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All-Star Troopers Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat the Wolf Empire

A thrilling action strategy game developed by Norsfell Games, All-Star Troopers challenges you to defeat the evil Wolf Empire and fight across the whole galaxy against thousands of players from all over the world. Win epic battles by building solid bases with a strong defense and creating a roster of unique heroes to attack with. Discover new planets every week and combine Spells to improve your battle strategies.

Ready to battle and climb the rankings? Keep on reading to discover our essential tips and cheats guide for All-Star Troopers!

To make it easier for you, we will divide our All-Star Troopers beginner’s guide into two sections: defensive strategies and offensive strategies.

Learn How To Defend Yourself Efficiently

Playing All Star Troopers implies both attacking other players and defending yourself against them. Learning how to defend yourself is crucial. So make sure to check our tips on how to improve your defense and protect your base efficiently.

1. Secure The Path To Your Base

Use explosive and cannons

If you want to improve the protection of your base, you need to focus on the path that leads to it as well. So make sure you fill it with explosives and cannons. There are three areas you should concentrate on: the start of the path, in between your base and the start of the path, and close to the wall. By doing so, your enemies might fall into the trap and you can blow them up before they even make it to your base. The enemies you don’t manage to kill will more than likely hang back and wait until they heal to attack again.

2. Place Your Traps Strategically

Pay attention to their range of action

Your explosives and cannons won’t help much if they can’t reach the enemy. So pay attention to their range of action. For instance, mortars should be placed close to the base or, even better, behind the walls. The reason is simple: since they are long-range weapons, they can reach your enemies as they are approaching your base. If you place them behind the walls, your enemies will need to stay still to destroy them, thus becoming easy targets.

3. Put Your Defense To A Test

Attack yourself to check the real strength of your defense

In the base building menu, you will find an option that allows you to put your defense to a test. This will allow you to spot the weak points in your defense structure and reinforce them to stop enemies from breaking through.

4. Upgrade Your Base

And keep upgrading it!

We can’t stress enough how important upgrading your base is! If you want to win lots of battles, you need to upgrade parts such as the Armory. If you do so, you will be able to place more cannons and turrets and unlock new weapons. So keep upgrading!

Become An Unstoppable Destroying Force

When playing All-Star Troopers, your offensive force is as important as your defensive one. Destroying your enemies’ bases requires effective strategies. Here are some tips that will definitely increase your chances of winning one battle after another:

1. Pay Attention To The Attack Range

Stay out of your enemy’s weapons range for as long as you can

Attacking in All-Star Troopers is easy: tap on the enemy you want to attack and you will automatically enter the maximum range that allows you to attack. Don’t be afraid to go after the most dangerous enemies. The more you wait, the stronger they will get. Spot your enemy’s turrets and powerful weapons and try to stay out of their reach until it becomes inevitable.

2. Make Sure To Swap Your Heroes

Make the most of their abilities

You can only use three heroes at a time into a battle. And since your heroes’ health will see itself affected, switching them regularly will give them a chance to recharge. Abilities such as the healing spells will keep your troops going and going!

3. Upgrade Your Heroes

Open chests and win battles to increase your revenue

Upgrading your troopers in All-Star Troopers is pretty simple. Just keep winning battles, earning cash, and winning crests! Use the cards you encounter to promote your characters and increase their offensive power and abilities.

And here is where our All-Star Troopers beginner’s guide ends. Put our tips into practice and you are sure to fly your ship towards memorable victories!