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Guess the Text Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Do you fancy yourself as someone who knows the meanings of all the popular acronyms used on text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and other similar apps? Think you can figure out the meaning of simple acronyms like SMH and LOL, or even longer, more obscure ones that don’t get used too often? Then you might as well download Guess the Text, a new Android and iOS trivia game from Funbly. This game is packed with acronyms for you to figure out, and if you ever get stuck at any point in here, you’ll be allowed to reveal a letter, remove a letter from the list of letters to choose from, skip the question and move on to the next, or as a last resort, share a screenshot of the puzzle so you can ask your friends for the meaning.

However, you may be wondering why you should be waiting for your friends to reply on social media, or using up your hard-earned hints, when you could easily refer to a guide and get the answers from there? We’ve got one for you here — our list of Guess the Text answers and solutions, which includes the answers to the first five levels, which makes it 100 answers in total. Read on if you’re stuck, but don’t spoil yourself too much by reading from top to bottom!

Guess the Text Answers & Solutions

Level 1-1: LOL = Laugh Out Loud
Level 1-2: OMG = Oh My God
Level 1-3: SMH = Shaking My Head
Level 1-4: 2NITE = Tonight
Level 1-5: Lulz = Laughing
Level 1-6: B4N = Bye For Now
Level 1-7: JK = Just Kidding
Level 1-8: SELFIE = Self Portrait
Level 1-9: RT = Retweet
Level 1-10: WEG = Wicked Evil Grin

Level 1-11: SWAK = Sent With a Kiss
Level 1-12: POV = Point of View
Level 1-13: L8R = Later
Level 1-14: XOXO = Hugs And Kisses
Level 1-15: SITD = Still in the Dark
Level 1-16: IDK = I Don’t Know
Level 1-17: IRL = In Real Life
Level 1-18: TTYL = Talk To You Later
Level 1-19: BTW = By the Way
Level 1-20: STBY = Sucks To Be You

Level 2-21: 2MORO = Tomorrow
Level 2-22: OT = Off Topic
Level 2-23: ILY = I Love You
Level 2-24: BESTIE = Best Friend
Level 2-25: MHOTY = My Hats Off To You
Level 2-26: OIC = Oh I see
Level 2-27: RTM = Read the Manual
Level 2-28: NSFW = Not Safe For Work
Level 2-29: TMI = Too Much Info
Level 2-30: BCNU = Be Seeing You

Level 2-31: BRB = Be Right Back
Level 2-32: PPL = People
Level 2-33: BF = Boyfriend
Level 2-34: LMK = Let Me Know
Level 2-35: DM = Direct Message
Level 2-36: TMB = Tweet Me Back
Level 2-37: @WRK = At Work
Level 2-38: BTA = But Then Again
Level 2-39: GAL = Get A Life
Level 2-40: 2D4 = To Die For