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Shadow Fight Arena Character Tier List: A Complete Look at the Best Heroes in the Game

You probably know Nekki Limited as the company that provided us the Shadow Fight series, and if you’re familiar with that franchise’s earlier titles, you may recognize it as a title with a deep campaign mode, loads and loads of equipment to collect, and various enemies to face and NPCs to interact with.

However, Shadow Fight Arena finally adds a PvP element to the popular, high-end fighting game series, and as we explained in our beginner’s guide, this game is centered on the fact that you can face human users from all over the world, taking part in best-of-three fights with 99-second rounds as you collect up to 15 different Heroes with distinct skillsets, talents, and unique/Shadow Abilities.

shadow fight arena tier list

In our Shadow Fight Arena beginner’s guide, we did mention a few characters in passing, but focused instead on fighting techniques and the ins and outs of the game’s different modes. This Shadow Fight Arena strategy guide, however, serves as a tier list where we will discuss all 15 Heroes in the game, starting with the six Common ones, followed by the six Rare and the three Epic Heroes.

Each character profile will include their name, class, and difficulty, followed by a brief overview of how to use them (albeit one that’s more detailed than what’s featured in the game), and a look at each of their Talents and most of their unique abilities.

So with that said, let’s dive in and take a closer look at everyone you can unlock in Shadow Fight Arena.

Shadow Fight Arena Common Heroes

Shang (Dynasty, Normal)

shang shadow fight arena

Shang is one of the first Heroes you will get to unlock in the game, and as the game strongly suggests, he is extremely effective in gathering Shadow Energy — each time he successfully lands an attack or gets hit by an enemy, he gains this resource. He also enters overload state at the start of a round, making him quickly generate Shadow Energy.

As the game suggests, you’ll want to leverage this strength by stringing your combos together when he’s in Shadow Form — as an added bonus, he can regain some health thanks to his Shadow Protection unique ability, so that’s effectively hitting two birds with one stone if your attacks land! His attacks, however, are a bit slow when he’s in normal form, but he’s still not as slow as some others, such as Marcus.

Shang’s Talents

Shadow Consumption (Level 2) — Automatically restores some health once in Shadow Form.
Scourge Arrow (Level 2) — Deals out paralyzing shadow damage via ranged attacks.
Shadow Genesis (Level 4) – Shang enters overload at the start of a round, allowing him to rapidly generate Shadow Energy.
Shadow Finale (Level 4) — Retains one healthy point after he dies, allowing him to enter Shadow Form
Weak Points (Level 6) — Every other round, his Shadow Power increases as he deals damage while in Shadow Form
Gloom Explosion (Level 6) — Allows his Shadow Protection to explode once an opponent takes him out of Shadow Form.
Shadow Suppression (Level 8) — Gets additional Shadow Energy for blocked attacks.
Trance (Level 8) — Allows his Shadow Protection to withstand more damage, with more time in Shadow Form.
Style of the Dragon (Level 10) — Greater area of effect and power for all Shadow Abilities.
Style of the Viper (Level 10) — Speeds up the setup time for his Shadow Abilities.

Kate (Legion, Easy)

kate shadow fight arena

While Kate won’t be part of your default team in Shadow Fight Arena, her status as a Common character makes her one of the first you can add to your lineup of active Heroes. Unlike Shang, who gains Shadow Energy organically in battle, her thing is burning the Shadow Energy of her opponents in order to “liquidate” them and make it harder for them to unleash their special abilities.

Given what we mentioned above, Kate would be one of the better characters to use against Shang and other Heroes who are known for their frequent use of Shadow Form. She can be quite agile on the battlefield, though there isn’t that much interesting about her offensive style apart from her heavy attack.

Kate’s Talents

Skillful Liquidator (Level 2) — Allows her to drain even more Shadow Energy from opponents.
At the Ready (Level 2) — Good for fast starters; Kate deals much more damage at the beginning of a round, until she gets hit for the first time.
Ballista (Level 4) — Adds a new Shadow Ability, activated by moving backward while hitting the Shadow button.
Coup de Grace (Level 4) — Allows her to instantly kill an enemy with her heavy attack if their health is below 30 percent.
Legionary Jump (Level 6) — New Shadow Ability, activated by moving up while hitting the Shadow button.
Legionary Luck (Level 6) — Her basic attacks get a small chance of breaking enemy blocks.
Father’s Pistol (Level 8) — Replaces Kate’s crossbow with a pistol with three charges.
Liquidator’s Tenacity (Level 8) — Lets her drain Shadow Energy even if her attacks are blocked.
Residual Shadow Energy (Level 10) — Increases her Shadow Power for each time she enters Shadow Form, with this effect stacking even across multiple rounds.
Never Surrender (Level 10) — If Kate’s health is below 30 percent, successful attacks slightly restore her health.

Ironclad (Legion, Easy)

ironclad shadow fight arena

Do not let the fact that Ironclad does not carry any weapon deceive you. The game explains this by stating that as a convicted felon — albeit for a crime he didn’t commit — he cannot legally carry one. He also doesn’t have any ranged attacks, unlike other Heroes. However, he makes up for this by being unmatched in terms of hand-to-hand combat and by building up his defense as he lands more attacks through the Stubborn as a Mule unique ability. He is deceptively powerful, so don’t underestimate him as a team member or opponent.

While opponents can defend themselves against Ironclad by creating distance, you can counter that by entering Shadow Form and using your abilities, especially the Shadow Charge (forward + Shadow button). Otherwise, your best course of action is to take things up close and use your firsts.

Ironclad’s Talents

Innate Stubbornness (Level 2) — Gives him five Stubbornness charges at the beginning of a round.
Persistence (Level 2) — Ironclad becomes invincible momentarily after taking ranged attacks.
Berserk (Level 4) — Allows him to deal out a ton of bonus damage once he hits 20 Stubbornness charges.
Shadow Respite (Level 4) — Spends all his Stubbornness charges while in Shadow Form, allowing him to regain some health.
Adrenaline (Level 6) — Makes him deal critical damage and break blocks for each five Stubbornness charges gained.
Wound Bandaging (Level 6) — Allows him to regain more health at the start of a round.
Knockout (Level 8) — Attacks become critical if he takes damage while in Unbreakable state.
Phenomenal Stubbornness (Level 8) — Lets him slowly gain 10 Stubbornness charges if his health is below 30 percent.
Eternal Stubbornness (Level 10) — Allows him to gain unlimited Stubbornness charges.
High Pain Threshold (Level 10) — Ironclad’s Stubbornness charges passively increase his defense while in Shadow Form.

Fireguard (Heralds, Normal)

fireguard shadow fight arena

Once you reach level 3, you should get a ton of shards for this Common Hero, who stands out for his abilities to automatically generate Shadow Energy and burn opponents, who would progressively lose health over a brief period of time. While he looks a bit similar to Ironclad, he is actually a laboratory creation, and combines some deadly close-range attacks with an effective long-range skillset.

Due to the aforementioned ability to automatically generate Shadow Energy, it’s best to use Fireguard in Shadow Form as often as you see fit, provided you’ve familiarized yourself with his four Shadow Abilities. Also, you can take some major consolation if you’re close to death, provided you stay close to the enemy — Fireguard’s Countdown unique ability makes him self-destruct, dealing a ton of close-range damage once he does so!

Fireguard’s Talents

Effective Generator (Level 2) — Lets him generate Shadow Energy faster.
Raging Flames (Level 2) — Makes opponents burn for a longer period of time.
Final Countdown (Level 4) — Allows Fireguard to activate Countdown once his health goes below 50 percent; he is also invulnerable during this period.
Earth on Fire (Level 4) — Burns opponents with an area-of-effect fire zone.
Critical Mass (Level 6) — Expands the Countdown explosion radius and increases its damage.
Shadow Flames (Level 6) — Burning opponents also lose some Shadow Energy.
Heating Engines (Level 8) — Increases Shadow Damage once he enters Shadow Form; this stacks up, even between rounds.
Effective Flamethrower (Level 8) — Reduces the cool down time for his ranged Flamethrower.
Painful Burns (Level 10) — Allows him to deal additional damage on burning opponents.
Reinforced Body (Level 10) — Makes him invulnerable while in Shadow Form.

Azuma (Heralds, Hard)

azuma shadow fight arena

Once you reach player level 4, Azuma will become the common Hero whose shards you will usually find when you open those chests, and as you can see above, he is one of the Heroes with a tougher learning curve than most. Similar to Kate, he is best used against quick Shadow Energy creators like Shang and Fireguard, but he does so by “neutralizing” the resource.

Obviously, Azuma is most useful as a neutralizer of Shadow Energy, so he’s more of a counter-attacking character than most others in Shadow Fight Arena despite his low Defense score. As such, his basic attacks aren’t that exciting, but you have an additional way to stick it to Shadow Form users, and that’s by simply attacking them, even with a basic move, thanks to his Consequence Management unique ability.

Azuma’s Talents

Long-Term Neutralization (Level 2) — Extends Azuma’s neutralization time.
Painful Neutralization (Level 2) — Opponents sustain some damage once neutralization ends.
Shadow Suppression (Level 4) — Allows him to deal bonus damage if an opponent’s Shadow Energy is at 100 percent.
Shadow Burn (Level 4) — Azuma steals some Shadow Energy after neutralization.
Suppressing Explosion (Level 6) — Creates an explosion that neutralizes Shadow Energy and deals damage once he enters Shadow Form.
Countermeasures (Level 6) — After knocking an enemy out of Shadow Form with Consequence Management, Azuma enters Shadow Form himself.
Impulse (Level 8) — Adds a new Shadow Ability (back + Shadow button) and increases Shadow Form duration.
Total Neutralization (Level 8) — Neutralization prevents enemies from gaining Shadow Energy.
Naginata Flight (Level 10) — Adds a new Shadow Ability (up + Shadow Button) and increases Shadow Form duration.
Lockdown (Level 10) — Extends active neutralization if his attacks are blocked.

Jack Bulwark (Legion, Hard)

jack bulwark shadow fight arena

Jack Bulwark is the last Common Hero you can unlock in Shadow Fight Arena, as his shards becomes available at level 6. As part of the Legion, he is yet another one of those heavily-armored types, and while he isn’t too shabby in terms of attack speed or basic attacks, he is also rather challenging to use. However, he does have some useful unique abilities that you can utilize to your advantage.

The first of these abilities is Bone Break, which allows him to “fracture” opponents, thus increasing the amount of damage you can deal out on them. His Shadow Fortress, on the other hand, makes him invulnerable for a brief period of time, but can only be activated if an enemy is in Shadow Form.

Jack Bulwark’s Talents

Superior Protection (Level 2) — While in Unbreakable state, he takes less damage.
Aggression (Level 2) — Bulwark deals additional damage after he inflicts 10 fractures; this effect carries over from round to round.
Incredible Endurance (Level 4) — Automatically activates Shadow Fortress once his health is low.
Thrill of the Battle (Level 4) — Allows him to regain additional health based on the number of fractures inflicted after a victorious round.
Fortress of Healing (Level 6) — Bulwark regains some health when he blocks attacks with the Shadow Fortress up.
Inevitability (Level 6) — Allows him to fracture opponents even if they block his attacks.
Great Reaction (Level 8) — Enhances the Shadow Fortress’ capabilities to block ranged attacks as well.
Persistent Bone Breaker (Level 8) — Bulwark can now deal out unlimited fractures.
Fortress of the Legion (Level 10) — Knocks an enemy out of Shadow Form if Shadow Fortress is used to block a melee attack.
Assault Fortress (Level 10) — Enables Bulwark to activate Shadow Fortress even when he’s in Shadow Form.

Shadow Fight Arena Rare Heroes

Ling (Heralds, Easy)

ling shadow fight arena

He is the first Hero who you learn how to use in Shadow Fight Arena and the fact he is available so early in the game is arguably what makes him one of the easier characters to fight as. Despite his Rare status, his shards pop up quite often when opening chests early in the game, which means you will likely be leveling him up faster than most others.

Given his high health and the game’s note that he isn’t the type to rush at opponents, Ling can be described as one of the closest characters to being a true “tank.” But that doesn’t mean he isn’t useless on offense — his Slashing Strike unique ability breaks blocks and deals critical damage once it connects after two straight successful basic attacks. Do NOT get overconfident by going all-out on offense just because he has high Health!

Ling’s Talents

Powerful Slash (Level 2) — Increases Slashing Strike damage.
Improved Flask (Level 2) — Allows for a faster recharge of Ling’s Flask (his second unique ability) and makes it deal more damage.
Flask of Concentration (Level 4) — Increases Slashing Strike counter by one whenever he drinks from his flask.
Perfect Balance (Level 4) — Adds new Shadow Ability (up + Shadow button), lengthens Shadow Form duration.
Healing Flask (Level 6) — Allows him to regain health once he drinks from his flask.
Shadow Flask (Level 6) — Adds to his Shadow Energy once he drinks from his flask.
Big Flask (Level 8) — Tapping and holding on the ranged attack button will allow Ling top gain more health or Shadow Energy while he drinks from his flask.
Flask Throw (Level 8) — Makes Ling’s ranged attack into a Flask Throw that deals critical damage, provided Slashing Strike is ready.
Sudden Trick (Level 10) — Adds a new Shadow Ability, increases Shadow Form duration.
Slashing Blows (Level 10) — Expands the scope of Slashing Strike beyond the use of his katana to include all types of attacks.

Hong-Joo (Dynasty, Normal)

hong-joo shadow fight arena

Hong-Joo is a particularly unique Hero, in the sense that he doesn’t build up Shadow Energy with a blue bar underneath his Health indicator. Instead, he builds up Triumph with a red Triumph bar, and this allows him to unleash the special ability of the same name, as well as the following two unique abilities. Blazing Bite allows him to use his Firework to launch sparks against opponents, while Triumph Anticipation builds up as he strings together combos, eventually allowing him to use Triumph and knock out a good deal of health.

As the game suggests, building up a “rhythm” is essential when using Hong-Joo. Few characters make use of combo strings/chains as well as he does, so work on cornering your opponent for consecutive hits, and always be on the lookout for combo breakers such as foot sweeps so you can quickly unleash Triumph.

Hong-Joo’s Talents

Blazing Bite (Level 2) — Allows him to use his Firework as a ranged attack.
Blazing Flight (Level 2) — Creates a Firework that automatically explodes once he hits an opponent.
Acting Mastery (Level 4) — Makes Hong-Joo temporarily invulnerable while using Triumph.
Encore (Level 4) — Gives him the option to use another attack to end Triumph.
Dancing Fool (Level 6) — Prevents Hong-Joo from falling after a critical hit.
Special Effects (Level 6) — Opponents are briefly blinded after they get hit by Fireworks.
Rehearsed Combo (Level 8) — Fireworks give him full energy after they come in contact with an enemy.
Acrobat’s Secret (Level 8) — Gets some health restored through the use of Triumph.
Dramaturgy (Level 10) — A stacking effect across rounds where Fireworks and Triumph damage goes up each time Triumph is charged.
Spectacular Landing (Level 10) — Stuns opponents through an earthquake that takes place each time Triumph is used.

Helga (Legion, Easy)

helga shadow fight arena

Like Hong-Joo, Helga does not build up Shadow Energy, thus also setting her apart from the rest of the available Heroes in Shadow Fight Arena. Instead, she relies on the Power of Light, building it up with each attack on enemy fighters, and once this unique ability is fully charged, she can then unleash the special Shining Dash attack.

Although her basic attacks won’t do that much damage compared to most other Heroes, she is most useful with her Shield of Light, which activates once she sustains fatal damage — this gives her a slight boost of life and brief invulnerability as she prevents enemies from escaping. This can help turn the tide on a low-health opponent if used properly!

Helga’s Talents

Powerful Smite (Level 2) — Increases the damage of her Smite unique ability.
Shield of Healing (Level 2) — Allows her to slowly regenerate health while Shield of Light is active.
Smite Shot (Level 4) — Ranged attacks that connect trigger the Smite ability on enemies.
Light in the Shadows (Level 4) — Helga deals damage on opponents with an aura of light that appears when they are in Shadow Form.
Healing Smite (Level 6) — Allows her to regenerate some health once Smite connects.
Shining Might (Level 6) — Increases damage dealt by the Shining Dash (forward + Power of Light button).
Apotheosis of Light (Level 8) — Increases damage dealt during, and the duration of Shield of Light.
Righteous Wrath ( Level 8) — Fully charges Power of Light when opponents enter Shadow Form.
Justice of Light (Level 10) — Activates Shield of Light when she performs a Shining Dash.
Repentance (Level 10) — Knocks opponents down when Smite connects.

Sarge (Legion, Normal)

sarge shadow fight arena

Available at level 4 onward, Sarge is the Shadow Squad Leader who stands out for his unique ability of the same name — this makes him “completely” invulnerable and makes all his attacks deal Shadow Damage whenever he is in Shadow Form. His other unique abilities allow him to deal out additional damage on enemies in various ways, thus underscoring his description as an “unstoppable” fighter.

When fighting as Sarge, it’s best that you maximize your invulnerability while in Shadow Form, either going on an all-out attack if you’re facing a weaker human opponent (or any AI opponent), or do as the game suggests by counter-attacking — blocking their attack and following up with a hammer strike.

Sarge’s Talents

Shadow Thirst (Level 2) — Gives him additional Shadow Energy for each time he sustains damage while invulnerable.
Will Destruction (Level 2) — Will Suppression (a unique skill that lets him do more damage on an opponent who’s knocked down) lasts longer and bonus damage is increased.
Dismissed! (Level 4) — Heavy kicks, if they connect, knock down enemies.
Unstoppable (Level 4) — Sarge regains some health slowly while in Shadow Form.
Trusty Hammer (Level 6) — Allows him to use his hammer as a ranged weapon that could knock enemies down on contact.
Shadow Training (Level 6) — Increase duration of Shadow Form.
Commander’s Press (Level 8) — Stuns opponents with spinning attacks.
Experience (Level 8) — Allows Sarge to immediately enter Shadow Form at the start of a round.
Revenge for the Fallen (Level 10) — Enemies automatically lose if they fall while their health is below 35 percent.
Fair Fight (Level 10) — Opponents’ Shadow Energy is immediately burned out and all positive and negative effects for both Sarge and his opponent are removed at the start of a round.

Yukka (Dynasty, Easy)

yukka shadow fight arena

Out of all the 15 Heroes available in Shadow Fight Arena, Yukka (available at level 5) is the only one who is accompanied by a pet. That pet, a black cat named Shade, can be unleashed at any time during a round as long as the projectile/ranged attack button is fully charged, and you’ll also know you can do so once you see the cat on her shoulder. But that isn’t the full extent of what this seemingly cute kitty can do in battle — her Shadow Ability turns Shade into a big cat (his “True Form”) that could take a huge toll on any opponent!

You can also leverage Yukka’s unique abilities, which respectively do wound damage over time and remove the enemy’s wounds, only to deal out a ton of bonus damage for each of them. The latter ability, Guillotine, is especially useful when taking advantage of an opponent’s miscue.

Yukka’s Talents

Cat Training (Level 2) — Yukka regains some Health when Shade returns to her.
Numerous Wounds (Level 2) — Increases the maximum wounds you can deal out to 8.
Shade’s Loyalty (Level 4) — Shade becomes immediately usable if Yukka falls.
Teamwork (Level 4) — Shade’s next attack will be a critical hit if Yukka connects on a critical attack.
Hungry Shade (Level 6) — Shade gains the ability to burn some of the enemy’s shadow energy while he’s attacking.
Moral Boost (Level 6) — Yukka regains some health once Guillotine is activated.
Quick Shade (Level 8) — Reduces Shade’s cool down time.
Deep Wounds (Level 8) — Allows wounds to last longer.
Sharpened Claws (Level 10) — Successful attacks from Shade trigger Guillotine.
Fresh Wounds (Level 10) — Wounds last longer if Yukka is able to block them.


jet shadow fight arena

Jet is one of the last Heroes you can unlock, as she becomes available at level 7. But the wait will be worth it once you collect enough of her shards, and if you’re the type who likes stringing together extra-long combos. Her unique ability, Shadow Harmony, activates once she hits her opponent 15 times, and once this happens, she can break blocks and deal extra Shadow Damage.

Don’t get tempted to unleash those long combos right away — the game suggests being “careful” early on and getting progressively more aggressive as the round continues. If you see an opportunity mid-round to chain together a lengthy combo, go for it in order to activate Shadow Harmony!

Jet’s Talents

Stable Harmony (Level 2) — Extends the duration of Shadow Harmony.
Kinetic Shield (Level 2) — Automatically protects her from one enemy attack while in Shadow Harmony.
Steel Sting (Level 4) — Increases the number of needles thrown via ranged attack from 3 to 5.
Light Refraction (Level 4) — Makes Jet invisible at the start of a round; this ends once she enters Shadow Harmony or if she fails to block an attack.
Adrenaline Rush (Level 6) — Restores bonus health if she wins a round while in Shadow Harmony.
Reflex (Level 6) — Jet automatically dodge-rolls after she falls due to a critical hit or an enemy aerial attack.
Battle Trance (Level 8) — Jet’s attacks restore her health while in Shadow Harmony.
Fortitude (Level 8) — Makes Jet immune to negative effects while in Shadow Harmony.
Fatal Resonance (Level 10) — Increase the amount of bonus damage while in Shadow Harmony.
Shadow Composure (Level 10) — Reduces required successful attacks for Shadow Harmony from 15 to 12.

Shadow Fight Arena Epic Heroes

Marcus (Legion, Normal)

marcus shadow fight arena

Marcus is the first Epic Hero you can play as in Shadow Fight Arena, and he isn’t just the most reluctant competitor in the tournament, as his bio suggests. He is also the slowest of them all, and a lot of this has to do with his giant sword. However, the size of the weapon allows it to deal out a ton of damage, so it’s all about getting around the lack of speed.

There is a way to automatically work around this deficiency, but it would only activate once Marcus’ health drops below 50 percent — his Through the Glitch unique ability makes his attacks erratic, but also makes them much faster. It could take some time to master this, but once you do, expect more than a few opponents to be thrown off.

Marcus’ Talents

General’s Luck (Level 2) — Attacks have small chance of breaking enemy blocks.
Shadow Warrior (Level 2) — Allows Marcus to gain more Shadow Energy when he connects on an attack.
Shadow Lord (Level 4) — He becomes momentarily invincible in Shadow Form.
Legion’s Hero (Level 4) — Similar to above, but happens when an opponent is in Shadow Form.
Lasting Invincibility (Level 6) — Extends Marcus’ invincibility.
Explosive Will (Level 6) — Creates an explosion after his invincibility ends.
Rift (Level 8) — Adds a new Shadow Ability and extends duration of his Shadow Form.
Healing Invincibility (Level 8) — Allows Marcus to regain health slowly once invincible.
Absolute Control (Level 10) — Marcus deals out bonus damage, blocks attacks, and breaks enemy blocks once invincible.
All-Consuming Chaos (Level 10) — Allows him to Glitch at the start of a round.

Kibo (Heralds, Normal)

kibo shadow fight arena

The second of the three Epic Heroes, you can start collecting Kibo shards quite early in the game. Much of her skillset is based on Shadow Energy, including her Shadow Onslaught unique ability, where she dashes forward while attacking if she has enough of the resource.

The main thing with Kibo is that you need to be VERY precise when attacking — button mashing is not an option. Her Perfection unique ability allows her to gain lots of Shadow Energy for successful attacks, but the downside here is that missing on an attack would drain that energy just as quick, if not quicker. Her Thousand Cuts Shadow Ability could also be devastating, but likewise, you need to take distance and setup time into account before launching it.

Kibo’s Talents

Shadow Accuracy (Level 2) — Allows her to gain lots of Shadow Energy for successful ranged attacks.
Fierce Onslaught (Level 2) — Increases damage when Shadow Onslaught is active.
Shadow Agility (Level 4) — If Kibo hops, she activates Shadow Onslaught.
Shadow Excellence (Level 4) — Allows her to become invulnerable in an extended Shadow Form after she dies, allowing her to keep fighting as long as she still has Shadow Energy.
Master (Level 6) — Reduces Shadow Energy requirement for Shadow Onslaught.
Advanced Onslaught (Level 6) — Turns on Shadow Onslaught when she uses her Shadow Abilities.
Sudden Trick (Level 8) — Unlocks a new Shadow Ability.
Unstoppable Onslaught (Level 8) — Shadow Onslaught now has a small chance of breaking blocks.
Confidence (Level 10) — Deals out bonus damage after the opponent is defeated.
Shadow Supremacy (Level 10) — Makes Kibo invulnerable while Shadow Onslaught is enabled.

Emperor (Dynasty, Hard)

emperor shadow fight arena

Last, but not the least, we have Emperor, who becomes available once you reach level 8, making him the final character you can unlock. He is also one of the hardest Heroes to fight as, and it’s not surprising why — he is, after all, the primary villain in Shadow Fight Arena’s story, and he doesn’t fight with weapons, much like the aforementioned Ironclad.

When fighting as Emperor, you’ll want to leverage your unique abilities — Emperor’s Curse and Shadow Beast — as soon as possible, and that would require gaining Shadow Energy quickly and fighting aggressively. Emperor’s Curse allows the Shadow Beast to burst out with a damage-dealing explosion, while Shadow Beast (the ability, that is) allows the Emperor in Shadow Beast form to regain health with each attack.

Emperor’s Talents

Sharp Claws (Level 2) — Shadow Beast attacks leave wounds that gradually deal damage over time.
Shadow Immunity (Level 2) —Mitigates the Shadow Energy loss that may be caused by negative effects.
Wild Explosion (Level 4) — Increases the explosion’s area of effect and damage.
Beast’s Lunge (Level 4) — Activates the Shadow Beast’s heavy attack when the Emperor is in this form.
Innate Shadow Energy (Level 6) — Shadow Energy is fully recovered when the Shadow Beast bursts out.
Primal Pressure (Level 6) — Claw attacks now have a small chance of breaking blocks.
Smell of Terror (Level 8) — Increases the health restored for Shadow Beast attacks.
Shadow Explosion (Level 8) — Allows the transformation explosion to drain all of an enemy’s Shadow Energy.
Shadow Mirror (Level 10) —Gains Shadow Energy over time while an enemy is in Shadow Form.
Survival of the Fittest (Level 10) — Allows the Emperor to regain half his health after defeating an opponent in Shadow Beast mode.