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BMX Space Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Ace All Missions and Reach Class S

If you have played and enjoyed DRSV’s Skate Space, then chances are that you will love the Japanese company’s brand new mobile title BMX Space as much, maybe even more if you are into bikes than skateboards. In addition to being able to customize your avatar’s looks and set of skills, various single player and multiplayer game contents are available as well. BMX Space also has a feature that lets players create their own bike park that other players can visit and play in.

BMX Space does not have a lot to offer as far as tutorial sessions are concerned but the free roam park you get thrown into once you dive into the game should more be more than enough to teach you the basics. This game is somewhat comparable to Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX or even Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series in the sense that different tricks can be assigned to different buttons and successfully executing and combining them will earn you points. There are various stages to play in and even more custom parks created by other players to revel in.

bmx space tricks

Considering everything, BMX Space provides features and controls that are easy for players of all ages to pick up and learn. As easy as it is to understand the game’s basic features and controls, mastering different tricks and consistently executing them takes a lot of patience and practice.

Now, if you want to jumpstart your virtual BMX vert ramp riding career, then stay with us and read our BMX Space beginner’s guide below! We have compiled a comprehensive guide including tips and strategies to help you ace all missions and earn the best skills.

1. Spend Time In Free Play

BMX Space takes you straight to a park as soon as you dive into the game. The park may not have it all, but it provides enough ramps and rails for you to be able to try different tricks and get accustomed to the controls. BMX Space provides various features tucked away under the menu but before you explore each one, it is best to get accustomed to all the basics first.

BMX Space provides a virtual directional pad on the bottom left of the screen and virtual buttons on the right side. The directional buttons control your bike’s movement when you are grounded and allows you to spin while in the air. Pressing up moves you forward while the left and right directions are responsible for turning. Although there is a down arrow on the pad, you will not be able to run your bike in reverse although you can use it to slow down or brake.

how to learn more tricks in bmx space

The skill button that looks very much like the directional pad can easily give you the impression that only 4 tricks can be used at a time considering the 4 basic directions you can drag it to. BMX Space, however, lets you equip 4 different skills at a time, which means that you can assign some tricks to diagonal directions on the skill button.

Note that the bunny hop skill, which is the most basic one, is all you need to perform tricks on the rails as well as other places where you can grind. Simply tapping on the center of the skill button without dragging it anywhere will let you jump onto rails and landing on them with the right enough angle will also initiate the tricks.

Although you will normally see other players in free play, these are NPCs that do not impact your performance in any way. You can certainly bump into one another but there are no consequences at all. If anything, you can actually learn from what you see from them and before you engage in missions and multiplayer, free play stands as the best place for you to polish your skills and runs.

bmx space achievement

Free play is not just a hangout for total beginners. As you acquire new tricks and swap in a different set of skills later on, you should always consider giving each one a spin. Note that you can only do 1 trick with each jump although that should not prevent you from still generating combos with all the tricks up your sleeve.

There is continuous growth in BMX Space as everything you do earns you EX, which is a basic currency you need to purchase other currencies that can help you acquire skills as well as improve them. The skills you use naturally become better over time and if you spend some time in free play as well as all other game modes, you will often experience skills reaching new levels.

2. Consider Mastering The Manual Controls

BMX Space does not leave you empty handed at the start of your adventure. In addition to different manuals you can freely perform as well as grinding, your character will have 3 basic tricks that can be performed and a standard fourth one that you can pick up for free at the tricks menu. By default as well, performing tricks in BMX Space is set to auto mode where each equipped skill you have will cycle through each one whenever you tap on the skill button.

For beginners, the auto mode in skill usage provides benefits in the sense that repeating the same tricks over and over leads to earning lower points and given that points are your key to earning EX as well as the main determinant in accomplishing missions, you would naturally want to perform a variety of skills. Using the same trick consecutively reduces the points you earn from it by 70%, which is huge, so avoiding it is guaranteed by using auto mode in the tricks menu.

bmx space trick list

Every different trick you perform, on the other hand, earns you 10% back on the first trick you use. This means that once you have equipped 8 different tricks, cycling through all of them means getting a 100% score rating for each trick. There are, of course, other factors to consider as far as score computation is concerned but the point here is that you may want to consider auto mode because it ensures that each trick you perform earns as many points as possible.

On the other hand, while manual controls for performing tricks is a little more challenging, it is also liberating in the sense that you can perform whichever trick you want at which time. One of the major points to consider when choosing which tricks to try and pull of is their relative difficulty.

Some tricks are simple enough and can be completed within a much shorter span of time while others are more complex and require more air time to pull off successfully. Take note, though, that more challenging tricks will net you higher points.

how to perform bunny hop in bmx space

You will be riding across various parks in BMX Space and it can be a real challenge to fully memorize each one. As far as jumps and air time is concerned, it can be a challenge to completely map out your run to the point of knowing the sequence between shorter jumps and longer jumps s you travel across the park. Likewise, while you can keep a good memory of which skills will be performed next if you are on auto mode; taking note of sequences on both tricks and jumps can become a tiring experience.

In this sense, it is best to get accustomed to performing tricks on manual mode instead as you will readily be able to plan which tricks go first on your run, but also be readily able to make changes at any time. Unlike free play, mission park and multiplayer mode always sets time limits within which you can perform tricks. Subscribing to auto mode can actually earn you decent amount of points, but you can get as much from manual mode and also be less prone to making bad landings or bails when performing tricks at the wrong time.

3. Keep A Balanced Set Of Tricks

Free play can introduce you to the basic tricks that come with your rider and when you tap on the edit trick icon under the menu, your first attempt to obtain a new trick via its button will earn you an extra one for free. You will basically start off with 4 different tricks up your sleeve but, as can be expected, BMX Space provides a ton of other tricks to unlock and upgrade. At this point in time, some of them may already be upgraded depending on how often you have successfully pulled them off in free play.

You have 8 slots in your trick list that you can customize to your heart’s content. You can see the equipped tricks, the score each one can earn you as well as their corresponding level. Note that each trick will earn you a higher score with each upgrade as well. You can tap on any slot, and the list of your tricks inventory will pop up on the left side of the screen.

You can assign the same trick to different slots, representing a different directional swipe on the skill button when you are playing. You would naturally want to assign a different trick for each slot but if you do not have enough tricks to fill all 8 slots yet, then leaving other slots on Bunny Hop should be okay.

how to perform superman tailwhip in bmx space

On auto mode, tricks are cycled through, which means that leaving a slot on Bunny Hop would be the best in case you do not have any other skills yet as the score reduction a Bunny Hop repeat sooner will not impact the score your other tricks will have. Once you obtain new tricks, be sure to visit the edit tricks page and update your kit.

Tricks in BMX Space are also categorized by rarity, which goes from 1 to 5 stars. Higher stars imply that a trick is much harder to obtain, and can be a lot more challenging to successfully pull off. Tricks can belong to the same star grade but earn you different scores at level 1 as well. This just means that within each star level, some skills are still harder to initiate than others.

As much as 4-star and 5-star tricks are the flashiest and can also earn you the highest scores in a single go, simply lumping them all together in your kit is not necessarily the best option. As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons activating skills manually instead of a roulette is because not all of your jumps will yield the same air time. A trick’s star level almost always impose the air time needed for you to safely pull them off, which means that keeping a mix of skills across all star grades is the best way to go.

After gaining more experience in different parks, missions, and multiplayer battles, you will have an even firmer grasp of air time and how each half pipe or vert will affect your jump. Beyond that, each jump is also affected by timing, which you will eventually be more attuned to with some practice and exposure. You can always test different trick combinations so the better you get, then the more higher grade skills you can equip.

4. Progress Through Missions In The Mission Park

Once you have secured a good grasp of the basic controls, regardless of whether or not you are still employing auto mode or initiating tricks manually; it is a good time to take what you have and test it out on the missions mode. As intimidating as the missions may seem, they are actually not that tricky, especially the starting stages. Most of the trails are pretty much laid out and the allotted time you have which can be seen on the details of the mission is a solid hint as to how many tricks you can pull off.

Beyond the available time you have on each mission, you can also see how much EX you can earn on first completion as well as the minimum score you need to meet to complete the level. There is even a screenshot preview of the level.

list of missions in bmx space

For the most part, you can clear most missions even with your skills at level 1. However, some mission stages can be very demanding in terms of requiring runs that may not be perfect, but have zero bails in them. This means that while you do not necessarily have to pull the top-scoring tricks or combos, failing to land a trick will almost always mean failing to complete the level.

While the amounts of EX to gain from completing different levels within the Mission Park is actually reason enough for you to want to make good progress in it, the stages you get to play through is actually equally important. If you look at each one closely enough, you can see that the way the entire stage is set up actually teaches you how to manage tricks and pull off great combos.

how to complete more missions in bmx space

Unlike in free play and user-created parks, the streamlined approach to most mission levels seemingly force you in situations where you need to perform a string of tricks to reach the required points to complete it.

Perhaps the only exception to these are the special stages on every fifth mission as these are typically full blown parks where you have more freedom to deviate from trails and sequences. Just the same, you can always go in and replay each level you have already finished to master combos and even beat your personal high score. In relation to this, BMX Space does not have any energy or stamina systems in place, which means you can pretty much spend as many attempts on each level as you can.

5. Prioritize Skill Purchases Over Avatar Customizations

It is probably already a given for most players, but BMX Space’s assortment of costumes and gears can be very appealing, especially when a multiplayer feature is part of what the game has to offer. While looking good with various player customizations may boost your confidence and ego in multiplayer sessions, they actually do not contribute in improving your skills or performance and are exclusively aesthetics. It is a lot of fun to dress up your rider, but as far as efficiency is concerned, spending on tricks is the best way to go.

While bigger amounts of EX can be obtained from completing missions and partaking in multiplayer battles, everything you do in free play can also earn you bits of it. Although EX is the only currency you can earn across all game modes, you can exchange it for both x-coins and coins that you need for other purchases.

Under the main menu, you can see the EX you have in stock at the lower left side of the screen, clicking on it takes you the exchange where you can purchase x-coins that are needed to acquire new skills, or coins you need to purchase new clothes and other player customization options.

how to exchange ex to x-coin in bmx space

10 x-coins or 100 coins initially cost 150 EX but the price increases by 100 after each purchase. With this setup, it becomes increasingly attractive to purchase coins after purchasing x-coins several times, although there is still a long way to go in terms of collecting skills. X-coins can also be used to increase the level cap of each skill although we recommend saving your x-coins for purchasing new tricks instead.

Each trick you have has a maximum level of 10 and while it may take a while to reach that, regularly playing and performing these tricks will eventually get you there. Whenever you purchase new tricks, it is possible to obtain tricks you already have and it will not be a complete waste. Getting extra copies of the same skills will increase the level cap by 1 and enable you to obtain even higher scores from them.

Although it may take you a while to secure more than enough choices in terms of skills to equip, you should also consider picking the tricks that have higher level caps as you would want to level them up and have them earn you better scores in succeeding runs. This, should not in any way be prioritized over keeping a healthy balance of tricks as far as difficulty is concerned.

6. Learn As You Compete In Online Battles

Every activity you have engaged in so far serves as the preparation stages for the online battle as this game mode serves as the ultimate test of skills and precision. Once you have gone through enough time on free play and have grown accustomed to the tricks in your list, it is time to show everyone else what you have and compete against other players.

The online battle in BMX Space pits you against 9 other players for an ultimate showdown of tricks with the goal of amassing the highest score possible within a limited period of time. Unlike all other game modes, you will only see the obstacle or park ahead of you after the countdown, which means there will not be time to mentally prepare on how to showcase your skills in sequence.

how to get a high score in bmx space

You might be discouraged with the assumption that all other contenders in online battles are better trained than you but at this point in time, you should have a decent enough chance of beating the odds even without a full set of tricks. In all honesty, it can feel that other players are mere bots who still have a vague idea of how to perform tricks but in certain occasions, you will meet worthy challengers.

There are no cool down periods in-between online matches and you can readily jump into another one right after the previous one’s conclusion. It is not just a good way of earning EX, but also serves as a great way of determining just how skillful you have grown. Beyond the experience and EX, it is important to learn from every jump into an online battle.

If you see yourself falling behind some players, try to learn from what they are doing. It can be a challenging feat to keep track of other players’ movements while minding your own run as well. In most cases, however, you can spot people doing a trick-grind-trick combo that you can certainly simulate during or after the event.

7. Perform A Trick Right After You Respawn

Although making a bad jump and crashing are the last things we want to happen in an important run, it can always happen in BMX Space, most especially for beginners. This is more probable when it is your first time to play in a particular map like in the mission park or the online challenges. Falling down on your bike does not just lose you the points for the failed attempt, but also cuts down time as you will need to respawn.

In some cases, bailing or failing to complete a trick in your run is equivalent to a failure as it can heavily impact your score. The less time there is on a mission stage or online battle, the less time you have to make up for the slip. There is time lost but you can effectively cut it down if you perform a trick immediately after you respawn.

performing suicide no hand trick in bmx space

For most loosely similar games, resetting after a bail happens on the ground and you will typically be on the spot where you were prior to the crash. In BMX Space, you will always respawn several meters above the ground. As much as you may still be stuck on the bail as you respawn or otherwise feel that the height is not enough for you to perform the trick, it actually is sufficient to perform even the top tier tricks.

Making it a habit to take advantage of this strategy may not be seem impactful but, in some cases, it can spell the difference between completing a mission stage and repeating it. In the case of online battles, it can make a difference in rank as well. Always push for higher scores even if your run did not go as planned. Perfect runs are hard to achieve even for experienced and veteran players so do not let a few hiccups along the way wear you down.

8. Learn To Edit Your Park And Attract More Visitors

Beating mission park levels and competing regularly in online battles will certainly fill your needs to enjoy performing a plethora of tricks and trick combos in BMX Space. Beyond all that, and even if you get bored with the free play mode that you spend time on as you practice your best runs, there are plenty of different user-created parks to revel in.

Mastering old and new tricks in the same default park will definitely become stay after a while, which is why you should consider checking out what other players have designed for everyone to play in and enjoy.

Under the main menu, you can click on the “other park” box and a plethora of different parks will appear on the next screen. You can see screenshot previews of different parks created by other players although the case is that previews are only small fractions of what the whole park looks like. Be sure to try and check in on as many different parks you can visit and practice your runs in them.

bmx space park objects

Different setups of verts and half pipes as well as other obstacles can prepare you better for any possible setups you will encounter in online battles. You may often see other visitors and the park’s creator and owner practicing as well.

If you enjoy building stuff up on top of perfecting your trick executions, then seeing different park designs should provide you an abundance of ideas on how to create and edit your very own BMX park. On the main menu, you can tap on the “edit park” option to modify the default free play map that everyone is familiar with.

Sliding the camera icons across the lines on the left side and at the bottom area of the screen adjusts the perspective while the “add” and “release” buttons at the right side of the screen lets you place and remove different objects, respectively.

Although there are about 4 items that need to be purchased using coins, the rest are free to use. As you choose to place an object, 3 arrows appear across it to adjust its position and height. It may take a while for less experienced players to edit a park but a little practice is all you need to build one. Removing objects is a lot easier as well. The “texture” button is your one-stop shop for adding various colors to your park so be sure to look into it as well.

how to build a park in bmx space

Creating a park and having visitors will not earn you EX or other currencies. To some extent, though, having your very own park that you can edit freely and spend countless hours of practice on will directly contribute to earning you EX as you practice and likely level up your equipped tricks as well. On top of that, it adds a lot to the fun factor especially when you have a growing number of visitors who frequently take their practice sessions in your park.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have come up for BMX Space. We are confident that each simple tip and strategy we shared with you will contribute to giving you a better performance in your subsequent runs.

Naturally, experience is still the best teacher especially in a game that requires patience and perseverance. If you stumbled upon a nifty trick or strategy outside of what we have already shared, we are always eager to hear from you so do not hesitate to drop one or two in the comment area!