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Epic Seven Best Heroes Tier List: Our Top Picks for the Best PvE and PvP Characters

Epic Seven has been a dominant force in the mobile gaming market, particularly in the RPG genre, since its launch a little over a year ago. Packed with unparalleled graphics rendered in 2D anime art style, a plethora of memorable heroes, and huge content that continues to grow further, Epic Seven maintains to provide tons of activities for its players to engage in while continuing to grow its player and fanbase as well. While its popularity can be primarily attributed to any of the above considerations, Epic Seven’s edge over other RPGs, and perhaps strategy games, lies in how intricately you can customize each hero and how each one can be further tailored to synergize better with the entire team.

If you have only started playing Epic Seven recently, be sure to read our beginner’s guide to have a better understanding of the game’s basic features and initial team compositions. Beyond that, we also published a guide on Breath of Orbis locations, farming for equipment and MolaGora, as well as some tips on assessing the potential value of each hero you have in your roster. Saying that Epic Seven has a lot of characters is certainly an understatement and in this guide, we will be focusing on the ones we consider as being top-notch in their respective fields of specialization. We have touched a bit on some characters we enjoyed putting in our team back then, but with numerous updates that happened in the game, we also have to update our list of favorites.

As many of Epic Seven’s heroes are good for numerous roles, we will be categorizing our picks based on what we feel are the most basic roles in the game namely: DPS, tank, and support. While we understand that Epic Seven has grown more strategically broad to include a variety of roles for some characters, we have considered some of those roles to fall relatively within the categories we provided. So without further ado, let’s dive into our Epic Seven tier liest, showcasing the best heroes in the game!

Best PvE DPS

best pve dps in epic seven

Bellona [Ranger / Earth]

Bellona is our top pick for PvE as the main damage-dealer for the team. Her AoE attacks are truly remarkable most especially her third skill, Razorwind Fan. Razorwind Fan targets all enemies and comes with a 65% chance to reduce each enemy’s defense value for 2 turns. Further, if the skill is activated through her first skill, Windbreak Fan, the chance to cause a defense break is boosted to 85%. Windbreak Fan is also a notable skills to utilize against boss battles considering the damage it deals is relative to the enemy’s HP. While Bellona can be built to maximize attack and speed stats, she can be a typical glass cannon that will hardly be able to take as much damage as she deals.

Luna [Warrior / Ice]

Luna may be far from the top as a main damage dealer for your party but she is both powerful and versatile and can be a great consideration for any given roster. Her passive skill, Dragon Knight’s Will, makes her a formidable warrior that comes with an attack boost and increased critical chance whenever her HP is above 50% and gains a defense boost with critical hit prevention whenever her HP goes below 50%. Although Luna does not have any AoE skills or any support skills of any sort, she can rub out enemies one by one and will also be a great team member to have against boss battles.

Lidica [Ranger / Fire]

If you enjoy giving your entire team more turns to launch an attack then Lidica should be among your top picks in the game. Lidica specializes in reducing the enemy’s combat readiness and with her inherent high stats for speed, she can definitely push the enemy’s combat readiness a lot in battle. Lidica’s first skill, Wild Rose, is already very useful as it can already push the enemy’s combat readiness back by 15%. If the enemy has a debuff, the effects are further boosted to 25%. Lilica’s third skill, Public Execution, can easily turn the tide of battle as it decreases combat readiness by 100%, decreases speed, and also prevents healing for 2 turns.

On top of all that, it gives Lidica a skill nullifier and prevents the next damage she will incur. Lidica’s base HP makes her a squishy character and damage per se is not really her strong points. As far as DPS is concerned, her effectiveness lies in her speed and the combat readiness pushback that she can constantly employ.

Best PvP DPS

best pvp dps in epic seven

Arbiter Vildred [Thief / Dark]

While regular Vildred is well above average in our book, Arbiter Vildred is a top pick for PvP. As one of the few heroes in the game where each skills is just amazing, Arbiter Vildred is what we see as a low defense team’s nightmare in the arena. For starters, Sweep can deal damage to 2 enemies and reduce their combat readiness by 10%. His passive skill, Dark Contract auto revives him with 70% HP, 100% combat readiness, increased attack, full focus, and instantly resets cooldown for his third skill. His third skill, Dark Blade, is a strong AoE attack that does not have cool down when it kills off an enemy unit. While Arbiter Vildred may not sport a good defense value, we are banking on the activation of his passive skill to make up for that.

Ken [Warrior / Fire]

Ken may not be a typical pick for for a DPS hero based on his low base attack values but the overall impact of debuffs that his skills have are more valuable than purely dealing damage. To start off, Knockout, which is his first skill, comes with a 35% chance of reducing the enemy’s defense for 2 turns. As damage is dependent on Ken’s max health, it will come off well already since Ken has high base HP. Celestial Kick, his second skill, attacks an enemy while boosting his attack speed. It also comes with a 75% chance of decreasing the enemy’s defense. Last, but definitely not the least, is Phoenix Flurry, which does massive damage and also guarantees a stun. Activating this skill grants Ken Vigor, which boosts his attack and defense values on top of further augmenting the impact of his primary and secondary skills.

Martial Artist Ken [Warrior / Dark]

Among the heroes considered meta when Epic Seven first released, Martial Artist Ken is a formidable character for both PvE and PvP content. What makes him as a better pick for PvE combat, is his ability to counter attacks especially when struck with a critical hit. His basic skill, Knockout comes with a 50% chance to reduce an enemy’s attack for 1 turn. While it may not seem to be in synergy with his most important trait, he does not have a superb defense for starters so damage mitigation is a good debuff ro gave. Martial Artist Ken’s passive skill, Dragon Flame, sports a 30% chance to launch a counterattack but guarantees one if the attack makes him suffer a critical hit. Dragon Flame also ensures a critical hit and deals damage proportionate to Ken’s lost health.

Martial Artist Ken’s ultimate skill, The Coming of Asura, is an AoE damage that has a 50% chance to cut down all enemies’ defense values by half. On top of that, it increases his attack for 2 turns.

Best PvE Tanks

best pve tanks in epic seven

Falconer Kluri [Knight / Earth]

Falconer Kluri actually does better as a defense breaker than a tank. While there are certainly better choices considering base HP and defense values alone, the mix of utility skills Flaconer Kluri has makes her a definite hero to keep. First off, Light Step boosts her combat readiness by 15% on top of the damage it deals, which is based on Kluri’s defense. Her passive skills is what makes her a decent tank as it regenerates 5% of her HP at the start of each turn. Her ultimate skill, Fluri, Attack!, is what makes her fearsome in both PvE and PvP as it is packed with a 75% chance of removing all buffs, followed by a 75% chance to provoke that enemy while reducing defense values.

Crimson Armin [Knight / Light]

As knights are typically made to be tanks in a lot of RPG, you can also expect the tank role to occasionally fall into a knight’s role in Epic Seven. While there are plenty of knights in the game, we consider Crimson Armin as among our favorites for that part. With superb base HP and defense stats to begin with, each of Crimson Armin’s skills make her a tank that can firmly support her whole team. Takedown’ damage is based on Armin’s defense and comes with a 50% chance of provoking the enemy it hits. Her passive skills reduces critical hit damage on all her allies by 10%. Her ultimate skill, Shield of Holy Spirit, grants immunity for 2 turns and invincibility for 1 turn.

Krau [Knight / Ice]

Krau may not be the best tank if entirely considered for a singular role but given that he can be a fearsome damage-dealer as well in both PvE and PvP combat, he is one of our favorite tanks in the game. Krau’s basic skill, Swordstorm, can provoke an enemy with a 50% chance and has damage based on his max health. Charge, which is his second skill, reduces an enemy’s combat readiness by 35% and boosts his allies’ defense for 2 turns. His ultimate skill, Summon Ziegfried, also deals damage based on his health and with the damage proportional to lost health, it can deal massive damage if Krau has high max HP and has lost a lot of it in combat especially since it ignores the enemy’s defense. Summon Ziegfried also grants Krau with a barrier for 2 turns that has strength based on his max health.

Best PvP Tanks

best pvp tanks in epic seven

Crimson Armin [Knight / Light]

Due to Crimson Armin’s ultimate skill, Shield of the Holy Spirit, we mentioned above on top of his skills and stats, he is our top pick for the tank role in PvP combat. We seriously do not mind the low attack and speed values and will only consider augmenting his speed. While his damage values are just bottom-tier low, he more than makes up for it with his overall qualities that make him the best candidate for his role.

Corvus [Warrior / Fire]

Corvus’ basic stats are actually pretty decent and with a defense set, his skills can make him a fearful enemy in combat. Shield Slam causes damage based on his defense and has a 50% chance of transferring a debuff on him onto his target. Macerate is a superb crowd control AoE skill that decreases all enemies’ combat readiness. On top of that, the skill can also stun an enemy if their combat readiness is reduced to 0 following the skills effect. Fury’s Advent, which is his ultimate skill, further boosts his survivability with health recovery, defense boost, an extra turn, and boosts his other skills for the next 3 turns.

Ravi [Warrior / Fire]

Ravi may not seem like a typical candidate for a tank as she does not have any skills to support her allies in combat. Despite that, she has great starting HP stats, decent defense, and can also be built to deal decent damage. Ravi’s basic skill, Slaughter, is what can be built around to make her fearsome as it has lifesteal elements you can further enhance through equipment sets. Demon’s Blood, which is a passive skill, increases Ravi’s attack whenever she attacks or is targeted by one. When attacked, her combat readiness increases by 8%. Devil Drive is a definite showstopper as it is an AoE attack that has a 75% chance of inflicting stun for one turn plus reduction of the enemies’ combat readiness down to zero.

Best PvE Support

best pve support in epic seven

Dienne [Soul Weaver / Ice]

Dienne is you all-around support character that can be easily mixed and matched for most rosters you can think of. While she inherently does not have any healing spells, equipping her with the artifact, Rod of Amaryllis, can have her heal an ally with the lowest health while using her second and third skill. To start off, Light of Judgement boosts her combat readiness by 10% and effectively gives her more times to perform her other skills. Blessing of the Goddess provides a barrier for the entire party for 2 turns and also dispels a random debuff from each of them. Her third skill, Saint’s Prayer, boosts her teammates’ attack and critical hit resistance for 3 turns and also boosts her combat readiness by 50%. With 2 skills that boost Dienne’s combat readiness, slapping a speed set on her while also giving her the Rod of Amaryllis can definitely have her sustain her team’s health very effectively.

Tamarine [Soul Weaver / Fire]

Tamarine is a unique character to strategize with as she switches modes in battle. While it may be a little more complex than the usual hero in Epic Seven, this is basically what makes her a highly versatile hero to have in your team. Switching roles follow Tamarine’s ultimate skill, Shining Star, which will shift her to idol mode after removing all debuffs on allies, restoring her to max health, and giving her an extra turn. Serene Tune is an attack that also heals an ally with the lowest health but on idol mode, becomes an AoE attack that dispels all buffs as well as triggers a dual attack your ally that has the highest attack value. Song of the Forest provides mass heal and shifts to a team buff that raises attack, boosts combat readiness by 30%, and also heals on idol mode. With the tremendous impact Tamarine can have on the party, boosting her speed further with a speed set will make her a force to be reckoned with in PvE content.

Angelica [Soul Weaver / Ice]

While our first two picks for best PvE support characters are not primarily the best healers, Angelica is definite pick if you want to prioritize healing above all else. As she is not exceptional exclusively for her healing prowess, the barrier and immunity she can provide for the entire team can help push your team through challenging Raids and Boss Hunts. To start off, her primary skill has a 20% chance of stunning an opponent it hits. While it does not seem much, consider it as an added bonus since Angelica’s second and third skills are what makes her valuable. Origin of Life, which is her second skill, recovers the health of 2 teammates, one of which has the lowest HP. Her ultimate skill, Guide of the Goddess, is a mass healing spell that comes with a barrier and immunity for 2 turns. As both second and third skills are dependent on Angelica’s Max HP, filling her up with HP sets will be the ideal build.

Best PvP Support

best pvp support in epic seven

Ruele of Light [Soul Weaver / Light]

While full revive to max HP plus temporary invincibility is likewise great to have for PvE battles, we feel that Ruele of Light’s entire skills are more suitable for PvP. Key to an Oath, which is her primary skill, heals an ally with the lowest health. Her second skill, Light Pillar, dispels all debuffs, recovers health, and grants barrier for 2 turns. Light Ascending is the ultimate team support skill as it revives one dead ally while removing all debuffs from living allies, restores all their HP to full, and granting all of them invincibility as well for 1 turn. As her base speed is lacking, using an HP and speed set on Ruele of Light will be the best option.

Sage Baal & Sezan [Mage / Light]

We would typically consider our top picks for support characters as heroes that can heal their teammates but given Sage Baal & Sezan’s overall usefulness in the Arena, we have to consider him in our list. Sage Baal & Sezan is relatively complex to strategize around but once you see how to utilize his skills for different scenarios in combat, you will find his usefulness indispensable. To start off, Evil Spirit’s Call, which has a 50% chance of putting an enemy to sleep for 1 turn is a valuable enough setup against teams lacking or devoid of immunity. Cloud of Ruin, which is his second skill, is an AoE spell that has an 85% chance of dispelling a buff from an enemy as well as a 65% chance of putting them to sleep. Choosing to leave the skill at a ready state grants Sage Baal & Sezan a 10% combat readiness bonus at the end of the enemy’s turn.

Sage Baal & Sezan’s ultimate skill, Eye of Death, deals damage based on his max HP and can restore his health to full if the skill manages to kill his target. While there are various ways to build Sage Baal & Sezan, we recommend going for a more support-based build for PvP and increasing his speed and granting him immunity is the best way to go.

Dizzy [Mage / Ice]

While we like seeing all the Guilty Gear guest characters in Epic Seven as a result of the collaboration between Smilegate Megaport and Arc System Works, we actually consider the epic fighting game series’ tritagonist as among the most threatening crowd control characters especially in the arena. With a full pack of AoE damage across each skill with various debuffs, having her around can tremendously distort the opponent’s strategy. To start off, Dizzy’s basic skill, I Used This to Catch Fish, has a 25% chance of stunning each enemy unit. If the unit has an active debuff, it takes even more damage. Gamma Ray extends the duration of debuffs on each enemy with the exception of debuffs that cause immobility. Gamma Ray comes with a 50% combat readiness reduction on each enemy as well. To top it all off, her ultimate skill, Emotional Gamma Ray, can reduce attack, speed, and hit chance of all enemies.

And that covers our top picks for the best PvE and PvP characters in Epic Seven. We know and understand that there are numerous other worthy heroes that should make the cut but considering everything, these characters are what we believe are the best for the roles we considered them for. As Epic Seven constantly has updates that often impact some heroes’ skills, it may happen that some of these heroes will be nerfed or be adjusted in some way later on. In any case, we hope you enjoyed reading our guide and that it has encouraged you to take a second look at our picks if you haven’t done so in your roster. If you want to share your ideas about your own top picks as well as share relevant info on our pick, feel free to do so via the comment section below!