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MovieStarPlanet Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Huge Celeb with a Fab Wardrobe

MovieStarPlanet is a vibrant and colorful social game by developer MovieStarPlanet Apps, that has been around for years and is available for mobile and PC.

It’s a platform that allows users to immerse themselves into an alternate universe where anyone can become a famous MovieStar adored by thousands of fans. The premise is as simple as it is addictive – create your own unique character, get them a fab wardrobe and grow their popularity until they rise to glory.

moviestarplanet guide 2020 update

All of this might sound pretty straightforward, but it’s not as easy as it sounds to become a super star. As it is, you’ll have to work relentlessly to secure the necessary funds needed to constantly acquire new clothing items. To climb your way to the top fast, users are also encouraged to try and master the different mini games, get creative and interact with the other players (called Movie Stars).

Despite there being no shortage of life simulation games out there, MovieStarPlanet continues to remain high on users’ list of preferences, especially of those in the main target group, which mainly consists children and teens.

moviestarplanet gameplay

MovieStarPlanet is not build upon a win/lose-type of system. Instead, it opens the gates for a worry-free feel good adventure in a chic world where everyone can create a new persona and live a life suffused by fame and glamour. It basically makes use of the classic blueprint used by many games in the genre, but strips it of the mundane life aspects (like getting a job or buying a house) and instead focuses on encouraging users to unleash their creative powers to achieve ultimate success, while growing their characters.

Anyway, whether you’ve just discovered MovieStarPlanet and are still trying to understand how things work in the game, or a returning player who wants to find new and faster ways to expand their wardrobes and item collection, then our MovieStarPlanet guide (2020 Update) is for you. It comes packed with useful tips and strategies that will help you get a taste of fame sooner rather than later.

1. Fame Is Your #1 Priority

Fame is the most precious asset in MovieStarPlanet. Players start off with Level 1 Fame, but this needs to be increased quickly if they are to become popularity kings or queens. Fame unlocks stardom, and so the more of it you manage to accumulate, the better your ranking in the game will be. More Fame also means leveling up and more outfits heading straight to your wardrobe.

In the beginning you only have access to a few clothing items, and honestly they aren’t much to look at. To change that and start your journey towards becoming a fashion icon you’ll have to immediately set out to collect Fame. Fame acts like XP in this game, so once you’ve gathered enough you’ll be able to unlock the next level and redeem rewards that consist of new clothes. You can customize them by styling their colors to fit your tastes and preferences.

earning more rewards in moviestarplanet

How do you get more fame? It’s perhaps the most burning question that everyone playing the game is trying to answer. Well the main method of doing so is playing the mini games available in the Game tab which you can find on the map, and it’s perhaps the most rewarding route.

Other approaches are available, but they are highly dependent on your owning a varied amount of clothing articles and other items. Which is why we’re going to discuss them a bit later. At the same time, the social component plays a huge role in elevating you to highest peaks of fame.

MovieStarPlanet is mostly free to play, but to access the really good stuff you’ll have to pay for a VIP subscription or agree to purchase diamonds – a resource that can unlock, for example, premium designs. Unlocking VIP also ensures paying customers receive a Fame bonus, as well as additional goodies including Diamonds, StarCoins – a currency we’re going to discuss in section 5 and more.

Now, if you want to play this game in free mode, you might not achieve the same level of success as the other Movie Stars who paid for VIP, and you won’t be able to level up as fast either. Having said that, it’s indeed possible to immerse yourself in MovieStarPlanet without paying a dime. You’ll just have to have patience and persist in playing the mini games, make friends and create art.

2. Master The Mini Games

Mastering the mini games is not too difficult – as the majority of the challenges are pretty painless to go through. There are four of these mini games, and in what follows we’re going to detail them a bit.

On Location – a simple game, which appear exclusively in the mobile version of the MovieStarPlanet and lets you win Fame and StarCoins. What you need to do is match the 3 swappable bits that compose an image depicting an outfit complete with its own background.

For example, you might need to stitch together an image of a school girl with pony tales sitting on a basketball court. Each time you swipe, you’ll be able to gain 2 Fame points and putting a 3-piece shot together can reward you with 10. There are really no tricks here that could help you win faster. Just keep swiping until the right pieces align into place.

mastering the mini-games in moviestarplanet

Crazy Cards – this works a bit like Cards Against Humanity. You’ll be playing along four other players and each one of you will get a set of answer cards. The game will then ask you to decide who or what is the “Most mean”, “Most gentle”, “Most sticky” etc. Choose the most appropriate answer from the cards you have at your disposal and play it. A judge will decide who provided the best answer.

The acting judge is selected from amongst the players and from time to time it will be your turn to play judge, as well. Try and be as standard as possible with your answers, because as far as we can tell it’s your best shot at being selected as the winner. Sometimes your cards might not be that useful, so whenever that’s the case, try and be creative with your responses instead.

Quiz – in Quiz you’ll have to bet on your general knowledge to win, by answering as many questions as possible correctly. You’ll be going against three other opponents. Questions are not super hard and mostly draw on popular culture.

We’ve noticed the game frequently tends to repeat a lot of these enquires, so if you got a question wrong one time, make sure to remember the answer, as it will be useful in the future. If you manage to win the challenge, you’ll receive Fame, but also StarCoins via a free Wheel Spin.

winning challenge in moviestarplanet

Create And Rate – this game lets you win free Fame if you can figure out which outfits have been rated highest by the community. Do so correctly five times in a row and you’ll be able to win Fame points, as well as StarCoins. There’s really no special trick that can teach you to become more successful at guessing, just follow whatever your ingrained fashion instinct dictates.

Apart from Create and Rate, you can play the other games for as long as you like, provided you have enough opponents to go against. Keep in mind that you might stumble upon several glitches while playing, for example, during Quiz we couldn’t see our character at one point, but we were still able to answer the questions. If that ever happens to you, try quitting and restarting the game. That should fix the problem.

3. Get Creative By Making Artbooks Or Creating New Fashion Designs

MovieStarPlanet is a great game for teaching kids how to put their creativity to good use. Search for the Movie Town section on the map, and tap on the ArtBook option at the top to start creating your own collages using the available resources.

Creating beautiful ArtBook is closely interlinked with you leveling up and thus expanding your access to new items that will enable you to put together an intriguing project. It’s important that you do your best to create engaging works that tell a story, so Movie Stars visiting your profile will feel inspired enough to Like your ArtBook creations. Simply creating a project is rewarded with Fame points and in case someone Likes your work, you’ll receive additional Fame.

creating artbook in moviestarplanet

From the same MovieTown section you can also try your hand at making videos via Movies or create new outfits in the Looks tab. Once again, these creations can be viewed and Liked by members of the MovieStarPlanet community, which can bring extra Fame points your way.

The Design studio is another hotspot where you can show off your creative skills, this time by designing new and attractive outfits. The only problem is that you need to spend StarCoins in order to acquire sketches, materials and other elements needed to create a fashion piece. Once you’ve finished designing, you can sit tight and hope the Likes will start pouring in. Designs can also bring in a small revenue, since other players can purchase your outfits.

A proactive strategy to attracting other people to view your creations is to start cruising other members’ profiles and by extension their galleries and Liking their art works in the hopes of gently nudging them to return the favor.

4. Remodel Your Room

Don’t forget that about your character’s room which needs re-decorating too. Tap on your Avatar in the bottom left part of the display and select My Room. Furnish and accessorize your room using the options available for you via the menu on the right side of the display.

remodeling character room in moviestarplanet

The better it ends up looking the better your chances to get additional Likes from members of the community. As we already told you above, Likes mean extra Fame, so if you could get your friends – old and new – to appreciate your home design efforts that would be very helpful.

5. Take A Break From The Game Now And Then To Boost Your StarCoin Stash

StarCoins hold the key to expanding your closet in MovieStarPlanet. For this reason, you need to abstain from spending them mindlessly. A quick look at the clothing shop (available under the Shopping section) will reveal that apparel is quite expensive.

Excluding those items which are reserved for VIP players or can be acquired only by using diamonds, most clothing items are pretty costly. For example, a pretty basic sweater can cost up to 525 StarCoins. This wouldn’t be a problem, but the influx of StarCoins is pretty sluggish even with you playing mini games all day.

earning startcoins in moviestarplanet

Fortunately, there’s another way to expand your StarCoin reserve. Take breaks from the game, and your coin stash will be increased automatically. But there’s a catch here – don’t leave if, for example, you didn’t finish first while playing Quiz or Crazy Cards. Mini games aside, make sure you’ve visited MovieTown or Social and liked some of the creations on display in users’ profiles before exiting the game.

The gist is this – if you simply check into MovieStarPlanet and don’t do anything and then immediately exit, the trick won’t work. The same goes if you played a Quiz session and didn’t get first prize. When you finally do leave the game, give it at least an hour or so and then go back and evaluate the results.

Other methods for increasing your cash include spinning the Wheel of Fortune, which is available for free once a day. You can unlock more spins by playing the Quiz and Cray Cards game and getting all the answers right. Or you can buy VIP and have access to a fancier Wheel of Fortune which yields more consistent rewards.

6. Watch Movies To Get StarCoins And Fame Easily

Another easy way to get extra StarCoins (and Fame) is to watch and rate some of the movies made by the other Movies Stars. We encourage you to check the Movies tab every day and go through all the New movies that have been posted in order to collect some nifty rewards. Don’t worry, the majority of clips are quite short, so you’ll be able to go through them quite quickly.

getting fame and starcoins in moviestarplanet

The occasional longer productions will pop up from time to time, but bear with it and who knows, you might even end up enjoying it. Also, the rewards for longer movies are larger too, so that should motivate you to watch until the very end.

7. Be Social

If you want to become famous fast in MovieStarPlanet, you’ve got to step up your social game. The bigger the social group you’re able to create around you, the more you can increase your chances of receiving Likes for your artistic creations and home design efforts.

If you don’t have anyone in your inner circle, it will be a lot harder to get appreciations for your works. That being said, make sure that check the Chat tab frequently and engage in the activities there like going for a walk on the beach or visiting the mall. This way you will get the opportunity to interact with other Movie Stars.

Go ahead and try sending friend requests to the users you come across during these ventures. They might or might not respond to your invitations, but at least you’re giving it a shot. It’s also possible to send direct messages through the platform, so you might want to try bonding with them first before sending out random friend requests.

how to become famous in moviestarplanet

In the Chat section, there’s the option to go to the pet park, but this feature is only accessible for those players who’ve purchased a pet. Pets are quite expensive commodities, which you can acquired from the Pet section in exchange for StarCoins. Even if having a pet in the game might sound like fun, we suggest that you leave it for later, when you have accumulated a bit more coins.

If you’re having trouble bonding with other players online, you could try focusing your efforts on finding an online community. Join a few groups or forums like, for example, this Facebook page, and then approach people through these mediums. Once you’ve made a few acquaintances, ask for their in-game names look them up as you log back in using the Friends tab in the lower part of the display and add them to your list.

Another way to get more visibility is to post real-life images of yourself in the Photos section under MovieTown tab. When other MovieStars like your pictures, you’ll get to grab extra Fame. Additionally, this might motivate some players to add you to their friends list.

8. Write Engaging Status Updates

In the MSP Buzz section players can put their writing talents to good use. Post interesting or exciting status updates that stand out to gain Likes and thus even more fame. At the same time, make sure you apply the social strategies we’ve described about to extend your friends list.

writing engaging status update in moviestarplanet

Statuses can be viewed by anyone, but even so make sure you check what your Friends post and Like their statues, so maybe they will do the same for you. Never stop working on enlarging your friend circle in MovieStarPlanet so you can reap the benefits all over town.

Checking other people’s (via the New section) statuses is also recommended because this way you can get up to speed with important in-game events such as giveaway. You might want to sign up for those, so make sure you don’t forget to swing by MSP Buzz at least once per day.

9. Give Autographs Left And Right

Signing autographs is an activity that can get you more Fame points. Make a habit of checking out other people’s rooms and art collections. Whenever you’re using the Chat tab, for example, take a look at the others players’ profiles and like their artworks or outfit designs in order to encourage them to visit your own profile and get acquainted with your work. But before you leave, make sure to do one more thing.

giving autographs in moviestarplanet

Scroll down the page underneath the homescreen and tap on the Autograph button. This will instantly reward you with a Fame bonus. Just keep one thing in mind – as a non-VIP player (non-paying) you can give only one autograph per hour.

10. Participate In Giveaways

Giveaways are perfect opportunities to win items and other goodies. You’ll find these opportunities listed either in the MSP Buzz or Artbook section under MovieTown.

participating in a giveaway in moviestarplanet

Look for anything that looks cool or stands out to you and fulfill the requirements in order to enter for a chance to win. Most giveaways ware free to enter, so do as you’re asked and you might get lucky!

11. Claim All The Daily Gifts

As is the case with most mobile games, logging into MovieStarPlanet on a daily basis is encouraged. Not only will this habit enable you to continue working towards your goals, but it will also unlock some extra Fame and StarCoins.

Look around MovieStarPlanet for any pink gifts scattered around and if you see one, quickly tap on them. You’ll instantly be rewarded with goodies that will take you a step closer to objectives like levelling up or maybe finally being able to buy that cute dress you’ve spotted in the shop last week.

claiming daily gifts in moviestarplanet

With the Holiday Season upon us, make sure you tap on the Red Gift in the left part of the display and reveal a new puzzle piece every day. Start with the first one and then continue on to the second, then third and so on. Underneath each element you discover new and exciting items such as accessories or Christmas-themed decorations and clothing. You can win all these for free, just remember to check it every day to redeem all the gifts available.

With this last tip we conclude our updated 2020 guide for MovieStarPlanet. Becoming a movie star can be hard work, but we’re positive you’ll enjoy the journey if you apply all the strategies we’ve outline above. At the same time, you’ll also be able to develop your creative skills to produce really stunning artworks that will hopefully attract hundreds of likes. If you happen to know more tips for the game, which we haven’t included in this guide, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!