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Polysphere Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Solving Each Puzzle and Unlocking Extra Ones

Playgendary is at it again as it recently released a brand new 3D puzzle game unlike any you have seen or played before on both iOS or Android platforms. With loads of successful games like Bouncemasters!, Golfmasters and Bowmasters, just to name a few, Playgendary banks on its tested and proven effective fan-magnet formula of providing simple intuitive controls with a fun, unique, and addictive gameplay. As a casual arcade game, Polysphere is as good as any brain-stimulating puzzle game and although it would seem like a great game for kids exclusively, you will come to find that it can offer a surprising level of challenge to people of all ages just the same. Beyond the puzzles themselves, the pictures you make out of each puzzle forms part of a gallery that art fans can appreciate and enjoy.

Polysphere is a game about finding the right perspective as several floating polygons form an image from the correct standpoint. You can freely rotate left to right, top to bottom or any angle in between to connect the polygons in such a way that each shape connects perfectly to result in a polygon art masterpiece.

There are no tutorials included as there really isn’t any need for one. You simply swipe at the screen to move from one angle to the next until you discover and unlock the hidden image. Some might say that a good imagination will help you solve the puzzles easily while you can also exercise logic in piecing all the given polygons together. Regardless of which you can utilize more or perhaps how much of each discipline you use to solve each puzzle, our Polysphere guide offers some helpful tips and strategies to help you uncover those masterpieces faster.

1. Understand How 3D Puzzles Work

To more effectively solve each puzzle, it is very important to have a good understanding of how 3D puzzles work. The best way to look at it, perhaps, is imagining the entirety of the puzzle inside an invisible cube. Beyond that, try to see the cube as comprised of smaller cubes and polygons are scattered on each smaller cubes that make up the bigger cube. Each swipe you do on the screen of the device should then be similar to rotating the cube in your hand as you find the right angle to discover the hidden image.

It may take a while for you to get used to this perceiving Polysphere this way but once you begin to see the game following the above analogy, solving each puzzle will be a lot easier.

2. Bring Polygons Closer To One Another

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There are undoubtedly a lot of cases in Polysphere where you can use your imagination to guess the picture you can unlock with the given polygons as the colors and rough image you see while you swipe and rotate the puzzle may occasionally reveal vague ideas of the masterpiece to be unlocked. Alternatively, however, some images are so uniquely colored or peculiarly shaped in that it’s almost impossible to guess the end result you need to accomplish.

Regardless of whether it’s logic or imagination you are banking on to solve the puzzle, one of the basic principles you have to understand is that each image to unlock in the puzzle comprise of closely-knit polygons with practically no gaps between them. As such, it is very important to try and rotate the polygons in such a way that the space between each one disappears.

3. Some Puzzles May Need You To Turn The Image Upside-Down

You may encounter situations where a slight lucky swipe on the screen can almost instantly clear the puzzle. In some scenarios, however, several rotations back and forth may still not give you a concrete idea of the image you are looking for. There will also be instances when you are so close to unlocking the puzzle but somehow, the pieces just won’t fit perfectly together and you might be attempting to figure out how to narrowly close each gap.

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If you encounter such situations, keep in mind that you may be looking at the puzzle from the other way around and you should understand that you can see an almost exact image from the opposite side. Like in real life, images printed on a transparent surface can be seen from the other side of the surface and yet it may not be exactly the correct way of looking at it. In Polysphere, therefore, when you find yourself too close to finishing a puzzle and may even be that close to vividly identify the picture to be unlocked, try looking at it from the opposite end. Swipe a full 180 degrees running through the same direction and you can unlock the image once the polygons get close to the other on the opposite side.

4. Take It Slow

Polysphere is a type of casual game that puts little to no pressure on you as you try to complete each puzzle. As there are neither time limits nor additional perks for finishing each puzzle faster than usual, be sure to take as much time as you need as you mildly swipe on your device’s screen to chance upon a pattern to go after. Keep in mind as well that the puzzle will not be solved by frantically swiping in all directions even if you chance upon reaching the perfect angle to unlock the hidden image. It takes a fraction of a second to finally unlock the puzzle once you rotate the image to the precise point, so trying to chance upon it through speed swiping won’t be of any help.

5. Focus On A Few Pieces

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In some instances, you can keep count of the number of polygons you see on each stage as some puzzles have relatively fewer pieces. As some may seem a lot more complex with an overwhelming amount of polygons onscreen, you may easily feel discouraged with the initial mindset that the puzzle’s difficulty may relate to the number of polygons it has. For one, you can be sure that having more polygon shards does not make a puzzle more difficult to solve and no matter how many polygons you see, there will always be a few pieces you can focus on with each twist and turn of the virtual cube as you try to make more sense of the picture in its entirety. It may not always be easy, and at times you may need to shift to a different group of polygons.

6. Associate Polygons By Color And Hue

While there may be a few, rare exceptions with more colorful puzzles; most images in Polysphere contain only a couple or more colors with varying hues. Typically, polygons of the same color lie close to one another so focusing on the fewer polygons of the same color can be a great strategy to unlocking each hidden image. There will mostly be a dominant color which makes up most of the image, but there will also be small amounts of another color that you can easily work with as you rotate the image following a more focused target.

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For images that consist entirely of one color, a similar tactic can be utilized by targeting polygons having the same hue (hoping that you are not colorblind). This may not always be following the exact same pattern as always, meaning, no two exact shades may be available in a particular puzzle and what you would want to work on then is following how shades work as polygons that make up the images will sometimes tend to arrange themselves from lighter shades to darker shades of a color or vice versa.

7. You Can Skip To Any Puzzle

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It can’t be helped that there may be puzzles that are just a little difficult for some people to uncover. It’s a good thing that there are no such thing as dead ends in Polysphere and going for any of the available puzzles does not require you finish any prior challenges. At the onset, you can already jump to puzzle #348 even if you haven’t solved any of the previous puzzles yet. So when you feel like you are stuck on one puzzle and would want to try your skills on the next one, you can freely do so, and you can always just hop back to the previous ones you left unsolved.

8. Unlock More Puzzles

Depending on how much time you spend on playing Polysphere and how fast you solve each puzzle, it is possible to finish all the immediately available ones on your first day. As the game has a certain addictive element in it, you may want to try out more of the unlockable puzzles and view more pictures in your gallery.

Fortunately enough, there are a lot of extra puzzles you can unlock in easy and simple ways without spending anything more than just a bit of your time. The first set of unlockable puzzles can be made available by having an Instagram account. You will be asked to subscribe to Polysphere’s Instagram page and in some cases, like some images. While you can do just that for extra puzzles, you can also just go to Instagram through the Polysphere app and hop back into the game to play the puzzle you need to unlock.

Another set of puzzles you can unlock for free require you to watch short video ads. Don’t be discouraged by the growing number of video ads you need to watch to unlock all those images as each video ad you play counts towards unlocking all other free puzzles. As an example, the first two free puzzles may require you to watch 2 and 3 video ads, respectively. In this case, watching 2 video ads unlocks the first puzzle and then you will need to watch just one more to unlock the second free puzzle.

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Keep in mind that any free game available on mobile devices requires ads installed to keep them on the market. Again, as casual arcade games may inadvertently have you keeping your eyes on your device’s screen for a long time, take things positively and see this as time for you to rest your eyes. Your device needs to be connected to the internet for ads to be able to run, so if you feel like you don’t want to see some ads at times then feel free to turn off your wi-fi.

Lastly, if you really love and enjoy the game, then the remaining puzzles that stay locked can be made available through purchase. In as much as we are not really much into spending money on micro-transactions, there will always be a few rational exceptions. If you really like the game and wish to extend your support to its developers, then spending a bit for it is completely within what is logical. Just the same, you may want to try unlocking the free puzzles first and save the paid ones for last.

As we established on several parts of our guide that Polysphere is a relatively easy game for a lot of people, these tips and strategies are all we have for now for our Polysphere guide. We hope that you were able to learn much from the numerous points we have outlined and that you enjoyed reading our guide as well. As Polysphere continues to pick up more players and ratings on the App Store and the Google Play Store, it won’t be much surprise to see an update to the game soon enough and hopefully, there will be more puzzles and more challenging levels to come from the game. If you know or discovered something about the game that we haven’t and would like to share your own relevant tips and strategies on Polysphere, we will appreciate your inclination to share those information with us. We value and welcome what you want to tell us so don’t shy away to leave us a comment below!