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It looks that the .io fever looks lwon’t be dying out anytime soon. Geisha Tokyo’s new game is yet another contender in this unique genre. This competitive multiplayer game is all about being the last man standing in a snowball arena. Just roll around the map in order to increase the size of your ball, then use it to flick other member out of the game. You also have the option to have multiple small balls if you feel like it, though. The smaller balls can then be used to snipe your opponents with.

Regardless of your play style, you will need to ensure that you stay in the game for as long as you possibly can. The controls are easy enough to pick up. Just swipe in the direction you want to go, then release your finger to shoot. The longer you stay alive within the arena, the higher your rank will be. Read the rest of our cheats, tips and tricks listed below if you want to ensure victory in every match!

1. Random Kills Are The Best skins

As we mentioned above, your goal is to be the last man standing in the arena. To do this, you will need to get rid of the competition while dodging any snowballs coming your way. At the beginning of every match, the arena will be full of people. That means more targets for you. You can get a lot of random kills by simply rolling around the map and shooting in every direction. Just make sure the snowball stays for as long as possible within the arena and it will most likely eventually find its mark. Don’t forget that you can take down an opponent by either ramming a snowball into them, or by shooting at them from afar. It is up to you to decide which method is best for each situation.

2. Bigger Means More Power

Simply hitting another player is not enough to take them out of the game. They need to be sent off the edge of the arena. To do this, you will need to use the correct size of snowball. The bigger the snowball, the more powerful it is. If your target is far away from the edge of the arena, you will want to use a huge snowball. Send them flying by hitting them with the biggest snowball you can make. Even if they somehow survive, you can follow up with a series of smaller snowballs to send them over the edge. Understanding the relationship of size and power in this game will allow you to accurately determine whether it is time to shoot your snowball or continue rolling. Creating an excessively large snowball will only leave you vulnerable to attacks, so make sure you assess each situation correctly.

3. How To Level Up

Your ranking by the end of each match is more than just for bragging rights. The higher your rank is, the more points you earn. You will need to earn a certain number of rank points in order to reach the next level. Leveling up continuously will eventually change the color of the stars, allowing you to unlock a new skin. Reaching level 3 will give you the Silver rank. Level 6 gives you the Gold rank. And level 9 gives you the Diamond rank. Each new rank you achieve will unlock a new skin. After unlocking the skin for the Diamond rank, however, levels will just be for the sake of showing off.

4. The 0th Place Glitch tricks

If you are lucky, you will sometimes experience getting stuck in the arena even after the last player dies. When this happens, you can just roll yourself off the arena and you will finish with 0th place. That’s a weird place to be, but it will reward you with around 500 rank points. You won’t be credited the victory, but at least you get enough points to rank up several times. There is no way to trigger this glitch on purpose, so it is just good to know what you should do in case it happens.

5. Use Icebergs To Your Advantage

Icebergs will occasionally fall into the ocean as you play the game. You will see a red flash when an iceberg is about to fall. Take advantage of this opportunity by knocking an opponent onto the piece that is about to fall off. Doing so will be the same as killing them off. It is an easy way to finish off an opponent even if he is not near the edge of the arena. Just make sure the same tactic is not used on you. Move out of the way as soon as you see the iceberg falling.

6. Unlock More Skins

Using different skins is a great way to keep things fresh within the game. It could also give you some bragging rights depending on the skin you unlock. Keep in mind, however, that the skins will not give you any advantage within the game. All the skins work the same way, so feel free to stop collecting once you have unlocked your favorite. If you are a completist, though, you can still unlock them all by following the steps listed below.

Square Armless Robot – Play two days in a row
Head Spinning Robot – Play seven days in a row
Skiing Square Robot – Finish one game in first place
Sledding Penguins – Finish in first place in 50 games. The games do not have to be consecutive.
Round One-Ski Robot – Kill off more than four players in a single match
Seal – Kill off more than six players in a single match
Skiing Penguins – Kill off a total of 100 players across all your games
Square Robot on Wheels – Make a snowball three times bigger than your character. You can just continuously roll around without shooting your ball until it reaches the correct size.
Skiing Snowman – Make a snowball six times bigger than your character.
Television Robot on Wheels – Reach Silver rank
Cube Robot with Arms – Reach Gold rank
Round Robot on Rollers – Reach Diamond rank

Surviving the chaos of a snowy arena is not easy, but with the help of our cheats, tips and tricks, you will be able to take out all your opponents! If you know additional tips, please share them with us below in the comments!

jessie mornia

Friday 1st of December 2023

I've beaten 2,000 people playing that game.

ur mom

Thursday 26th of October 2023

does anybody know how to change the wait time for the tournament

amara littleton

Sunday 1st of October 2023

All of this information of was helpful,but seen no explanation of how to win every match I play.

Don't ask

Friday 3rd of February 2023

And if you are going the opposites direction of someone else, Go beside them and ram into hem from the side, it works very well for me.

Don't ask

Friday 3rd of February 2023

If you have a bigger snowball than another person, ram head on into them and they will go flying.