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Hoppy Frog 2 – City Escape Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Following the success of the original Hoppy Frog, Turbo Chilli now has an iOS/Android sequel for casual mobile gamers around the world, Hoppy Frog 2 – City Escape. The game puts you in control of the titular character as “he finds himself on the wrong side of the law” and tries to make a “mad dash for freedom” – as it turns out, he’s been framed by Sharky and wrongly accused of lake pollution. And it’s your job to take Hoppy to freedom and avoid Sharky and his scooter-riding gang known as “The Fins.” With that description taken care of, let’s bring you some Hoppy Frog 2 – City Escape cheats and tips that can help you stay clear of the bad guys and get the highest possible score.

1. Use Time Lapse To Earn Free Gifts

Players will have a chance to win themselves some free gifts, though these will come in intervals. In order to skip the waiting time, simply take note of the date and time you’re scheduled to receive free gifts, and change the date and time on your phone accordingly. Return to the game, get killed in the game, and earn yourself a free gift just like that. You can do this as often as you want, though in every case, you’ll have to switch your phone’s time back to normal, which can be pretty tedious, if worth it in the end.

2. Most Frogs Are Largely The Same

You can choose from a variety of characters you can buy with coins, but all of them have similar, if not identical skill sets. But since Hoppy Frog 2 has premium gems you can use to make in-game purchases, you can use those gems to buy special frogs that have their own performance boosts. For instance, Floppy obviously pays tribute to Flappy Bird by allowing you to fly a greater distance. All you have to do is tap the display after you make your leap so that you can fly impressive distances with the Floppy character.

3. Earn Flies For Free By Watching Videos

Every two or three plays, you’ll be prompted to watch a video in order to earn free flies. This is a small sacrifice to get flies without paying, but if you want more flies in a shorter amount of time, you’ll want to kill your character as fast as possible, so that the video appears more often.

4. Pay Attention To The Easter Eggs

Again, characters bought with coins are largely the same and do not come with any special skills. This isn’t a cheat or tip per se, but if you want to be amused, pay attention to some of these characters and their associated Easter eggs.

5. You Can Get Additional Gems For Free

The first way to do this would be via free gifts, as we explained earlier. Most of the time, you’ll be gifted with flies, but you may receive some gems on occasion. You can also complete the word “Hoppy” in any given round, and that too can earn you gems without having to pay; there’s no limit to the number of times you can do this in a round.


Friday 24th of November 2023

How many gems do you get when you spell hoppy?