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Black Survival Guide: 12 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Killing Machine

When thrown into a nightmare scenario, how well can you use your talents in order to survive? Black Survival is a unique survival game for Android devices that puts players in an extreme kill-or-be-killed scenario. In this game, you will be controlling one of the ten people who are stuck on an island. Unfortunately, the other nine people are out to kill you as there can only be one man standing by the end of each game. You will need to gather materials and craft your own equipment in order to fight the other players. Arm yourself quickly and stay on your toes, and you just might live to fight another day. If you find yourself struggling, you can always depend on our Black Survival strategy guide!

1. Learn The Basics

Time is an important commodity in this game so you can’t afford to waste it on staring blankly at the screen, wondering what to do next. Learn the basic mechanics of the game so that you can jump into action as soon as the game begins. One of the most basic things you should know in this game is the Lumia Island map.

The map is divided into 22 areas. These areas are Lighthouse, Chapel, Hotel, Tunnel, Uptown, Temple, Well, Pond, Research Center, Cemetery, Slum, Trail, Fire Station, Beach, Forest, Factory, Town Hall, School, Hospital, Archery range, Alley, and Dock. You will need to explore these places in order to gather food and materials.

2. Have No Mercy

Enemies may be lurking in any of the areas in the map so you should always be prepared for an attack. You will have to either defend yourself, run away, or take a preemptive strike to kill them before they kill you. There are no friends in this game so do not hesitate to take down anyone you see. Remember, there can only be one survivor. Anyone you allow live now will come back later with better weapons and armor, which will improve their chances of killing you.

3. Mind The Symbols

When you open up the map, you will notice some areas have symbols on them. The stop symbol indicates areas that are restricted. You cannot enter these areas. The exclamation point on the map indicates areas that will soon be restricted. If you want to explore those areas, you should do so quickly before they are closed off. The restricted areas will continue to expand, making it more difficult to avoid other players.

When you start out, you will be in the Research Center. You will need to leave this part of the map as soon as you can because it will become restricted in a matter of seconds. You will die if you stay there until the time runs out. The same is true for any other part of the map with an exclamation point on it. Eventually, the entire island will be restricted. If there is no winner until then, everyone will die.

4. Know Your Timers

Since all areas will eventually become restricted, any area you enter will have a timer on it. The timer for safe areas is just a countdown to another timer. Once the safe area countdown is done, a siren will go off, and a soon-to-be-restricted timer will begin. When this happens, you will need to finish your business in the area quickly. Not only are you at risk of getting stranded in a restricted area, the chances of encountering wild animals also increase during this time.

5. Use The Navigate Function

Creating items quickly is crucial to your survival. That is why you should use the Navigate function in order to find materials right away. Just tap on the Set Your Target button in order to choose what item you want to create. The Navigate section will show you a list of materials you need, and the areas where you can find them. Areas that are greyed out will not be available so you will need to go to areas listed in white to look for your materials. If there are no viable places for you to collect a material, you may want to consider switching your target instead of just waiting for areas to be accessible again.

6. Equip Your Weapon

Crafting a weapon is great but it won’t help you if you don’t equip it. Make sure you tap on your weapon in the inventory then tap on the Equip button. You can do the same to potions and armor that you want to use. Using or equipping items will make them disappear from your inventory. Considering you only have four available slots, this is a good thing.

7. Practice Against Bots

Reading up on the game is a good start but you will also need to be able to apply what you learned in order to succeed. Practicing is important if you want to get better at playing the game. There are two game modes that will allow you to practice. It is a good idea to use both of them to hone your skills. The first game mode is the Single Game. In this mode, you will be able to choose the number of bots to play against so you can go at your own pace. This is a good way for you to get a better grasp of the mechanics of the game. The second game mode is the Combat Practice. It will be inevitable for you to face off with another player eventually.

Combat Practice will allow you to master controlling your character during battles in order for you to become more efficient in killing opponents. Master these two modes before moving on to real player versus player battles.

8. Pick Good Starting Supplies

Before you create a game, you have the option to choose starting supplies. There are five different supply crates to choose from – Lunchbox, Type A Supply, Type D Supply, Icebox, and Bag. The Lunch box gives you food, the Type A Supply gives you a weapon, the Type D Supply gives you an armor, the Icebox may contain food or materials, and the Bag gives you an additional slot. The best options are Type A Supply, Lunchbox, and Bag.

9. Choose Trial Characters

Aside from the starter that you have, the game also gives you the option to use a Trial Character for your game. These characters usually have better attributes than starters so it would be best to take advantage of this offer. Make sure you read up on the Trial Character’s skills and description before picking. You can’t afford to be clueless about the character you are using when you are already on Lumia Island. Just tap on the character you want to use in order to see their information.

10. Know Your Character’s Recommended Weapon

The Help Section is particularly useful when it comes to preparing for battle. You can check out your character’s recommended early game weapon so you will know exactly what to do as soon as you land on the island. It will even tell you where to find the weapon and how to improve it. Using recommended weapons, obviously, is a good thing since it gives your character a better chance at winning in battles. Having a plan at the beginning of the game will help you gain an advantage in this game. As mentioned before, time is crucial to your success. The less time you spend on wondering what to do next, the better your chances of survival will become.

11. Weapon And Food Is Key

The beginning of the game is when you are most vulnerable. You must quickly remedy this by finding a weapon, and a food item. A weapon will help you in winning a fight more than an armor will. Keep in mind that the best defense is a good offense. Food items will restore your health, helping you survive longer if you get injured after a fight. Try to pick weapons that are easy to craft instead of aiming for ambitious items that will take you the entire game to gather materials for. An iron knuckle only requires two materials that are easy enough to locate. Start with that so you can defend yourself in the event of an attack. You should then work on crafting an Oriental Concoction. This needs two Boiling Water and one Oriental Grass. You can easily pick up Oriental Grass in the Forest but you will need to craft Boiling Water by gathering Water and a Lighter.

12. Run Away And Rest

Since it is a survival competition, there will always come a time when your health is running low. You will need to change up your strategies when this happens. If you encounter a wild animal, it will be easy enough to just flee by tapping on the running man icon. Do not attempt to defeat the animal as you will be risking your life more this way. If you encounter another player while at low health, you will have to be quick in opening the map and moving to another area. Make sure you pick a safe zone as you might end up getting killed by entering an area that is about to be restricted. Once you have run away from enemies, you can regain health and stamina by resting. This will take a few seconds to complete.

It’s not the island vacation you dreamed of but you can still enjoy yourself by wiping out the competition in Black Survival! Just follow the strategy guide above in order to become the perfect killing machine!


Monday 18th of May 2020

you're wrong Weapon is great but the more armor you have means the less damage you'll take and there is 5 slot of armor you can equip rahter than weapon only one so the winning factor is not a weapon but the armor