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Vietnam War: Platoons Beginners’ Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Help You Become the Best Commander

From Erepublik Labs, the developer behind World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO and War and Peace: Civil War, comes yet another free-to-play strategy MMO that aims to provide hours of fun and addictive gameplay that is very easy to learn but difficult to master. If you enjoy strategy MMOs or simply want to test your tactical wits against hordes of other players, then Vietnam War: Platoons will surely quench your thirst for defensive tactics and strategic battle.

Vietnam War: Platoons puts you in the role of a commander, with an adviser to help you as you continuously upgrade your basecamp and grow your army. In the military zone where every battle takes place, you move on your enemies with care as you ceaselessly attempt to gather more resources from nearby structures or enemy camps while watching out for attacks from all fronts.

With an easy to learn tutorial and equally relaxed initial gameplay, Vietnam War: Platoons provides you with enough information and preparation before sending you off into battle. Perhaps you may feel that you have all it takes to triumph over the coming battles, or early on you may have already tasted bitter defeat. Whether you’re new to this game and genre or whether you’ve played deep enough into a similar game, our Vietnam War: Platoons beginner’s guide will help you raise your basecamp power more efficiently and set you on to become an A-list commander.

1. Always Multitask

You’ll most likely be inclined to follow whatever your advisor suggests at the first few minutes of the game. It’s okay though as most of the building and upgrading activities at the start complete instantly for free. At some point though, you’ll come to realize that what you’re doing is basically a third of what you potentially can in relation to Base Camp Operation. As Base Camp Operation is comprised of building and upgrading structures, research, and production, you have to start ensuring that progress is being made on all these activities at the soonest.

vietnam war platoons multitasking

As it may happen that later on there will be tons of things to do that may not coincide at all with what your advisor is suggesting, prioritize expansions that take the least amount of time to complete while trying to learn what each basic structure or research does as you perform the operation.

Having a clear idea of how much time you’ll spend on a session helps in how you lay out goals for each type of operation, especially when it comes to expanding and improving your basecamp. With each upgrade you perform, the next one requires more and more time to accomplish and the same applies to the research as levels grow. Ideally, what you would want to have is a basecamp that is productive on all aspects even for the time that you’re not on the game.

2. Choose Carefully Before Joining An Alliance

Unlike in most games where guild features take a little more time to unlock, in Vietnam War: Platoons you can practically join an alliance after the first two or three minutes of the game. What’s even better is, there’s no approval or waiting time to be part of an alliance and you’ll be in one as soon as you decide to join. Given that you need to be a part of a group in any multiplayer game to help you towards reaching your goal, it’s an absolute must in this game as well to be a part of an alliance at the soonest possible time. As you might be inclined to instantaneously join the first alliance you see on the list, however, you should know that what’s mostly important is being able to assess how active your prospective alliance is.

vietnam war platoons alliance

Choosing the alliance with the highest overall power may not always be the smartest choice. Likewise, choosing one with close to a hundred members, which is the maximum, but falls somewhat short on power is also not the way to go. It’s best to choose one with a good balance of power and numbers as the perks you receive for being a member of an alliance will depend on these qualities. More importantly, choose an alliance that has active members. As that may be hard to determine without being actually a member of the alliance, you should consider a good enough number of members with a decent enough level of power for starters.

It is very important to be in an active enough alliance not just for the rewards you get for being a part of one. Later on, you will need to rely on the strength of the alliance you join as you start to dive deeper into battles and as an extra layer of protection to safeguard your base camp later on in the game.

Be sure to always lend a hand to your allies who need help as you will rely on these same people to hasten your operations’ progress throughout the game. Additionally, be sure to check on and claim gifts that you can receive as your alliance accomplishes activities in the game.

3. Complete Your Daily, Alliance, And VIP Operations

In Vietnam War: Platoons, you’ll have a number of daily quests to complete for a variety of rewards that you’ll always need to continuously upgrade and expand your basecamp and army. These quests come in the form of Operations and don’t have any sort of requirements for you to accomplish. Simply put, a simple click on the “start” button and a little patience is all you will need to reap rewards from these activities.

vietnam war platoons operations

At VIP 1, you will already have tons of Daily, Alliance, and VIP Operations to engage yourself in and as you raise your VIP level, you’ll gain more of these operations every reset. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to try and finish as many of these operations as possible as what you need in this game is to get a great head start from the pack when it comes to raising your basecamp’s power.

4. Speed Up Your Production Efficiently

One of the most crucial points to consider in Vietnam War: Platoons is raising your power level higher at a faster rate. While in a lot of games across different genres, you’ll be inclined to save your items and resources for a potentially better use later on in the game, in here the better choice is to use it as soon as needed to progress at a much faster rate at the start of the game.

how to speed up production in vietnam war platoons

Initially, building structures and doing research will be almost instantaneous without extra costs and later on in the game, there will be occasional free speed ups and even additional ones if you choose to watch some ten to thirty second ads, which you probably should. While you can spend some highly expensive gold to instantly finish an operation, you probably have a lot of other necessities to spend your gold on. The next best thing is actually good enough; using the speed ups in your items to reduce the time needed to complete an operation.

By using these speed ups efficiently, we don’t mean using them to speed everything up but rather synchronizing the completion of certain operations or at least trying to so you can proceed with the next batch of operations before and keep your basecamp productive for the duration of time you’ll be away from the game. In some cases, what you would need in production maybe pended because of unmet requirements in research. In that case, you may want to focus on speeding up the latter to avoid delay in your basecamp’s progression.

5. Take Note Of And Complete Events

There are several events that you will encounter in the game. These events typically require progression in certain fields like research, production, or building. While you will certainly gain points for these events as you perform your usual activities in the game, it’s important to take note of the actual requirements to receive the best rewards in the event and aim for it as much as you can.

vietnam war platoons events

Events in the game offer a variety of rewards and some these rewards are very difficult to obtain anywhere else. As these events typically take two days to finish, there’s not much pressure to rack up points towards its completion in case there are other urgent activities you need to perform in your camp.

6. Enhance Your Commander Immediately

On top of the VIP Levels that provide boosts attributable to your commander, there are other means of making your main character stronger in Vietnam War: Platoons. Perhaps the most basic is leveling up your commander thru the experience you gain in any activity you do in the game and spend all earned skill points accordingly. Another is by boosting your commander with equipment primarily obtained from events and later on upgrading equipment for exponential increases in the buffs they provide.

It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to the skill points you earn, spending them at the soonest is better than saving them for later. What may be difficult for you to decide on at this point, however, is how to spend skill points properly as prerequisites are the only thing keeping you from spending the skill points you accumulated freely. The best way to go is to aim towards unlocking all available skills. You can do this effectively by meeting only the minimum requirements on a particular skill to unlock the next one. At times, you may be inclined to spend on skills that do not necessarily contribute towards unlocking other skills and that’s alright. Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t spend too many skill points on a particular skill early on as better ones will be unlocked.

how to enhance your commander in vietnam war platoons

As far as focus is concerned, your commander’s skill points are either directed towards improving your army or enhancing your production. In that respect, what you have to primarily consider is your play style, in general. If you feel that you will spend more time in battles then perhaps spending skill points on offensive-boosting skills is the way to go. On the other hand, if you will aim towards strengthening your base camp and production with help from your commander’s skills, then focusing on these skills will be the better choice. In any case you can always aim for a good balance between these sets of skills and as you progress thru the game, decide which particular skills you want to focus on as your needs, preferences, and circumstances in the game may constantly change.

7. Scan The Military Zone From Time To Time

You will be initially immune to attacks from other players in the Military Zone, all thanks to your Peace Shield. The shield will stay on until you decide to perform an action against any basecamp on the Military Zone. While you are continuously waiting for your operations to finish, it’s important to get to know where you are on the battlefield. So instead of staying idle, scan thru the different resources, mercenaries, and player basecamps around you. If you’re still preparing your camp and troops at this stage, then you can have a clear mindset on the power level you need to survive in the area. You should always remember that any activity you perform in the Military Zone requires marching your troops to and from your target destination and as the farther you travel away from your basecamp, the longer the time you put your troops at risk.

vietnam war platoons military zone

Even with your continuous production of resources at the basecamp to provide for its needs and despite earning additional ones thru daily operations and events, you can never have more than enough of these resources as your needs will continually grow along with your basecamp’s power. Fortunately, there are numerous resource tiles scattered across the Military Zone for you to extract resources from. Always take note of your resources that are lower than the rest before aiming towards a certain resource tile. Additionally, you should know that the Peace Bubble that protects your basecamp from attacks won’t extend to wherever you travel to as you leave the camp, thus making you vulnerable to attacks. With this it is best to aim for tiles that are close to your basecamp while keeping an eye out for attacks. Whenever in danger, you can always recall your troops to basecamp as needed.

Another thing to scan for in the Military Zone is the presence of randomly generated mercenaries which have varying difficulty levels and offer great rewards. Initially, you need to be able to defeat a level one mercenary before you can attempt to hunt the next higher level ones. Later on, however, you can always scan for and target mercenaries that are of the same level or lower than the one you most recently defeated. The rewards for the succeeding assaults on mercenaries within the same level as the ones you have already defeated will not be as much as what you will get on your first kill but still, these are resources you will always need. Surprisingly enough, the gap in power between one level of mercenaries compared to the next is enormous. So, to waste less time and experience fewer defeats, have at least three times as much power before attempting to attack the next level of mercenaries you are hunting.

vietnam war platoons mercenaries

Lastly, but most importantly, constantly check the player basecamps that are close to you. You have to take note of the ones you can later on attack as well as keep an eye out for the stronger ones that may pose a threat to you. Additionally, as players have options to teleport their respective basecamps, you have to constantly monitor your surroundings for any sort of changes.

8. Prepare Patiently Before Initiating An Attack

Though, there will never be any certainties in the battlefield, you will definitely raise the chances of having successful battles in your favor with better preparation. You don’t necessarily have to be the player with the highest power level in an area before you decide to discard your Peace Bubble and initiate an attack on the surrounding basecamps. While power levels do impact battles rather heavily, strategy still plays a big role in the game.

If you consumed a lot of speed ups early in the game and proceeded to perform all sorts of upgrades and finished several operations, then chances are you will have a relatively higher power level than most camps around you. If the gap between power levels is massive enough, then there’s hardly anything you need to worry about as you target the unprotected camps near you one by one.

vietnam war platoons attacking strategy

As it is fair to say that there may be stronger basecamps near your area, you should make it a point that you can march to and from your target in less time than if a stronger camp initiates an attack on you. Again, this shouldn’t stop you from targeting farther camps as at times the stronger bases near may be inactive, or perhaps even uninterested in attacking you.

Typically you’d aim to attack and plunder from basecamps with lower power levels. With a little patience and preparation though, you can still take on stronger basecamps. As it is a game of strategy, feel free to scout on camps near you that have higher power ratings. As troops are classified in ways that work following the rock-paper-scissors system, you can always tilt an upcoming battle’s favor to your advantage by knowing what your target basecamp’s troops are comprised of.

And that’s about it for our Vietnam War: Platoons strategy guide! We certainly hope you enjoyed reading it and found it useful. If you have additional Vietnam War: Platoons cheats, tips, and strategies that we forgot to mention, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!