have our Epic Seven advanced guide aimed towards players who have made a lot of progress in the game and dwells on comparatively simpler and easier strategies than what we will be discussing below. Once you have read both guides and have made it far enough in the game to say that you are only now focusing on targeting the most difficult features to tinker with as you aim towards having the strongest teams and characters, then continue on with this guide.

At this point in the game, you may have already acquired and equipped all of your characters with the best gears in your inventory. Hopefully though, you have enough gears as well to unlock set effects instead of just equipping each one with whichever gear that has a higher rarity or quality. Moving forward, your end goal is to farm higher level gears that at the same time has the set effects that best suit your main characters. It’s definitely not an easy task and requires a lot of time, patience, and dedication. It’s one of the reasons why you may want to save this task towards the latter part of the game. So without further ado, let’s move on to our Epic Seven farming guide and find out how to farm for the best equipment and how to acquire more MolaGora.

1. Progress Through The Hunts

Some of the best equipment you can get in Epic Seven lies deep within the Hunts. As you make your way through one stage after another, you can already see some of the rewards you can get on the succeeding stages. Whether it’s the Golem Hunt, the Wyvern Hunt, or the Banshee Hunt, each one offers plenty of great rewards once you accomplish them. For the most part, the quality of gears and rewards are dependent on the level you complete, but on top of the gears that you actually want to acquire, there are various materials to get as well which will be essential for you to be able to craft your own equipment.

epic seven farming cheats

It’s very understandable to have difficulty progressing through these dungeons as the jump in difficulty of enemies you encounter from one level to the next can be surprisingly high. If you have mostly 5 and 6-star heroes though you can definitely go far, but just the same it will still be very difficult. If you can afford to do so, switch members that are strong against the element of the enemy you are hunting, it will be very advantageous for you to do so. Likewise, you may opt to deviate from the usual roster composition as some battle may require specialized combinations such as having two tanks or two healers. Additionally, you may want to replay some stages you have already cleared as it is very difficult to get the stats in the equipment that is precisely what you are looking for. If you are in for more farming at the cost of excess stamina you have, feel free to replay as much as you can, not just for the gears but for the crafting materials.

2. Craft Equipment Until You Get What You Need

The Steel Workshop is another great place to get the equipment you need at the cost of the needed materials and some gold. Higher tier equipment will naturally require materials from the higher levels at the Hunt as well as more gold but if you have no more important upgrades and enhancements to worry about then you might as well spend your extra stamina for farming again and again from those Hunts.

epic seven equipment

As expensive as it may be, you can initially invest in lower tier equipment provided that you can still get better ones than what you have already equipped on your main heroes. As you get more and more of the equipment with the best stat bonuses and set perks, you slowly get closer to beating the higher level hunts that you could not previously conquer. Perhaps if RNG doesn’t work for you in the hunt, it may do wonders for you at the Steel Workshop. Hopefully as well, you saved some Breaths of Orbis to perform some upgrades on the workshop, particularly the Artisan’s Furnace which boosts the probability of the crafted equipment having much better chances of having a Rare, Epic, or even Heroic quality.

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3. Save Up Conquest Points For Gladiator Set

As there are more PvE game modes than PvP ones in Epic Seven, chances are that your main team may be stronger against the former and that defeating other players consistently has become a challenge for you. If you are at the point where you have more than enough heroes and can afford to simultaneously enhance and upgrade your PvE and PvP Teams, you may very well do so as some items which you can get from the shop through the use of Conquest Points cannot be acquired anywhere else.

epic seven gladiator set

Depending on how long you have played Epic Seven or how regularly you expend your daily attempts at the arena, you will earn Conquest Points, just a few each time though. It will take a long while for you to nab enough wins and earn points to actually purchase anything good from the shop. Some items in the shop, however, are very much worth spending time to farm for. Most particularly, the Gladiator gears composed of the Gladiator’s Axe, Gladiator’s Armor, Gladiator’s Helm, and the Gladiator’s Token. Each piece costs a whopping 1,200 Conquest Points and you can only purchase each once on your account. What makes this set of equipment more special than it already is comes from that consistent stat boosts and health set that each piece has. Well, for one, you won’t be able to fit this on just any character, but having this on your Knight can really be a game-changer.

Just to touch up on arena battles a bit, having some extra (and well-maintained) characters can help you win more battles. As no two team fights in exactly the same way, you can always experiment with team roster changes especially since you can already see the opponent’s roster of characters before you even challenge them. As it is, it helps to be really familiar with a lot of heroes so you can know what each one can do especially if they are on the other side of the fence. If you know all characters in your opponent’s roster, then you can pretty m uch strategize as to which one you should K.O. first and which ones might have to be incapacitated immediately.

4. Dive Further Down The Abyss

The Abyss is one of the game modes in Epic Seven where your progress continues on where you left as you only get to receive first time clear rewards on each floor and will only receive gold and stigma on subsequent attempts. Like most of the other game modes, each floor in the Abyss is a lot more difficult than the previous one, and you have to complete the current floor before you can proceed to the next one. What’s good about it though, is that you can scroll past the locked floors just to take a peek at the rewards waiting for you moving forward. Although all of the rewards you receive here are great ones, the prize you want to keep an eye on lies further down as strong and rare gears await your further. Be sure to keep yourself motivated as well with the generous amount of crafting materials you can also nab further down.

epic seven abyss

It may take some time for you to be able to nab some decent pieces of equipment in the Abyss considering that you only have three attempts daily to move forward in this game mode. While you can always purchase an additional two more attempts per day, we would rather suggest that you exercise more patience instead.

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5. The Labyrinth And Challenge

There are decent pieces of equipment you can grab from playing the Labyrinth and Challenge as well. As these game modes are a lot easier than the ones we previously went through, you can’t expect the rewards you get here to be similarly exceptional as well. As you also have daily attempts you may want to expend here, you might as well do so, especially if you are done with all your other dailies and just looking for something else to play through. As you will mostly be getting lower tier and more common qualities of equipment here, it may not be that beneficial for you especially if you already have better equipment. If for some reason, there are still gaps along the sets you are trying to build, you can just always fill in the gaps with equipment you get from here while still waiting for the better ones.

epic seven labyrinth

Additionally, you may want to enhance some of your better gears that you are certain will be on your heroes for a long time. Though it is expensive, you can always farm for more gears to feed off to your equipped gears from these game modes. Just be sure that you don’t accidentally sacrifice some of the useful ones that are presently not assigned to any hero for whatever reason.

6. How To Get More MolaGora And MolaGora Seeds

One of the other more difficult aspects of every hero to enhance are the skills they possess especially since there isn’t an abundance of MolaGora Seeds and MolaGora to go around. Perhaps on the first few days of your game you will acquire some as rewards for events or so. Afterwards though it will become a struggle to get your hands on these items so you may want to focus on getting as many as you can especially if you are done with the character level ups and evolutions.

First and foremost, what you ought to be doing now is starting to plant seeds exclusively at the Forest of Souls in the Sanctuary. With your main team all beefed up as far as basic enhancements go, you should have less or no need for Penguins and Phantasmas. Hopefully as well, you were able to upgrade the Forest of Souls to unlock an additional slot for you to farm MolaGoras. If not and you still have some Breaths of Orbis in your inventory, then perhaps you could spend some to hasten your MolaGora generation.

If you still want to hasten the process of acquiring more MolaGora or at least even just MolaGora Seeds, you can always purchase one from different tabs in the Shop. You can purchase one MolaGora from the Shop with 15 Silver Transmit Stones and one MolaGora Seed as well with 150 Conquest Points. You can do this once every week. If you have a Guild as well, which you should, then the Brave Crests which you can earn through some activities and donations can be used to also purchase one MolaGora Seed from the Guild Shop once per week.

epic seven molagora

On top of the shops which cost currency you may be wanting to save for something else. There are other places where you can get some free MolaGora Seeds. If you can make it through floors 10 and 25 of the Abyss, you will be rewarded with 2 and 3 pieces of MolaGora Seeds, respectively. Be sure to check for availability of side quests as well and complete them for the special currencies which they reward you with. Though for limited periods only, you can easily earn enough of these special currencies to purchase two MolaGora Seeds at the Exchange. Last, but definitely not the least, is the wandering merchant that randomly appears on some missions. As you should probably turn auto-battle off to notice him, you can often see him along the path on stages where there are multiple areas to explore. He definitely won’t always appear and when he does, he might be selling something else cheaper. Just the same, if you have some extra time to spend on in Epic Seven and need to have more MolaGora Seeds, be sure to keep an eye on the merchant.

Well, that is all we have on our Epic Seven farming guide on the best gears and MolaGora farming. As these two enhancements are perhaps the toughest to max out in the game, it may take you weeks or maybe even longer to fully achieve this. Like in any MMORPG though, time, patience, and dedication are very important if you want to have the best hero team and true enough, the strength levels your characters can grow to in Epic Seven may very well depend on how much time and dedication you put into the game. Don’t feel bad if RNG doesn’t seem to work with you as you will always have that day when dice rolls all work in your favor. You should instead be ready to get equipment which may not entirely have the stat boosts you want as there are hundreds of possibilities as far as the stat boost combination goes.

Perhaps there may be further updates and events which will make all the equipment and MolaGora farming a little easier later on, but for now, with every nook and cranny we looked into, these are all of them. It’s still possible though that we overlooked some other areas in the very broad world of Epic Seven so if there’s anything we missed as far as this guide is concerned, be sure to let us know as we very much welcome and appreciate the comments of our readers!