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Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Be a Top Survivor

From HERO Entertainment, the developers behind fun and unique PvP games like Warrior Saga, Art of War: Red Tide, and the King of Warship series comes Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, a new Android exclusive battle royale game unlike any you’ve played before. Play solo or find a squad and battle it out in an enormous map filled with more than 100 players.

With tons of weapons and vehicles to find and use, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival packs a lot of room for action and strategy never before seen in the battle royale genre. If you’re a huge fan of battle royale games, or looking to step into one to put your aiming and strategic skills to test, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival may be the game to quench your thirst for a free-for-all action combat.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival drops you and 120 other players off into battle from an aircraft that travels in a linear direction. You get to choose where to drop off and parachute to your chosen area where the battle for survival begins. Armed with nothing but your fists, you must find and loot weapons, armor, ammo, and other items to help you battle other players you encounter. As the danger zone that constantly eats away at your health increases, you must move towards the shrinking safe zone while keeping an eye out for other players. It’s a constant test of wits, strategy, and shooting skills till only one player or team remains.

hopeless land fight for survival cheats

There’s a quick and simple tutorial at the start of the game that provides you with the basic controls. It’s actually pretty short but enough to give you a good feel of how to control your character, how to aim and shoot, and how to pick up items. The interface is user-friendly enough but perhaps difficulty in mastering the controls and menus is partly dependent on the size of your device. Whether you are struggling to survive each battle or doing fairly good enough but still looking for ways and means of climbing up the ranks faster, our Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival strategy guide can help you reach high ranks, if not the top one, in a short time.

1. Find A Squad Or Join One

Before joining each battle, you will choose between playing solo or playing in a squad of four people. The obvious choice here is to of course be in a team with three other people. Whereas there are no benefits whatsoever from going into battle against 120 other people on your own, being in a squad puts you in at least the same playing field as anyone else. This is most especially helpful when you are just starting out, as your team’s entire performance can benefit you even you are one of those unlucky few to die and leave the battlefield early on.

If you have friends playing the game or ones that you can possibly invite to join you on the game, that would be the top choice. Like in any multiplayer game, being with friends whom you know fairly well gives you a good advantage as far as strategy formulation and implementation is concerned. Knowing what each member is capable of as well as identifying each player’s weakness can lead to better results in each battle.

If you don’t know anyone else whom you can play with then pairing up with random players is still the much better choice compared with playing solo. Despite the possible lack of strategic advantage and considering you’ll meet players, who may be better or worse than you at this game, it still has its own advantages.

As for restrictions, you can freely do what you would do solo even when you are with a team. You can also communicate with your teammates to strategize more effectively. You can choose to stray off and wander on your own, or stay with your team for better results. Racking up points and earning more rewards becomes easier with a squad as well even if you didn’t perform well enough and one or a couple of your squad members make it further enough in battle.

2. Strategize Before You Jump Off the Aircraft

hopeless land fight for survival strategies

Reaching the top ranks or becoming number one in each battle may be affected by luck, but ensuring good results most of the time is a product of mastering skills, and devising sound strategies. Having a strategic approach from the get-go, therefore, leads to a much better start and raises your chances of survival. So before you jump off of that aircraft, be sure to click on the map at the top left corner of the screen and mark your preferred drop off point. It may not always be readily reachable through the parachute but at least you have an idea where you want to proceed immediately at the start of the battle.

With the sheer size of the battle map in Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, there are more than enough drop zones to choose from before you decide to jump off of the aircraft. Categorically, there are three types of approaches you can choose from when deciding on a drop off point. You can drop off as soon as you can, target a resource spot and drop off on or near one, or wait towards the end of the drop time and settle for farther areas in the map.

First, you can choose to drop off the aircraft as soon as you are permitted to do so. With this approach, you get to touch down first and, theoretically be able to loot equipment to arm yourself ahead of everybody else. A fair amount of players do this as well. Keep in mind that this approach is probably best reserved for pros or at least players with massive experience in battle royale games. When you dive into the battlefield this way, be ready for lots of potential gunfights as you will most likely be surrounded by enemies from all sides.

It is also possible to engage in a fight before actually getting geared up first, so if you are in for this, prepare for fisticuffs, and pan-smashing duels. Also, as luck is a factor in any battle royale game, don’t feel bad if you encounter an enemy with guns when you only have a frying pan to fight with because that’s not an unusual occurrence here.

Next, you can choose to go for a good resource spot where you can more easily find equipment to loot and arm yourself with before you join the fray. There are numerous resource spots located on the map and each of these areas have more weapons and equipment in it enough to arm you for battle. Occasionally, you won’t just have enough ammo and equipment for yourself; you can also pick out your preferred weapons and gear if you search long enough. As these areas are comparatively denser with buildings and structures, it can also serve as a good base point if you’re already in a safe zone, or not that eager to rush into one.

Consequently though, like the first approach, a lot of players also choose this tactic so chances of encounters and gun battles can be high as well. If you’re not yet that comfortable in engaging in battles, you can choose to leave this to intermediate level players and pros.

Lastly, but definitely not the least viable approach, is waiting towards the end of the aircraft flight before jumping out to the farther, more rural areas of the map. If you choose this method, you can choose a location that is far away from most players. It’s less likely that you will be able to find a lot of equipment but it almost guarantees longer playing time, hence, longer survival time. This is especially convenient for beginners and newer players who are still getting used to the controls, which includes aiming.

Don’t be ashamed of it though, as there are a few veteran players who do this as well to stay alive longer. Keep in mind that the goal of the game is to survive, and in a lot of cases, staying away from all the chaos and intense fire fights will prove to be the most strategically sound course of action in a battle royale game.

3. Learn How To Use Each Type Of Weapon

hopeless land fight for survival weapons

With conventional shooter games you will most likely have your favorite primary weapon and secondary weapon. You would probably only use the other available weapons in the game once or twice before you decide to switch back to a set of weapons you feel makes you the best you can be. There’s actually nothing wrong with that and perhaps, that probably is the best way to go. Keep in mind though that in these basic shooter games weapons can even be chosen before you begin your mission.

In battle royale games like Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, however, you have to discard that mentality and forget about mastering only a couple of weapons thinking that you can reach the top spots with only the weapons you like. Considering that you don’t have an idea about which weapons will be available to you when you engage in every battle, you need to prepare for the worst every time the battle round starts.

As such, feel free to spend time using each and every weapon you find as you try and figure out how to effectively use each and every one of them. For efficiency’s sake, you should know how to win against anyone with whatever you have in your inventory.

4. Regularly Check On The Shrinking Safe Zone

hopeless land fight for survival safe zone

Compared to other battle royale games, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival seems to shrink its safe zone a little faster. You’d be surprised that you could be far away from the danger zone as you venture around the map looking for loot and keeping an eye out for players but then be find out that you’re already loosing health a little later because the danger zone caught up to you. Well, oftentimes you’ll see players dying this way throughout the battle but you shouldn’t be one of them.

You can regularly check on the map to see the status of the safe zone and the danger zone. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to be there ahead of time. Rather, you should always position yourself at a good enough spot that makes it easy for you to travel towards the next safe zone once the old one starts shrinking. As an additional tip, be on high guard during these times as there are players who see this as an opportunity to kill other players.

5. Stay Close To The Team If You Can

hopeless land fight for survival tips

The whole point of being in a squad is actually working with one another towards the accomplishment of a common goal which is, in this case, to be the last person or people standing. As it is very usual to find squads composed of players who are randoms, coordination plays a vital role in ensuring that your team performs better than the rest. It won’t be a surprise to see members of a squad go about their own separate ways and proceed to battle like any solo player would. However, making an effort or attempt to stick with your squad members can bring you a lot of advantages.

For one, revival by a teammate after being downed by an opponent is a huge, huge plus. It gives you a second chance of being in the same battlefield when it should have already been a game over for you otherwise. Also, being in a gunfight against another player would be better if you have an ally with you and in contrast, being forced to engage in a battle against two people will probably end your survival run right there and then.

As funny as it seems, a fellow squad member who suddenly drops to his hands and knees can tell you that an enemy sniper must have you guys in their sight so, in effect, instead of you being on the ground, your teammates can lengthen your stay in the battlefield. Again, the goal of the game is to survive, so if a squad members chooses to drop off a location away from your preferred area, make an effort to be with them.

6. Learn To Use Your Environment

hopeless land fight for survival guide

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival doesn’t just have a huge map to get lost in, it also boasts having several types of vehicles in the battlefield enabling battles to extend to the waters and to the sky. If you are lucky enough to find a vehicle with a teammate, one can be a pilot/driver while the other can shoot at enemies. With this innovative mechanics, the variety of strategic approaches and tactics grow even further.

As using vehicles may come as the next practical thing to get a hold of to help defend yourself from enemies or to aggressively use against them, you should not forget about the environment itself as the terrain and structures in the game can also be in itself a survival tool for you to utilize.

The buildings where resources spawn are common examples. In many battle royale games, a bit of camping in a good structure to ambush an oncoming enemy can lengthen you survival time, most especially when the safe zone falls within the area. There are many areas with bushes where crouching and prone can render you almost invisible so use these as well to your advantage. You can swim in lakes and rivers in the game where you will become a hard target especially if you are far from shore. In some areas, you can stand under bridges in bodies of water and ambush unsuspecting opponents.

7. Learn As Much As You Can While Spectating

how to survive longer in hopeless land fight for survival

You can always learn and improve your performance through constantly playing but regardless of how good you are, there are times when you will be taken out of the battle ahead of your teammates. You can choose to leave the battlefield immediately and start lining up in queue for the next one. Doing so however, forfeits additional points you may still earn through the efforts of your teammates. More importantly, you miss out on a great opportunity to learn from them.

As far as first-hand experience can take you, being able to look at the battlefield from a different perspective can give you valuable insights on how differently you can approach each battle. Your teammates may not necessarily be better than you but surely, they can show you a thing or two that you wouldn’t have discovered easily on your own.

And that is all we have for our Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival strategy guide. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that you learned from it as well. If you have Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival tips, tricks, or strategies that we forgot to mention, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment area!

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