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Epic Seven Character Guide: Tips & Tricks to Find and Enhance More Characters for Specialized Team Rosters

Smilegate Megaport’s hit anime-themed action RPG continues to wow fan and still reels in a lot of new players into the game. With loads of content and constant updates, what makes the game addictive beyond the graphics and general gameplay can be attributed to the variety of characters you can mix and match to build your ultimate team. While most players will have at least two distinct teams for PvE and PvP battles, everyone will also reach a point where they go beyond these setups and proceed to invest on additional characters that may serve as a better or at least equally effective substitute for their rosters on some distinct battles. It may happen as well that you have upgraded most of your favourite heroes to the point that you have excess resources you would like to invest on other characters and as such, you are inclined to ensure that each new character you will spend time and resources on to develop will still be worth all that effort.

If you are a bit of a latecomer to the world of Epic Seven and have just recently downloaded and played the game, we suggest you look into our Epic Seven beginner’s guide first to understand the basics of the game as well as have a better idea of what you may want to prioritize and spend more time on as you may still be in the process of unlocking each and every additional feature and game mode it has to offer. Beyond that, we also have more advanced guides on the best characters and Breath of Orbis locations as well as a guide on where you can farm for the best gears and MolaGora. If you are looking for a tier list of the best characters for PvE and PvP battles, we have also got you covered.

On the other hand, if you are at the point where you are just looking for even more characters to add to your extra teams for a variety of battles, then continue on reading as we delve into some tips and strategies to help you choose the alternate characters you can invest in.

We won’t be going into any more specific characters as we have already mentioned a lot of top choice characters in one of our recent Epic Seven guides. In essence, what we will be discussing here will focus more on the aspects and circumstances to look into for you to identify which characters in your roster you should spend some time and resources on and which ones you may rather use to sacrifice in enhancing the others. There won’t be a linear approach to doing so as every player will more likely have a unique situation dependent on the characters they have and the roles they need to fill in. With that in mind, we present you our Epic Seven tips, cheats and strategies in a complete strategy guide below.

1. Focusing On Roles Beyond Classes

Typically, character classes are the primary determinant of the role characters play in the team. As you may most likely expect knights to be tanks and mages to be the top damage dealers, you will come to discover that in Epic Seven, there are many exceptions to this conventional generalization which makes it all the more exciting as you look into each and every character’s potential. Beyond that, set buffs from equipment as well as artifacts can tilt some character builds more towards one role over another.

epic seven character classes

Even if you already have an established team for PvE and PvP, there will always be instances where one member of your team will be found wanting, and in several cases, you will want to make some adjustments on your roster for the entire team to perform more efficiently in battle. You should be much aware by now that no singular team can be a hundred percent successful across all opponents in the arena and with that, you can freely alter your team’s roster before the start of each match. As you can also see the enemy player’s roster before you can even choose to battle with them, knowing what each of them can do, as well as their elemental strengths and weaknesses can give you an edge provided you have good alternative characters in your collection to sub in and shift the battle outcome more in your favor. It takes a lot of time playing and studying each character to have the level of knowledge needed to have a good grasp of knowing each character’s attributes and capabilities but as you play Epic Seven more and battle against every possible character and team combination, you will eventually be able to acquire that much know-how to best deal with every team you encounter and engage battle with.

The Hunts in Battle Mode, above all other game modes, can push you to assemble a specialized team to succeed through the latter stages. As this is one of the best ways to farm for some great equipment, you should definitely invest on some characters exclusively aimed towards beating the more challenging stages in each of the hunts. Again, you may primarily want to consider elemental affinities as you try to form a unique team for these hunts but there are other considerations to take following some trial runs to see who from your current roster seems to be underperforming in each hunt. If the tank, for example, doesn’t seem to last long in battle because of his or her elemental affinity, then rightfully look for potential replacements from among the characters in your collection.

2. Check Player Reviews On Each Character

One great thing about Epic Seven is that you don’t necessarily have to search far and wide to have a good idea of how each character fares against their counterparts. Knowing that you may not have that much time and resources to try each character in your collection out, you can check for reviews by other players by clicking on the Hero Rating button on the character screen. It’s a given that not all player reviews may be all that useful plus there may be players writing reviews in another language, and there could be trolls too but overall, you can find a lot of helpful information about each hero by scrolling through what other players say about them.

epic seven character reviews

As updates in the game may also cause some tweaks relative to some characters’ skills and stats, you can also chance upon updates from other players regarding that as well. Reading through reviews should only be a preliminary step for you to consider on whether or not you will spend time and resources on the hero you’re considering to use and in times when you don’t want to just take anyone’s word on it, there are various means to verify if your idea about the hero’s potential is as good as it sounds.

3. Check Your Journal To Learn More About Each Hero

The journal in Epic Seven, which you can access through the menu button on the top right corner of your screen, is not just a record of things you can find and encounter in the game. Beyond backgrounds a lot of useful information can be obtained here which will further help you decide on which heroes from among your collection are worth upgrading above the rest. You can also find information here on heroes you don’t have but this will primarily serve as a side research item in the event that you want to know how best deal with them in the arena. For now, you should focus on trying to see your hero candidate’s full potential before you begin spending valuable resources on him or her.

epic seven journal

Previewing hero stats is an essential step in identifying potential builds and uses for each character. As you can see from the journal how each hero will grow per star grade and level, you will have an idea how good they can be in battle compared to stats of other characters, most especially the ones you are currently using. You can even check to see how far the stats go once the hero is awakened so venturing deep into this gives you a great idea of your resources’ worth if spent on the right hero.

You can tap and hold each of the hero’s skills to know what they are capable of as well. As each hero in Epic Seven holds a unique set of skills, knowing what each hero can do in battle is very important for you to consider knowing beforehand. Each skill can be previewed in battle as well but you can’t expect the same outcome against various enemies outside of the preview. Awakening can also be previewed here so be sure to read through what each awakening stage provides for your selected hero. Awakening brings about unique changes to each hero’s stats as well as enhances skills that can very much change their overall value in battle. Before you fully decide on your next hero to be upgraded, be sure to know all the important details you can find about them in the journal.

4. Check For Availability Of Gears And Artifacts

Having enough gold and resources to enhance and upgrade heroes won’t be enough for them to make the cut and be formidable substitute to an already existing team of heroes. In a lot of cases, the hero’s own stats and skills practically just make up half of their full potential, more or less. What you should be prepared for as well is having an abundance of spare gears and artifacts that you can use on a newly upgraded hero. It is one thing to have an artifact and some equipment from an existing team member that you can outright transfer to your new hero, and it will be a completely different case if you have hardly enough to suit the new hero up. As such, be sure that you have the right equipment and artefact as well for your new hero to fully utilize him or her in battle.

epic seven gears and artifacts

One thing you may want to avoid is upgrading a hero while hoping to obtain the necessary equipment and artefact for him or her later as you play. Although with a lot of time and effort, you may eventually chance upon the ideal tools for your hero, RNG may never work in your favor. As such, consider enhancing a hero based on what you already have and if not entirely, assess on whether or not your new hero will be as useful as you hope he or she would be considering only what you presently have.

5. Choose From More Than One Viable Option

As you begin to look for more heroes in your collection to use as a member of your team for whatever reasons, be sure to look into several options instead on banking on just one hero. Considering all the above discussions we laid out, it may happen that your inventory of surplus gears and artifacts may be a delimiting factor for your considerations. In any case, you should always stand ready to farm for more of both continuously as you strive to make your roster increasingly more powerful moving forward.

As it’s very possible to be stuck on being undecided between two equally enticing heroes to choose from, consider your more critical needs as well. If you feel that you need an extra substitute more for the Arena, then bank on characters who may exclusively be useful in PvP. On the other hand, if there are certain game modes that challenge the effectiveness of your current team or teams, then prioritize the hero that you can surely make use of in those game modes.

Considering everything in Epic Seven, there are changes bound to happen to a lot of the characters as developers try their best to balance everything out. As such, your most-loved character may be nerfed at some point and the ones ignored by many now may shine a lot brighter in the future. Be sure to always check update information most particularly such changes as these will be important for every hero you have as far as time and investment for upgrades and enhancements go.

And there you have it. That is all we have for our Epic Seven guide on finding the right characters for your special needs. We very much hope that you learned much from our list of Epic Seven tips and tricks and that you enjoyed reading this guide. Hopefully, you will continue to grow the number of heroes you use in the game following our tips and strategies on finding the right man or woman for the job. Be sure to let us know if you have additional tips or tricks relevant to the topic at hand. We very much welcome what you have to say so don’t hesitate to inform us through the comment section!