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Summoners War Cheats: 6 Awesome Tips for Advanced Players

We previously told you about Summoners War and gave you some tips you could try out to get further in the game. As a recap, this RPG was developed by Com2uS and it’s available on iOS and Android platforms. The game allows you to pit monsters against each other, with classic rock-paper-scissors mechanics and modes for single-player and arena action. Now, if you are an advanced player looking for some additional Summoners War cheats, tips and tricks, we’ve collected them for you right here.

1. Save Your Best Monster For Boss Battles

You may want to reserve your top monster and keep it on the bench, so to say, as much as possible, but you will need that monster to step up to the plate when fighting boss battles. Boss battles can be very difficult to fight, so you want to put your best foot forward and send your most-skilled, highest-level monster to battle; yes, you may lose that monster in the end, but you’ll still be getting a sweet bonus and completing a stage.

2. Have At Least One Healer In Your Team

Healers won’t traditionally inflict a lot of damage on your foes, but they’re mainly there to heal damage, not inflict it. Make sure you’ve got at least one healer on the team, so that you’ve got someone to “repair” your monsters and get them ready for more action in the future.

3. Unleash The Beast By Awakening Your Monsters

This doesn’t literally mean your monsters are sleeping – they just have some wicked skills that have yet to be unleashed. And for you to do this, you have to acquire certain items to awaken these monsters. Most of the time, they’ll be found at the Cairos Dungeon, so give that place a visit if you’re looking to give your “sleeping” monsters a huge boost in skills; there are no level requirements to awaken a monster.

4. Focus On One Monster At A Time

Before you can evolve a monster, that monster has to be at its maximum level. In other words, you should focus on one monster at a time when trying to evolve them. They will naturally earn experience over time, but if you see a monster you want to evolve, power it up first to make the leveling up much faster.

5. Fuse Your Identical Monsters

Like other games of its kind, Summoners War has “common” monsters you may run into more often than once. You may have more than one monster of the same kind at some points, so if you do, go ahead and fuse them; this would level them up and add to their skills and stats. It may be a bit harder than it sounds, but fusing two monsters of a kind is always worth it in the end.

6. Pay A Visit To The Magic Shop

If you’re stuck at a certain point of the game, you may want to drop by the Magic Shop and purchase any number of special items. Just be sure, however, that you’re purchasing something useful and not something you want just because it looks or sound cool.