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Warrior Saga Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat the Evil King

Can you imagine a game that combines the dynamics and competitiveness of MOBAs, a character development of JRPGs, a thoroughly developed base management system known to purely strategic games, and a heavy dose of humour. No? Not at all? Well, then. Welcome to Warrior Saga! This chimera of a game created by Hero Entertainment is a solid example proving wrong all those who believe that breaking the pattern of the conventional game development is bound to failure.

Warrior Saga is a game in which you will have to learn how to multitask in order to succeed. Or, at least, to gain a significant upper hand over other players. That’s exactly what do you think it is. Despite that the game focuses on going through the main storyline, you will also have to compete with other players on the way, raid their bases and defend your own keep from enemy invasions. It may seem rather awkward for you, at least at this point, but let’s start from the beginning to clear some things out. Shall we?

warrior saga cheats

At the first glance, the game looks like one of the JRPG oldies, including Final Fantasy or Legend of Kartia series, but the further you explore it, the more you will learn of its ties to other genres. What is more, Warrior Saga heavily draws upon a number of different universes, such as Greek mythology and Arthurian legends, but also true giants of the Japanese pop-culture, namely Dragon Ball, Naruto and Pokémon. I believe I also saw there mighty Gul’dan from Warcraft who features in WS under the name of Warlock! Warrior Saga can be compared to a cauldron which moulded together numerous ideas and produced something that may easily become a key player on the constantly developing Android app market.

In Warrior Saga, your goal is to lead your band of heroes to battle Devil – your sworn opponent you have a chance to meet at the beginning of your journey. In order to do so, you will have over a 100 characters at your disposal – each different from the other. The more often you decide to send them into the heat of battle, the more experienced and powerful they will become. Exciting, right? Alright, alright, but you better keep your alans on, since on your shoulders rests much more than just commanding your forces in battles. So let’s move on to our Warrior Saga beginner’s guide and discover our exclusive tips, tricks and strategies for the game!

1. Take Advantage On The Field Of Battle

Even though you begin only with few heroes, including Arthur – a tank-type class, the more you advance in the main questline, the more characters will be likely to join your team. Their roles may vary from tank, through melee and ranged dps to support including summoning minions and healing. At the beginning of the game you are given with a fairly balanced setup consisting of Arthur (tank-type), Archer (ranged physical dps) and Mage (ranged magic dps). This is also the order in which you usually want to spawn them on the battlefield for a number of profits. Arthur equipped with high base HP and defences will tank the incoming minions, Archer can aoe slow and dps them in case if they grow in numbers, and Mage, using devastating combo skills, will bring doom upon them. Combo skills will unlock and bolster only when particular heroes are present on the battlefield. This is why it is important to recruit Mage as one of the last to ensure that the utility activation will succeed as intended.

warrior saga characters

The game is divided into three separate modes: adventure mode in which you choose your destination and move on the map, construction mode which allows you to develop your base, and the battle mode in which you fight your enemies. Every one of them is equally important, but it is in the latter where everything is decided.

Once you choose a place of encounter, you will be given with information regarding the type of enemies you can expect in the area. This is the moment to learn of your enemies’ abilities and adjust your team to make the best of it. While at the beginning of the game, it works just fine to roll with everything you actually have, later you will most likely have to carefully study who you are sending to battle and against whom you are fighting. Your heroes have both pros and cons you have to look at every time you adjust your battle team.

When the heroes are chosen and the battle commences, your Barracks and Target Range will begin spawning minions that will reappear automatically every time the buildings producing them are off cooldown. Even though in Warrior Saga you don’t control your heroes and minions literally, since the fight proceeds automatically, you still have to keep an eye on who you are sending first and whether or not captain and Combo Skills are off their cooldowns. Every hero activation costs a particular amount of diamonds, so you have to choose wisely who and when you are going to spawn on the field.

2. Manage Your Captain’s Skills

During the first tutorial battles you have probably noticed a lighting sword icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. This is your Captain Skill which you can activate every time it’s off the cooldown and once you gathered a sufficient amount of diamonds. It deals a considerably high amount of magic damage to all enemies in the first row. As your journey progresses, you will gain access to new skills for your captain, such as “Fire Rain” which covers the field of battle in meteorites dealing aoe damage, and “Preservation” which teleports a hero with the lowest HP back to the base and provides him with a regeneration ability that heals him on the way.

how to manage your captain skills in warrior saga

Captain Skills complement your heroes’ battle performance by supporting them with additional damage, tactical manoeuvres and summoning additional minions. You must remember, however, that you can have only 3 Captain Skills per battle at your disposal, so before commencing an attack, you have to make your choices right. Take your time and double check whether your set of skills will be the most effective in the upcoming fight. The fact that sometimes they cost a considerably high amount of diamonds, makes you want to balance your spending on recruiting your heroes and activating your skills.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to regularly invest in your Captain’s Skills in your base and upgrade them in Laboratory to higher levels, so that they can be even more deadly and helpful in your battles.

3. Unleash Your Combo Skills

Apart from normal skills that your heroes gain as they progress, in special cases they can combine their powers to unleash Combo Skills. These extremely powerful utilities provide a significant advantage on the field and can turn the tide of many battles. Combo Skills, however, can be activated only when you have a particular setup of heroes on the battlefield. Before you get into battle, it’s best to adjust your party, so that you can get as many Combo Skills as possible, of course, without hindering your general team effectivity. The results of activating a Combo Skill can be pretty devastating to your opponent and surely will give you a moment of relief.

warrior saga combo skills

It may sound great, but there is one, small flaw in all of this. Combo Skills can be used only once per battle, this is why it’s best to save them for “tight” moments when you can’t beat your enemies by using conventional methods and there is a risk of losing. Don’t waste them on the regular minions or when you clearly have an advantage over your opponent, but rather when there is a grave need of changing the course of battle.

Some Combo Skills have also their lighter versions that require fewer heroes to activate them. The example here is “Blazing Eye” skill which requires 4 characters to activate it during the battle. For that you will need Arthur, Archer, Mage and Explorer. When you don’t have one of these heroes at hand or when you have to act quickly, you can unleash instead its lower tier, called “Fireblast” which activation requires only 3 of these characters. Lower tiers are naturally less effective than their higher counterparts, so if you have enough heroes to activate the upgraded versions of Combo Skills, you should go for that in the first place.

4. Develop Your Base

Your game doesn’t end on going from battle to battle, since your warriors cannot go far without a logistic support offered by your base. It is a place where you can upgrade your heroes’ skills, provide them with weapons of war and equipment, exchange your resources and recruit new warriors that will join your team. Your base will be probably the central place where you will spend most of your in-game time, musing on how to maximize your performance and take the most effective approach for the battles to come. A well-operating and managed base is the essence of your success.

warrior saga base development

In order to provide your warriors with high-end equipment and skills you will need to constantly upgrade your base, and for that you will need resources. There are 3 main types of them: gold, crystals and diamonds. Each of these resources can be produced only in particular buildings. Once in a while, there will be resources available to collect, but since the game is running even if you’re logged off, it’s best to spend (or save) them on everything you believe is right and then simply log on later to collect another transports. Also, remember to regularly upgrade your resource buildings, so the resources can be collected faster and in higher amounts.

Some buildings can be constructed only if there are already other certain buildings standing in your base, so you have to keep track on your construction tree not to get surprised by the building requirements. One of the buildings that will require from you constructing precursors is Energy Core. It can be best described as the beating heart of your base and a place in which you will have to invest pretty much all the time in order to advance in your tree.

A well-operational base needs to have appropriate military buildings where minions can be trained but also defence structures in case of the enemy invasion. In order to get as fast as possible high-end minions to support your striking team, you will have to remember about upgrading your Barracks (for melee minions) and Target Range (for ranged). It’s also good to bolster your defences by building and upgrading your Turrets to improve your chances of succeeding when enemies suddenly decide to assault your base.

5. Upgrade Your Warriors

Just like in the majority of RPGs, in Warriors Saga you have to remember to provide your heroes with the best gear you can currently get. Weapons, armour and trinkets still bolster their stats and in the process, improve their performance. The main difference is that here you don’t want to get too emotional about your heroes’ equipment, since you will need it basically to advance them to higher levels. Once your hero gets 4 items equipped you will be able to sacrifice them in order to upgrade him. Normal weapons and items can be obtained as rewards or through adventures, but to get high-end equipment you will have to collect materials from which you will be able to craft your warriors a better stuff.

how to upgrade your characters in warrior saga

During battles, your heroes will automatically activate their skills. To boost your warriors even more, you will need to upgrade them on the regular basis, and in the process, apart from bolstering their stats, they will learn new and more powerful abilities.

warrior saga warrior upgrade

6. Benefits From Completing Tasks

If you want to have a significant advantage in Warrior Saga, you have to simply proceed in the game. Every time you complete a daily task or advance in the main storyline you will obtain awards that will increase your heroes’ experience, provide you with additional equipment, crafting materials and resources, and give you access to new heroes.

You also get rewards for daily logging into the game, participating (not necessarily winning) in the Fortress Defence events (Invasion and Fatal Siege) and also from raiding your opponents. Attacking your enemies is an easy way to obtain a single-time huge amount of loot. Just remember not to bite off more than you can chew. Always check the level of the player you are assaulting, so you won’t end up completely smashed against his defences.

warrior saga missions

As you can see, there are plenty of ways by which you can get some really cool stuff. You simply can’t get bored in this game!

And that will be all for our Warrior Saga beginner’s guide! Hopefully, these couple of advices have shed some light on aspects that were unclear for you to this point. The game is constantly developing, has a huge potential and because of its diversity it can surely reach a wide audience of players. Give it a try yourself and let us know what do you think about it! Also, feel free to share other hints, cheats and tricks you come up with in the comment area.