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HOME: Boov Pop! Cheats – 6 Tips to Help You Get a High Score

Tired of the same old Match 3 mechanics and looking for a new way to play this ever-so-popular type of mobile game? HOME: Boov Pop! is a game based on the Dreamworks film, that’s currently available only for iOS users, so if you own an iPhone or an iPad you can join in on the fun and “connect colorful and bouncy Boov bubbles to match three or more and make them POP!” Sounds pretty basic, but the game does add the elements of gravity and physics into the game. Now, that you know the twist, let’s bring you some HOME: Boov Pop! cheats, tips and tricks to help you break your current high score, or those of your friends’.

1. There Are No Time Limits Per Level

That’s one basic thing you have to remember about Home: Boov Pop – the game doesn’t have any time limits. But you do need to pay attention to the number of moves you’re allowed per level, even if you have the luxury of taking your time.

2. Long Bubble Chains Can Do The Trick

One great way to score more points is to pop long chains of bubbles, as this would leave more super bubbles behind. And speaking of super bubbles, you can use them to your advantage, either by tapping them or popping them as part of a chain; they emit beams that move horizontally or vertically, destroying everything the beams come in contact with.

3. Use Rainbow Bubbles When Needed

Once you reach Level 6, you’ll start seeing rainbow bubbles; these bubbles can be popped in a chain, as they match any color adjacent to them. By adding a second rainbow bubble, you can keep such a bubble chain going. But you wouldn’t want to arbitrarily use rainbow bubbles either, as it would be a waste for you to use them if you’ve only got a few bubbles of a different color to deal with.

4. The Straight Line Rule Doesn’t Apply Here

Classic Match 3 mechanics would require you to form patterns in straight lines, but not in Home: Boov Pop. Just keep matching nearby bubbles and they’ll be included, even if you’re not able to connect them together the first time around.

5. Try To Have As Many Left Over Moves As Possible

Since our goal here is to help you beat high scores on Home: Boov Pop, we’ve got another tip that can help you do that – if you can finish a level in much fewer moves than what is required, those unused moves will be credited as bonus points, while leftover bubbles may sometimes be transformed into super bubbles.

6. Unlock Special Abilities For Characters

This would start in Level 16, where Oh will let you choose a bubble of any color, and pop all other bubbles of the same color, regardless of where you find them on the board. Special abilities can be really helpful if you’re stuck in a tight spot in the game.