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My City Entertainment Tycoon Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build Your Dream City

Have you ever wondered what it takes to govern a city? To watch over your citizens’ needs, develop entire neighbourhoods and carefully plan your future building projects? No, you don’t have to turn your real-life around to have a taste of that job. My City Entertainment Tycoon is a game in which you will put yourself in the shoes of a new mayor of a freshly established town and your task is to develop it to the size of a metropolis.

So, get ready for a lot of work! In My City Entertainment Tycoon you will build imposing skyscrapers, lovely promenades, throw outstanding parties and… bake tasty doughnuts! You better hold your horses though, because your governing job doesn’t end here. The bigger your city becomes, the more duties you will have to take care of.

It is widely known that a well-managed economy is a key to success in the majority of the strategic games. As a new mayor, you will have to plan your spendings, produce and sell your goods, solve your advisors’ issues and, of course, make your citizens happy. And this is merely but a surface of your duties! Yeah, nobody said that governing a city would be an easy job, so if you’re new to that thing, sit back, relax and have a good lecture. With that said, go ahead and check out our My City Entertainment Tycoon guide, that features some pretty cool tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Build Your City Wisely, Here’s What To Focus On

my city entertainment tycoon guide

The main goal of My City Entertainment Tycoon is quite simple: continuously expand your city and increase your player rank in the leaderboards. In order to do so, you will need to have a well-running economical background of your growing metropolis. The first and the foremost thing you want to do is learn what your buildings do and use this knowledge to your advantage.

In the tutorial part you will be asked to build residential houses in order to increase your population in the city. This is one of your main tasks, by which you can level up and gain access to new structures that will boost your production speed, money gain and you will be able to unlock new buildings. As you access higher levels, you will get access to new and bigger accommodations.

Even though you will be able to choose from a variety of buildings, there is a simple chain of production in My City Entertainment Tycoon. At the bottom of the chain are Production Factories, including Farmers’ Market and Supply Store from which you can get regular transports of the core resources, such as flour and bricks. Once you get enough of these resources you will be able to make use of them to produce other items or build other facilities.

For instance, bricks can be used to build houses, whereas flour is used in Restaurant to produce food. The food that you will produce in Restaurants, including doughnuts or cupcakes, can be exported on ships. For each completed shipment of goods you can get money and experience in return. As you can see, there are no goods and wares in this game that don’t have any purpose, but everything is well-connected to each other.

Speaking of connections, every building has to be placed near the roads, otherwise it won’t function and you won’t reap the benefit from them. The exception are structures belonging to the category of Decorations which have a certain radius of effect on the nearby houses and can be placed simply in their proximity.

Apart from the Production Factories where you can make base materials, and Decorations which speed up the process of household improvement, there are also other production-centred structures that you want to take not of. For instance, Small Shops provide you with a regular money flow, and Business facilities increase your experience and create goods that can be sold, used or traded.

Once you learn your facilities’ performance it’s time to talk strategy and proceed to the planning of your city.

2. Have A Vision For Your City

my city entertainment tycoon city plan

In My City Entertainment Tycoon you could, of course, build your city accordingly with your own vision for it. Remember, however, that apart from its appeal, a well-prospering metropolis should be well-thought-out in regards to the resource and experience gain.

At the beginning of the game you will have a limited building area at your disposal, so sooner or later you will have to expand it on the adjacent “square” areas. Every additional square will cost you a certain amount of tokens. You want to spend them wisely, because they are quite difficult to earn during the game. You can get them in two ways: either by completing Advisors’ Issues or levelling up.

Once you purchase a new building area, you will have a reasonably large piece of a land at your disposal. It’s good to start with the roads and then with buildings to get a good planning perspective. When building roads, you have to remember to place them only in the key areas of the square, otherwise you will quickly run out of the available building site. Probably the most optimal pattern for your roads would be to lead them around the edges of the building area and across the middle. Make sure to leave at least 4 small squares empty for the housing sites and/or small shops.

Last but not least, residents of your city like to live in a lovely neighbourhood. In order to speed up the improvement process of your houses, make sure to place them in the proximity of your Decoration buildings.

3. How To Manage The Economy

how to manage the economy in my city entertainment tycoon

Learning of how the economy in My City Entertainment Tycoon works is a key to success. There are 3 currencies that you want to take note of: money, diamonds and gold bars.

Money is a common currency you spend on constructing and upgrading your buildings. There are two kinds of the money income: passive and active. Passive income includes taxes and the regular income collected from Small Shops that you own. Active income, however, encompasses trade, export of goods and successfully completed Advisors’ Tasks and Issues. As the name suggests, during the game you don’t really have to worry that much about the passive income, since the funds from the passive sources, will pop up on your screen whenever they are ready to be collected. The active income is a different thing. In order to reap benefits from that bag, you will have to manage its sources by your own, that is putting your products on the market shelves, shipping them by the sea, land and air, and finish the tasks given by your advisors. You can also purchase large money packs via the in-game shop. For that, however, you will need to spend your real cash.

Diamonds are a rare premium currency that is mostly used in the in-game store purchases, or if you want to speed up the growth of your city by buying items or additional slots to your Production facilities. You can get them in a quick-way by the in-game store, however, if you don’t like the vision of wasting your real money for the game, you can get them as well, but in smaller amounts, by completing achievements. A small portion of diamonds you can also get by daily visits in the game.

Sometimes you will spot a large shadow over your city streets. It’s an airship which provides you with a possibility of earning some additional money and diamonds. Just sit back and watch a promotional video of other Android games, and see how the money and diamonds flow. It’s that simple!

And there are gold bars that are the key to more prestigious buildings in your city, including fancier Decoration buildings and richer houses. Gold bars are not that hard to get as diamonds, but nonetheless they are quite rare. You can get them, for instance by unlocking and completing different shipment routes.

As you can see, there are many possibilities of getting rich in the game and with that continuously expanding your city area. There is, however, a risk of ruining your economy or falling into a deadlock. If you produce too many items in your Production facilities, you may run out of the free City Storage room, whose every increase costs a certain amount of tokens. As you already know, tokens are expensive and rare, so make sure to expand your City Storage as soon as possible. Also, spend your resources and products as soon as you create them, so in the case of an economical deadlock, they won’t block the production process by being in the “pending” state. Products and resources can be also sold in the City Market. It is another way to keep your economy flowing. Make sure to check there available sales once in a while for the items you currently need.

4. Prioritize Your Production

my city entertainment tycoon farmers market

You will be tempted for sure to fill up your City Storage with dozens of tasty doughnuts and cupcakes as well as sharp-looking dresses and tuxedos, but this a pure waste of time and means. You have to know and plan your short-term and long-term in-game goals.

As a mayor of a successful metropolis, you want to set a hierarchy of the production, by making stuff that you currently need in order to construct a building, complete a quest or finish an achievement. Try to avoid storing your items for no purpose at all.

Apart from setting yourself short-term goals, you want to think collectively, and go beyond the actual tasks, issues and achievements, and this requires from you a strategic approach. It’s good to have Farmers’ Market, but it would be better and more efficient for your economy to have two of them. In such a way, you could produce at least 4 items at a time, than 2. The second facility of that type will cost you an outrageous price of $10.000, so you will need to plan your spendings well.

5. Level Up For Rewards And Unlock New Buildings

how to unlock new buildings in my city entertainment tycoon

By reaching a certain threshold on the experience bar, you gain new levels, and with that you get rewards and access to new buildings. This is one of your primary goals in the game – to increase your levels. There is a variety of ways which can help you level up.

Make sure to keep upgrading your Production facilities in order to get more experience per production and, in the process, get closer to the new level. Sometimes it will be a costly enterprise, but in the long run it’s definitely worth it.

You also get experience by completing Advisors’ Tasks and Issues. Try to adjust your spendings to the tasks and issues you are currently doing. In such a way, you will have a designed plan and a hierarchy of goals and you will avoid economical deadlocks.

And last but not least, try to focus on finalising shipments of goods and products in the Port Harbor or Airport. Remember that the more costly enterprise you will take, the bigger price you will receive. In other words: being patient pays off!

6. Get More Rewards, Here’s How

how to get more rewards in my city entertainment tycoon

From time to time you will receive Tasks and Issues from your personal advisors to complete. They can be best described as errands that you need to perform in order to get an appropriate reward.

Each of your advisors is responsible for a particular area of governing: Construction, Entertainment, Finance and Business. Each of them will provide you with a set of tasks connected to their area of interest, so as you go through the game, you will know what to expect from them. When you click on one of your advisors you will receive a detailed information regarding your achievements regarding a particular area, including the precise number of the finalized orders and the number of tourists visiting your city.

At the beginning of the game, the majority of Tasks and Issues you will do without the need of keeping the track of them. Later, however, you will have to carefully plan your priorities and spendings, since your errands will become more challenging and time-consuming.

And that would be all for our My City Entertainment Tycoon beginner’s guide! We hope that these several hints will guide you through the early stages of the game and make your metropolis grow faster and more efficiently. In case you have any tips you want to share with us, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!

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