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Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

Before the world was filled with magic and happy endings, Bugs Bunny and his crew were busy blowing things up and tearing them down. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem brings back all your favorite characters from the classic animated series, and the result is just epic. Scopely’s brand new action RPG lets you collect all the characters from the Looney Tunes series and assemble a team that will help you win cartoon battles. You can recruit Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Road Runer, and of course, Bugs Bunny, to join your team.

Despite the crazy characters, the game requires wit and strategy in order to win. Factors like classic rivalries will affect the power of your team. Don’t forget to level up your toons and unlock their special attacks in order to win battles. If you find yourself struggling to succeed, be sure to check out our Looney Tunes World of Mayhem cheats, tips and tricks for some guidance and help!

1. Know Your Toons

looney tunes world of mayhem guide

When you assemble your team, you will need to fill up four slots. Since there are a lot of characters to choose from, it is best if you read up on each toon that you have. Toons are classified as Attackers, Defenders, and Supports. They are also categorized under different teams like Forest, WB Studio, Avalooney, Town, and so on. Each toon also has his own set of skills and relationships with other characters. All these things have an effect on your toon’s viability as a team member. Make sure you study every aspect carefully before deciding who to include in your lineup.

It is generally a good idea to include two Attackers, one Defender, and one Support for your team. This composition will help ensure that you have enough damage to take down opponents, while still securing survivability for the whole team. A well-balanced team is usually the safer option since you will be prepared for most scenarios. Choosing a highly specialized team will only leave you vulnerable.

2. How To Win In Battle

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you are in the middle of battle. First, skills are powerful, but they go on cooldown. Make sure you use all your offensive skills and boosts as soon as possible. This will help ensure that they finish cooling down sooner, allowing you to use them again later on. The initial burst of skills should give you a decent lead over the enemy team. It will then just be a matter of sustaining pressure in order to achieve victory. One skill you should probably hold off on using, though, is your Support’s heal. Save it for when your toons take damage and heal right away to keep your team’s health up.

While your skills are on cooldown, continuously attack your opponents in order to keep them on the defensive. Always set the same target for all your toons. The sooner you reduce the number of your opponents, the better. You should also keep an eye out for any icons that pop up above your toon’s head. These would usually tell you if there are existing rivalries in battle. Take advantage of the rivalry stat boosts in order to win battle.

3. Rush Through Your Levels

looney tunes world of mayhem tips

Do not be lazy in increasing your Player Level. A lot of the game’s content is locked behind Player Level milestones, so the sooner you reach them, the more features you will be able to access. New game modes such as Alliances and Challenges become available only when you reach a certain level. You will also need to meet Player Lever requirements in order to unlock new regions in Campaign mode. New regions will allow you to recruit new toons as well as unlock different parts of the World for your toons to live in. If that’s not enough incentive, the game also rewards you with various goodies whenever you level up. To increase your level, you just need to complete Campaign battles, Daily Goals, Quests, and Invasion stages. The more you grind in these areas, the faster you will be able to unlock the rest of the content within the game.

4. Invest In All Your Toons

While you may be tempted to dedicate all your resources to your favorite characters, it is actually better to spread out your upgrades across all toons. There are a lot of possible toon combinations in the game, and you will eventually come to the point where your favorites would be the least ideal team members. The Campaign levels will have you put together different squads for the different chapters that you unlock. If you only invested in a handful of toons, you will be stuck with a lineup of low-level characters.

Make it a habit to level up any new toon as much as you can. Try to get him close to the power level of your main team. This way, you will not have to grind all over again when the time to use that toon comes. Remember, the more high-level toons you have, the easier it will be to come up with a strategy for each situation.

5. Easy Way To Farm

As you progress through the game, you will eventually need to replay old Campaign levels in order to farm for specific items. The easiest way to do this is to simple Auto-Win the levels you want to farm from. In order to unlock the Auto-Win option for a level, you will need to get a three-star rating for it first. Once you do, you can spend Energy Points in order to Auto-Win the level up to three times. This is another reason to ensure all your toons are leveled up. If you have fully upgraded the toons needed for each level, you can easily secure that three-star rating.

6. Queue Up Toon Tasks

looney tunes world of mayhem tricks

The World is where your toons can plop down their respective buildings. You will need Gold in order to build the structure for each toon. These buildings will allow you to set up tasks for your toons. Upgrading the buildings will unlock additional task options as well as improve the rewards for completing tasks.

When you are actively playing the game, you may want to set up 20-minute tasks first. This will allow you to queue up a lot of tasks since you will still be around by the time the 20 minutes are up. If you are about to log off for the day, queue up the 6-hour tasks. You can then look forward to a lot of rewards when you log back in the next morning.

7. Climb The Brawl League

Once you have a decent team, it is time to test your skills against other players. Participate in Brawl battles in order to steal chests from other players. These chests contain various rewards, but they also take time to open. Don’t forget to set up defenders for your own chests since they will also be targeted by other players. You should also avoid entering another Brawl battle if your chest slots are full because the reward will just be wasted. If you want additional chest slots, you will need to unlock a new region. That’s yet another reason to rush your Player Level.

Aside from the chests that you steal, winning in a Brawl will also reward you with Trophies. These Trophies fill up your Brawl League meter. When you fill it up, you will advance to the next tier and receive a few Medals. Medals are used for buying items from the League store. A final benefit of winning Brawls is the Star Crate. The Star Crate requires a number of stars to open, and the only way to collect those stars is by winning Brawls.

8. Try Your Luck With The Wheel

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem has a Spin the Wheel option which you can access from the main menu. Wheel prizes include toon pieces. If you collect the required number of pieces, you can unlock a new toon. Some of the best toons in the game can be unlocked through this method, so it is worth taking a shot. In order to spin for a prize, you will need Daily and Golden Tickets. Daily Tickets are acquired by completing Daily Goals. Golden Tickets, on the other hand, are given out as rewards for beating the 10th Campaign battle of every chapter.

9. Complete Your Daily Goals

looney tunes world of mayhem hints

We have mentioned the Daily Goals a few times, so you are probably curious by now what they are. The good news is, they are not really that difficult. The Daily Goals are just the routine tasks that you should be doing every day in order to keep your progress on track. Make it a habit to complete all the tasks listed in order to ensure maximum resource gain. Rewards include a variety of goodies. Most importantly, you get toon pieces for the character that is being advertised on the Daily Goals tab. Consistently completing your daily tasks will help you unlock your favorite characters if they are on rotation.

10. Don’t Forget Events And Quests

Another set of tasks you should not neglect are Quests and Events. You have regular Quests and Event Quests, and you can check them out by tapping on the Goals notepad. Completing these will reward you with Player Level Experience, Gems, and toon pieces. If you are a member of an Alliance, you should drop by often to check if there are any active events. Team up with your guildmates in order to complete these special events and you can all win rewards together.

11. Grab Your Freebies

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem is generous to active players. You can get a Daily Login Reward and a Looney Crate for simply playing the game on a daily basis. To claim them, just head into the Toon Store and tap on the Offers tab. Rewards from these include toon upgrade items, toon pieces, Illudium, Tickets, and Gold. If you are looking for some free Gems, the game’s premium currency, you can go to the main menu to watch a few video advertisements. Make sure you do not squander your hard-earned Gems on speeding up activity timers, though. The only thing you should spend Gems on are additional toon pieces and crates.

Dominating in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem is easy, especially if you rely on our strategy guide for winning Brawls! In case you have something to add or just want to share your thoughts about the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


Monday 3rd of July 2023

Hello I have very important question. Is it a right and wrong way to level up, or it does not matter ?????? As example - if you tune up a toon which is level 1 - you receive less power per level , then if you tune up the same tune but if its level 60. Same with rangs - much more power per star, if the toon is allready high level and tuned up, and much less power per star , if the toon is level 1. So - what is happening with that power??? Is it lost forever, or you receive it back later on leveling the tune, by some system which is calculating, or something ???? Thanks