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Golfmasters (Playgendary) Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks to Clear All Stages

The comical duo from the hit arcade game Bouncemasters! are at it again as Playgendary, the developer behind several free-to-play games millions of people played and love, released Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game. As another casual arcade game with a fresh take on a familiar gameplay, Golfmasters is centered on the simple idea surrounding its name, a golf game that is fun and funny at the same time. The graphics, the sounds, and the creative way the entire game is packaged makes this game a totally hilarious and unique experience. If you enjoyed Bouncemasters! or looking for an amusing way to spend your free time, find out how Golfmasters managed to secure 50,000 downloads on the Google Play Store in less than 2 weeks after its release and check it out.

As far as short introductory stories go, Golfmasters continues from where Bouncemasters! left off as the penguin and his girl are finally living together and in peace starting to have a family. Shortly, a pack of hyenas steal all your eggs so the penguin calls his friend, the polar bear to help retrieve and hatch your eggs and be reunited as a family once again. With all 5 eggs scattered across 50 different golf courses, the penguin must reach and go into each hole within three shot attempts before moving on to the next area. As the polar bear, you can unlock and choose the best golf club to strike the penguin across the field, as he bounces over (or goes through) some peculiar looking animals, trees, explosives, and even treasure chests scattered across the golf course. The penguin can also be upgraded for strength and speed boost to reach farther distances. For each upgrade, you need to spend coins that you can easily earn through regular gameplay as well as receive through various game ads and incentives.

The tutorial is as basic as it gets, showing you the simple swipe-aim-release method for each swing of your golf club. As the game doesn’t require an understanding of golf terminologies and mechanics, expect to always hit the ball (penguin) with each swing. With nothing more you can do but watch after you swing the golf club, be sure to enjoy the flurry of combos you would never expect to see happen. If, however, you are having difficulty clearing some stages, our list of Golfmasters cheats, tips and tricks can surely help you get through each are, collect all eggs, and be ready for the greater challenges ahead.

1. Take Note Of Swing Angles

golfmasters playgendary cheats

Since each swing in Golfmasters is a guaranteed hit, the only things left to be within your control are the angles of each swing as well the power. While the length of your swipe determines the power of each shot, the placement of your finger as you hold it down after the swipe determines the angle of the shot. As you will mostly stretch each shot to maximum power in an attempt to go further through the stage, you are mostly left to determining the best angle to take in every given situation. Perhaps the only consistent time to use little power is when you are so close to the hole and a putter can finish your game.

Although the obstacles and the animals within each stage are not randomly generated, it is still hardly possible to memorize each one’s precise location even if you play close attention to the trail guide above the screen. In a lot of cases, you actually leave some shots to a case of trial and error as you make your first shot and see where it gets you. Although there are a variety of ways and shot combinations to make it to the whole within 3 shots, it’s important to be conscious enough before each swing and take note of what happens so if ever you don’t clear the stage after 3 tries, you can try a different angle on the next. Be sure to not aim too high as the vulture will grab you and mess your shot up. Additionally, seeing trees on the screen or on the trail guide above means you need to swing high enough to go over it.

2. Aim For Combos Instead Of Sheer Distance

golfmasters playgendary tips

While you need to cover a lot of distance on most shots in practically every golf game, the golf mechanics in Golfmasters makes it so that you shouldn’t rely exclusively on the power and speed of each swing of your golf club, as the animals, explosives, and even puddles can all help in boosting the penguin farther across the golf course, utilizing them as much as possible is key to making it through each stage, most especially the more difficult ones.

While you bounce over most obstacles and animals, you can appreciate the hilarity of going through the giraffes and elephants knowing as well that while they don’t register as part of the normal combos, they essentially and effectively work in the same manner as combos do especially in connecting to a series of bounces, kicks, and jumps that take you further across the stage, sometimes even to the very hole at the end. Knowing that, be sure to pay a bit of attention to try and go for hitting the animals rather than shooting aimlessly at the unknown distance. It doesn’t necessarily mean only going for the ones you can immediately see, but at least that’s a start. After a few swings, try and calculate aiming towards animals farther ahead by using the trail guide at the top of the screen. It’s not going to be that easy at the start, but you’ll be sure to get the hang of it later on. As the guide shows which particular obstacles or animals are ahead, you should be able to determine well enough what to aim for, like the giraffe’s head for instance.

By watching the penguin travel from one animal or obstacle to the next, you will notice that the arc by which he travels may be loosely similar to the coins that he can get. If it is exactly the same, it means that you have just the right amount of strength and speed to make it through the stage. Even in situations where there are no coins in sight but you can notice how seemingly perfect the penguin travels from one bounce or kick to the next, you’ll know if you need to do some upgrades in strength and speed to help you make it through that stage.

One thing you can appreciate from Golfmasters is that there will be situations when you won’t see just how perfect your swing was until an unexpected combo from out of nowhere lands the penguin straight to the hole. So, while you may actually want to strategize deeper on how to cut across each golf course within three attempts, you actually don’t have to think too hard as a lot of surprises happen in the game even making a hole-in-one become an easily accomplishable feat.

3. Focus On Upgrades Whenever You Can

golfmasters playgendary upgrades

It’s rare to find a game these days that involve only one in-game currency. As there are often several in-game items that can only be obtained through the use of more expensive currencies like diamonds or gems, it takes much more effort a lot longer to get the upgrades and equipment you want in the game. Fortunately enough, you only have coins in Golfmasters to earn and grind for and everything you need can be obtained using these coins.

There are a total of 14 different golf clubs you can collect excluding one which can only be obtained by subscribing to the game and achieving VIP status, of the 14 clubs, only 5 can be bought with gold as the rest can be yours totally free through either being unlocked by watching a few 25 to 30-second video ads or progressing through the game and tapping on the piñata. Although it’s fun to collect all these unique golf clubs, what is best is to actually try and save for the Rooster which provides an additional boost of 20% to Speed and 20% to Beat Force. Although it may take a while since it costs 80,000 coins, getting it ahead of time will make it easier for you to go through most of the stages, especially the initial ones.

Your penguin companion, which serves as your golf ball, can be upgraded to increase his strength and his speed. Strength increases the power of each swing, making each hit travel farther across and will take much more time in the air before it starts descending back to the ground. Speed, on the other hand, relates to the maximum speed the penguin can attain from right off the starting smash through each bounce, boost, and dive along the way. You can also upgrade the coins you earn while you are offline. Although you can get free upgrades occasionally by watching ads, you will be spending a lot of the coins you earn with these upgrades. As each one of this contributes to helping you get through each of the 50 stages, it is best to spread upgrades across these 3 options as best you can. Although the offline upgrade obviously do not contribute to your performance in the game, it helps you earn coins faster to make upgrades on the other 2 options. As soon as you acquire the rooster golf club, or if you are really struggling to finish the stage and feel that you should start upgrading, feel free to spend on the strength and speed boost.

Keep in mind that with each upgrade you do and as the level rises, so does the associated costs for each upgrade. This means that the higher the level of each skill, the more you may appreciate those free upgrades. The maximum level for each is 100 and while it seems too much when you are just starting out, you can easily achieve it way before making it to the last stage.

4. Gain More By Watching Ads

golfmasters playgendary gains

It is common knowledge that free-to-play games always come loaded with a couple of advertisements and some people feel that it can be a nuisance at some point. While there may actually be games where you get absolutely nothing for watching video ads, you won’t endure the same experience in Golfmasters. First and foremost, being able to multiply the coin rewards you get at the end of each stage or 3 swings by up to 8 times is totally worth it. It’s actually just a matter of how you see advertisements in games. Look at it as your compulsory 25 to 30-second time to rest your eyes and fingers and you will actually be glad it’s there.

There are also 2 useful golf clubs that you can get after watching a few video advertisements. As these clubs cannot be obtained any other way and considering that you should best not spend any coins on the other clubs other than the rooster, getting these clubs early on can be a huge help to you. The Snake Golf Club, which adds 15% sliding, requires watching only 5 video ads to unlock while the Parrot Golf Club, which boosts offline rewards by 20%, obliges you to watch only 10 video ads to obtain it. It may not seem that much at first but rest assured, there will be situations where you will make it so close to the hole but won’t make it because of friction, and then you would wish you had more sliding attached to your golf club. On the other hand, make it a habit to equip the Parrot Golf Club before you head out of the game.

Watching video ads can help you earn additional chests as well. As chests may contain free upgrades on top of generous sums of coins, sparing a few seconds on the video ads is actually short compared to the grind you must do to obtain what it provides most especially when upgrade costs grow higher as its level increases.

Although you shouldn’t specifically target treasure chests scattered across the golf course as you will naturally be getting some through the natural course of your game. Lastly, after being offline for a while, you should go for the 4x coin reward especially if you still need some golf clubs and upgrades. Keep in mind that you will not likely get that much by jumping into the game as soon as you can and skipping the opportunity.

5. Accomplish Daily Missions And Claim Rewards

golfmasters playgendary daily missions

On top of the daily login rewards and free chests that you can get, the are also daily missions that you can view through the drop-down icon on the left side of your screen. As some of these tasks can be accomplished within few minutes of playing the game, it helps to look at it when you log in so you can have an idea of what you should try to do to earn additional coins. None of the challenges are actually difficult, so be sure to aim for getting the rewards for completing all 3 objectives within your playthrough.

6. Prepare For Tournaments, Here’s How

golfmasters playgendary tournaments

After finishing all 50 levels and hatching all 5 eggs, you will be treated to a quick congratulatory message notifying you that you have finished the game. If at this point you still have not maxed out the upgrades, you can still do that. Feel free to collect the remaining golf clubs if you want to as you will no longer be needing extra coins once you have maxed out each upgrade.

Finishing level 50 will take you to level 51. It’s 20,000 feet long and you can simply test how far you can go hear as it seems impossible to finish at this point. Although there are no tournaments yet in Golfmasters, it will perhaps be available after an update. For the meantime, you can further hone your skills or even explore more of the sideshows the game has to offer.

If you haven’t tried it before, clicking on each of your family members back home will make them react differently and earn you 1 coin per tap. Staying idle on the golf course will make the penguin and polar bear do all sorts of crazy dances. You can also try to hold down a shot and watch happens when you strain the polar bear a little too much.

This is all we have for Playgendary’s Golfmasters for now and if you’ve read through it, you’ll surely be able to finish the game in no time. Hopefully, you’ll continue to try and improve on your swings as we all prepare for the tournaments. If you have seen or discovered additional Golfmasters cheats, tips or that you think should be added to our list, we will appreciate hearing about it so be sure to drop us a message in the comments!