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BitLife Joker Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Joker Challenge

This year has seen Candywriter’s uber-popular life simulator BitLife get a ton of major updates for both its iOS and Android versions. One of the most important updates of 2020, we’d say, was the introduction of weekly challenges. These limited-time events are oftentimes based on the latest major update or certain pop culture figures or phenomena. And when talking about the latter type of challenges, we’ve seen many this year, ranging from those that deal with a general group of people (the Karen Challenge) to those that center on specific fictional characters.

Last week’s Dark Knight Challenge was an homage of sorts to Bruce Wayne, the orphaned boy who grew up to be Gotham City’s preeminent crimefighting superhero, Batman. This time, it’s all about one of his arch-enemies in the comic books, TV series, and movies alike — The Joker. So instead of amassing an impressive fortune and becoming CEO of your company, you’re going to be giving the BitLife universe “what it deserves” by living a life of crime…while putting food on the table as a clown. With all that said, let’s get things started with our latest BitLife mini-strategy guide, and show you how to complete the Joker Challenge as quickly as possible.

You Don’t Need A High School Diploma To Work As A Clown

The very first requirement of the Joker Challenge is to be male — this is, after all, not the Harley Quinn Challenge, so you’ll need to create a male Bitizen from any part of the world, with no specific statistical requirements. You don’t need to get good grades in school and you don’t need to keep your nose clean either — as we’ll explain later on, it’s actually advisable to be as troublesome as possible, especially when dealing with bullies.

bitlife joker challenge requirements

The second requirement of the challenge is to work as a Clown, and this happens to be a job that doesn’t require you to have at least a high school diploma. That means you can drop out of school at the legal minimum age (16 in the U.S.) and go to work right away as a Clown — you may need to quit and restart the game multiple times until Clown is among the available job choices. You may want to attend college and join a fraternity to bypass the interview stage, though this is completely optional.

how to get a clown job in bitlife

Also worth noting is the fact that Clown is one of the few jobs you can work at even if you have a criminal record or a recent history of drug use. And even if you get fired from your Clown job — as you would when you end up in jail while trying to complete one or more of the other requirements — that check mark will remain and it will not be nullified. Heck, you can apply for another Clown job right after you’re freed — or right after you escape!

Robbing A Bank Successfully Is Largely A Trial-And-Error Thing

Based on our experience robbing banks in the virtual universe of BitLife, there doesn’t seem to be a real game-changing choice when it comes to the various drop-down boxes. You can choose any of the three banks, choose any weapon and any disguise, and choose any type of getaway vehicle from a unicycle, the subway, or one of your cars. But the chances of a successful robbery seem very, very random, which means your patience will be much appreciated in this part of the challenge.

how to rob a bank in bitlife

The requirement we are discussing here would be to rob a bank while using silly string as a weapon, but the heist will actually need to be successful — if you get arrested while trying to stick ‘em up, that will not count toward the completion of the requirement, even if you did use silly string.

Just keep returning to the Bank Robbery sub-menu under Crime until you see Silly String among the weapon choices, and leave everything else at their default settings — again, it all seems to be random here, with a one-in-10 to one-in-15 chance that you can successfully take the money and run. Those chances are anything but ideal, but as the old adage goes, it is what it is.

Buy A Vehicle And Kill Random Victims Via Drive-By

As you may have seen in last year’s movie, The Joker can be a very violent individual with no qualms about killing people. That’s why the challenge that bears his name asks you to kill at least six people in order to fulfill one of the requirements.

Back in the earlier days of BitLife, killing people via the Murder sub-menu in Crime was much easier — you could get arrested or you could get killed, but just as long as you exit the game before confirming your character’s arrest or death in a murder gone wrong, you could redo everything. These days, deaths in BitLife are final, even if you exit the game before exiting out of the window that says you’ve been killed — this appears to be especially true when pushing people down the stairs or trying to poison their drinks, where it’s easy for would-be victims to turn the tables.

bitlife drive-by shooting

With that in mind, it’s still safest to buy a car — even a cheap one — and use it to kill people via Drive-By. And don’t kill any family members, friends, or coworkers — in order to maintain a low profile, you’ll need to target “random” people. That would mean random surfer dudes, hobos, K-Pop stans, old ladies, bartenders, drug addicts, you name it. Just as long as they are identified as “A random _____,” they should be fair game.

If you get arrested for a failed bank robbery or for killing someone, don’t sweat it — at least that will give you a chance to escape from prison, and for better or for worse, doing so multiple times is one of the Joker Challenge’s five requirements.

Escaping From Prison Thrice Will Not Be Easy

The last, and most difficult of the requirements we shall be discussing is escaping from prison — doing it once is hard enough, but the Joker Challenge asks you to do it three times! But if you’re lucky enough, or if your first offense is only a small one, your first escape should be quite easy.

What we would suggest is to act as aggressively as possible toward bullies in school — if you do a significant amount of damage on a bully by choosing the Attack option when they taunt you, there’s a possibility you will be sent to juvenile detention for a year. As this is only considered a minor offense, you should get a simple 4 x 4 layout.

Just remember what it says in the instructions — guards make two moves for every one move you make, and they will always walk in your direction and go for a horizontal move by default. Chances are you’ll find a layout that’s simple enough to escape from without any point of reference, but if you do get caught, simply quit the game, restart it, and try escaping again.

how to escape from prison in bitlife

After your first escape, you will officially be on the run, and strangely enough, we noticed that for our test character, who successfully escaped from juvie, was always sent back to jail for a year after being caught, regardless if it was for bank robbery or murder. In any case, it will be the feds going after you, and that would mean an automatic sentence at a maximum security prison with an 8 x 8 layout.

For these, we would suggest checking YouTube for videos of successful escapes that provide a step-to-step guide on how to do it — follow each step to the letter, even the repetitive ones to be on the safe side, and take note that some layouts you see on YouTube may be flipped around in the game.

Once you’ve made a third successful escape, you should be home free, as far as the challenge is concerned — proceed to the prize chests as usual and pick one of the four to get a random hat or eyewear to add to your Accessories collection!