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Mobile Royale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Your Growth and Dominate the Map

Renowned mobile games developer IGG.COM, known for several successful releases on both Android and iOS platforms but most recognized for Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires, Castle Clash, and the Clash of Lords series of games, recently released its latest offering Mobile Royale. This game is yet another MMORTS game bound to follow in the footsteps of IGG.COM’s greatest releases as it already made it to top ten lists around the world and has been downloaded over 100,000 times in just a short span of time.

There may be a lot of games within the genre flooding the mobile markets now but aside from the tremendous amount of content and features Mobile Royale has, it sports some mechanics that are still new for even the most veteran of MMORTS players. Perhaps one of the most notable features the game has is having all players across the globe play in one huge server. Beyond that though, the appeal of having a dragon guard your fort and attack your enemies in battle comes as a huge attraction as well. Despite the seemingly overwhelming complexities of the various activities you can engage in as you play the game, Mobile Royale makes it easy for even first time strategy game players to pick up and play.

Mobile Royale sets you off as a lord of your own kingdom and it’s no easy task. You constantly need to generate and gather basic resources like wood, stone, food, and gold to ensure that your kingdom continues to grow and prosper. There are several buildings to construct and upgrade as well as military and resource enhancements you need to continuously research to level up. There are heroes to gather and level up and each one has their own unique set of skills and abilities. There are also campaigns to conquer which serves as a story mode of sorts and more or less gives you the feel of an actual battle between armies. While you can enjoy watching the battle with auto-mode on, manually playing offers a broader strategic approach. Like any other online multiplayer strategy game, there is a constant need to train troops as well and on top of hundreds of other players scattered across the large world map, you can also hunt for gigantic monsters for various loots and hero experience points.

The tutorial that Mobile Royale provides is easy to follow as it walks you through each new aspect and feature of the game. In addition, suggested activities and quests form part of the basic routine to follow. Every building and every activity mostly includes information icons you can click on to understand everything better. As a lot of the activities you will initially engage in can follow a routine, it’s relatively easy to get used to doing everything you need to. As everything that needs to be done is pretty much constant too, the initial challenge boils down to having good multi-tasking skills and some time and dedication. With a 3-day protection that leaves you safe from potential attacks from other players, you have ample time to ready your fort, heroes, and troops for battle.

As you will most likely be in a guild as well before you engage in battles against other players, you can always ask for help when you need more guidance and information on anything. Adhering to suggested quests are simple enough and most mechanics are not that complex to understand but if you are totally new to MMORTS games or perhaps looking for more efficient ways to raise your power and progress faster, then our Mobile Royale tips, cheats and strategies can surely help setting you up for a good, productive start. So without further ado, let’s move on to our Mobile Royale beginner’s guide!

1. Don’t Strictly Follow The Suggested Quests

One of the first things you’ll be doing a lot of in Mobile Royale is doing quests and whether it’s a simple construction of a building, hunting monsters, or completing a campaign chapter, each completion earns you rewards and automatically lines up a new suggested objective. At times, though, you can stray a bit off of the suggested quests and earn rewards for it immediately. As an example, you can do upgrades on a building in excess of what is suggested, and you should, most especially when the construction time can instantly be finished for free or at least close enough to 5 minutes at VIP01. You will oftentimes have quests requiring you to finish certain campaign chapters. Once you finish it, though, you can proceed to the next one but be sure your power is at least the same with what is being suggested.

mobile royale guide

Once you complete a quest that is on the suggested queue on the left side of the screen, you can click on it to instantly claim your rewards. Be sure to always check the Quest button at the bottom of the screen as you will most likely accomplish a lot of activities which has rewards not shown on the queue. As you will get a lot of items from each accomplished quest, be sure to check this and claim your earned rewards at the soonest so you can use them to progress fast early on.

2. Always Multitask To Speed Up Growth

As you progress in Mobile Royale and unlock more features that enable you to partake in more activities, it becomes important to keep your buildings and troops as active as possible. As suggested quests queue one action at a time and it will only involve one of the usual activities you need to engage in, feel free to still continue upgrading buildings and preforming researches to sustain continuous growth of your city. As much as possible, make sure that you are always building something and researching something before proceeding on to doing campaign missions or hunting monsters on the map. Additionally, you should keep on training more troops whenever your resources are enough to do so.

Multitasking can greatly speed up your progress but it won’t be enough to keep you ahead of the pack. As you earn tons of rewards and items on the first few hours of gameplay, feel free to spend some speed ups on construction, research, or training. Take note of the remaining time it takes to complete such activities as it becomes free automatically at 5 minutes at VIP01 and what you would want if ever you use speed boosts is bring the timer down close to but not less than 5 minutes or more depending on your VIP level. In any case, if you can wait out the completion time of the task as you engage in other activities or if you are about to log out, then by all means do so.

mobile royale tips

What makes both multitasking and speeding up completion times most important early on is because you want to make the most out of the preliminary 3-day shield that you have which makes you immune from being attacked by other players. Additionally, it is best to exert a lot of effort as well as consume some of the items you may want to hoard for later as you would want to raise your city, its many buildings, and your heroes levels to ultimately raise your overall power and be able to unlock more features and campaign stages. Banking on this strategy early on also gives you an edge over other players around your city and make you less likely become a target once the shields go down.

Be sure to always check on the Assistant Icon right below the construction and research icons as it will let you know which structures or features are idle and can be made productive. It serves as a quick link to all sorts of structures as well to make it easier for you to find the inactive ones.

3. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

No MMO strategy game exists without having a guild, alliance, or similar brotherhood system in place. As this game mechanic has become an integral part of online games, even ones that don’t mainly fall within the strategy game genre, it is well understood that everyone needs to join a guild to keep up with the ever-increasing challenges that the game provides. Unlocking the guild feature in Mobile Royale comes early on and is also among one of the early quests you will need to accomplish potentially on the first hour of your game.

As all players in Mobile Royale are on one huge server, it is expected that there will be more than enough guilds available for you when you start the game. You can always create your own if you are up to the challenge and can spend some resources, but there are a lot of huge guilds you can instantly join. Be sure to check for number of members as this may be your initial indication that the guild you join is an active one. With guilds housing more than a hundred members initially, you can almost be sure that there will be suitably enough active members to contribute to the guild’s growth as well as help each other out.

mobile royale guild

One of the most important benefits you can get from a guild is the assist that your fellow guild members can provide which trims down the waiting time for construction, research, or training to finish. This is where being a part of an active guild counts initially as you would want free speed boosts on the growth and progress of your base. There are also tons of Guild Gift Boxes you can receive as each member of the guild purchases items, makes guild donations, or engage in monster hunts so be sure to spend time on these activities too to give back to your guild. There is also a Guild Trade feature which lets you trade in some of your basic resources for items for Diplomacy. One guild feature you may want to frequently visit is the Guild Shop as you will be able to purchase a lot of important items here at the cost of Guild Coins and helping your guild out and actively putting in your fair share of participation can earn you a lot of these easily.

4. Strengthen Your Heroes And Equip The Designated Leader

Growing your army by continuously training troops at the barracks is a good way of increasing your power. Beyond that, the heroes you have collected which serves as the generals of your army contribute greatly to your power and as such, should be constantly levelled up, promoted, and strengthened to boost your army’s might.

The most basic way to increase your heroes’ power is by levelling them up and you can do this easily by sending them out to do monster hunts. Regardless of whether or not they can destroy an Ifrit or Icy Crawler, they will gain experience points for you as well as themselves. There are various quests as well that grant you experience potions you can use to hasten the levelling up of your heroes. Keep in mind though that the maximum level they can reach can only be equal to your level so you may want to regulate using potions especially if you have a lot of battle stamina to send them out for monster hunts.

mobile royale heroes

Another way of increasing your heroes’ power level is through promotion which can be done by collecting more of their soulstones. As you check to see all available heroes in Mobile Royale through the Hero tab on the bottom of the screen, clicking on the plus sign underneath the experience bar will show you the Elite Campaign Stages where you can earn their soulstones from. As there are limited attempts to battle through elite stages daily, you should prioritize one hero over the rest and focus subsequently on heroes you will actually be using.

Promoting heroes instantly boost each hero’s power greatly but beyond that, each promotion unlocks rune slots where you can equip them runes you have collected over time. You may want to fuse runes first and equip the stronger ones first as removing runes from any hero will destroy it unless you spend Rune Pickers.

By clicking on your portrait at the top left corner of the screen, you can designate which from among the heroes you have unlocked will serve as their leader and you can equip gears to further boost your army’s power. You can forge equipment for your designated leader at the smithy. Potentially, you will easily be able to craft common equipment. As you may have several choices to craft per piece of gear, be sure to check on the buffs each one provides. Be sure to also check the Set tab for more powerful and equally more difficult gears to craft. These pieces of equipment provide 3 buffs instead of two but it will take a lot more time to farm the necessary materials needed for each part. Some pieces of equipment may also take some time to unlock as these are dependent on the Smithy level, which in turn is dependent on your castle’s level.

5. Complete The Elite Campaign Stages For Rewards

mobile royale cheats

Once you finish a normal campaign chapter, you will unlock its elite counterpart which is a lot more difficult but offers equally better rewards which includes hero soulstones to summon and promote your heroes. Depending on your VIP level, there is a limit to the number of times you can challenge each stage. The gap between recommended power levels from one stage to another may surprise you and later on it may take a while before you can proceed to challenge a newly-unlocked stage. If you are finding it difficult to finish a stage where your power level exceeds the recommended one, you may want to switch off auto mode to impose better combat strategies that will help you win the battle.

6. Raise Your VIP Level

Unlike in most online games where VIP levels can only be raised by spending real money, just actively playing Mobile Royale gives you boosts to raise yours. For one, simply logging in the game and logging in consecutively earns you VIP points. A lot of the quests you can easily accomplish following the normal course of playing can also earn you items that grant VIP points. Be sure to check your VIP status regularly and see if you can add points to it with items you gain without noticing as it is always better to use those items sooner than later.

mobile royale vip level

Some of the best perks you can gain from having a higher VIP level includes faster construction and research as a result of gaining free speed ups a lot earlier; being able to go through elite campaign chapters more each day; claiming more gifts from the clan; receiving higher experience points for any activity; faster marches for your army; and of course, protection of more resources in case your fort is attacked. You can see the full list of benefits easily by clicking on your VIP status at the top of your screen.

7. Send Troops To Resource Spots And Villages

The various resource-generating structures you have in your fort will hardly be sufficient to sustain your needs especially since there will be constant building upgrades and training troops in the game. You can always use some extra resources from your bag but to ensure you have a steady supply of the basic resources, you should consistently send some troops out to harvest the most needed resources from various resource spots on the map. One of the reasons as well why you need to level your heroes up is because the size of the brigade they lead as well as the amount of resources they can gather both depend on their level.

Another set of spots to go to are villages that offer buffs for as long as your troops are occupying them. As there are fewer villages than resource spots, it may take a while for you to be able to find one close enough. You can occupy a level 1 village once your chapel reaches level 5 and each 5 levels your chapel reaches, the higher the level of villages you can attack. Considering these challenges, be sure to take advantage of instances when you can find a village you can readily occupy.

Keep in mind that your peace shield only protects your fort and everyone in it making troops you send outside vulnerable to attacks from other players. Likewise, you may want to prioritize targeting resource spots and villages that are unoccupied as engaging in any battle with a player will automatically deactivate your shields.

8. Engage In Trades And Raise Diplomacy Friendship Levels

Take note of the diplomat with a floating Scroll or Exclamation Mark icon standing in front of the bridge towards your castle. This diplomat presents clan diplomacy requests in the form of needed items you need to provide to earn friendship points, might or power, as well as event points. You need to complete other campaign chapters to unlock more quests from the diplomat but for starters, ensuring that you continuously grant the requested items will reward you with tech and other hard to acquire items.

mobile royale diplomacy

You can always acquire the needed items by sending your airship out to trade your basic resources for the needed items. As you increase your clan diplomacy levels, you will unlock more items to trade for.

9. Prepare Well Before Attacking Other Players

The very core of Mobile Royale, much like any other MMO strategy game, boils down to attacking and pillaging other players’ cities whether on your own or with some assistance from your guild. Although you can do this prior to the expiration of your 3-day protection shield, it’s better to focus on growth and development first to ensure that you will be much stronger before you launch your first attack. Additionally, considering the amount of concepts and mechanics in Mobile Royale that you need to fully understand, you should consider your first 3 days in the game as a training lesson to grasp as much as you can.

While occasionally heading out of your city to hunt monsters, gather resources, and occupy villages, you will most likely be able to catch a good glimpse of your immediate surroundings, more particularly, nearby players, their city’s respective levels, as well as their growth compared to yours. Once you feel that you are ready to attack or once your shields are close to being deactivated, the first decision you need to make is whether to stay where you are or relocate your city somewhere else. Your points of consideration here will be the ratio of potential predators and prey as you assess the number of players who may be stronger than you relative to those whom you can easily defeat.

mobile royale strategies

Regardless of the situation, another point of consideration is whether you should already move to where your guildmates are. If there are enough members who are ready to consolidate on one location, that would work best for everyone and you should consider relocating immediately to where they are. Otherwise, you can initiate the strategy as it is of utmost importance for strategy games like Mobile Royale for guildmates to be situated more closely together. This will not only make it easier for the guild to jointly attack other players but will also serve as the best defensive strategy since there will more likely be members online to keep a close watch on potential attackers.

For starters, just to test out your might and experience fighting against another player’s city, choose players who have no guilds as your first target to lessen the risk of retaliation. Also, don’t presume that a city’s level will determine its army’s strength as some cities with a higher level than you can often have very little defensive capabilities. To ensure that you have a better idea of what you are up against, scout first before launching an attack.

Defensively, make sure that set some heroes as defenders on the Training Grounds. In the event that your city will be attacked by other players, your leader, along with the defending brigades will stand to defend your city. Be sure to keep an eye on your resources as well and check if the current amounts of resources you have are well within what can be protected by your vault. In line with this, take caution when consuming instant resource-replenishing items from your bag and use only what you need in case of emergencies as you would not want having too many resources that may be pillaged by attacking players.

There are still a lot of content to be unlocked in Mobile Royale but for now, these is all we have for our Mobile Royale beginner’s guide. Surely enough though, the tips and strategies we mentioned here should boost your city and army’s growth and development well ahead of the pack and we are hoping that you were able to read through each item we discussed and learned much of it to use moving forward in the game. If there are some things you think we missed for our beginner’s guide, we will appreciate hearing from you about it so don’t shy away from leaving a message in the comment section!

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How do you get to the world map so you can defeat a level 1 village?