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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow Level 31-40 Answers

brain blow level 31 answerLevel 31: Drag the middle line from 7 and put it under the ? to make it 2.

brain blow level 32 answerLevel 32: Drag the cloud down and tap it to make rain; a worm will come out. So now you have 8 animals.

brain blow level 33 answerLevel 33: The clock doesn’t work so it will be the same.

brain blow level 34 answerLevel 34: Tap book number 9 which is book number 6 upside down.

brain blow level 35 answerLevel 35: Move a matchstick out of + and put it on 6 to make 8-4=4

brain blow level 36 answerLevel 36: Just put the trapezoid on top of the square.

brain blow level 37 answerLevel 37: Tap the bottom right extension of R repeatedly to make it P.

brain blow level 38 answerLevel 38: Move the cones to find the hidden ones; 11 is the answer.

brain blow level 39 answerLevel 39: Turn your device sideways so that the directions are right.

brain blow level 40 answerLevel 40: Turn your device upside down to see the sequence; 87 is the answer.