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Brown Dust Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Defeating the Rebellion and Bringing Peace to the Empire

Set in a world of fantasy, Brown Dust is a brand new tactical role-playing game that will mesmerize you with its stunning artwork. The game is available for iOS and Android devices, and it was published by Neowiz.

The story of the game is set seven years after the rebellion that destroyed the Karian Empire. The notorious Fabian, together with his 6 Devils, killed the Emperor and torn the empire to pieces. That is where you come onto the scene, i.e. the one with The Name That Cannot Be Spoken.

In Brown Dust, your mission is to restore the peace to the once-thriving nation and to protect the innocent. But, this is easier said than done, and the powerful Dominus Octo will stand in your way. That’s why we have compiled a 10-point list of Brown Dust tips, cheats and strategies so you can lead your team to victory. Without wasting any more time, let’s see what will it take to save the Empire!

1. Plan Your Attacks Carefully

When playing Brown Dust, you will take part in lots and lots of battles. At the early stages of the game, the opponents will not present much of a challenge. In other words, your heroes will deal with them easily. But, as you progress through the Campaign and unlock new levels, things will start to change.

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During the game, you will be in control of a group of mercenaries. We will explain how you can upgrade their stats later in this guide. For now, let’s just say that you need to prepare for every battle before it starts. Luckily, the gameplay allows you to modify your formation and lineup ahead of every encounter with the enemy troops.

When it comes to the opponents, they will come in all shapes and sizes. From demonic and vampiric creatures all the way up to human-like assassins – they will all stand in your way. That is why it is imperative that you take your time and analyze the situation before hitting the Start Battle button in the lower right corner.

2. Combine The Strengths Of Your Mercenaries

By featuring the anime-like graphics and cartoony characters, Brown Dust is a mobile game full of excitement and action. Once you are dragged into the plot and the storyline, you will be hooked and your phone will not leave your hands for hours on end.

The reason for this comes from the fact that the turn-based battle system featured in this game is captivating and addictive. Brown Dust is all about defeating the enemy in a direct confrontation, a total ‘no-negotiation strategy’. But, the renegades you encounter on your journeys will not just stand there and let you take them out one by one. That is why we want to teach you how to defeat them in combat, and to do it with ease.

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By combining the strengths and attributes of your heroes, you will boost the overall strength of the team. Your champions come with different stats, but most importantly – they come from different categories of warriors. If you manage to properly combine their specialty skills, the enemy will stand no chance against your soldiers of fortune.

3. Balance Is The Key To Assembling A Winning Formation

We already mentioned that you need to set up a formation before starting the battle. But, novice players could find it difficult to pick the appropriate mercenaries for different situations. That is why we are here to help. Our entire Brown Dust guide is dedicated to facilitating the missions and enabling you to go through the quests on your own.

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When it comes to the formations, balance is the way to go! With a balanced approach, your team of fighters will become a force to be reckoned with.

What we mean by balance is the fact that you need to use mercenaries of different types in your line up. For instance, the front three fields of the battleground should be filled with Defenders. They will deflect the enemy attacks and protect the rest of your team. Also, we recommend having at least one Supporter in your lineup. Even though they cannot attack, they can heal your units, which is a valuable element during the actual combat. The rest of the formation should be filled with powerful Warriors and Magicians.

4. Acquire New Heroes

Believe it or not, Brown Dust will present you with as many as 300 different mercenaries! With such a remarkable diversity of characters, we advise the players to explore their options and to acquire new heroes whenever they get the chance. There are several ways to do that.

For example, the Campaign will allow you to unlock new mercenaries from time to time. By following the storyline, your heroes will encounter all sorts of characters. Some of them will be willing to join your righteous cause while others will require a different approach. After defeating them in battle, your Prince will talk them into becoming a member of the team.

Another method for unlocking new mercenaries is the Recruit feature. Every once and a while, Brown Dust will present you with a free card that can be used for recruiting a hero. Other than the free pass, you can use diamonds to pay for unlocking a character. We do not recommend spending valuable gems on recruiting because you will have enough soldiers on your disposal as it is. Save the in-game currency for other purchases.

5. Level Up And Improve Your Mercenaries

The heroes in Brown Dust look like those of a comic book, and they are equipped with a range of supernatural abilities and powers. We briefly mentioned the fact that there are different categories of mercenaries available in the game. In essence, they are divided into four distinct groups – Warriors, Defenders, Magicians, and Supporters.

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Of course, every one of these classes comes with a unique set of skills. Some of the mercenaries will be more powerful than others right from the start. Even so, every hero can improve its stats and become a powerful assassin, if you invest the effort to level up the mercenary.

The process of leveling up is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is click on the icon in the bottom left corner. This will open up a gallery of available mercenaries. By selecting the one you want to improve, you will see the Level Up button. Please note that you will have to ‘sacrifice’ a low-level hero and their EXP when upgrading the level of another mercenary.

On top of all that, you can enhance their skills, as well as their rank. The final stage of these improvements is awakening. This action transforms your mercenary into a new, top-of-the-line version of themselves.

6. Collect The Rewards For Unlocking New Heroes

The process of recruiting new mercenaries will cost you some diamonds, which are more valuable than gold in Brown Dust. Luckily, the players receive a certain amount of diamonds after every successful mission. Even so, the more gems you have – the better. You can invest them in all sorts of upgrades and improvements. That is why we advise the players to always collect the rewards for unlocking new mercenaries.

These rewards are hidden in the Book section. At the bottom of the Lobby screen, you will see a number of icons. On the middle of the screen is the Book icon, which leads you to a collection of mercenaries that can be unlocked in the game.

Within this library, the players will easily find the heroes that are unlocked because those characters will be highlighted. Also, these mercenaries will have a notification sign on them. The same goes for the Book icon, and every time you notice a red notification sign – head over to the library to collect the diamonds.

7. Visit The Missions Menu

Another method for obtaining more diamonds is completing the missions in the Missions Menu. This section is also located on the bottom of the Lobby screen, among other icons. As the name implies, this particular menu relates to the missions you need to complete in Brown Dust.

brown dust achievement

Besides the quests in the Campaign, there are all sorts of other accomplishments you can achieve when playing Brown Dust. From upgrading your heroes to unlocking new mercenaries – almost every action will result in a completed task. Of course, the rewards you receive in this Menu will vary, depending on the importance of the accomplishment. Typically, the players will collect a batch of diamonds, but sometimes the rewards can contain other in-game currencies.

All in all, you should visit the Missions Menu from time to time. By doing so, you can collect rewards. Also, you can inform yourself about the important actions and activities you need to undertake. More often than not, you will be instructed to unlock a new hero or to clear the next stage in the Campaign.

8. Try Out Different Play Modes

Over the course of this guide, we mostly focused on the Campaign and the quests that are present in this playing mode. However, Brown Dust is a complex game, and it offers several playing modes. According to their preferences, the players can decide whether they want to follow the Campaign or they want to participate in the Challenge Mode or the Match mode.

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All of these categories are exciting, well-designed, and full of characteristic anime cinematics. For instance, the Campaign mode offers more than 1200 stages, and you will definitely have fun going through all those missions.

When it comes to the Challenge or the Match mode, these mode types focus on PvP battles. The game allows real-time battles, and this can provide you with a lot of fun. At the bottom right corner of the Lobby, you will find three icons, one for each of these playing modes. We suggest you try out all of them because every win brings rewards and EXP points to your mercenaries.

9. Join A Guild

In case you prefer playing versus real-life opponents instead of obliterating hundreds of characters in the Campaign mode, we have a solution for you. By joining a guild, you can become a member of an alliance. After that, you can fight shoulder to shoulder with your friends, or you can find yourselves on opposite sides of the battlefield.

The Guilds menu is located on the strip of icons on the bottom of the Lobby screen. Once you click this menu, you will be taken to a section which will provide several options. For example, you can join an existing alliance or you can create one from scratch. Your personal needs and preferences will guide your actions here.

The multiplayer feature allows you to interact with other players and to share ideas and experiences. Also, you can share resources and currencies. Diamonds and gold are always a valuable commodity, and Guilds can provide you with a helping hand when you run out of resources.

10. Spin The Lucky Wheel For Rewards

Brown Dust is a game full of surprises. We already talked about the massive array of characters and the volume of missions on your disposal. On top of all that, the game uses some other methods for enticing the players. For instance, the Lucky Wheel.

brown dust lucky wheel

The Lucky Wheel is a fortune wheel full of rewards and ‘freebies’, and you can spin the circle once every hour. The rewards mostly consist of diamonds or bags of gold. Either way, we advise you to take a shot at the wheel at every opportunity. In addition to that, the game will send a push notification to your device every time the Lucky Wheel is ready for your free spin.

The shortcut to this section is located on the Lobby screen as well. You will notice a cluster of icons on the right-hand side of the screen, and among them is the Lucky Wheel. Also, we recommend that you visit the section with Daily Login Rewards. These incentives can come in handy when you need more diamonds to unlock a new hero or to complete a certain task.

This would be the last tip on our 10-point list of Brown Dust tips, cheats & strategies. By following these steps you will easily restore peace to the Karian Empire. But, if you know any other useful tips, be sure to drop us a line in the comment box!