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Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Win More Fights

Now, if you are a huge fan of Naruto Shippuden, you will certainly enjoy playing Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive the fantasy of being a ninja in the world in which you get to focus on becoming the greatest ninja ever? In Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King, you have the opportunity to upgrade your ninjutsu and unleash your chakra. Here, you decide the ultimate experience of managing your ninja team as you rush to complete the missions as how Naruto started out back then as a ninja wannabe.

Your favourite classic scenes are all presented in the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. From recruiting and training your ninjas to the exciting combat and nostalgic graphics style, you would want to continue to stay in this virtual world of the great ninjas. Of course, if you prefer to hang out with your friends online, you can even set up the Ninja Club with them. Just invite the friends who you would like to share your ninja world with and chat with them online, discussing your next plan or strategy to be the greatest ninja ever.

ultimate ninja ninja king cheats

As with all the new players, you would not want to be confused by all the features in this game. The Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King offers the tutorial option for those who are starting out on this ninja training journey. In any case, the white hand will guide you through at the start. On another note, the creators of the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King even stagger the features as you only get to unlock each of them once you reach different levels. So, no worries of missing out on any extra bonuses there as you figure out your first moves.

First, after downloading the app, you can choose to quick register a guest account. Also, don’t forget to choose your server afterwards to begin playing. Still, in the beginning, the storyline, which stays true to the original Naruto plot, you are familiar with will take up some of your time. Just tap throughout at a quick pace or take your time to reminisce about one of the most popular animes ever. But the endearing graphics and dialogues will also include the battle scenes which you get to try first hand the gameplay of Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. Lastly, you will be brought to the main screen and the tutorial will begin. Now, let’s move on to our Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King cheats, tips and strategy guide and discover how to become the greatest ninja ever in the game!

1. Basic Understanding Of The Main Resources

To begin with, you can easily group the features into four different categories or sides. The top part of the main screen is where you grasp your current resources and other details. From your name and level status to your combined power and golds you own, the features found here serve to inform you of your basic progress. Also, you can check how much energy you have left here. The energy is important for you to gain progress in the Adventures. Meanwhile, don’t forget to store your Ryos and Golds too. Both are important for many purchases and recruits you can have in the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King.

ultimate ninja ninja king resources

Other than that, there are the 2 cute symbols of Mail and Chat at the top right part of the main screen too. So far, you will receive most notifications from the developer as you progress in the game through the Mail. Otherwise, feel free to chat with other players of the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King at the Chat channels. You can choose to chat with the world players or your own clan and team. Naturally, if you have made any new friends or know any of the other players, there is also the private chat function available at your convenience.

2. Where To Obtain Great Rewards

Next, let’s move clockwise to the right of the main menu. This is where you will find ways to obtain most of your free resources in the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. Always bear in mind to tap on the Sign in calendar symbol whenever you are online to claim the rewards. On the other hand, remember to add friends and send them energies at the Friend feature. You can also collect the energies sent by your friends to continue your ninja missions. Noteworthy are another 2 features below the Friends feature. Ranking and Clan are only accessible to you once you reach level 18 and 20 respectively. So, be sure to continue to play often if you want to find a clan where you belong and rank among the strongest virtual ninjas out there!

how to get rewards in ultimate ninja ninja king

At the bottom most part of the right panel, you find the 2 most important features of all. The first one, Adventure will transport you straight into the world of Naruto Shippuden. You will join him in his fight to become one of the strongest ninjas ever. Tap on the golden boxes for rewards when you pass each checkpoint for even more rewards. As you are just starting out, you will only probably be able to access the Main part. Continue playing and levelling up to gain access to both the Elite and the Nightmare versions.

When you enter the Adventure section, you can also get to finalise your team formation and equip them with weapons before proceeding with the missions. After all, in order to win, you have to make sure your ninjas are well trained and best suited for each battle. Secondly, the Trial Room can only be unlocked starting level 18 and above. Each Trial Room offers even better gameplay and bonuses with different themes, so be sure to keep playing for more fun in the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King.

3. Forming The Strongest Ninja Team

Moving on, this is the main highlight of the game Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. After learning about what you can do to advance your gameplay, here is where you finally learn to control ninja team. Again, some features can only be unlocked when you reach a certain level. For example, the Shop and Fight can only be accessed at level 13 and 15 respectively while Ninja School will be available to the player by stages starting at level 28. Then, at the Quest, you have the Main Quest which you can claim the rewards early in the game. But you need to clear Stage 3-3 in the Main Adventure to claim the bonuses offered in the Daily Quest.

ultimate ninja ninja king quests

The Recruit is where you can recruit ninjas to join your team. There are free chances given to you for both the Normal Recruit and the Advanced Recruit. As usual, you have 5 times more chances to use Normal Recruit when compared to the Advanced Recruit. Be sure to fully utilise these free chances in order to upgrade your team in Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. Sell useless things from your Bag and check out what else you have in store after collecting all the rewards here too.

Though it may be redundant, this is the easiest spot for you to find out more about all your ninjas in once place. The Ninja feature simplifies all the other features found through Formation for you. As you will notice, just slightly above the bottom panel are the characters of your ninja team. You can easily access the Formation feature and choose to upgrade your ninjas and weapons just by tapping on the characters just above the line of bottom features.

Therefore, if you wish to improve on your tea, battle all out at the all available features. These range from the Adventure and Trial Room to the Arena and Fight. Thought the tutorial will assist you, only unleash your fully-charged attack skill when fighting the boss. Usually, there are 2 Waves of normal battles and just tap your way through easily to win these. Enjoy the change in the accompanying music as you reach the fight climax. Gain EXPs for your ninjas as the Battle Result and watch your Team Upgrade after each battle in the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King.

4. Miscellaneous Features That Boost Your Progress

Login Rewards offer plenty of bonus rewards if you log in continuously. Other than gaining new recruits here, you can also head to the Event where there are many rewards await you as you play normally. Now, if you believe in paying real money to the developers as a sign of support, try out their Recharge feature. You do even be presented with the bountiful First Recharge rewards too. There is also the short 7-Day Party where you can collect even more resources when you achieve any one of the numerous goals.

ultimate ninja ninja king 7 day party

Last but not least, one thing to remember is you will gain even more rewards if you achieve the target set at the Target & Rewards. There are 4 main ways to boost your progress in Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King, namely Ninja Upgrade, Skill Upgrade, Ninja Advance and Weapon Enhance. These can be accessed as mentioned earlier by going to the Formation section once you tapped onto the Adventure icon. Underneath the Target & Rewards is the Arena which can only be unlocked when you are at Level 15 in the Ultimate Ninja: Ninja King. Going further down, a short preview is available for you to enter the chat function of the game too. Basically, it acts the same as the chat icon earlier.


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