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Crossword Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Random Logic Games’ Crossword Quiz is a game that’s referred to as a chance for you to “refresh your brain” and take part in a “unique puzzle crossbreed” that’s a mix of three types of clues — words, emoji, and photos. As such, it can be classified as a true brain game, and not your run-of-the-mill word game — this Android and iOS game’s description says that you’ll need to combine your visual, word, and critical thinking skills to solve the puzzles in the game. And if you get stuck, you wouldn’t be alone, as you can use the coins you earn to reveal a letter, remove letters that aren’t needed, or if you’re all out of options, solve the entire puzzle just like that. But of course, that’s something you don’t want to do too often, if at all.

Instead of relying on the in-game hints, you might want to try this instead — try checking out our Crossword Quiz answers and solutions, where we go through several puzzle packs and give you all the answers that you need. And while our answer key, we’d say, is a better alternative to using the in-game hints, we’d still advise you not to overuse it, as that’s going to kill the challenge of the game!

Crossword Quiz Answers

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 1

1: ACROSS: Where you go to get your prescription filled Answers: PHARMACY
2: DOWN: picture Answers: HONEY
3: DOWN: Stiff untanned leather Answers: RAWHIDE
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: WRAP
5: DOWN: What Gollum called the ring in Lord of the Rings Answers: PRECIOUS
6: ACROSS: When you’re extra clean some might say you have good ____ Answers: HYGIENE
6: DOWN: A cover for the hub of a vehicle Answers: HUBCAP
7: ACROSS: A breakfast treat that you put cream cheese on Answers: BAGEL
8: DOWN: A metal barrier sometimes requiring a password to get through Answers: GATE
9: DOWN: picture Answers: LICK
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: IRON
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: AZTEC
12: ACROSS: picture Answers: KISS

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 2

1: DOWN: Where you can buy newspapers on the street Answers: NEWSSTAND
2: ACROSS: An official in baseball who watches the game closely Answers: UMPIRE
2: DOWN: picture Answers: UNIVERSITY
3: DOWN: Side by side having the same distance between two lines Answers: PARALLEL
4: DOWN: picture Answers: ROSE
5: ACROSS: The woman who brings you your food in a restaurant Answers: WAITRESS
6: ACROSS: Superman is known as the ‘Man of ____’ Answers: STEEL
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: LOCK
8: DOWN: The edge of states where the beaches are Answers: COAST
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: AISLE
10: ACROSS: A ____ of bread Answers: LOAF
11: ACROSS: Means collected statistics or is also the name of a boy on the Goonies Answers: DATA
12: ACROSS: picture Answers: MATH

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 3

1: DOWN: picture Answers: SANDLOT
2: ACROSS: Aliens are known for creating ____ circles Answers: CROP
3: DOWN: picture Answers: PIECE
4: ACROSS: McDonald’s has a ____ place Answers: PLAY
4: DOWN: If you jump out of a plane without this you’ll be out of luck Answers: PARACHUTE
5: ACROSS: What your watch keeps up with Answers: TIME
5: DOWN: picture Answers: TOWN HALL
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: RADIO
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: WAVE
8: ACROSS: They wear colorful wigs and big red noses Answers: CLOWN
9: ACROSS: When a computer expert breaks past security Answers: HACK
10: DOWN: This seals a bottle of wine Answers: CORK
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: TUMBLER

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 4

1: ACROSS: A color resembling silver Answers: PEWTER
1: DOWN: picture Answers: PLAYGROUND
2: DOWN: Sometimes the police will let you off with just one of these Answers: WARNING
3: DOWN: picture Answers: RESTAURANT
4: ACROSS: A large pit where materials are extracted Answers: QUARRY
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: IDEA
6: ACROSS: What you wear in the kitchen to prevent spills on your clothes Answers: APRON
6: DOWN: Also known as a map Answers: ATLAS
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: GEAR
8: DOWN: When you leave a room Answers: EXIT
9: ACROSS: When the volume is really high Answers: LOUD
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: SIGN
11: ACROSS: A fizzy carbonated drink Answers: SODA

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 5

1: ACROSS: picture Answers: CUBE
1: DOWN: Person who mends shoes as a job Answers: COBBLER
2: DOWN: picture Answers: ERASER
3: DOWN: This item is inserted to extend the length of a table Answers: LEAF
4: ACROSS: A long narrow mountain range Answers: RIDGE
5: ACROSS: What you might say when a rocket launches Answers: BLAST OFF
6: DOWN: picture Answers: FISHING
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: EXERCISE
8: DOWN: A brand of sugar substitute Answers: EQUAL
9: DOWN: What many use to watch their favorite shows Answers: CABLE
10: ACROSS: The edge of a street Answers: CURB
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: LENS
12: ACROSS: A device controlling the passage of fluid Answers: VALVE