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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow Level 61-70 Answers

brain blow level 61 answerLevel 61: Just shake your device to make the ship build itself.

brain blow level 62 answerLevel 62: Tap the dog food open and feed the dog; the dog will poop the penny out.

brain blow level 63 answerLevel 63: Put the girl on the green patch of grass and the bear will come out.

brain blow level 64 answerLevel 64: Tap the top right and the bottom right squares simultaneously to make three in a row.

brain blow level 65 answerLevel 65: 1 cut is enough since folding it will do the job.

brain blow level 66 answerLevel 66: Put the question between the platforms and use the arrows to move Mario across.

brain blow level 67 answerLevel 67: Tap on the stone repeatedly; it will break and let the river flow.

brain blow level 68 answerLevel 68: Turn your device upside down and shake it.

brain blow level 69 answerLevel 69: Put a finger on top of the battery and one on the base of the light bulb at the same time.

brain blow level 70 answerLevel 70: Move the arrows away to find a little blue button and push it.