Crossword Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 6

1: ACROSS: You should follow this when making decisions Answers: HEART
1: DOWN: picture Answers: HORSE
2: DOWN: Someone who is skilled in sports Answers: ATHLETE
3: DOWN: A popular dance from the 6pictures Answers: TWIST
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: EARTH
4: DOWN: picture Answers: ELECTRIC
5: ACROSS: Hydrogen. Nitrogen. Carbon. Answers: ELEMENTS
6: DOWN: The combination of four right angles Answers: SQUARE
7: ACROSS: Has a bullseye Answers: TARGET
8: DOWN: When a soccer player scores a point Answers: GOAL
9: DOWN: picture Answers: TUBE
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: AMBER
11: ACROSS: Applying heat to turn hair into spirals Answers: CURL

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 7

1: ACROSS: What you pack your clothes in Answers: SUITCASE
1: DOWN: picture Answers: SHOP
2: DOWN: Interlocking metal links Answers: CHAIN
3: DOWN: picture Answers: SOUR CREAM
4: ACROSS: Liberty. Christ the Redeemer. Great Sphinx. David. Moai. The Thinker. Answers: STATUE
4: DOWN: To move food around with a utensil Answers: STIR
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: PICNIC
6: DOWN: When a chick finally cracks its egg Answers: HATCH
7: ACROSS: To conceal something with a material Answers: COVER
7: DOWN: picture Answers: CUFF
8: ACROSS: Costume consisting of a bodice & an attached skirt of numerous layers of fabric Answers: TUTU
9: ACROSS: To contrive evidence against an innocent person to obtain a guilty verdict Answers: FRAME
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: HALF

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 8

1: ACROSS: picture Answers: DATE
1: DOWN: To make something smaller in quantity Answers: DECREASE
2: DOWN: Also known as a vacation Answers: TRIP
3: DOWN: Being overly emotional Answers: DRAMA
4: ACROSS: Spinal. Umbilical. Cable. HDMI. S-Video. Answers: CORD
4: DOWN: picture Answers: CAUSEWAY
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: CHINA
6: ACROSS: Used for sitting Answers: SEAT
7: DOWN: Very fashionable or up to date in style or influence Answers: TRENDY
8: ACROSS: rYou’re looking for lovenCalling Heaven abovenSend me an ________ Answers: ANGEL
9: DOWN: picture Answers: GRILL
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: WIDE
11: ACROSS: Equal to three feet Answers: YARD
12: ACROSS: picture Answers: ROLL

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 9

1: ACROSS: Keyboard key found on Macs. Also means an authoritative order Answers: COMMAND
1: DOWN: picture Answers: CROSSBOW
2: DOWN: picture Answers: ARIZONA
3: DOWN: picture Answers: DESIGN
4: ACROSS: Crispy potatoes Answers: CHIPS
4: DOWN: A steep rock face Answers: CLIFF
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: SKI LODGE
6: ACROSS: Smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations Answers: FLAT
7: DOWN: picture Answers: LIFT
8: DOWN: picture Answers: TOOL
9: DOWN: Birthdays Weddings Baby Showers Graduations all usually have…..? Answers: CAKE
10: ACROSS: When many birds fly together Answers: FLOCK
11: ACROSS: A mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride Answers: SALT

Crossword Quiz Answers Level 10

1: DOWN: picture Answers: BANANA
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: FOOT
3: DOWN: A larger version of a phone Answers: TABLET
4: ACROSS: picture Answers: MEAL
5: ACROSS: What men use to brush their hair Answers: COMB
5: DOWN: Sandwich. Organization. Golf. Dancing. Team. Answers: CLUB
6: ACROSS: Sometimes found in an oyster Answers: PEARL
6: DOWN: picture Answers: PALETTE
7: ACROSS: A toy made by using only a leaf Answers: LEAF BOAT
8: DOWN: Light. Mob. Camera. Super Hero. Answers: FLASH
9: DOWN: The heart is considered one Answers: ORGAN
10: ACROSS: Three straight lines placed together Answers: TRIANGLE
11: ACROSS: Located at the end of a forearm Answers: HAND

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 1

1: ACROSS: Now renamed this wrestling organization had many arcade hits. Answers: WWF
1: DOWN: images Answers: WOW
2: DOWN: Video game series based on the world’s most popular sport Answers: FIFA
3: ACROSS: images Answers: PONG
4: DOWN: Notorious franchise about stealing cars and commiting crimes Answers: GTA
5: ACROSS: Defense of the Ancients Answers: DOTA
5: DOWN: One of the pioneering 3D first-person shooter games involving demons Answers: DOOM
6: ACROSS: images Answers: HALO
7: DOWN: ____ Tournament Answers: UNREAL
8: ACROSS: images Answers: ARMY MEN
8: DOWN: images Answers: ALIEN
9: DOWN: Live the life of an Italian mobster in this franchise Answers: MAFIA
10: ACROSS: images Answers: X MEN
11: ACROSS: Basketball game series published by 2K sports Answers: NBA 2K

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 2

1: ACROSS: images Answers: WARFACE
1: DOWN: Game based off a fantasy movie that shares its name with a type of tree Answers: WILLOW
2: DOWN: Most popular run and gun action game by Konami Answers: CONTRA
3: DOWN: images Answers: SAINTS ROW
4: ACROSS: images Answers: SWAT
4: DOWN: One of Capcom’s early side-scrolling games whose main weapon is a tonfa Answers: STRIDER
5: ACROSS: images Answers: WARCRAFT
6: DOWN: This MMO has two factions Answers: RIFT
7: ACROSS: Kratos stars in this hack and slash series Answers: GOD OF WAR
8: ACROSS: _____ of the Temptress Answers: LURE

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