Crossword Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 3

1: ACROSS: images Answers: PORTAL
2: DOWN: images Answers: RAYMAN
3: DOWN: Black and white 2D sidescroller game where a boy searches for his sister Answers: LIMBO
4: DOWN: images Answers: ACE COMBAT
5: ACROSS: images Answers: SKYRIM
5: DOWN: This game allows you to create and control your own city Answers: SIMCITY
6: ACROSS: You play this game as a soldier who is called Super Joe Answers: COMMANDO
7: DOWN: Free game based off the popular game Breakout Answers: DX BALL
8: ACROSS: images Answers: BOT SQUAD
9: ACROSS: images Answers: HULK

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 4

1: ACROSS: images Answers: FALLOUT
1: DOWN: images Answers: FEAR
2: DOWN: One of the earliest & most popular 3D fighting game franchises by Namco Answers: TEKKEN
3: ACROSS: A psychological horror game about an author with writers block & a creepy town Answers: ALAN WAKE
4: DOWN: images Answers: ASTRO BOY
5: DOWN: Game that helps players get healthier Answers: WII FIT
6: ACROSS: Futuristic sci-fi FPS known mostly for its jetpacks and skiing Answers: TRIBES
7: ACROSS: images Answers: SONIC
8: DOWN: Classic PC game where you explore an island and solve puzzles Answers: MYST
9: ACROSS: Staying up late enough playing games until you see ________ Answers: DAYLIGHT

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 5

1: ACROSS: images Answers: SHADOWS
2: DOWN: Mobile strategy game where you control insects Answers: ANT RAID
3: DOWN: images Answers: SILENT HILL
4: ACROSS: images Answers: PITFALL
5: DOWN: Adventure game that features Samus Aran Answers: METROID
6: ACROSS: images Answers: MADDEN
7: DOWN: The Spanish name for devil Answers: DIABLO
8: ACROSS: Motorcycle racing game where you play in violent illegal street races Answers: ROAD RASH
9: ACROSS: images Answers: DEADPOOL

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 6

1: ACROSS: An inhabitant of the ancient city of Troy Answers: TROJAN
2: DOWN: images Answers: NINTENDOGS
3: DOWN: images Answers: HALF LIFE
4: ACROSS: Waka waka waka Answers: PAC MAN
5: DOWN: Real-time tactics series that takes place during historic wars Answers: MEN OF WAR
6: ACROSS: images Answers: DOWNWELL
7: DOWN: images Answers: OUT RUN
8: ACROSS: A robot named BUD uses plants to traverse the world Answers: GROW HOME
9: ACROSS: Title of game that means to get up from lying down Answers: RISEN

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 7

1: ACROSS: images Answers: ROCK BAND
2: DOWN: images Answers: CARGO
3: DOWN: images Answers: ANGRY BIRDS
4: DOWN: Video game title meaning a lack of light Answers: DARK
5: ACROSS: images Answers: FROGGER
6: ACROSS: Video game character that shares it name with a rubber shoe Answers: CROC
7: DOWN: Player undertakes the role of a Roman governor building ancient Roman cities Answers: CAESAR
8: ACROSS: An alien is stranded on a enemy filled asteroid after crashing his dad’s space car Answers: BOB
9: DOWN: images Answers: BRAID
10: ACROSS: This 1992 game is based upon Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel of the same name Answers: DUNE
10: DOWN: images Answers: DIRT
11: ACROSS: Puzzle game about moving blocks and clearing lines Answers: TETRIS

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 8

1: ACROSS: Borrowing from hardboiled novels this gritty detective seeks to avenge his family. Answers: MAX PAYNE
1: DOWN: images Answers: METAL GEAR
2: DOWN: Codename for fictional elite coalition of nations facing an alien invasion Answers: XCOM
3: ACROSS: images Answers: TWODOTS
4: DOWN: _____ Hearts Answers: KINGDOM
5: DOWN: Classic arcade shooter where you get points for shooting bug-like aliens Answers: GALAGA
6: ACROSS: Aliens make kamikaze-like attacks in this fixed shooter by Namco Answers: GALAXIAN
7: DOWN: A horned boy is considerd a bad omen & locked in an abandoned fortress Answers: ICO
8: ACROSS: 1986 arcade game that expanded upon the popular game Breakout Answers: ARKANOID
9: ACROSS: images Answers: CAT GYM

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 9

1: DOWN: images Answers: NIGHT SHIFT
2: ACROSS: Cyberpunk counter-terrorist stealth shooter game set in a dystopian 2052 Answers: DEUS EX
2: DOWN: Players make their way through mines while taking on infected robots Answers: DESCENT
3: DOWN: Real-time tactical first-person shooter game based on a board game of the same name Answers: SPACE HULK
4: ACROSS: 1991 life simulation game with ants Answers: SIMANT
5: ACROSS: Online & open world racing game with protagonist Alex Taylor Answers: THE CREW
6: DOWN: Maze like first-person shooter game featuring music composed by Trent Reznor Answers: QUAKE
7: ACROSS: images Answers: ZELDA
8: ACROSS: images Answers: THIEF

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