Crossword Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 4

1: ACROSS: The Supremes, Jackson 5, Marvelettes, Answers: MOTOWN
1: DOWN: Leader of African-American Civil Rights Movement, Answers: MLK
2: DOWN: Fast food chain with a red-haired mascot, Answers: WENDYS
3: DOWN: picture Answers: US OPEN
4: DOWN: Sandwich made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, Answers: REUBEN
5: ACROSS: Tim Burton’s best friend that makes an appearance in most of his films, Answers: DEPP
6: DOWN: It’s gonna be YUGE, Answers: TRUMP
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: BOSTON
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: MANNING
9: DOWN: Shorthand for the Republican Party, Answers: GOP
10: ACROSS: Comedian, vaudevillian & actor that hosted the Academy Awards times, Answers: BOB HOPE

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 5

1: ACROSS: picture Answers: BUSH
1: DOWN: When something has Republican and Democratic support, Answers: BIPARTISAN
2: ACROSS: Colonel Sanders, Answers: KFC
3: DOWN: Victoria Secret model whose first name is also a perfume brand, Answers: CHANEL IMAN
4: DOWN: picture Answers: EARHART
5: ACROSS: Had his own TV show in the s and is in Bad Boys, Blue Streak, and Big Mama’s House, Answers: MARTIN
5: DOWN: Muscle car named after a horse, Answers: MUSTANG
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: TESLA
7: ACROSS: Oh say, can you see, Answers: ANTHEM
8: ACROSS: This instrument manufacturer makes the Les Paul, Answers: GIBSON

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 6

1: ACROSS: One of the most popular genres of music, Answers: ROCK
1: DOWN: The British are coming!, Answers: REVERE
2: DOWN: picture Answers: KEYS
3: ACROSS: This US state is the most northeastern, Answers: MAINE
4: ACROSS: What happens here, stays here, Answers: LAS VEGAS
4: DOWN: The social and political freedoms enjoyed by all citizens, Answers: LIBERTY
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: BIG BEAR
6: DOWN: _____ Canyon National Park, Answers: GRAND
7: DOWN: Site in which you can bid on items you want, Answers: EBAY
8: ACROSS: 40th president of the United States, Answers: REAGAN
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: DISNEY

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 7

1: ACROSS: Motorcycle that is a cultural icon, Answers: HARLEY
2: DOWN: This actor is also known as Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, Mork, Genie & Patch Adams, Answers: ROBIN
3: DOWN: picture Answers: LINCOLN
4: ACROSS: How does it feel? To be without a homen Like a complete unknownn Like a rolling stone, Answers: BOB DYLAN
4: DOWN: picture Answers: BASEBALL
5: ACROSS: Coastal Californian city close to the border, Answers: SAN DIEGO
6: DOWN: picture Answers: DRONES
7: ACROSS: Most populous city in New York, Answers: BROOKLYN
8: DOWN: This app is used to leave a review or rate a place, Answers: YELP
9: ACROSS: The left side of American politics, Answers: LIBERAL

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 8

1: ACROSS: Rectangular toaster pastry eaten at breakfast, Answers: POP TARTS
1: DOWN: City in Oregon known for food, art and hipsters, Answers: PORTLAND
2: DOWN: picture Answers: ROOMBA
3: DOWN: Historic city that had witch trials, Answers: SALEM
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: ROSE BOWL
5: DOWN: Georgia city known for its carriages and cobblestone roads, Answers: SAVANNAH
6: ACROSS: The last frontier, Answers: ALASKA
7: DOWN: National park known for its 5 mile canyon, Answers: ZION
8: ACROSS: Capital of Colorado, Answers: DENVER
9: ACROSS: Nicky and Paris, Answers: HILTON

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 9

1: DOWN: picture Answers: BURGER KING
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: HAWAII
3: DOWN: This president & his wife Abigail exchanged over letters during their courtship, Answers: ADAMS
4: DOWN: A ski resort town located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Answers: ASPEN
5: DOWN: State nicknamed gem state” because every gemstone has been found there”, Answers: IDAHO
6: ACROSS: Non-profit dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, Answers: ASPCA
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: EDISON
8: DOWN: picture Answers: OREOS
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: INTERNET
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: GOLD RUSH

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 10

1: DOWN: This Friday is known for being one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Answers: BLACK
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: MONROE
2: DOWN: Second largest of the Hawaiian islands, Answers: MAUI
3: DOWN: City in California known for its wineries, Answers: NAPA VALLEY
4: DOWN: picture Answers: FORD
5: ACROSS: An American musical about crime and celebrities, Answers: CHICAGO
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: ORLANDO
6: DOWN: 44th president of the United States, Answers: OBAMA
7: DOWN: You get a car! You get a car!, Answers: OPRAH
8: ACROSS: Their first GUI computer was named after the founder’s daughter, Lisa, Answers: APPLE
9: ACROSS: Fast food chain known for their roast beef, Answers: ARBYS

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