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Mia Online Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Your CP and Crush Your Enemies

As a first release from mobile game developer 7SENSES/PHOENIX and published by Cubizone, Mia Online has surprisingly captured a relatively large audience and secured more than 100,000 downloads from the Google Play Store alone in just a month after its official release. Soon to be released on iOS as well, Mia Online is an action MMORPG that has everything fans of the genre would want plus some unique features that make it stand out from hordes of other MMORPGs. Perhaps its most unique features stem from the variety of PvP modes it has to offer as well as PK areas that every player has to watch out for.

Additionally, having several starting classes to choose from and boasting deep customizations to characters leave plenty of room for a wide array of strategic builds that lead to highly unpredictable battles and general gameplay. While it may all sound a little more complex than everyone’s usual action RPG, the progression system leaves ample opportunities for even the newest players of the genre to pick up the basic game mechanics and concepts need to move forward with the game. If you love MMORPGs or looking for one for you and your friends to spend time on and you most especially enjoy massive PvP battles, then you should give Mia Online a go and you just might discover the excitement and thrill that you have long been looking for.

Mia Online takes place in a vast continent torn among 4 warring nations. As you step into the game you can freely choose which from among the available character classes and nations to choose from. As you will have auto mode available right from the get-go, it will be fairly easy to move forward with quests and story progressions as you watch and try to understand the basic principles surrounding the game. There are tons of content to take in, perhaps more than most games you have played before and the mechanics within each of the multitude of upgrades and enhancements you need to spend some time on will be explained as you unlock each one of them. Your aim is to continuously become stronger as indicated by your combat power (CP) which rises with each level up, enhancement, or upgrade you invest in as you play the game. There are various quests and additional game modes that you can spend time in to further boost your character’s growth and progress but some activities require working with a party, your guild, or even players in your selected nation.

There are hardly any tutorials in Mia Online. Following quest lines through a click of a button coupled with auto mode on lets you breeze through the initial quests as you become familiar with the many features and game modes that unlock after reaching a certain level. Highlights and indicators are hard to miss and can easily let you know which upgrade or enhancement aspect, as well as other features requires your attention and some action.

For experienced RPG players especially people who have played a couple of online action RPGs, there won’t hardly be any difficulties in grasping the usual concepts save the unique mechanics, but it may take a little while for first-time players to understand every concept on the first hours of gameplay. If you are having some trouble getting started with the game or simply looking for more efficient ways to raise your CP and progress faster, then our Mia Online beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can help you have a better understanding of some basic concepts as well as provide you tricks in progressing faster in the game.

1. Choose The Best Class That Fits Your Play Style

As Mia Online has 6 unique character classes to choose from, you can be sure to find one that best fits your preferences and play style. If you have played some RPGs before, you will have a good idea of each one’s strengths and advantages over the others as the character classes are close to the usual choices in many similar games.

You can choose a Ranger for ranged attacks with a bow. Rangers are fast and have a lot of swift moves and high DPS skills. So if you want a more offensive character, this is a good choice. Paladins are the tanks and the best defensive characters in the game. They have high HP and defense and can take a lot of damage. The Mystic is closest to the typical mage and has great ranged ice-based magic skills and can deal good AoE damage. Assassins are perhaps the most agile of the character classes with quick melee attacks, high evasion, and high critical rates. The Melodist is your best team support option and has a few mid-ranged offensive spells. Last, but not the least is the Berserker which sports good close combat AoE skills and high melee damage.

There are no right or wrong choices here as each character has its own specialization. It is important to know that some can work better alone than others and some are more important for team battles. If you have friends who are playing the game with you, then you can choose the character class that can work better with others. If you went in on Mia Online alone and will play initially on your own, then you can settle for damage dealers that can progress fast on their own.

2. Complete The Main Quests

Like many RPGs that follow a storyline, Mia Online sets you off on a journey to collect legendary rings. There will be a series of quests that involve a bit of gathering, a lot of mob hunting, and even engaging in some boss battles. Although you can get experience points and gold from each battle, what matters more are the rewards and experience points you get after completing each mission. These will contribute more to your character’s growth and development as well as unlock additional features and game modes when you reach certain levels. The initial quests are very easy and hardly require manual play. Perhaps, the only time you won’t be able to continue with the main quests is when you need to reach a certain level first and that would be the time to venture into the other game modes.

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If you can readily proceed to the next main mission, then consider it as your priority. Unlocking certain features and game modes may walk you through each as a first try but feel free to hop back on track immediately after being able to do so. If for some reason, you seem to lack in power to accomplish a quest, like when you can’t win against a boss, then you can also spend some time to look into ways of raising your CP.

3. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Similar to any online multiplayer game, whether it’s an MMORPG or a different genre that involves playing with and against other players, guilds and alliances have become an essential part of most games of these types. Although there are still instances when you can play all on your own, there are a lot of delimiting game aspects that make it a whole lot easier for you if you join a guild. Having a guild is actually an option in Mia Online, but the truth is, you won’t make it far if you try to progress your character without one.

The Guild Systems becomes accessible early on in Mia Online and you can apply for whichever guild you like provided that they are within the same region as you are. There are currently numerous active guilds that also have an abundance of active members so be sure to take as much time as you need to pick one that potentially has more active members than the rest. Despite always needing gold for numerous upgrades and enhancements, be sure to support your guild daily through donations. The more members contribute to this the faster your guild will grow. On top of donations, be sure to take part in events exclusively available to you and your guildmates. This will be extra activities for you to gain more experience points as well as other valuable resources.

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Beyond the usual perks of being a part of a guild, Mia Online makes it important for you to have people you can play with online. If you don’t have friends in real life whom you can play with in this game, then that’s the more reason you should join a guild as soon as you can. Keep in mind that as you progress through the game, it will be more and more challenging to travel through different areas as players from any of the three other nations can attack you outside your nation’s borders. Regardless of how strong you are, it will be very difficult to survive constant assaults most especially if you are used to auto-battling through most of the mob hunt quests. As such, being in a guild can get you the allies you need to join you in your quests as most quests later on will make you travel to a lot of dangerous territories.

4. Unlock And Upgrade Rings

The main quests and storyline of Mia Online sends you through a series of missions as you gather shards of legendary rings. Once you complete a chapter associated with completing all shards of one ring, you can unlock it and make use of its unique abilities. Each ring you unlock can be upgraded using ring fragments as well as gold. Although you can only use on ring’s ability at a time, you should still upgrade each one as they raise your stats and boost your overall CP.

mia online rings

Unlocking these rings requires playing through the main quests and that is yet another reason to prioritize pushing through its progression ahead of everything else. This is because you may want to see each one first prior to choosing which ability to use and which ring to allocate more resources on.

5. Upgrade Your Skills Whenever You Can

There are various enhancements to as far as skills are concerned in Mia Online. Initially, you will only be able to upgrade your active skills, or the ones you actually use in battle. As you have limited gold and spirit tomes to max everything out, you may want to prioritize upgrading one or some over the rest. Your decision on how to go about upgrading skills depends on how you actually play. If you spend more time on auto mode, then perhaps you should allocate upgrades equally among all available active skills. Going for the more advanced alternative though, spend more resources on the skills you actually use more often in battle.

Next in line are passive skills which you will have access to after a short while of playing through the main quests and getting to the required level. Just to sum up, passive skills are inherent traits that boost stats and depending on your class and build, you should focus on some stats more than the others.

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Lastly, you will unlock and be able to customize your character’s skills better under the Mark tab of your skills. This may seem a little more complex than the usual skill management system but each node here has its own unique enhancement for one of your active skills. For best results, be sure to consistently focus on one or a few active skills. The ones you prioritize on the Active tab should also be your focus on the Mark tab.

6. Enhance Your Gears Utilizing All Available Means

When it comes to upgrading your equipment in Mia Online, there are also a wide variety of options you can utilize to make each piece stronger. The most basic method of enhancing equipment is the upgrade which only costs gold. There is an option to upgrade each piece of equipment with just a click of the “Upgrade All” button and while you may initially be able to do this on the first few hours of gameplay, you will need more gold soon enough and you will have to prioritize which pieces to spend more of your gold on. Be sure to click on each piece of equipment to see what stat increases you will get for upgrading each piece. What you would want to do is to naturally focus more on stats which are more important for your class over the rest. As equipment has varying rarities as well, you may want to consider upgrading the higher rarity ones as they do provide bigger stat bonuses.

Another great way to make your gears better is merging attributes with one another. As each piece of equipment has random attributes, having more than one piece of an equipment type won’t be an entire waste. Through the merge system you can take away attributes from a piece of equipment you are no longer using and transfer that to the one equipped by your character. Results may not necessarily be all that much per attribute, but each piece of equipment, regardless of rarity, can have as many as 6 attributes. Attributes have varying rarities as well and as you reach a point when you have a full set of attributes on a piece of equipment, you can always replace the least useful one with a better stat boost.

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Refining takes upgrades further as it increases stats by the percentage instead of just raw numbers. As refining requires Star Stones on top of the usual gold requirements, you may not be able to progress this part of equipment upgrades as fast as the rest. Given that, you have to focus even narrower on the most important pieces of equipment first, and again, basing your judgement on the stats that you need to raise the most. Keep in mind as well that the probability of success goes down the higher the star level of the refinement grows so while you may easily rank a piece of equipment to star level 6, you may begin encountering failures beyond that.

Lastly, legendary gears you have, Orange-colored ones, can be further upgraded to set by spending Blood Stones, Holy Tears, and a Set Scroll. While there may not be any immediate benefits to doing so, having more pieces upgraded as such can greatly boost your stats and CP. If you don’t have enough of the needed items, you can always click on them to see where you can get them from.

7. Transform Your Mount As Soon As You Can

Mounts in Mia Online go well beyond being a means of travelling faster from point A to point B. Your mount is also more than just cosmetics. Beyond the stat boosts provided by your mount, it will later on transform to have its own set of unique abilities to help you on your adventure. As such, you should also dedicate a bit of time and effort to enhancing it as much as you do your skills and equipment.

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The first and most basic method of strengthening your mount is through the upgrade which consumes Mount Enhancement Pills. Consider the Blessed bar in the mount menu as your mount’s experience level and as it grows and reaches maximum, your mount can level up. Leveling up doesn’t simply increase its stats as it can transform into a new form whenever it reaches a new level and will often grant movement speed increases on top of the tremendous raise in permanent stats. While mount skills may still be unlocked once you hit level 50, you should spend some time enhancing your mount as every bit of stat increase it obtains reflects to an increase in your overall CP as well.

8. Expend All Attempts In Various Events

One of the best things in Mia Online is the plethora of events you can engage in once you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward with your main quest. On top of the ones that refresh daily, there are time-limited events as well to keep a close eye on. As there are way too many of these events to discuss over in this article, we will just be narrowing this topic down to the bare essentials you need to know as going through all of it will take much more than we can write about in one article. In essence, we will be focusing on how you should go about it as you may not always have all that much time to accomplish everything Mia Online has to offer in a day’s play.

mia online events

The most important thing you need to understand is that each unique event has its own set of mechanics that break away from the monotony of main quests. Some events can be accomplished all on your own and some require you to play with others. Most of it can be completed quickly depending on your character so, as a general rule, it is important for you to try each and every one of them.

Moving forward, you will be needing some resources more than the others and by clicking on missing or lacking materials to perform an upgrade, you will be pointed to the event where you can farm those resources. Following this rationale, prioritize the events where you need the most materials from and then just spend the extra time on the other ones.

9. Deploy Hero Souls On Journeys As You Go On Quests

Yet another unique feature in Mia Online is the Hero Soul System where you gather hero soul shards to summon them, enhance them, and send them to battle to acquire more shards. Each hero you successfully summon provides some stat boosts and unlocking certain combinations of these heroes grant you even more boosts. As your heroes journey can progress at the same time as you are attending to all your other quests and missions, be sure to spend time sending groups of them on journeys for great rewards. As you unlock more stages where you can deploy them, you can expect the challenge to be a little more difficult. Before sending each team out, you will see the success probability and you can make changes to the roster as needed. In any case you will get something out of each journey regardless of whether your troops win or lose, so be sure to expend every attempt here to acquire more soul shards and summon more heroes for your collection.

mia online hero souls

You can acquire more hero shards through the hero portal which can be accessed by clicking on the blue portal icon at the top of your screen. There are free chances daily but you can also acquire extra attempts by spending soul coins or diamonds.

10. Aim To Get Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate experience points and items you acquire from just going through quests and events, there are hosts of other additional rewards you can earn in Mia Online. Be sure to check the Rewards icon at the top of the screen as well as the 7-day login and target icons beside it. There are also rewards you can earn from the Limited Benefit and Privilege icons on the left side of your screen.

While normally playing through the game, most especially on your first day, you will notice red indicators on these icons which mean that you have actually accomplished some of the required tasks and milestones needed to earn you some great rewards. To ensure that you can get the most out of the game, be sure to check on other objectives that you may be able to accomplish easily as the rewards you can get from here may not be as easily acquired anywhere else. Additionally, the general constant need for a lot of upgrade and enhancement materials make it necessary for you to grab whatever you can to ensure a steady and sustainable growth for your character. On the rewards icon, you can even earn great items just by being online for some time and really exceptional items when you log into the game daily for several days.

With the sheer size of Mia Online’s content and features, we are certain that there are still loads of tips and strategies waiting to be discovered and as we continue to delve into it’s diverse (and dangerous) world, we continue to seek for more efficient means of gaining more power. For now though, this is all we have for our Mia Online beginner’s guide and we certainly hope you were able to read through it before plunging into the game. With multiple characters to try and play as, you are bound to be spending a lot of time on the game and hopefully, it will be among friends or friends to be. If you know or discover something we have not included in our Mia Online guide, you are most welcome to share that tip or strategy with us through the comment section below!