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Utopia: Origin Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become Stronger and Progress Faster

HERO Game, which has made several hugely successful mobile games such as Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival, Crisis Action: 2019 Doodle Fight Online, and The Outlived: Zombie Survival just to name a few, recently released Utopia: Origin for both Android and iOS. Utopia: Origin is an adventure game that plays a bit like an RPG where building and exploration becomes a huge part of virtual life. Everything you do grants you experience points to make your character stronger. Much like Minecraft, there are loads of materials to gather and tons of tools and equipment to craft. There’s also night and day which changes the way you need to play as survival becomes a bigger priority when creatures of the night begin to spawn as the sun leaves the scene. There are no limits to how much you can play and with the volume of activities you can engage in, you will most likely spend hours after hours as you explore, gather, and craft in Utopia Origin. If you love Minecraft and enjoy playing with other people online, be sure to check this game out.

As soon as you finish creating and customizing your character’s appearance, you can immediately jump into the game. There’s a starting area where you can pretty much learn all the basics and Summer, a companion you can summon anytime, as well as a survival guide handbook, will be immediately available to help you start on your journey. There won’t be much available to craft on your starting level, but as you gather more resources, gain more experience points, and level up, a lot more will be unlocked for you to craft. It may seem overwhelmingly complex as you venture around and see what the other players have already been building but don’t be discouraged, as everything basically follows a simple collect and create process that you will easily be accustomed to as you spend more time in the game. You are free to roam around as you please and there are no linear paths to follow. Check out our Utopia: Origin beginner’s guide if you want to speed up your character’s growth and progress faster in the game.

1. Gather As Much Food And Water As You Can

There are various materials you can gather in the game and you may find yourself constantly hopping from one farming activity to another as the world of Utopia: Origin is filled with so many things that offer you a wide variety of materials for all your crafting needs. While you may find a lot of joy in acquiring new materials from time to time, be sure to remember prioritizing sources of food and water.

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Your companion, Summer, will readily be available and you can always summon him to give you an idea of what you have to do in the game. One of the first objectives you will have is to gather materials to create a campfire and craft a waterskin. As food and water are of utmost essential all the time, putting up a campfire enables you to cook meat, fruits, and even vegetables you acquire from your surroundings. The waterskin, on the other hand can be filled with water instantly as you go to any body of water. As there may be areas that are far from sources of water and the waterskin can only hold a very limited supply of it, be sure to gather berries as an alternative source of water. Keep in mind as well that some food make you more thirsty than the rest so be sure to keep an eye out on everything you eat, particularly its effects on both hunger and thirst levels.

2. Stay Close To The Campfire

You will often see a message pop up on your screen whenever you go near every campfire spread across the map saying that you feel a lot safer there. Though this may not be as important during day time, you would want to keep this in mind when it starts to get dark. Likewise, you may not worry as much about what night time has in store for you at the starting stage as well as the initial areas you will be exploring but later on in the game, there will be some very threatening creatures around and you would want to be near a campfire at night to keep them all away.

utopia origin campfire

As campfires are potentially the most important requisite of every camp, you might as well place your initial structures and items near it. If you can, find a good spot near the sea so you will have a close and constant supply of water leaving you with at least one less concern to worry about. There may be a lot of campfires around but as they belong to other players, you will likely be unable to use them for your basic needs.

3. Use The Right Tools For Farming Items

The axe, pickaxe, and club are the most basic tools in your possession at the start of the game. Although each can get the job done with varying efficiency, knowing which one to use at the right moment will be more efficient leaving you with more time for all other activities. Use the axe for cutting trees, the pickaxe for breaking rocks apart, and the club for slaying monsters and other creatures. You will acquire more advanced weapons later on but these three are sufficient for starters and are more than enough for the simple tasks you have at the start of the game.

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Be sure to keep an eye out for your tools’ respective durability as these will automatically be unequipped once durability drops down to zero and you will be left to using your bare hands. AS you have no superhuman strength or any special powers, punching trees, rocks and various creatures and objects around will just hurt you and reduce your health.

4. Keep Yourself Active

It almost goes without saying that Utopia: Origin is a game where your progress is directly proportional to how much active you are. As each bit of activity you partake in grants experience points for your character, how fast you level up and increase your stats rely on you spending very little to no idle time in the game. You will always find something to do in the game, and for the most part, a lot of the materials you will farm are constant necessities. There will always be time to explore the large map, and discover new flora and fauna as you travel from one location to the next but make sure you are constantly doing something that contributes to earning experience points as you will need better stats as you move forward in the game.

5. Be Watchful Of Your Carrying Weight Limitations

As Utopia: Origin revolves a lot on farming and crafting, it is only natural for you to want to have a lot of materials in your inventory. Banking on the notion that you can never have more than enough of any resource, it is generally a good thing to always grab whatever you can in the game and have an overflowing stock of each item that you have. While this mindset mostly sways to the positive, there are downsides to it as well. At some point, the weight you are carrying will be too much in that your character will find it very difficult to move. As some of the materials you gather contribute heavily to the total weight you are carrying, you have to be very mindful of which ones you need to prioritize when the time to do so becomes critical.

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Alternatively, you can keep gathering as many items and materials as you need without paying much attention to the weight of everything you have. Before you continue on with filling your inventory up with all sorts of materials that add on more weight than you could possibly carry, be sure to collect materials for and craft some Wooden Chests. These chests can temporarily hold some of your heavier items so you can continue on gathering other materials you need without worrying about having too much weight on. As you may not be able to build your own house immediately, be sure to place your chests as well as other deployed objects on a location you can freely and easily go back to as you don’t want to instantly lose all those items just because you forgot the wooden chests location or the same expired after the 24-hour period that it can stay deployed.

6. Travel To Other Areas Through Beacons

After some time spend exploring the small island which is the starting area in Utopia: Origin, you may want to see some other sceneries an encounter more players. By clicking on the minimap at the upper left side of your screen, you can see a beacon icon on the map with the name of the area it’s in. Travel to it and interact with the blue light so you can warp instantly to other locations in the map.

utopia origin beacons

You might want to ensure first that you have a lot of the resources you can get from the starting are before moving on to the next one as there will be different trees, animals, and objects that will be available there. Although the most basic necessities are available on all areas in the map, there are several items exclusively found on each area.

7. Learn To Tame Mounts And Pets Early On

There are various creatures you will encounter in your adventure as you explore different areas in the world of Utopia: Origin. You can identify imps and trents easily as monsters but some are animals which aren’t exclusively meant to be sources of meat. As you smash some animals with your club, you may notice a message that they are pleading as a food icon begin to show up above them. Be sure to take note of those food items and have some ready the next time you encounter a similar animal that you want to tame.

utopia origin pets

One thing you should already know by now I customizing the shortcut bar for items you need to use quickly. To do this, tap the bag icon at the bottom of your screen to open up your inventory, find the item you want to place in the shortcut bar, click on it and then click the shortcut bar icon below the item description. As you are hunting for animals to tame as your pets and mounts, this will be very useful especially since you need to use several of the needed food items to tame each one.

No animal will be tamed as easily as giving them food. Initially, you will have to use your club and attack them for a bit (be sure not to kill them) and wait for the food icon to show up. Once it does, you can tap the food icon in your shortcut bar as needed until the animal until you are notified of using the capture item. As there are different items needed as well for various companions and mounts, be sure to have crafted those as well before going on hunting for them. Once you acquire mounts, traveling from one location to the next becomes a whole lot easier. For pets, on the other hand, you will have a companion to fight alongside you in battle.

8. Don’t Swim Too Far Out

Most especially on the initial levels of your character, your stamina will be very limited. As you may be inclined to travel to another island across the sea, you will quickly notice how fast swimming can take its toll on your stamina. It’s alright to swim, but for starters, you should keep it within very short distances and make sure that you save more than half of your stamina for the swim back to land.

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There are more places you can visit across the sea but you can do that a little later on in the game when you reach a high enough level to craft your own boat. For now, simply view the sea as a source of drinking water as dying in the water will make it very difficult for you to retrieve lost items.

9. Reclaim The Lost Items

There are various ways that your character can die in Utopia: Origin even outside of the PvP server. Perhaps initially, the most probable one would be starvation. Although you will hardly meet any formidable monsters early on, it is still possible to be damaged enough and die after an unfortunate encounter (like when you are idle and on afk mode when a monster spawns near you). Curiosity at the beach combined with actually trying to swim across to the seemingly nearby island can be very fatal as well. Regardless of how your character dies, the biggest penalty will be losing some random items from your inventory. For one, consider yourself fortunate in that at least, you won’t lose everything you worked hard to earn save. More importantly, you can always go back to where you met your unfortunate demise and claim the items that you dropped.

utopia origin lost items

Relative to this, you should consider crafting a sleeping bag as well during your first few hours in the game. Although you won’t be sleeping on it, you can use this as a respawn point in case your character dies instead of spawning randomly across the map.

10. Complete Daily Event Objectives For Extra Rewards

On top of the items and material you instantly acquire through farming and killing monsters, you can get some additional rewards like caps and some food items from completing daily objectives. For the most part, you can accomplish these objectives just by being online for about 2 hours. You can earn caps here which you can later use to buy some unique items from the shop. Be sure to claim your earned rewards and check your messages as the rewards go here and requires you to claim again for the items to make it to your inventory.

utopia origin daily events

There are certainly a lot more to discover and explore in the enormous world of Utopia: Origin. As we have discussed merely the basic tips and strategies, you will more likely be able to understand the important basic concepts behind the mechanics of the game which will enable you to take on whatever more complex features it has to offer as you progress further. We certainly hope that you were able to read through our guide and were able to pick up important points that can help boost up your levelling and progress as you begin your adventure in the game.

As there will more likely be more updates to Utopia: Origin in the near future, we may be able to come back with another guide for it. For now though, there are more than enough content to keep us all playing for hours. If you are aware of any tips and strategies that you feel should have formed part of our Utopia: Origin beginner’s guide, feel free to let us know through the comment section below!


Friday 20th of November 2020

This helped some, but not on the problem I'm having... Utopia will not load for me!! I really, REALLY want to play this game, but it won't let me!!! It's just not fair! Every time I load into the tutorial, and I ride on a mount after summer, THE SCREEN IMMIEDIATLY TURNS BLACK AND SENDS ME TO HOMESCREEN! UGH! At this, point, I think I've given up. The manufacturers of Utopia obvi do not care about their consumers, and do not try to fix this problem. So, basically, no one can play.


Sunday 19th of December 2021

@Kristina, Don’t assume everybody is having the same problem… I’ve never had this problem, but try lowering your graphics quality? It may be too much for your phone.