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Brown Dust Tier List: Best Mercenaries in the Game

Neowiz, the developer behind a number of popular mobile games has created an exciting new RPG full of tactics. Brown Dust is a hero collector type of game with a wide variety of mercenaries to collect.

With a wide variety of mercenaries to collect and play with, you’ll naturally have a wide variety of tactics to try out. Yes, Neowiz was also nice enough to include a couple of game modes and upgrades to play with too! This game can fairly easily take up your entire day with all of its features. However, the problem still remains with a hero collector type of game. That would be which heroes to aim for as much as possible? Our Brown Dust mercenaries (mercs) guide, showcases a tier list of the best characters that you should aim to collect and play with in the game.

Notes: These are recommended mercs for each class which includes Legendary mercs. How you obtain mercenaries is up to you. The placement of your mercs is what makes a huge difference.

So without further ado, we present you the list of the best mercenaries you can get in Brown Dust!

1. Warrior Mercenaries


The idea for Taylor in Brown Dust is to have a Warrior merc that can stop opponents and can hit multiple targets pretty hard. Mixed with a good Fatal Rune or two, Taylor can really bring the destruction to up to five targets. The bad news is that many opponents can easily become immune to Freeze. The other downside is that she’ll be affected by Stats Weakening until you awaken her.


brown dust valze

Valze is among the best of Legendary Warriors in Brown Dust. Despite the humor in her description, this is a warrior you’d really want for tearing apart the back end of your opponent’s team. That’s no matter where the back line happens to be. She’ll boost her own crit rate, removes buffs, and ignore Damage Reduction. It’s that last part which comes in handy on back end targets which is where a lot of opponents will have it. Death Guard is awful nice to have too!

The bad news is that you have to awaken her to get the Death Guard. The other bad news is that you’ll have to crank up some Assault Runes too for her.


Barbara comes in handy for tearing apart the row she’s placed in. She also weakens enemies, removes their ability to heal, and can heal herself while boosting her defense. It’s that self-healing which helps reduce the need for a Support merc for healing. It’s that combination of self-healing, defense boost, and reducing her target’s attack which makes her survival rate quite high. The bad news is that you have to awaken her to get the self-healing and the defense boost. Her third skill isn’t always a great idea because it relies on the opponents to have the Reflective Counter skill.

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Xenon is one of the toughest Warriors in Brown Dust. His own attack will heal him (vamp effect) and then place a Bleed effect on the target. If an enemy attacks Xenon, they’ll enjoy a damage reduction and heal Xenon at the same time! The trick to the healing from being damaged is that it’s not based on the enemies’ damage which is being reduced when it attacks Xenon and lasts 12 turns (1 time application for 12 turns). So the target hits Xenon for less damage and heals Xenon for the same amount! The bad news is that the Bleed and the Weakening can be removed fairly easily. That and the first hit from an enemy merc will be at their full damage.


Yuri is also a hefty attacker which can hit multiple targets. The fun part is that she boosts her own damage, removes Stat Enhancements from targets, ignores Reflective Counter, and can stun the targets she hits. The short version is that she’s good at messing them up and wiping them out! The bad news is that you’ll have to awaken her to ignore Reflective Counter so she won’t instantly get hit back. That and enemy mercs can be immune to Stun and Enhancement Nullifier.

2. Defender Mercenaries


brown dust lucius

Lucius is pretty much the toughest Defender merc in Brown Dust. Even if your opponent somehow kills him off, he’ll resurrect! Then again, attacking Lucius heals him and he heals himself.

With his included Death Guard, he can be a disaster that wants to happen for your opponents. The bad news is that you’ll have to load Lucius heavily with Vital Runes to boost his HP as high as you can get it. You’ll also have to get him to +3 and awaken him to be able to fully use him.


Iris is pretty cool to use and a nasty trick for your opponents at the same time! First she’ll taunt enemy mercs so they will hit her. Once they hit her, they become charmed so they either hit their allies or themselves! Iris has a Barrier to help reduce the hammering she could potentially end up with. The bad news is that she’ll always have to take at least 1 hit from each enemy for her effects to kick in. To help keep enemies attacking her, you’ll have to get her to +6. She’ll also need very strong Vital and Shield Runes.


Antonio has an excellent survival rate with his self-healing and damage reduction skill. Then any enemy mercs that attack him also heal him! At 40% of Antonio’s max HP, that’s a lot of healing he receives per hit he takes. If you awaken him, he’ll also become immune to debuffs. The problem with Antonio is that he makes allies attack specific targets. This could interfere with their regular attacks. You’ll also need to build him up with strong Vital Runes. If enemies are not attacking him first (back end targets) it’ll take a while before his skills can kick in.


Cecelia can be a great Defender to have in Brown Dust. Her main trick is to reduce enemy merc damage to 1 tile. This means that all the opponents who attack her, including indirectly, can only hit 1 target instead of all of them. For example, Catherine can hit many targets with her attacks. If one of those targets happens to be Cecelia, Catherine can only hit 1 target no matter who it is. To make matter worse for your opponents, Cecelia also has self-healing, damage reduction, and Curse. The bad news is that you’ll need to get her to +3, awaken her, and get her strong Vital Runes.


Aaron is one nasty Defender to have on your side! He’ll start out with his Taunt skill which makes enemy mercs constantly attack him. When they do attack him, they’ll receive some of their damage back to themselves! At the same time, their attacks heal him! Even if he doesn’t get constantly attacked, he still has self-healing. What makes Aaron stand out is his high crit rate. The bad news is that you’ll have to get a mixture of Vital and Rage Runes. You’ll also have to awaken him to get his crit rate up high.

3. Magician Mercenaries


brown dust catherine

You’ll definitely want a bomber with a lot of AoE in Brown Dust. Catherine just so happens to be a really great choice! When she attacks, she’ll do so with purpose and 6 times in one go. She’ll also boost the targets’ incoming damage so anything else that hits them will hit harder.

Then she’ll leave the wonderful present of burning enemies for you! The bad news is that you’ll have to get her to +6 and awakened her to have her full attack capability. You’ll also have to crank her up with Vital and Assault Runes.


Aie has to be one of the funniest Magicians in Brown Dust! The next thing you know, multiple enemy mercs are all monkeys! This is not only fun to watch, it also increases the damage your opponents receive. She’s also immune to debuffs and provides a lovely dose of Curse to anything that attacks her!

The bad news is that you’ll have to get her to at least +3 and awaken her to get her full potential. She’ll also need a strong Vital Rune because her HP isn’t so high. Her Attack stat is good but you’ll want it a lot higher in case the monkey status somehow gets removed from the targets.


brown dust celia

Celia is not only the Legendary Magician in this list; she’s also a very crippling Magician! She can cripple the entire enemy team in a single attack. First she’ll Curse all enemy mercs, then she’ll make them unable to receive healing, and lastly she’ll Silence them all. The fun part is that she’s also immune to Attack Interference so enemies can really stop her.

The bad news is that since this is a Magician merc, all enemies would have already had the chance to attack at least once. The bigger problem is the immunities available to all mercs which could render Celia’s skills as useless.


Edwin can be one brutal Magician to use on your Brown Dust opponents! Edwin is not only self-healing, he gains more healing when Puppet Show is removed or when the targets die. It’ll be fun to watch your opponents kill themselves due to Puppet Show’s effects! Anything that attacks Edwin gets a lovely dose of Curse! Anything that gets attacked by Edwin won’t be able to receive healing. Don’t forget Edwin’s damage reduction effect too! The bad news is that you’ll have to get him strong Vital Runes. You’ll also have to awaken him so when he attacks, he can apply Healing Prohibition.


Lorang is great at attacking and crippling opponents. He has a good sized AoE with Freeze for anything he attacks and anything that attacks him. Once he attacks, he’ll also leave the enemy mercs unable to receive healing. In increasing his Attack and Crit Rate stats, Lorang can certainly hit a ton! The bad news is trying to get strong Assault and Fatal Runes. Immunities on the part of your opponent’s team will certainly stop Lorang’s crippling effects.

4. Supporter Mercenaries


brown dust beliath

Beliath is one handy Supporter in Brown Dust. The idea is to keep your team of mercs going as much as possible. This starts with Beliath’s debuff immunity and continues with her self-healing from enemy merc normal attacks. The crit rate and crit damage boosts are certainly nice. However, her real value is in her Resurrection skill.

Any ally within her AoE gets resurrected upon death as a skeleton. The skeletons are not much but anything that attacks the skeletons won’t like it! The problem with Beliath is the placement of your allies might not be included in her AoE. This might mess with your team setup via not offering so many choices for merc placement.


Themis is a good addition to your Brown Dust team. She’ll heal herself and prevent Enhancement being gained for anything that attacks her. She’ll also prevent Enhancement from being removed from your allies. Her Agility and Crit Rate stat boosts are always welcomed by mercs that can really put it to good use. The bad news is that you’ll have to get Themis to at least +3 and awakened for her to be fully useful. She’ll also need very strong Vital and Shield Runes.


No, Brown Dust doesn’t include teenaged witches! However, Sabrina does come in handy as a Supporter and more so during World Boss Battle. She can remove debuffs from allies and then boost their Agility and Crit Rate stats. With her healing services and damage reduction for allies, she’s great to help keep your side alive. Her AoE helps in not limiting merc placement so much so more of your merc can be supported. The bad news is that her healing is determined by the maximum HP of each ally inside her AoE. This makes it harder to determine which Runes to use beyond Vital.


Helena is a bit of a fun Supporter in Brown Dust. Her main point is to give Charm Counter to allies that are inside her AoE. Once charmed, enemy mercs will either hit their team members or themselves! Of course, her Attack and Crit Damage stats boosts for allies comes in handy! Naturally, healing services are always welcomed! The bad news is you have to get her to at least +3 and awakened to fully use Helena. Her AoE can only cover up to 5 team members. She will need to have very strong Vital Runes equipped.


Stella is the Supporter of Brown Dust that can certainly help increase the survival rate of your teams. First she’ll make them immune to Stats Weakening. Next she’ll boost allies Crit Rate stat. Last is the real trick to Stella. She gives allies Lifesteal. Half of their attack will heal them. That Lifesteal is no joke in lasting 70 turns. The bad news is that you’ll have to get her to at least +3 and awakened to fully use her. Her Crit Rate stat boost isn’t so high until you +10 upgrade her. Her AoE makes merc placement very limited. She can only support up to 4 mercs on your team.

This would be our tier list of the best mercenaries in Brown Dust. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know what you think of this list and if you have any other suggestions for characters that should be included in this guide!