Crossword Quiz Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Crossword Quiz Video Games Answers Level 10

1: ACROSS: Classic PC game based on the Japanese Arkanoid arcade game Answers: PARANOID
2: DOWN: Post-apocalyptic survival game that takes place after The Event Answers: I AM ALIVE
3: ACROSS: The number one series of life simulation games Answers: THE SIMS
4: DOWN: A remote asylum is the setting of this weaponless survival horror video game Answers: OUTLAST
5: DOWN: Aliens & North Korean forces are enemies in this graphically acclaimed shooter game Answers: CRYSIS
6: DOWN: images Answers: FAR CRY
7: ACROSS: An earthy action-adventure sandbox 2D game similar to Minecraft Answers: TERRARIA
8: ACROSS: Magical action RPG that takes place on the continent of Ancaria Answers: SACRED
9: ACROSS: images Answers: SKYFOX

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 1

1: DOWN: A sleeveless piece of clothing you wear on top of a shirt Answers: VEST
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: CLOUDS
2: DOWN: picture Answers: CHAMPAGNE
3: DOWN: picture Answers: SOUP
4: ACROSS: A long accessory often worn around the neck Answers: SCARF
5: DOWN: To predict the future weather Answers: FORECAST
6: ACROSS: A water repellent hooded jacket Answers: PARKA
7: DOWN: Was born of a virgin Answers: JESUS
8: DOWN: They help Santa make gifts Answers: ELVES
9: ACROSS: If you’re bad you get this in your stocking Answers: COAL
10: ACROSS: The jolly man that brings you gifts Answers: SANTA
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: TOYS

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 2

1: DOWN: They keep your hands warm in the winter Answers: GLOVES
2: ACROSS: picture Answers: COLD
2: DOWN: A spice often used in holiday food Answers: CINNAMON
3: DOWN: When night falls Answers: DARK
4: DOWN: picture Answers: IGLOO
5: ACROSS: \You can’t catch me I’m the _______ bread man!\”” Answers: GINGER
6: DOWN: Achoo! Answers: SNEEZE
7: ACROSS: picture Answers: SNOWMAN
8: DOWN: picture Answers: LOG
9: ACROSS: The season of the holidays Answers: WINTER
10: DOWN: Frozen water Answers: ICE
11: ACROSS: picture Answers: GAMES

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 3

1: ACROSS: To tremble when it is cold Answers: SHIVER
1: DOWN: A light vehicle that is usually horse drawn Answers: SLEIGH
2: DOWN: picture Answers: COFFEE
3: ACROSS: When ice freezes into a long frozen spike Answers: ICICLE
4: DOWN: Of extreme force, degree, or strength Answers: INTENSE
5: ACROSS: A cloud like mass of water droplets near the Earth Answers: FOG
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: HOT TUB
7: DOWN: An instrument that rings and chimes Answers: BELLS
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: FLANNEL
8: DOWN: You’ll be out of luck if you don’t get this shot in the winter Answers: FLU
9: ACROSS: A spice often used in holiday dishes Answers: NUTMEG

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 4

1: ACROSS: Many people put them on their house during the holidays Answers: LIGHTS
2: DOWN: O’____ Night Answers: HOLY
3: DOWN: When snow starts to melt Answers: SLUSH
4: DOWN: Used to help keep the fire going Answers: FIREWOOD
5: ACROSS: picture Answers: MALL
5: DOWN: An arrangement of notes and lyrics Answers: MUSIC
6: DOWN: picture Answers: RIBBON
7: ACROSS: When something becomes warm enough to melt Answers: THAW
7: DOWN: A glittering yarn used for decoration Answers: TINSEL
8: ACROSS: picture Answers: CABIN
9: ACROSS: A platform mounted on runners used for traveling over snow Answers: SLED
10: ACROSS: A sweet scent popular among candles Answers: VANILLA

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 5

1: ACROSS: picture Answers: FEAST
1: DOWN: Coat of wool that covers a sheep Answers: FLEECE
2: DOWN: A tool used to help clear away snow Answers: SHOVEL
3: DOWN: One of several items of clothing worn on top of another Answers: LAYER
4: DOWN: You might find your plants like this if you leave them out in the winter Answers: DEAD
5: ACROSS: Not having any companions Answers: LONELY
6: ACROSS: picture Answers: CALENDAR
7: DOWN: A hooded pullover jacket Answers: ANORAK
8: DOWN: When ice starts to turn back into water Answers: MELT
9: ACROSS: A warm material that comes from lambs Answers: WOOL
10: ACROSS: picture Answers: FUEL
11: ACROSS: The man behind the story of Santa Claus Answers: ST NICK

Crossword Quiz Winter Answers Level 6

1: DOWN: Rain when it freezes Answers: SLEET
2: DOWN: picture Answers: COAT
3: ACROSS: When your favorite merchandise is marked down Answers: SALES
3: DOWN: Long wooden board used to glide over snow Answers: SNOWBOARD
4: DOWN: The phenomena of the physical world collectively, plants, animals, people etc. Answers: NATURE
5: ACROSS: When grey clouds cover most of the sky Answers: OVERCAST
6: ACROSS: When you have something in your throat you usually want to… Answers: COUGH
6: DOWN: A sensation of cold Answers: CHILL
7: DOWN: picture Answers: HAT
8: ACROSS: Relating to high mountains such as the European mountain range Answers: ALPINE
9: ACROSS: picture Answers: DAYLIGHT

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