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Art of War: Red Tides Guide, Tips & Tricks: How to Win Every Battle

Art of War: Red Tides is a ground-breaking strategy game for iOS devices. In Hero Games’ brand new strategy title you get to command one of the three factions in an all-out war for survival. The first faction is the mighty Terran, who has dominated the universe for a long time until they discovered the Atlac, the second faction. Lastly, the slave race of Yaoguai has decided it is time to fight for freedom from their Terran masters. The war among these three will ravage the universe until only one emerges as the victor. Whose flag will you rally behind? Winning the war will not be easy as it will ultimately depend on your ability to work with others. Art of War: Red Tides operates on a 3v3 battle system where you will be teamed up with two other players from around the world. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Art of War: Red Tides strategy guide to help you achieve victory!

1. Know Your Units

There are over 200 available units in the game, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you do not take all of that into consideration when forming your army, you will lose before you can even come close to the enemies. While the tutorial gives you a good overview of how battle will be like with basic units, it is important that you read each and every one of the descriptions of your units. Just go to the Army Setup or Units Screen in order to learn more.

Keep in mind that units also have alternate forms. These alternate forms normally have different abilities that can give them an advantage in the game but will also make them weaker in another aspect. For example, the basic Terran unit is the Terran Regular Infantry. They can turn into Snipers which have longer ranges but they will lose damage and speed. They can also turn into Jump Jet Infantry that can fly, putting them beyond the reach of enemies who can only target ground units.

2. Manage Your Soul Essence Well

Sending out units costs Soul Essence. It regenerates over time but you still have to manage it well during battle. If you spend all of your Essence on whatever unit you can send out, you will end up sitting on your hands while you wait for regeneration. Plan out your offense to make sure you have enough Soul Essence for the duration of the battle. Do not just throw all your expensive units into the battlefield as soon as you have enough essence. They will end up getting slaughtered if you send them out without the appropriate back up.

In the early parts of each battle, just send out a few low-cost units to keep your enemy on the defensive. Try to save up enough essence to send out your more expensive units later on. See if you can bait your opponent into sending out some of their more valuable troops so you can take those out with cheaper units before unleashing your hard hitters. If you find yourself really struggling, you can sell off some of your cheaper units to help you gather enough for your stronger units.

3. Use Your Commander Skills

There are several Commander Skills at your disposal during battle. Each faction has its own unique skills that can help you win if you know when to use them. First off, there are each a cost-free skill and a regular skill. Cost-free skills just go on cooldown after being used so you just need to wait for them to be available again. Use them at the right time and you will have victory within your grasp. Listed below are the cost-free skills for each faction.

Rally (Terran)

This skill allows you to place a flag on the map. Upon seeing the flag, all the troops on your screen will march towards the location of the flag, allowing you to gather and reposition them as you please.

Teleport (Atlac)

As magical creatures, the Atlac have the ability to suddenly appear where they want. Just place a flag on the location you want and your next wave of units will automatically appear there. Use this to ambush your opponent and catch them off guard.

Withdrawal (Yaoguai)

This skill shrinks all your units in your target area and causes them to retreat for ten seconds. The skill can be reactivated to return the units to original size before the ten seconds are up. It is another useful skill for surprising your opponent.
Regular skills have a cost but the amount of damage they deal on enemy units makes them worth the investment. Again, each race has its own regular skill that can be used during battle. These are listed below for your reference.


Since they are the brutes of the game, Terran skills mostly involve explosions. If you like bombing your opponents then these skills should make you happy. There are a lot of targeted attacks available for dealing massive area damage to enemy units.


Their skills have more variation compared to Terrans. Atlac skills include crowd control abilities, laser damage, and summoned units. Use the right skill at the right time and you would be able to easily win any battle.


This race can be crafty when they want to be. Yaoguai skills involve polymorphing enemy units in a targeted area into monkeys. They also have Mind Control skills that allow them to take over enemy units for a limited time.

Use all of these skills strategically if you want to get ahead. Avoid just randomly activating the first skill you can think of. Look at the overview of the map and figure out when the best time for unleashing your skills will be. If used correctly, any one of these skills can easily turn the tides of war in your favor.

Winning an all-out war is definitely an intimidating task. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Art of War: Red Tides tips and tricks to help you emerge victorious in every game!