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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow Level 71-80 Answers

brain blow level 71 answerLevel 71: Just patience and avoid hitting a dart.

brain blow level 72 answerLevel 72: Just shake your device and the baby will sleep.

brain blow level 73 answerLevel 73: Put the ball of yarn near the right side of the chair and it will come out to get it.

brain blow level 74 answerLevel 74: Ignore the counters; count on your own.

brain blow level 75 answerLevel 75: Tap the pig until she moves and reveals a piglet; give the piglet the hay.

brain blow level 76 answerLevel 76: Zoom out to find the gasoline and the matches; put them on the tree to set it on fire.

brain blow level 77 answerLevel 77: Shake your device to make three apples fall and move the tree to find a hidden apple; put them all in the basket.

brain blow level 78 answerLevel 78: Just add the last two numbers to make the next one; 34 is the answer.

brain blow level 79 answerLevel 79: Drag the lid up with a finger and the chest down with another finger.

brain blow level 80 answerLevel 80: Hold it down with a finger and tap it with another finger.