Crossword Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 7

1: ACROSS: Relating to the North Pole Answers: ARCTIC
2: DOWN: picture Answers: TRAVEL
3: DOWN: A clear mineral resembling ice Answers: CRYSTAL
4: ACROSS: The month of love Answers: FEBRUARY
5: DOWN: picture Answers: BLACK ICE
6: DOWN: Thick covering of ice on an area Answers: ICE CAP
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: ADVENT
8: DOWN: When a part of your body has nothing covering it Answers: BARE
9: ACROSS: The average weather conditions of a given area Answers: CLIMATE
10: ACROSS: What you put under the tree Answers: PRESENTS

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 8

1: ACROSS: A group of people who love spending time together Answers: FRIENDS
2: DOWN: picture Answers: INDOORS
3: DOWN: Main kitchen appliance Answers: STOVE
4: ACROSS: Heating device that uses pipes and steam Answers: RADIATOR
4: DOWN: picture Answers: REINDEER
5: ACROSS: Far away from other places, buildings or people; remote Answers: ISOLATED
6: DOWN: Main protein on Thanksgiving Answers: TURKEY
7: DOWN: White birds that represent peace Answers: DOVES
8: ACROSS: One of Santa’s reindeer Answers: DASHER
9: DOWN: picture Answers: HAIL
10: ACROSS: What you use to roast marshmallows Answers: FIRE

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 9

1: ACROSS: One of the four periods of the year Answers: SEASON
1: DOWN: This is often put on top of trees during the winter season Answers: STAR
2: DOWN: When you are so cold you lose feeling Answers: NUMB
3: ACROSS: Fluffy white frozen water vapor Answers: SNOW
3: DOWN: picture Answers: SHOPPING
4: DOWN: The fermented juice of grapes Answers: WINE
5: ACROSS: A tiny tree often used as incense and perfume Answers: MYRRH
6: DOWN: Green leaves with red berries Answers: HOLLY
7: ACROSS: Cinnamon and nutmeg are examples Answers: SPICE
8: DOWN: picture Answers: CARDS
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: GLACIER
10: ACROSS: Strong blast of wind Answers: GUST

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 10

1: ACROSS: A ball of snow pressed or rolled together Answers: SNOWBALL
1: DOWN: Cotton covers for your feet Answers: SOCKS
2: DOWN: picture Answers: BOOTS
3: DOWN: A winter cottage used as a temporary residence Answers: LODGE
4: ACROSS: Wrapped up really tight in your blanket Answers: COCOON
5: DOWN: picture Answers: COOKIES
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: SNOW SHOE
7: DOWN: picture Answers: HOT TEA
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: SPIRIT
8: DOWN: Pointed & turned up at the front, long, narrow, hard flexible material used in the snow Answers: SKIS
9: DOWN: The cold winter ____ will make you want to grab a jacket! Answers: WIND
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: BEARD

Crossword Quiz America Answers

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 1

1: ACROSS: picture Answers: DENNYS
1: DOWN: Mexican inspired fast food, Answers: DEL TACO
2: DOWN: picture Answers: NASA
3: DOWN: Graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow sandwich, Answers: SMORES
4: DOWN: picture Answers: BOY SCOUTS
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: TEA PARTY
6: ACROSS: A meeting of members from a political party, Answers: CAUCUS
7: DOWN: ____ Rights, Answers: CIVIL
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: ELVIS
9: ACROSS: These sisters are Olympic Gold Tennis Players, Answers: WILLIAMS

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 2

1: ACROSS: Poet who authored nO Capitan! My Capitan!, Answers: WHITMAN
2: DOWN: City in Florida that had a TV show named after it, Answers: MIAMI
3: DOWN: The only president to resign, Answers: NIXON
4: DOWN: picture Answers: CIRCLE K
5: DOWN: One of the best quarterbacks on the Patriots, Answers: TOM BRADY
6: ACROSS: Politicians must _____ to get votes, Answers: CAMPAIGN
7: DOWN: Capital of Texas, Answers: AUSTIN
8: DOWN: picture Answers: GOOGLE
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: KRAFT
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: BEYONCE

Crossword Quiz America Answers Level 3

1: ACROSS: Monument carved into the side of a mountain, Answers: RUSHMORE
1: DOWN: picture Answers: RIGHT WING
2: DOWN: Arizona desert town known for its natural beauty and red rocks, Answers: SEDONA
3: DOWN: picture Answers: MTV
4: DOWN: TV soap opera about a record company, Answers: EMPIRE
5: ACROSS: This channel host the most premium content, Answers: HBO
6: DOWN: Naples, Palm Beach, Fort Meyers, Sarasota, Daytona, Sanibel, Answers: FLORIDA
7: ACROSS: Former vice president turned environmentalist, Answers: AL GORE
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: NETFLIX
9: ACROSS: City in upstate New York known for its art scene, Answers: BUFFALO

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