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Fate/Grand Order Cheats: 4 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

For all the fans of the Fate/Stay series, here comes a mobile game just for you. An organization called Chaldea tasked with preserving human life confirms that there will be a disaster in 2019 and all of humanity will be destroyed. It will be up to you to prevent that from happening. Available on iOS and Android platforms, Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based RPG with several different characters to command and plenty enemies to slay. There is a lot to learn before you can succeed in the battlefield. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Fate/Grand Order tips and tricks for some help!

1. Learn The Battle Order

The main battle mechanic is simple but can get pretty confusing at times. There will be a lot of rules to consider, and keeping track of all of them can be a handful. There will be skills you can use to make your servants stronger. You should activate these to give your servants temporary buffs to help you win the battle. It is a good idea to use this as soon as the battle starts to get them on cooldown. There will also be Critical stars. These determine your chance of landing a critical hit, so choosing a card with a lot of stars will ultimately increase your chances of landing a critical hit. The first card that you will choose will buff the other two cards in some way. There are 3 types of cards. Buster cards will increase your overall damage, Arts cards will help fill up the NP gauge faster, and the Quick cards that will increase the critical stars that your enemies will drop.

2. Use Your Tendency Advantage

Every servant that you will obtain has their own “Tendency”. There are two main triangles when it comes to Tendency advantage. The first is the Saber-Lancer-Archer triangle. Sabers are strong against Lancers, Lancers are strong against Archers, and Archers are strong against Sabers. The second triangle is Rider-Caster-Assassin. This means Riders are strong against Casters, Casters are strong against Assassins, and Assassins are strong against Riders. Then there are two other classes that are focused on their own attributes. The Shielder tendency is focused around Defense and the Berserker is focused on Offense. The two special classes are strong against all of the Tendencies, however, they will be also weak against all of them. Before doing a quest you will be able to view what tendencies the monsters have. This will give you a chance to prepare.

3. Beef Up Your Team

You will be given the chance to enhance your servants by fusing them with certain materials. This is very important since your servants do not gain experience from battles. They will only become stronger as you enhance them with proper cards. You will need different cards to raise their levels, level up their skills, and evolve them. To level up their noble phantasms you will need a copy of that servant.

4. Don’t Neglect The Master Missions

You can access Master Missions by tapping the little clipboard icon right next to your gift box. Master missions are like daily quests and are received in sets. The sets will expire in three days after you get them. Completing one will reward you with saint quartz. Saint quartz is the premium currency of the game so make sure you keep on farming it every chance you get.

Making powerful servants and protecting all of mankind will prove to be a very difficult task but with the help of the Fate/Grand Order tips and tricks listed above, victory can be achieved!