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The Great Ottomans Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Mighty Empire

Known for creating strategy games such as Revenge of Sultans and Doom Dunes, ONEMT once again provides a very popular strategy game known as The Great Ottomans – Strategy Battle for Throne. The game is specifically designed for players in the Middle East. However, players from many countries can feel free to enjoy everything The Great Ottomans has to offer. This is where things become interesting. The game has quite a large amount to offer. The fun part is that the game itself is not massive in size. So downloading and installing it won’t take long. Naturally, the game can definitely keep you busy for hours on end with so many things to do.

The not so great news is that with all that content, a lot of questions typically show up soon afterwards. What to build? What to buy? What to upgrade? What to attack? The list can go on and on. Then again, there is mention of The Great Ottomans offering a lot in one game! Much like a chess game, you really should plan things. Here in this The Great Ottomans beginner’s tips and tricks guide, you have plenty of info to get your power up and keep on going.

1. You Won’t Gain If You Don’t Claim

the great ottomans cheats

The Great Ottomans is all about the gains. Yes, there will be plenty of them all over the place. It was always a matter of you claiming those gains (rewards) when they become available. For example, the port gives you random free rewards at certain intervals. Unfortunately, if you don’t claim them at those intervals, or very close to those intervals, the next reward will only take longer. No, the timer does not increase. It’s more a matter of the countdown timer won’t start until you claim the currently available reward from the port. So instead of taking 5 minutes, you were playing for an hour or more. Now it takes an hour or more and the next countdown timer (that example 5 minutes) for you to gain/use that reward. So don’t leave things too long.

The typical case when you start The Great Ottomans for the day is lots of things to check and/or collect. Again, don’t waste time. Collect those rewards as soon as possible. One or more of them might be something you need immediately. For example, the most common reward would be resources such as grain or wood. But some of those rewards can also contain lord EXP items. Some might even be gold. Any of these rewards could be used at any given time. This is, as long as you collected them! The game itself is a matter of keeping everything busy/running. It’s rather hard to do so when you run out of resources you could have had by collecting what’s yours!

2. The Crucial First Few Days

During the first few days of playing The Great Ottomans, you’ll have the chance to move your kingdom. It’s pretty easy to do and it’s recommended. Find a nice and cozy spot or find a spot near your alliance members. In any case, you won’t be there in that spot alone for long. What makes the first few days so important is that you have a shield that prevents all attacks on your kingdom. This would be your “time to shine”! This is when you’ll have to do your most building, training, and upgrading. Even though the main world is divided into sections like servers, attacks can come from anywhere within the main world. As soon as your initial kingdom shield has expired, you can buy other protections. However, it’s better to be as ready as you can.

3. The Benefits Of Not Spending

the great ottomans inventory

When you first start out, and this is a common problem among many games, many players tend to spend like crazy. Yes, there is a time and place to “have at it” when it comes to spending. Unfortunately, right from the start is neither that time nor the place in most situations of The Great Ottomans!

When you scroll through your inventory, you’ll see you can gain quite a large number of various resources right from the start. Do recall the mention of collecting your rewards! Yes, they can pile up quite heavily inside your inventory and that is fine. However, the trick in The Great Ottomans is not to spend common resources until you need them. One of the more common spending mistakes from the start is to use your speed ups. The game has so much else to deal with on any given day that you can just let the timers run down. The other option is to simply log out and do something else. For example, is anyone hungry?! The trick for speed ups is to keep them and use them for building, upgrading, researching, and/or training later on in the game. Those are the times you’ll need them the most. Another common spending mistake is using the free troops too early. You can see them in the above screen shot on the right. Those are level 1 free troop cards. Use those to gain the troops when you have the training grounds to upgrade them with.

There are players out there that question if they should spend real money on the game. Like any game currently available, spending money on it is always done by choice. This is despite however many “pay wall” complaints you might see in a game’s reviews. Yes, spending real money on The Great Ottomans is in fact, done by choice. However, it’s still on the spender not to spend that money in the game using poor decisions. So do watch what you are doing when it comes to spending real money.

4. The Better Bets For Spending At The Start

the great ottomans tips

Yes, The Great Ottomans does provide some opportunities to spend at the start. However, do not always go hog wild with it! For example, if you are convinced that you are going to get attacked the second your initial kingdom shield expires, buying an 8 hour peace would help. However, if you took the time to build things up properly, you can outright avoid many attacks. But there is another option for spending.

If you joined an alliance or made one, you will have to spend resources for it to be upgraded. The fun part is that it’s recommended to spend as much as you can willingly afford on the alliance you joined. The downside is trying to get into an alliance worth being in. Of course, some alliances are just “parking lots” for those who already left the game or went else in the game. But if you did get into a good alliance, it’s a good idea to spend. While you are at it, spending a little time in the alliance help section can do well for you. It’s the part of the alliance where members can click the help button(s) to reduce the countdown timers for other member’s building, upgrading, and/or researching. If you are in a good enough alliance, you’ll also get helped often.

There are items in the various stores of The Great Ottomans that can provide you with nice advantages. Before spending on these items, make sure you have plenty of the resources in question to spare and make sure you need the item in question. Do note you are still at the start of the game. You don’t want to leave yourself too much without things later on in the game. You will eventually gain lord EXP items. Use them whenever you feel like it!

5. More Resource Gaining

Yes, you will find your resources to be inadequate sooner or later. You shouldn’t have to rely entirely on the rewards gained via completing various tasks. Of course, The Great Ottomans doesn’t leave you completely without. You have your resource production buildings such as the farms and the wood mills. However, those will only bring you just so far especially if you have not been upgrading them. And yes, you should be upgrading those just as much as most other buildings! But there is another source.

Eventually you’ll find the button at the bottom middle of your game screen which leads you out into the main map. Scattered around this main map is a variety of goodies you can go after. This also includes other kingdoms that just so happen to move near you or was there all along. The bad news is that if you didn’t train any troops, you are sunk and should not have tried to explore the main map yet. The good news is that if you did train a good enough sized set of troops you can use them to gather resources from the various sources in the main map. The more troops you have to send out, the better. Yes, you can even separate your troops so that some will go after one resource while another set can go attack something. You can separate them to even go after 2 or more resources at the same time. One of the better bets is to send all your troops to the closest resources.

how to get more resources in the great ottomans

When you check the above screen shot, you’ll notice there’s a level 2 marauder found in the middle right of the screen. In order to attack marauders, you have to first defeat a marauder at 1 level below the marauder in question. So in this example you have to, at any time, already defeated a level 1 marauder. It goes on like that for each higher level of marauder you find. Mostly it’s a matter of having more power compared to the marauder.

You’d first check the details of the marauder in question. Don’t just blindly attack those things! That can quickly turn into a costly mistake. You should pay attention to its power level. When you try to attack a marauder, check the top middle of your dispatch as showing in the above screen shot. Make sure you have more power compared to the marauder. Once everything is good to go, click the dispatch button to begin. The point to all this being; marauders have various resources you automatically loot upon defeating them. So if you are spending a lot of time in game doing things, this is a good way to get some extra gains.

Otherwise, you’d want to send troops out to gather resources rather than looting them. Do note that this takes time. These resources include grain, wood, iron, gems and gold. It’s a matter of finding them in the main map. It’s the same idea as going after marauders but there’s no attacking involved. The more troops you send to gather resources, the more resources they’ll return with. The better news is that you can gain bonuses from doing the various research tasks. Those bonuses can speed up the process and/or make your building, upgrading, training, and/or researching faster. Again, recall the mention of keeping everything busy. Later on in the game, it becomes very easy to do because all the building, upgrading, training, and/or researching takes longer and longer. Yes, you will need those speed ups!

Another source of resources in the main map of The Great Ottomans is the ruins. The ruins are pretty easy to find because they are large objects in the main map. They work similar to gathering resources. You are not really attacking something but eventually you can gain. The best bet for exploring a ruin is to use the 8 hour duration. Yes, this seems like a long time to gain whatever you can. The trick is to set that before you log out of the game for at least 8 hours. Clearly the best time would be just before you go to bed for the night/day/whatever! The idea being to pass the time however you see fit so you won’t have to sit there waiting for it.

Lastly found in the main map of The Great Ottomans as a resource is other attacking kingdoms. The trick here is that you have 2 very good options. Naturally, the first being to find other kingdoms at a lower level compared to your own. Some players might see this as a “dirty tactic”. The truth is that this is a good tactic. It’s not your fault the target(s) couldn’t keep up with you! Do note that many players will not hesitate to do the same to you! Call the tactic what you will but it does work. Secondly, you can always locate kingdoms that are abandoned. The reason they are abandoned doesn’t matter. What matters is you’ll find them. They are usually pretty easy to spot! They’ll be at a low or “lower” level and have no initial kingdom shield. There’s an excellent chance that it’s an abandoned kingdom if you see something like that. As an abandoned kingdom, it’s entirely on you to keep attacking it. Even if it turns out to not be abandoned, refer to the “it’s not your fault they couldn’t keep up” part!

6. Tactics To Avoid Being Attacked

the great ottomans tactics

Of course buying an 8 hour peace would at least let you take a nap! You also have the trick items which provide the wrong info to scouters. But you don’t want to have to keep buying things. Thankfully The Great Ottomans provides you with 2 resource protection methods. The fun part is that both won’t cost much beyond “you should spend on them”. Again, refer to the idea of keeping your resources in your inventory until you need them. They happen to be safe there! From there, it’s a matter of upgrading your warehouse. The warehouse not only provides a storage space but it also provides protection for your resources. While working with the warehouse, you’d be upgrading the warehouse and performing all the related research to expand the resource protections too. The idea is that if you are attacked, the resources that are in there will stay there. Despite the claims found in the reviews, you won’t lose everything due to attacks.

The next method is to use as much of your resources as possible before you log out for the day. Yes, this is a very tricky part because the warehouse does protect your resources. That and no, you being in game won’t prevent an attack. Your various production buildings are constantly producing resources as they should be. Then you have troops bringing back resources of various types. So yes, you can easily overshoot the warehouse protections. The trick here is to use your resources count down to around 150,000 or more resources below your protection limits. So even with a long period of log out time, you’ll keep your resources within the protection limits.

The whole point to these things in The Great Ottomans is to prevent multiple attacks, if not all attacks, by making it as close to worthless to attack you as you can. It comes down to who’s going to attack you when there’s no real gain? Consider the potential for losing troops in an attack. Then the time it takes to even get to your kingdom just to attack you. Where’s the value when you didn’t leave any?! It would take someone with way too much time on their hands to even consider attacking you in that situation!

And this wraps up our strategy guide for The Great Ottomans! If you know additional tips or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line!

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