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Bouncemasters! (Playgendary) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get a Super High Score

Playgendary, home to several unique and funny casual games like Flip the Gun, Tank Stars, and Partymasters to name a few, recently released Bouncemaster! to add to its roster of reputable free-to-play games. Bouncemasters! is, perhaps, one of the best examples of a game that is so easy to learn yet so difficult to master. Don’t let the simplest of mechanics, the cartoony music and the cute and seemingly “kiddie book” graphics fool you as it takes a lot of practice and precision to fully master this game. So if you’re looking for a fun and cool game you can enjoy for hours, give Bouncemasters! a try and find out just how far you can go.

In Bouncemasters!, you play as a polar bear helping out your penguin friend to get to a lovely female penguin several thousand feet away. As penguins can’t fly, you will help your penguin buddy you’re your baseball skills and a bat and aim to send him about 25,000 feet across the arctic land to be with the girl. The goal is to try and hit the penguin hard and good to send it flying to as far as you can. As the penguin starts to descend to the ground, you take control of him to bounce off other animals, roll as a snowball, or dive underwater and take it to the farthest point you can.

bouncemasters tips

With the coins you earn, you can upgrade several attributes that all contribute to improving your succeeding attempts. Diamonds can be used as well to purchase unique bats that grant a variety of boosts. There’s a bit of luck involved too considering that the terrain, or more specifically the animals and obstacles within it, is far from being predictable but each and every swing of the bat and each bounce the penguin successfully makes on the obstacles are purely dependent on the skills you have.

Bouncemasters! lets you breeze through a very short and easy tutorial as everything can be done with a click here and there. The game will guide you on the proper way to pass through an obstacle ahead of you on the first encounter. Within a few tries, you will surely be able to see every kind of obstacle in the game but the challenge is actually being consistent on getting great starts with amazing kicks and landing bounces. Whether you are new to this kind of game or already into it but looking for more efficient ways to improve each bat, our Bouncemasters! cheats, tips and strategies will surely help you gain better results and have your mark on the leaderboards.

1. Practice To Get An Amazing Kick All The Time

bouncemasters! playgendary cheats

Depending on how precise your timing is as you hit the penguin with the bat at the start of your game, you can see messages like “Not Bad”, “Cool”, “Ouch”, or “Amazing Kick” at the top of your screen to tell you how well or how poorly you did as a batter and it is the main determinant in knowing how far and how high the penguin will soar before it slowly descends and hits the ground.

Seeing a “Not Bad” is actually bad and means your timing is way off and needs a lot of improvement and the only thing worse than that is actually missing to hit the penguin (and literally having to whack him to the ground to start over). An amazing kick, on the other hand, tells you that your hit on the penguin is on point and that you’re off to a great start. While possible, it is highly improbable to reach a farther point with a “Cool” start than with an “Amazing Kick” start even if your skills in timing bounces are exceptional.

Additionally, you can earn more diamonds with every successful “Amazing Kick” you launch and as these may be more difficult to farm than coins, getting some here is important. With that and as the end goal of the game is to go the farthest distance, it is best to start early on in getting the timing right for you to get that “Amazing Kick” as consistently as possible.

There are no proper tutorials to guide you on how to time each batting service right as people have varying reflexes and timing preferences. Just to share some methods, counting between tapping “start” and tapping again to swing the bat is a good way to get your timing right.

Another method would be using objects in the background as reference point on when to swing the bat. An example of this is swinging the bat just as the penguin’s head reaches the top of the arrow-shaped tree in the background. Again, depending on how fast your reflexes are, you can find a perfect workaround with these methods.

2. Master Those Bounce Combos

bouncemasters! playgendary combos

As Bouncemasters! is the name of the game, surely you don’t expect to break records just by getting a great boost with an “Amazing Kick” as a starter. The more challenging part of the game actually starts once the penguin descends back to the ground full of unique obstacles that you need to go through to let the penguin travel even farther. You can bounce off animals and mushrooms you see here and break inanimate objects while the penguin is on fire.

In a sense, the snowman and the small water hole are unique elements in that the snowman turns your penguin into a snowball that rolls in the ground and launches to the air after hitting a triangular rock while the water hole lets the penguin dive underwater and launch it back into the air.

With the speed at which the penguin travels, it is very difficult to quickly react to everything that will come your way. Occasionally, you will tend to be accustomed to a certain bouncing pattern and land straight into an obstacle that will end your run. The key here is to keep your penguin aflame so as to ensure it can break any obstruction; keep it at a high enough distance to not land straight into a moose’s behind; and maintain combos at a speed that you can manage to keep up on. Keep in mind as well that rolling into a snowball and diving into the water counts as part your combo.

3. Ignore Coins, Diamonds And Treasure Chests On The Stage

bouncemasters! playgendary tips

Like many arcade mobile games in the market, Bouncemasters! is brilliantly designed in such a way that there are loads of coins, diamonds, and even treasure chests scattered across the playing field that works very well in catching the player’s attention. In fact, it can be very effective in distracting you from your goal in the game and make you grab that diamond or treasure chest and miss a critical bounce.

True enough, you do need coins and diamonds for upgrades and better bats, and treasure chests do provide both resources on top of also giving out free upgrades, but you can get all those by simply playing through the game, nonetheless. You can get diamonds and coins as soon as you swing the bat and even if you don’t intend to grab some along the way, you will continue to earn it as you swing that bat one after another.

What’s most important in Bouncemasters! is maintaining your focus especially after the penguin starts to descend to the ground. So, keep your eyes on each obstacle that comes your way and decide quickly on which ones to use to keep the penguin on fire and moving towards greater distances.

4. Remember To Claim Daily Gifts, Rewards, & Chests

bouncemasters! playgendary rewards

There are gifts that you can claim once daily by clicking on the upper left icon of the screen. Depending on how strong you are, what it can offer you may not be much but it’s free and takes only a few seconds to get. Be sure to check it daily.

By playing Bouncemasters! regularly enough and without even paying much attention to daily quests for rewards, you can easily achieve all targets and claim rewards to help you with needed upgrades. Again, it may not be much but it still helps especially if you are rushing to completely max out each upgrade.

There are also Chests that you can claim from time to time at the bottom left of the screen. Like the daily rewards, it may not be that much but it certainly helps speeding up your progress.

5. Spread Out Your Upgrades

bouncemasters! playgendary upgrades

There are four attributes you need to upgrade to help you yield better results in Bouncemasters!: Power to get stronger, Max Speed to fly faster, Rebound to bounce more, and Beat Force to launch better. As these are all equally important for you to be able to go farther with each attempt, it is best to use your gold to do upgrades across each attribute.

Considering as well that there’s no point in holding on to extra coins, spend on an upgrade as soon as you can so that the chances of each play being better than before will somehow increase.

The maximum upgrade for each attribute is 100. Depending on how long and how often you play, being able to reach it is still a lot easier than in most games.

6. Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

how to spend your diamonds in bouncemasters!

Aside from the upgradeable attributes that improve the overall results of your game, there are also different bats that you can purchase with diamonds. With the exception of the VIP exclusive hammer and the default wooden bat, there are 22 other bats that you can purchase with diamonds.

As these are the only things you can spend diamonds on, there shouldn’t be anything else to stop you from purchasing each of these alternative bats. Keep in mind however that it is not that easy to earn diamonds and as such, it would be best to be a bit selective when buying bats.

You don’t actually need all of the available bats to do better in the game. What you need, rather, is a bat that is better than what you already have. So if at some point you feel that even with all the upgrades you just need a better bat, then go for one that you can afford. Keep in mind that each one you purchase takes you that farther away from the best one you could get with diamonds, the Infinity Gauntlet Bat.

7. Watch Some Ads To Boost Your Progress

how to boost your progress in bouncemasters!

It is very much understandable to feel bad about ads especially when they become intrusive and don’t sufficiently give you any sort of compensation whatsoever. In Bouncemasters! though, it should be seen as a time take a quick rest from the game and earn rewards while you are at it.

Keep in mind that heavily focusing on every play can be tiring too so you might as well take quick breaks and rest your eyes from time to time. With a 15-30 minute video ad that can multiply rewards up to 10 times, that’s actually a pretty sweet deal especially if you still have plenty of upgrades to complete.

Like in practically every game, the higher the level of upgrades you have on each attribute, the more expensive it becomes and while you’re constantly getting gold coins from each play, from daily rewards, and even after going back to the game after logging out, there never seems to enough as long as you haven’t maxed out all upgrades.

8. Prepare For The Real Challenge

bouncemasters! playgendary high score

Once you have broken the 25,000 feet barrier in Bouncemasters! and finally see your penguin buddy be together with his girl, you might feel that you have already beaten the game. You may be correct in some sense but at least check out your standing in the leaderboards, as that may tell you otherwise.

Reaching this point at this game actually seems like you made it past the point of being a noob, as you now join thousands of players on the leaderboards, everything you have learned and achieved so far should be evident to still be lacking. Once you have upgraded every attribute to level 100 and acquired the best baseball bat in the game, then you should consider yourself to be at least on equal footing with every other player on the leaderboards.

Without aiming to get more coins or diamonds and only targeting greater distances and better ranks on the leaderboards, you can better focus on each attempt you make to great bounce combos and avoiding or obliterating obstacles. If you don’t get an “Amazing Kick” from here, it’s best to end the game by tapping the screen repeatedly to have the penguin take a dive and instead restart again.

As a final tip, take some time to relax and not tap anything at the start of the game and just stay idle. Give it time and you will see both the polar bear and the penguin do all sorts of crazy and funny things.

And that is all we have for our Bouncemasters! guide. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you learned a lot from it as well. If you know additional Bouncemasters! tips, cheats or strategies that we forgot to mention, feel free to let us know in the comments area below!